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IFishguard Petty Sessions.





I DINAS CROSS. The Schools wilt be closed fur the nsu d summer holidays of five weeks on Fridiy afternoon. Pig stys.—Tbe Sanitary Iasoecto! visited Bwlchmawr on Monday last, and cendsromed a whole row of pif; stys opposite Garden Terrace. There will be a fall in bacon after Marriage,—The marriage took place on Tuesday at Cardigan of Mr Will Owen, GiHn- fach, and Miss Martha John, Pencnwc. We wish the happy pair all joy. Note.—Many items of interest are unavoi- dably held over until next week. Thor.-At the Council School on Friday evemr.g a student form Bangor Baptist College wili preach. Tabor renovations are progressing satisfactorily. Horticulture.—Mr Evan Davies has been allowed a special grant by the Education Authority to attend the Horticulture lectures at Aoerystbwyth during the holidays, and a garden will be attached to the Council School for the purpose of instructing the children. This is a very commendable step. isitors.—A large number of well-to-do visitors are to arrive this weeb-enut. Pwllgwaelod Well.-—The Rev Geo Morgan I and Messrs Edwin Bennett and Dewi K-. rrivs visited the d'ngercus well at Pwllgwasiod and steps are being taken to have it properly protected, Mr Harries beiug commissioned to have the work carried out hy the end of tel present week the well will then be perfect!v ta;e. The Sports. —The hon. Wc., Mr Dewi Harries, notifies that the sports are open to receive trader men's prizes, and that the Car- digan ironmongers and cycle dealers have already sent on their prizes and he hopes I that local makers and dealers will do like- wise. Preparations for the tua-of-war event are oeing made. Sir Martiene Lloyd has very kindly intimated that he will be present, Ejectment Order.—At the Fishguard Petty Sessions on Thursday last, before Messrs J. C. Yorke. E. D. Jones, and W. S. Jenkins, Mr A. B. Williams, solicitor, Fish- guard applied for an ejectment order, on behalf of Mrs Esther Jenkins. respecting a cottage at Garnwen, against James Evans, Gam wen. who had refused to quit atter due A notice. Air Williams explained that the former owner wa* the latelr Wm Williams, of Holyhead, who died in January of last year, and left the property to his daughter, Elizabeth Ann Williams, for whom Mrs Jenkins was actiug as agent. There was no written agreement but defendant had received notice which expired last year yet refused to leave the cottage, for which no reut had been paid since March 1903. The premises were let to the defendant in 1S99. He urged t J tue Magistrates to grant an ejectment order because, otherwise, there would be no rent paid until Michaelmas of next year. Thev had given the defendant every fair play, and had endeavoured to levy a distress warrant but the defendant fastened all the doors and they failed to carry out their objective, thus putting the owner to considerable expense I and the further loss of allowing the cuttage to go to rack and ruin for the want ot repair. The rent was 1:5 pw anlJUffi. -Mrs Jenkins was sworn aud corroborated her advocate's statement. P. S Rosser proved serving notice on the loth of J uiy. Tne Sergeant said he explained the order both in English an i V't was ail the evidence, and the Magistrates did not hesitate to grant the order asked for to take effect in 21 days from that date. Baptist Union.—On Tuesday a telegram was received that the Rev J \V Maurice had been elected vice-Frcsidect of the Baptist U uicu of k,\?"ales, aud a reply sent congratu- lating the rev gentleman on the honour I bestowed upon him by the cause to which he has given life-long service. Principal Edwards received the honour last year and on this occasion has been elected to the office of President, a position the Rev J \V Maurice will, in the natural course of tilings, occunv next year. The vice-president elect (Rev J W Maurice), was born in Llanfyrnach, April 27, ISH, and received his early educa- tion at the endowed school of that paiisb. lie joined the Baptist Church at Hermon in bis tenth year, and worked at the Giogue Slate Quarries ullLilli years old, when be commenced to preach. His training frr college was received from the Rev Danul Davies, D.D., tbe blind minister of Cardigan, Mr Maurice entered Hereford West College in ltiöO, and was ordained at Bethel and Salem, Clio, Carmarthenshire, September IS 1862. The Sate Mrs Maurice was the second daughter of tbe 1-ite Mr Thomas Davies. Brown Hill, Llandebis, In 18GG, Mr Mau- rice removed to Seion, Llanwrtyd aud Saiem, Llangammarch. He was chairman of the Breconshire Baptist Association in 1868. In 1861) he removed to Blaenycwm, Rhondda Valley, and was pastor of that church for neaify IG years. lie accepted a Cail to Tahur in 1885 and laboured there success- fully for upwards of 20 years. He was the; li'bL ch drman oi the Last Glamorgan tist Association, and was chairman of the Pembrokeshire Baptist Association in 1902. He has received into church fellowship duriug his ministry upwards of 2,000 members, and more than half of these he himself baptised. A Liberal in politics he has taken a Very prominent part in religious and political movements in Wales for upwards of 40 years. He was instrumental iu establishing three School Boards and is now a manager of both elementary and intermediate education for bis district. To his sorrow he buried his wile, who was his helpmeet in the widest sense of the term, in February of this year.