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IFishguard Petty Sessions.







CRICKET. GOODWICK HARBOUR v. GOODWICK. A very enjoyable match between the above teams was played at Pen Cw on Saturday last m lovely weather and despite the inequality the two sides as regards skill the best of good feeling prevailed from start to finish. For Fishguard Kingsbury, Bell, and W John took the honours for their side, while for Goodwick, A 0 Robins was in fine form. The amenities were kindly supplied by the homesters. The following are the scores <;OOD\VICK. A. O. Robins, b Pitt 48 M. Ennis, b Pitt 3 S. Jones, b Morris 19 G. Harries, b Kingsbury 9 L. Jones, b Kingsbury 0 R. Tobin, c Owen, b Kingsbury 7 J. Rochford, b Kingsbury 0 P. Roche, b Kingsbury 4 li. Clarke, b Kingsbury", 10 W. Williams, b Kingsbury 4 G. Roche, not out 4 Extras J 12 -120 IISUCUAI;D. S. J. Pitt, c Harries, b Roche 2 J R Evans, b Ennis 1 R. Kingsbury, c S. Jones, b Roche 25 J. Riiillips, run out 0 W. J. Morris, b Ennis 5 P. Lewis, b W. Williams 0 T. B. Evans, c Robins, b Roche 0 F. Salmon, b Roche 0 J. Owen, b YVilliams 3 J. Bell, not out Ii John, c Jones, b Roche 12 Extras o I- il/LT- a TW, r- -67 L.L.UuL\I!' JLMURS v. GOOD\VICK JUNIORS. T 0 l Monday 1 iStrat Pen Uw, the Goodwick Junior C.C. (Capt J Owen) played Fishguard, and considering the short practice very fair cricket resulted. The game, which was very exciting, was witnessed by a goodly number ot interested spectators Mr 0 D Joues ably s«P^ntended the Fishguard team, and eveiyone thoroughly eniovfirl thp rmrna tJ.I LJ.I.ç. VI"IVLCr: b S Jaine l T fUa °Ut' 0 D Xlll;. J i J 0wen> b Patterson, 9; D lorgan, at S James, 1 A Owen, b T J Evans, Patto^g nCa' V Davies' 0 5 A Harries, b Thrn ;t, J Harries, not out, 5; W G 1 hompson, b S James, 0 W M Jones, b Patter- Total ->0 UC'S' b J>atterson> °5 Extras, 9 Fishguard—T J Evans, b W Walters, 5 S James, run out, 0 Patterson, run out, 33: H VaT'e:s;' °Vv illiams, 8 E Thomas, b Walters, ^3L Mathias, b J Owen, 8; G Cornock, b Vv alters, 0 W Thomas, not out, 3 J Havard, 1; P Owen and B Jenkins did not bat. extras, 11 Total—77.