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HERMON CHURCH, FISHGUARD. Successful Bazaar. Three Days' Function in tlie Temperance Hall. The Temperance Hall, Fishguard, was on Thursday and the two succeeding days the scene of a highly successful bazaar in aid of a project having for its object the liquidation of the debt attaching to Hermon Baptist Church, Fishguard. For many months past the lady members of the congregation had been labouring most zealously in preparation for the expected function, and to their assiduity and gener- osity is attributable the excellence of the show" presented on the occasion of the opening ceremony on the first date, which, in view of the fact that the weekly market was in full swing was fixed for an half-hour after noon. Each of the stalls had been decorated in an exceedingly tasteful fashion by willing hands, and bore an infinite variety of fancy needlework, together with innumerable other articles either useful or ornamental. Many of these were put up to raffle, with the result that the funds were considerably augmented, whilst various fortunate indi- viduals bore off valuable prizes which had been very cheaply acquired. Refreshments—both light and otherwise— were readily obtainable, and the patrons of the. bazaar did not altogether forget the needs of the inner man whilst emptying their purses for the decking of the outer woman. A shooting-gallery proved a great attrac- tion, especially on the closing night, when a keen competition was indulged in by a num- ber of members of the Fishguard Company of the Pembroke Royal Garrison Artillery, Territorial Force. Mrs \V L Williams put in a second appear- ance on the Friday, and proved on both days to be an exceedingly liberal patron. Mr Cecil Jones also made large purchases, and assisted generally as though he were one of the promoters rather than an honoured guest. He lent a couple of rifles for use in the shooting range and actually motored over to Haverfordwest on Saturday morning in quest of ammunition. In addition he pre- sented a ritle which, upon being put up to raffle, realised the highly creditable approxi- mate sum of £2. Excellent musical entertainments, which were exceedingly well patronised, were given, under the management of Messrs Jas. Owen, Frank George, A J Hodges, and H B George. Originally intended as a two days' bazaar, the function proved so successful that it was decided to re-open on Saturday evening, when the hall was again crowded. OPENING CEREMONIES. The inaugural ceremony on Thursday was gracefully performed by Mrs W L Williams, of Cefnydre, who was introduced by the Rev. Dan Davies, pastor of the church. The Rev. Chairman, in the course of a brief Welsh address, said he was very pleased indeed to welcome to the bazaar a lady of Mrs Williams' standing, he, and all connec- ted with the church having always enter- tained a deep regard for the Cefnydre family. The bazaar was for a good object—to further the interests of the church,—and he was glad that they had been fortunate enough to ob- tain the services of a Christian-like lady to -declare it open. Mrs Williams was also a thorough Welsh-woman in every respect, and not only was she able to speak her Mother Tongue, but had taken care to teach it to her clnldren. He concluded by requesting her to declare the bazaar open. Mrs Wiiliams, who was heartily received, in the course of a neat little speech said that, before delaring the bazaar open, there were a few words which she would like to say. She thanked all present very warmly for their courtesy in asking her to come there that afternoon, and assured them that it had been a great pleasure to lier to do so, it being a great privilege to help in any way a good cause. As they all knew, the object of the bazaar was to clear the debt on the vestry fund, and she hoped that they would be suc- cessful in doing so. She concluded, amidst applause, by remarking what great pleasure it afforded her to declare the sale open. At the close of the proceedings Mrs Will- iams was cordially thanked for her presence and services. On the second day the chair was occupied by Mr Levi Evans (" Echo,") who said it afforded him very great pleasure to introduce to the notice of those present Mr Cecil Jones —(Hear, hear and applause). The object of the bazaar was very clearly and compactly explained, in the few introductory remarks upon the programme, but for the