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NEWPORT. PEM. Musical Success.—Miss Sissie James, Bank House, obtained the first class certificate in the elementary section (pianoforte playing) of the London College of Music, not Trinity College. The examination was held at Car- marthen and the successful pupil was prepar- ed by Miss Alice Hughes, St. Mary's Cottage. Primrose League,—The annual outing of the Newport, Nevern and Dinas Habitation of the Primrose League took place on Wed- nesday of list week, Goodwick being the rendezvous. A rather dull morning did not leid to a bright afternoon, aud at the time of starting, about one o'clock, the ominous clouds o'er head Jbegan to drop wetness Two years ago, when the members chose Rosebush as the objective, the cheery members received such a wetting they are not likely soon to forget. Last year old Sol favoured the intinerary but the frowns of Jupiter, Pluvius on Wednesday of last week, failed to damp the vivacity of the jovial company, numbering close upon 200 in all. Brakes were requisitioned from every livery stable and the arrangements, excellent in every detail, were in the hands of 9 committee chiefly of the wardens and dames of the habitation. Since its inception Mr and Mrs J B Bowen, Llwyngwair, have evinced the keenest interest in the league, the Squire of Llwyngwair being the ruling counsellor, and through him, assisted in great measure by Mrs Bowen, hon, secretary, who has rallied the knights and dames as few could, the capital progress of the ra1 itation is due. Among the members, in addition to the two esteemed personages uoeutioued were, Mr G B Bowen, Mrs Bosvile, Cotham, and wardens Mrs J ilushes, Pendre; Miss Bowel), Pen- coed Mrs Edwin Bennett, Ashgrove, Dinas; Miss Alderson, Dinas Rectory Mrs Lloyd, Nevern the Rector of Dinas, the Rev J Williams R D the Rector ot Newport and Mrs Phillips; the Curate, the Rev J S Jeremiah tbs Rev J 0 Evans, Nevern Rev T M James, rector of Meline; Mr T U Bennett and Mr John Suoj th Bennett, Ashgrove the Mayor and Mayor and Mayoress of Newport, together with most of the leading families and a large number of the general community. Many had their own conveyances, but by far tbe larger portion journeyed in the brakes provided. A humid afternoon gave way to drizzling rain, which continued during the rest of the day. Reaching Goodwick, parties took differaut directions, the works claiming a good deal of attention, but permission to view the big undertaking has long been refused to all except those having business thereon owing to the danger arising from the machinery, rolling stock, and blas:ing opera- tions. However, the heights overlooking the Works allow of access, and from this point of vantage a good view of the constructive works is obtainable by those who can manage the steep hill leading to Pen Cw, A few of the sturdy ones took advantage uf tbe means and were gratified with the result of their climb. At four o'clock the needful refreshments, in the shape of tea and the usual accompani- ments, were provided. The fi-ld opposite the Temperance was to have formed the venue of operation?, but the rain compelled other arrangements being made, and tables were therefore laid in the large carriage shed, on the Duffryn road, belonging to the G.W.R. Preparations in the latter place were resorted to at the eleventh hour, s;»eak, and they were consequently rather hurried, and not, therefore, as complete as they would have been had the day held fine. Huwever, the tea was discussed with much animation. despite the various hindrances arising out of the murky elements. It was found impossible to seat the whole of the company at one and the same time, but the whole of the members partook of the various edibles which were enjoyed, thanks to Mr and Mrs Bjwen and their willing band of loyal helpers. Tne return journey was commenced in good time, and all arrived at their destinations safely The following supplied vehicles Messrs J Thomas, Cromlech Hoilse J Thomas, Tem- perance Hotel;, W V Thomas, Llwyngwair Arms Hotel; J Miles, Commercial Hotel; James Phillips, D Owen, J Evans, Royal Oak; Richards, Dinas J Adams, Evans, aud D Griffiths and others. Mr and Mrs Evans Temperance Hotel, Goodwick, catered for the habitation, and gave every satisfaction- Apropos of the above, a correspondent sends an account which, through want of space, has had to be curtailed somewhat One of the largest gatherings of the primrose knights and dames since the formation of the habita- tion joined last week's annual outing. You know that when the admirers of that gifted statesman, the late Lord Beaconsfield, convive all worries and cares are cast aside, let the elements be propitious or opaque. And so we donned our badges, emblematic of the pale primrose, and with light hearts and palpitating bosoms we mounted the vehicles. But let me just pause a moment on this latter point. I .rIn. 1,J.I-l. 11 i 1 uvu u --v- wuctuer an me owners ot the vehicles are attached to our Imperialist party or not, in any case, they look first to pocket and party loyalty afterwards. Nobody blames them for that, but a little consideration to- wards the organizing committee at the crucial moment would enhance them in the eyes of those who stride to make the annual trip a success. One of the number ought, really, to take the contract of carrying the whole party, and be responsible for the necessary number of vehicles. As things were on the last occasion, they caused the promoters no little anxiety. It would be infinitely