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Our coffee trade is increasing constantly, only one quality kept—the very best.— Fishguard Supply Stores. —FRESH ARRIVAL of SUMMER GOODS— AT Paris West-St.,1 FISH CrTJ^L^ID —t— ..J:1- 1.u U ¿..J;V 1" FRANCIS A. DAVIES Is making a GRAND SHOW of Pa3liion.s & New Goods NEW STYLES in Coats and Skirts, Jackets, Costume Skirts, under Skirts, Children's Pelisses, Coats, Hats. Bonnets, etc. MAGNIFICENT COLLECTION of dainty Blouses and Slips in Sateens, Lawns, Voiles, Nun's Veilings, Jap Silks, etc Prices, Id 6H to 12s lid. SPECIAL Ivory White Jap Silk S ips, trimmed Lace and Insertion. Prices, 2s Hid and 4s 11d, Extr.,iordinary value. 2 GHAND STOCK of black and coloured Dress Materials in Voiles, Crepolines, Fancy Costume Tweeds, colored i^ilks, Jap Silks, Tussones, French Delaines, printed Voiles, Zephyrs, De Lainettes, Mer. Lawns. Blouse Muslins,Oxford hirtings, Drills ATTRACTIVE DISPLAY of Collarettes, Laces, Belts in Kid and Silk, Corsets, Silk and Lace Scarves, Trimmings and Insertions, Umbrellas, Sunshades, exquisite effect in Wide Lace Scarves. EXCEPTIONAL VALUE in GLOVES, Kids; Doeskin, Suede, real Mocha; every pair guaranteed also new Fabric Gloves and Mitts, in Lace, Silk Net, Taffeta, etc SPECIAL VALUE in Calicoes, Sheetings. Quilts, Lace Curtains, Cretonnes, Carpet Squares, Hearthrugs. Floor Cloths in all width, etc. GENTS' HATS and CAPS (Christy's celebrated makes stocked), Shirts, Ties, Collars, Boys' Suits and Washing Blouses in great variety. All Goods Marked in Plain Figures at the Lowest possible Prices Notice to Farmers. -4_- For Sheep Dips, Fly and Maggot Oils, Fly Powders, And all other Horse and Cattle Medicines, —(40 TO- Meyler, Chemist, Fishguard. 9 Highest Quality, Lowest Prices. MEDICINE OILS of all kinds in Cans and Casks at prices which cannot be beaten. P-tj L.LJ W | W =r ún ::3 Q tt1 i £ • • j o ø. § p ♦ The Fishguard Cycle and Motor Depot. | Cycles! Cycles! I .<I A COLUMBIA PHONOGRAPH & RECORDS GIVEN VITH EVERY MACHINE. » Columbia with the cheap, shod& articles so freelv advert;* ^on^raPhs L0^ to be classed the same time as the tycle-theie ^Ibe n v The lPt!°a°grapi!LWl11 be delivered limited number of the/to be given away so apnd Jh ?S 7h^tevfr* Ther| are only a You can have your chiice of any make of Cvclo tw'T ° a 10 at once an^ secure one. you have over a dozet makes to chose from l a"pi a^ i10^,means that Wedge, Star, Osmoni, Leader, Ri?le? and^h *1' p Rudg0- makg8 s ey' and other leading Coventry and Birmingham Note the Aaare°8-dfU" par"CUlar6 o £ the ab°™ «>ut on application. I-3I. JOUES, Cycle & I'totor Depot, West-street, Fishguard ■ —•* A Word to tie Wise. A Word to tie Wise. A Word to tIe Wise. GwilymEvans' Quinine Bitters -v.ft IS THE BEST REMEDY For Weakrbss, Nervousness, Indigestion, Sleeplessness, Low Spirit, Chest Affections, Influenza, Impure Blood. The Fickle Nature of our Climate. ha fickle nature of the climate of this country often gives rise to a varify of ailments and complaints, which, assuming- at first the form of only' slight indisposition, if neglected and unheeded, may bpnnml n? geraof serious diseases, which will undermine the conatin,^ i • fioalr result in a long and lings,-rag illne»S, and fatay. The variable temperature and the changeable wether TfTh lastuonth or so makes it incumbent on all of us to exerclm wi«« w Drubnt precautions to counteract the evil effects u- L ma-have had upon our health and comfort. A L^hlch Weath?r heasnch complaints as '« No appetite, "These fror/ £ 'lis languid feeling," and dozens of other exnrp-i Du- to ie urgent need of a Tonic. Now there ea^ression8 ^hich all point o^ed to the public,but none which have been f0010 mixturea A eon so uniformly successful as Up Vans I Qainine Bitters, It is Sd in bottles 2s. 9d. and 4.. 6(1., by Chemists and Patent Medicine Vandors or will bfent, carriage free, for these prices, direct from the Sole Proprietors: Q1bine Bitters Manufacturing Company Limited, Llanelly, South Wales.- Beware of Imitations. Beware of Imitations. Whefeou ask tjr,,G™ll[|J".|E*°<]s' Qainine Bitters see that you get it with the name Gyiym Evans oa tba-Label, Stamp, and Bottle, withoit which none are geaui^! I I

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