benefit of any present who might be unacquainted with the affairs of Hermon Church, he might say that, about three years ago, they had had occasion to enlarge the edifice and to erect a large vestry-room as well as several class- rooms. In addition, they had provided a fine pipe organ, the whole of the alterations en- tailing a total cost of about [1,100. It was with the object of wiping off the balance yet unpaid of that sum that the bazaar had been promoted. They had, from time to time, been assisted by kind friends outside the church, amongst whom were previous dona- tions from Mr E D Jones, the esteemed father of their present president—(hear, hear and applause),—and it was some satisfaction to find that that gentleman, in his son, had again come very kindly to their assistance. Those who were acquainted with the public life of the town had probably not yet real- ised the assistance which Mr Jones' father had given to it from time to time in connection with the Urban Council—(Hear, hear). He had rendered splendid services, and the speaker only hoped that his son would follow in his footsteps—(Clywch, clywch and ap- plause)—and that they might have him amongst them for many years to come. He had very great pleasure in calling upon Mr Cecil Jones to open the bazaar. Mr Jones, who met with a cordial recep- tion, said it gave him great pleasure to be asked to open the second day's sale in that bazaar. He heard that the first day had been very successful, and he .hoped that the second would be equally so, and that, before closing-time came, most of the stalls, if not all, would have been cleared, and an appre- ciable amount realised jtowards the object for which the bazaar had been promoted—(Ap- plause). He thanked Mr Evans very much for the very kind words which he had uttered that afternoon, and had very great pleasure in declaring the bazaar open. The Rev. Dan Davies, speaking in English, said they were highly pleased to see Mr Jones present with them that day. He was the son of a great man, his father being an orator who had greatly impressed the speaker upon the first occasion on which he had listened to him. He had no doubt that he would be- come an M.P. very soon—(Hear,^ hear and applause). He believed that Mr Cecil Jones was a worthy son of his father—(Applause). The Chairman, speaking in Welsh, moved a very cordial vote of thanks to Mr Jones for his presence and services there that afternoon. Mr A J Hodges seconded in a brief speech, and the motion was carried with acclama- tion. We understand that the proceeds aggre- gated close upon [100, a highly creditable figure which is largely attributable to the zeal and assiduity displayed by Mrs A J Hodges in the discharge of the arduous secretarial duties. STALL HOLDERS. Appended is a list of stall-holders and others, to whose untiring energy and zeal the excellence of the financial result must be at- tributed :— Refreshments: — Mrs and Miss George (Chemist); Mrs and Miss Phillips, Globe; Mrs T. Jones Mrs A. J. Hodges; Misses Thomas, Tynewydd Miss Martha Evans; Miss Walters Miss M. A. Richards; Miss Symmons; Miss Hodges Miss Mary Jones, Mrs W. Thomas, and Miss Mary J. Llewellin. Plain and Fancy Needlework (1)Mrs Henry Evans, Lower Town Miss Martha G. Roberts; Mrs G. G. Evans; Miss Minnie Thomas, Tynewydd Miss Lizzie Thomas, Wallis; Miss Martha Ann George Miss S A Williams; Misses Mattie Evans and Mattie Harries and Miss M. A. Lewis, Pencommins. Plain and Fancy Needlework (2):—Mrs Patterson; Mrs Morgan; Mrs J. F. Davies; Mrs Jones, Emporium; Miss Lloyd, Panty- phillip Miss Maud Evans, Swan Misses A. and P. Oakley Davies Miss M. J. Matthews; Miss M. H. Thomas Misses Katie, and Maud Griffiths. Plain and Fancy Needlework (3) Miss Polly Owen, Mrs LI. Davies, Penslade Mrs Roberts, Miss Jennie Davies, Miss M. H. Davies, Miss Maggie Williams, Miss Emily Howells, Miss Griffiths, Coronation Road; I Miss Evans, Glaneinon Miss M. A. Evans, [ Mrs Johnson, Miss M. J. James, Mrs Salmon, I Miss Annie Thomas, Miss Letitia Davies, Miss Lizzie Maskell, Miss Edwards, Ropeyard Lane; Mrs Lloyd, Penslade Miss Blanche Brayley. Letter and Telegraph Office —Misses Lilly Patterson, Flossie Reynhardt, Sally Evans, and Leah Cornock. J Shooting Gallery:—Mr Johnny Owen, Mr D G Thomas, Mr W Thomas, Mr J M Symmons. Bran Pie:—Misses Edith George, May Will- iams, and Mattie Evans.


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