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INew Scheme for Elementary…


New Scheme for Elementary Teachers. KING'S SCHOLARSHIP TO BE ABAN- DONED. Something of importance concerning can- didates for the teaching profession has just been issued by the Board of Education in the shape of regulations and syllabus for preliminary examination for the certificate which in 1907 will take the place ef the King's scholarship examination. A regards the altered name, the Board considered the old title misleading, as the examination was no longer the only avenue through which the teacher could obtain admission to the train- ing college, aid given by the Exchequer to- wards training of teachers for public elemen- tary schools being rather a grant for main- tenance of colleges than individual scholar- ships. The change also provides recognition of the fact that the examination is now more important as a preliminary stage towards the certificate examination for untrained teachers than as an entrance examination for train- ing colleges. These successful candidates will have to pass tests in competition and arithmetic, to show a reasonable degree of efficiency in English history and geography, and to offer one other subject—either elementary science or mathematics or foreign laoguage. Marks of distinction will be awarded,and fl/r this purpose candidates may take further optional subjects which will count towards success in the examination as a whole. The standard required to pass will be roughly that required by examination, and that necessary to obtain distinction equivalent to having the certificate of the London University, English and history being rather higher. The university exten- sion certificate will no longer be accepted in lieu of the corresponding subject in the Board's own examination, and the Board will not in future allow students. to be prepared for university degree or examination leading thereto unless he has passed the preliminary examination for the certificate, with distinc- tion in compulsory subjecte, aid elementary science and mathematics and two languages, or unless he has passed some other examina- tion accepted by the Board as equivalent.



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