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Pembrokeshire Agricultural…

< New Life-Boat for Cardigan

Lawn Tennis Match at HaverfordwestI





ONEY.-Surns of £200, JESOO, £600 lf1 £ 1,000 to be advanced on good security (freehold) at reasonable rate.— Apply, W. T. S. Tombs, splicitor, Fishguard —The Cheapest Shop in Pembrokeshire IS THE Cash Stores, Goodwick. They buy for Cash, they sell for Cash, and customers reap the reward of this unique system of business. They are at present renewing and adding to their Stock of sound, reliable, bigh-class goods which are offered at low prices; Youths' Suits from 10s; Men's Suits from 13s; Men's odd Coats from 6s; Men's odd Vests from Is 9d Men's odd Pants from 6s; Shirts, cotton or wool, from Is 8d White Linen from 3s; WelEih Flannel Pants from Is 8d Silk or Wool Mufflers, Collars, Fronts, Hats, Caps, Ties, Braces, Stockings, Socks, Bootlaces. Working men's Moles from 2s 6d sleev- ed and unsleeved Vests, sound Serge Jackets 2s 9d Dungaree Pants and Jackets, 2s 3d each. —— A leading feature in the FURNITURE DEPARTMENT i's a 15s. Easy Chair. Same is usually sold at 30s each elsewhere. An early inspection of their GRAND TRUNK LINE is requested, where a Choice Selection of Guaranteed Steel Scarboro' Trunks are on view at a price from 5s. upwards. In the GROCERY DEPARTMENT ex- quisite Tea, best Loaf Sugar, superb Cheese, choicest Creamery Hutter, Pick-nick Hams. breakfast Bacon, table Potatoes and Onions are stocked. Special cheap line in Stationery, Biscuits, Sweets, Tobaccos. Cigars and Cigarettes, Wax Candles, and Soaps. When you want to buy, remember the shop that brought down prices on a par with those ruling at the great Seaports. CastL stores Dyffryn Bridge, Goodwick. Another Great Cure by the Mannina Ointment." "SUFFEHED MANY YEARS." Mrs James, Brithdir, Newpoit, Pem., writes- "After four years' suffering from an Ulcerated leg, and during that period having tried many remedies without avail, I was persuaded by my friends to try your No. 2 Mannina Ointment. After the first few applications 1 obtained great relief and this led me to continue with it, Ind this with such excellent results that I can now say that I am completely and permanently cured. I make t4is statement so that should it meet the eye of anyone else afflicted, as I have been, they can immediately seek the remedy and cure in the wonderful Mannina Ointment." The Ointment may be obtained from the "Mannina" Ointment Co., Main-street, Fish- guard, or from Mr Thos Lewis, chemist, Fish- guard F D Phillips, Haverfordwest; H A Williams, Letterstou; Albert David, St David's; Philipps & Co Mathry J Williams, Newport, Pem. T Meyler, chemist, Fishguard; and D. Llewellyn, chemist, Goodwick, &c. Note.—Anyone suffering from any of the fol- lowing diseases, viz., Cancerous Growth in the Bieast, Bleeding Cancer of the Neck, Ulcerated aud Viiulent Sores on Leg, Poisoned Hand, Eczema from Birth, Abscesses after Vaccination Rodent Ulcers on Hands, Blood Poison on Foot, Ulcerated Sores and Eczema, Virulent Abscess on Leg, Blood Poison in Hand, Foul Wound on Leg can,by applying in writing or otherwise obtain ad- vice as to which strength to use in each case. PLEASE NOTE. Mr A MeMhii u 0- im WILL ATTEND FISHGUARD MARKET Every THURSDAY until further notice, And offer a Large Quantity of CHINA & GLASS Dinner, Tea, & Toilet Sets. -TO COMMENCE AT 10 a.m.— GARDENING (FOR SOUTH WALES). Messrs TRlsEDER & Co., The Nurseries, Truro, Cornwall, Will be glad to give instructions free to any who are engaged in improving their Gardens; they have many acres of nurseries, and keep an immense stock of Roses, Ornamental Shrubs and Fruit Trees. Members of the Firm are often in this neighbourhood and will be glad to wait upon any who wish to make Improvements. Please address all letters to the Firm- TRESEDER & Co., Nurserymen and Landscape Gardeners, TRURO, CORNWALL. PRICE OF COAL. very beat House and Steam Coal, 22s JL per ton Newport Coal, 20s; Culm and Lumps, 138 per ton. Special prices for Truck Loads. Lime and Best Buff, Red and Fire Bricks to order. Samples of Bricks to be seen at weighbridge office, Goodwick. S. H. Hughes, coal-merchant, Goodwick P. WILLIAMS, Stationer, &c., Castle Hill, FISHGUARD. SPLENDID selection of Fancy Goods, Stand- ard Books, Fountain Pens and Stylographs, Albums, Purses, Spectacles, Stephens' Inks, Walking Sticks, Trout Fishing Tackle, Pipes, Pouches, Tobaccos, Ovc. Pictorial Post Cards: Exquisite Local Views coloured and black and white.—Capern's Bird Seeds. Kitchen chairs, 3s 3d each; giant arm chairs, 8s 9d; smokers, 10s 6d. Guaranteed to stand any amount ot fair wear and tear-— Supply Stores, Fishguard. Printed and Published by the ProprietoI L. EVANS, at his Steam Printing Works High Street, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire

INew Scheme for Elementary…



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