better it one of the leading livery stable proprietors ac. cepted the contract and supplied all the vehicles in future. Coming again to the out- ing, I noticed that several of the knights defied the moisture successfully by stindry gargles en route. One of the traits strictly enforced, or rather, adhered to of the habita- tion is nioderation in all things.' In spite of the raid, I observed that at Good wick there was a considerable amount of fraternizing among the knights, and by the happy coun- tenances of some of them one could read the cheerful motto, I don't care if it snows Of that there was not a shadow of doubt so far as the knights were concerned. Trieu give three cheers and one cheer more, For the jolly free knights of the primrose corps And if I might be allowed to trespass a little further on Mr Gilbert's lines, I should add For they themselves have said it, And Its greatly to their credit To be a knight or dame Of primrose habitation fame. Most of the dames took refuge, nothing loth t", and undaunted, in the houses of friends and under the protecting roof of the improvised tea chateaux,' to discuss, in the cheeriest fashion, the weather, and heap disguised blessings on the man with the watering-pot.' I refrain from divulging all that was said under that as Cart shed in case I should bring a blush to the fair cheek of your meek, humble, and coy tepresentative. It need only be added that, notwithstanding the lowering clouds and t, merciless mist, we experienced a regular jolly time, and we appreciate the kindness of our generous ruling councillor and his gracious lady. Visitors. -'I'Iie tide of the visitiug season is about being at the flood. The doubts and fears prevailing up to recently are now giving way to cheerfulness and hope. Daiiy the health and holiday seekers pour into the ancient borough from Crymmych and Good. wick, and the place is assuming the appear- ance that delights the people. An Arrest.—Monday is usually consi ed the blackest day of the week by sc., children and sometimes it so happens tlt.¡,í adults have reason to regard it in a similar way. For some weeks a new comer of the cattle jobbing type had made the peaceful town his habitation, staying at one of the homely places for reasons known be3t to the individual bimself-and the police officer. However, early on Monday morning almost before the majority of the housewives had shaken off slumber, a gentle rapping at the door of a house was heard. Only one of the household, the cattle dealer, was aware of the purport ot the ominous rat-tat, for he peered through the window and caught sight of the officer armed with the official blue paper. The door was nervously opened, then a recitation, a short dialogue and, subsequent- ly, Charles Ellis married, a cattle dealer bailiDg from Worcester was accompanying P. C. Morgan to Fishguard lock-up, where a constable, from Worcester constabulary was awaiting his quarry to take him to whence he came to answer certain charges connect- ed with the muntainance of his wife and family. It was bla;k" Monday for Ellis who, it he came to Newport to hide himself and escape the clutches of the law, could scarcely have committed a bigger error. In the whirl and tumultuous city throng a man may evade capture for a lengthened period, but in remote Pembrokeshire the police are too alert and too well acquainted with every nok and cr nny, aye. and every individual resident for any iugitive to take refuge un- disturbed. Many times of late the truth of this has been verified and, doubtless, will be again. Needless to say, Monday's incident has set the town agog B.thleheru- Acceding to the feeling of the majority, the members and scholars held their annual tea treat ou the Warren instead of on the mountain yesterday, fortunate in weather and every other means which cou- duce to joyousness. Visitors.-Among the numerous visitors die Capt and Mrs Jermain and son. The American vice-consul, of Cardiff, and family have rented the School-house during the holidays. Mr and Mrs Reynolds left on Monday, and the visitors arrived on Tuesday. Obituary.—Much regret on every side is expressed at the death, which occurred on Sunday evening list, at Trellwyn, Llanych- llwydog, of Miss Martha Bowen, aged 21, daughter cf the late Mr John Bowen, farmer, Tyryet, Newport. The young deceased had been ailing for some time, but at the recent fair she was about, feeling fairly well. Of late she bad been at her sister's house at Trellwyn. Sincere sympathy is expressed for the several brothers and Sisters in their sad loss. Toe remains were conveyed to Caersilem to-day (Thursday) for burial, the the Rev J LI Morris, Jabez, officiating. The arrangements were ably carried out by Mr John Willirims, draper, the Cross. Interment.—The funeral took place on Monday last of a venetable ex-seamau AIr John Howells aged 75, of Parrog who pas ed away on Thursday last. Officatiug w Liiti Rev W D", viae, Indian missioner, tite Rev D J Evans the respected pastor Bethlehem. He leaves two daughters, his loss. The Castle —Miss Lloyd lefc the Castle on Monday last on a visit to Mr and Mrs Owe' Philipps at Amroth Castle, Begelly. New- porttwd are rightly proud of tne honour bestowed upon them by the gracious Brou- vydd family's stay among them. Newport and Crymmych Coach.—From the 1-st day of July to the end of September the abjve Coach will leave Newport daily at 7.30 a.m. and 12 noon for Crymmych Arms Station, returning on the arrival of the 3.30 and 7.15 p.m. trains.—David John Thomas Cromlech House.— Advt.