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INCREASED Uf INCREASED BONUS FOR bonus for TEA DRINKERS iSPi TEA DRINKERS • The i d CJJ sit[i a Tea o V u. Ú encouraged by the SUCCESS of their Bonus System, hitherto applied to the highest price onlv. arc now including in their offer teas sold at 2/- and 2/:?. per lb and IN EACH QUARTER POUND PACHET at 2/- and 2/2 per lb. will be found a E6F BOKUS CHSCK rb y "\CJ MØt.. iid .nlRlll 'À ö WHICH SHOULD BE CAREFULLY PRESERVED for the following reasons:— I As an inducement to the Public, and to further increase the sale of OLD CASTLE TEA during the years 1904, 1905, and lPOfi, we, the OLD CASTLE TEA COM- PANY, undertake to GIVE AWAY IN-EXCHANGE for OLD CASTLE "Checks" as follows :— Checks A magnificent Real Gold Gent's Watch, Guaranteed Jewelled Movement 00 for 2000 Real Gold Lady's Watch 0 for 2000 Real Silver Gent's Watch II «» o. for 480 „ Real Silver Lady's Watch „ „ to •• for 480 Small Silver Gent's Watch, Good Timekeeper .for 240 Small Silver Lady's Watch „ •• •• for 240 Oxydised Steel Gent's Watch to" 0 0 •• for 200 Gilt Lady's Watch „ »• •• J Checks. 1 Case containing 1 Pair Carvers and Steel. for 480 1 It 6 White-handled Table Knives •• for 480 1 't't 6 Electro Silver-plated Table Forks .for 480 1 (> 6 Electro Silver-plated Dessert Forks .for 400 1 ft 6 White-handled Dessert Forks for 400 1 6 Electro Silver-plated Tea Spoons and Sugar Tongs for 300 A Magnificent Electro Silver-plated— Cheeks. cnecKs. Tea Pot. for 240 Breakfast Cruet for 120 Hot Water Tu<* •• for 240 Toast Rack for 120 c..„ar Rasin ° for 200 Jam Bowl and Stand for 120 Cream Ju" «• for 200 Pair of Sugar Tongs and Sifter for 100 Butter Dish and Knife for 150 Pair of Salt Cellars. for 100 These goods are onlv given to the public consumers of OLD CASTLE TEA, and will be sent DIRECT TO THE CONSUMERS ONLY. The Checks must be sent up direct to the OLD CASTLE TEA COMPANY, 8 CROSS LAN, EASTCHEAP, LONDON, E.C., or to the South Wales Branch at QUEEM STREET, CARMARTHEN. All Checks bear the Signature of the Company across Trade Mark. Dr FREE SAMPLE ON APPLICATION. SEASO 1905. Newport, Pem., Cycle Depot WILLIAMS BROTHERS Are Agents for nearly all the Leading First-class Cycles o I including SINGER, STAR, &c., &c. New Stock Just Arrived. NOTE.—Cycles with free-wheel and two brakes made to order from £5 10s. Quality Guaranteed. Machines exchanged on favourable terms. Repairs a speciality. Accessories, Free-wheel Clutches, Brakes, Outfits, &c., in stock. T. Ricliarcls Soil, TAILORS AND BREECHES MAKERS, LETTERSTON, Beg to inform their numerous customers that they have just received Mf" The largest consignment of CLOTH ever purchased by any firm in North Pembrokeshire, and are prepared to supply Garments BETTER and CHEAPER than ever before. The stock consists of the following Black and Blue Serges, Vicunas, Mixed Cashmeres, Meltone and Beavers, Worsted Coatings, Scotch and Irish Suitings, Fancy Trouserings, Riding and Stable Tweeds. Also in stock the famous Chipping Norton Riding Tweeds in all the latest shades. In soliciting the kind Patronage of the readers of this announcement T. RICHARDS & SON guarantee that every garment will be made up and dealt with under their personal supervision. Letters by post receive prompt attention. Patterns Free. A GRAND SHOW OF Up-to-date Summer Novelties TO BE FOUND AT THOMAS'S, The Leading Draper, RAILWAY E F IS H G U A R I) Having just returned from London with an immense Stock of all the newest novelties in all departments for the coining season. All that is newest in Trimmed Hats and Paris models trimmed MILLINERY to suit all ages and classes. By paying THOMAS' a visit you will b well suited for all your requirements. A grand selection of the newest DRESS MATERIAL with trimmings to match. Ladies' and Children's Jackets and Capes, Rainproof Coats and Capes, Costumes, Skirts, Underskirts, Dainty Blouses and Shirts of every description, smart Collarettes, Collars and Ties. Newest designs in Lace insertions, and shades in Silks, Ribbons and flowers. 0 Gloves, Umbrellas, coloured Silk aDd Cotton Sunshades, Prints, Muslins, Delaines, Underlinen. ètc. Smart Costumes and Dresses made on the premises by experienced hands Fit and Style guaranteed.. GENTS' DEPARTMENTS also well stocked in Felt, Linen and Straw'Hats, Caps, Ties, Collars, Shirts, Pants and Vests, etc. Please ask to see the 21s and 25s Suits to measure. All Wedding & Mourning Orders promptly attended to. Our Motto is Newest Styles and Moderate Prices. CYCLES! CYCLES! CYCLES! W. R. Eynon & Son, Fishguard, Gas and Water Engineers, and General Ironmongers, Beg to announce that they have OPENED a MOTOR AND BIOYOLE DEPARTMENT at their new up-to-date Premises, and are Agents for the fol- lowing high-grade Cycles—EAGLE, NEW. HUDSON and other makes at prices unapproachable by any other house in the three counties. The ROVER Cycles supplied. We buy our Goods in large quantities at the right markets and are able to sell at rock bottom prices. GAS FITTINGS a Speciality. A grand selection of the very best Fittings now on view. All Classes of Engineering undertaken. Estimates Free. Farming Machinery, Washing Machines, &c., supplied at prices to suit all Buyers. r Call and inspect our stock it is unsurpassed anywhere. W. R. Eynon & Son, Fishguard

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