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Scleddy Reading-Room.


Scleddy Reading-Room. Annual Social Gathering. At the Scleddy Reading-room on Saturday week the members, to celebrate the close of the winter session, held a supper and concert. The tables were nicely laid out and decorated with flowers by Miss Harriet Davies, Glan- cleddy, who also very kindly assisted in atten- ding to the wants of the members, thereby contributing a good deal to the success of the evening. After the good things provided had been disposed of, the tables were cleared and the lighter business of the evening commenced. Mr T H Evans, Tyrhos, Fishguard, who presided, was supported by Mr T Hitching James, and Messrs Thomas and Gwilym Rowe, Penpistill (late of the United States, America). Intersected with speeches the following musical items were contributed to the pro- gramme: Violin solo, Mr J Reed Edwards; songs, Messrs Joel James, J Rees* J Morse, T Morse, D Morse, H Morgans, Willie Jenkins, T H Evans, W Roberts, and T Cornock. Mr Joel J James (hon. sec.), in proposing a vote of thanks to the Chairman, alluded to the success of the past session, remarking that it was not every small country reading-room that had the privilege uf hearing such fine lectures as they had had at Scleddy. Amongst the lecturers were Miss Edwards, and Mr 0 D Jones, of the Council School; Mr Rees, of the National School, Fishguard Mr 0 Gled- hill, B.Sc., of the County School, and twice they had the pleasure of hearing their chair- man of that night (Cheers). Mr Evans was leaving next week for South Africa, and he was sure that they all wished him bon voy- age, and a safe return, (cheers). Mr J Reed Edwards, in seconding, also remarked that that meeting brought to a close the most successful session in the history of their unpretentious reading-room. Besides lectures, weekly night-classes had been held in arithmetic and in mensuration, the atten- dance of the members during that time show- ing that these had been fully appreciated. He hoped that, next winter, upon Mr Evans' re- turn, they would again have the pleasure of listening to a continuation of his course of lectures on Travels Abroad." (Cheers). The Chairman,who was heartly cheered, in returning thanks, delivered a short address, in the course of which he wished them good-bye as he was on the point of departure for South Africa. It had, he said, given him a great deal of pleasure to have met them. Institu- tions of this nature were very desireable, for competition was becoming keener year by year, and knowledge was power. They started with the natural advantage of having two languages. Their country was small and in the big world outside, they could judge for themselves that they would advance. He was pleased to see the two brothers—Messrs Rowe—among them they had been on the same trail on the American continent, and he was glad to see them home in the islands famed for pedigree stock, for he was capable of judging,* through travelling, what vast possibilities lay in that direction. The night schools were of inestimable value and he could not find words to express his appreci- ation of Messrs James and Edwards: they worked at actualities, they had had music that evening, and he hoped that, if it pleased God to bring him back again to give them an account of his pilgrimage—(cheers)—he would be able to listen to more instrumental music. In the meanwhile—' Ffarwel .(cheers). The singing of Auld Lang Syne in the old honoured style, followed by Hen wlad fy Nhadau," brought a most pleasant even- ing to a termination. The members wish to express their appre- ciation to the following ladies for their kind help and assistance towards the supper Miss James, Pantyphillip; Misses Davies, Glan- cleddy; Mrs Roberts, Mrs Vittle, Mrs Morgans Mrs Evans, Scleddy; and Mrs Morse, Yety- gorse.


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