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FISHGUARD. Don't forget to-night's Cattle Show Con- cert, at which the leading artistes of the Principality will take part. Doors open at 7 30, to commence at 8. Female Lodge.—It has been decided to form a female branch in connection with Loyal Gwaun Lodge of Oddfellows. All young women are invited to join and intending can- didates are respectfully asked to give their names to Mr Vaughan Davies, West-street, or to Mr L. Evans, Echo" Office, as soon as possible. Temperance Hall --The Rev D [lussey, of Barry, will preach at the services of the new Baptist cause on Sunday next.—To-morrow (Friday) the Sunday scholars will visit Rose- bush for their tea treat. Tea Treats —Tower Hill, Tabernacle and Hermon tea treats take place to-morrow (Friday).—On Monday next the annual cymanfa ganu will be held at Hermon Chapel. Obsequies.—The remains of the late Mr Lammech Phillips. Hottipass, were quietly laid to rest on Friday last at the Methodist burial ground in the presence of the near relatives and a large concourse of friends and sympathisers. At the house the Rev W Evans, M.A.. vicar of Fishguard read a portion of Scripture and the Rev W P Jones, M.A., B.D., offered prayer, and at the grave side the Rev Geo Morgan, Tyhen, officiated. Among the mourners were the widow, Mrs Phillips, her sister, Mrs Harries, and the Rev J D Syramons, the two sons of the deo«ised Mr W Phillips, Worcester, and Air David Steven Phillips, Barry; others present were Mrs Morris, Mrs D S Phillips, Barry, and Mrs Capt George, Cardiff. For at least 180 years the deceased and his relatives had carried on the sail-making business. A Humanitarian.—Sportsmen are not an humane in their habits when indulging their hobbies of sport. May be the writer to a Cardiff daily on Tuesday had'that idea in his mind when he sent the following paragraph —Capt Titus Evans, a well known Fishguard angler, bad a curious experience on Saturday evening whilst trout-fishing on Goodwick Moor. About 8 p.m whilst a strong breeze blew from the south, a swallow took his fly: (a Coch-y-Bondhu). With some little diffi- culty Captain Evans unhooked the bird, which flew away apparently more startled than hurt. Holidays.—After a lengthy sojourn at the Wells, Mr and Mrs W G James, Llysyronen, have returned very much benefitted for the course at the popular Spa.. Illness.-We regret that Mr David James, Trebrytbon, is still rather severely indisposed, bat hopes are entertained of bis recovery. Obituary.—On Sunday morning last, at his residence on Penslade, died Mr David Lloyd, at the age of 55 after a brief illness Deceased had for a greater part of his life, been acting as bailiff to Mr John Worthiugtou the generous and kinkly Squire of Glynymel. About a year ago Mr Lloyd retired from active service rarely leaving the house. He leaves a widow, (his second wife,), and a family of grown up children. The funeral took place yesterday (Wednesday) at Her- mon Cemetery the Rev Geo James (Goedwig) officiating in the absence of the Rev Dan Davies, who was at Llaneliy, attending the funeral of his brother-in-law. Postcard Craze.—At one time the practice of sending annonymous post cards was very prevalent in the town, but a few exposures served to cheek the habit. Now, however, complaints are again received of a revival of the pernicious habit. It is useless individuals trying to hide their identity in carry out this practice particularly when the recipients are annoyed as in the case under notice. There- fore, it would be to the discretion of the underhanded individuals if they ceased the ignoble method to gain a specific objective. At a meeting of the County Council on Tuesday last, the Chairman said they had held an inquiry at Fishguard touching an application for urban powers. In his opinion the inquiry was very satisfactory, and he hoped this time the Committee would be able to recommend a boundary and be able to grant the application, and that in a very short time this question would be finally settled. Mrs Owen Philipps, of Amroth Castle, gave birth to a daughter at the Castle on Saturday last, and we are pleased to hear that both mother and child are doing well. Foresters' Turn-Out.—The town on Friday last was redolent of jolly times and swagger festivities. Strains of music echoed and re- echoed in the surrounding hills and dales, and everyone felt in the most joyous of moods. It was the fete day of Court Glan Gwaun of the Ancient Order of Foresters. The glorious sunshine glistened on the polished brass of the instruments and the accoutrements of the bandsmen, while the Foresters, mounted on horseback and moke, looked veritable pictures of the braves ot old. A large number of the brothers assembled at tho Swan Field, where they formed up in their picturesque uniforms of varying hues and textures. Then, headed by the band of the 1st Vol. Batt. of the Haverfordwest Rifles, they proceeded through the Square to Lower Fishguard, thence to the lovely grounds of Glynymel, returning up the steep through the town to Goodwick, along the Duffryn Road to Manorowen, admiring the picturesque surroundings en route to Langton, where the Squire of that hospitable mansion with his never faililig generosity and urbanity, dispensed refreshments ad libitum," gave a few complimentary remarks, and subsequently the gorgeous array of Foresters were on their way along the main road to Fishguard, ap- petites whetted to some tune by the health- ful exercise. At the Swan Club-room Mr aud Mrs Evans had prepared an almost regal dinner, to which the members did ample justice. Chief Ranger Bro. James Thomas presided in tasteful fashion, and on the removal ot the cloths a short toast list in- cluded the health of the officials and success to Glan Gwaun Lodge of Foresters, to which the Chief Ranger, and the very active secre. tary of the Court, Mr Harry Williams, suitably responded. County School.—Dr Williams, (Drim) vice- chairman, presided at the meeting of the County Schools Governors on Friday last. There were also present Mrs J M Owen, Messrs W James, B Thomas, W L Williams and Rev W Evans. The resignation of the clerk, Mr George Morris, having been regret- fully accepted at the former meeting the application of Mr D W Lewis was considered and as the candidate found favour with the members he was appointed, and the necessity and expense of advertising obviated. Mr Gledhill notified th6 managers that he anti- cipated having to advertise for at lealt one assistant teacher before the commencement of the next term.—The entrance scholarship examination was held on Saturday last, a goodly number of candidates attending from Newport, Dinas an:1 other places in the school area. Eleven attended from New- port.—The School closed for the summer holiday term on Friday last.