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IFishguard Petty Sessions.



NEWPORT, PSM. Piping Times.—As we predicted hst week, the harvest of visitors is at hand, and by this time next week the ancient town will wear the redolent air of the summer holiday season of former years. Bookings of apartments by y 11 many of the middle and upper classes are taking place, to the great satisfaction of every- one concerned. Of the ilack diamond diggers from tho hills of Glamorgan there may be less than usual, partly owing to slack- ness of trade in the Rhondda coalfield?, and partly through complaints hy some of the benedicts who require rooms to themselves aud families in preference to being mixed up with the bachelors in the same house. Of course, the accommodation is not so abundant as to allow of every family having rooms to themselves. rossibly when Goodwick be- comes a regular shipping port. and the hill at Lower Fishguard on the Dinai side has been diverted. Newport will require sevezal rows of new houses to meet the demands ot visitors for accommodation. This is the general opinion held by those who look ahead. The clatter, rumble, and roar of dock machinery is not conducive to the progress of a sea-ide re--ot, so that places such as Newport, within easy reach of the fast espress trains, are bound to rise in popularity with visitors. There are. undoubtedly, prosperous times ahead for Newport. The Bari(I.- The annual spring cleaning of instruments by the bandsmen was duly com- menced last week, and regular practice for the regatta is the order. The more earnest and systematic the practice, the more certain and frequent will be the engagements I From set.-A local sea-going humourist of the jocund type, Mr Johnny Jones, in writing to his draper for some additional details to his wardrobe,' last week enclosed some extra stamps with the request to the Echo repre- sentative to forward him a copy of this jour- nal to Glasgow as his missus had omitted that important duty. Query, Who is the missus'? The request was duly executed. The Council School.—On Friday the Council School" breaks up" for five weeks' holiday. Mr and Mrs Reynolds are vacating the School-house, and the American vice- Consul of Cardiff and family are coming to the house for some weeks. Scholarship Examination.—On Saturday quite a dozen or more of the scholars will sit at the Fishguard County School for the entrance scholarship to that institution. Newport school has long been noted for pro- gress, and that several passes will be gained goes without saying. New Bridge.—Among the most notable improvements carried out by the committee, appointed for that purpose, is that of the new footbridge crossing the swamp at Capt Beer's dry dock. By the kind permission of Me Bowen, Llwyngwair, the Committee over which the Mayor (Mr 11 R Felix) presides, have proved their worth and deserve congra- tulations on the result of their efforts. llegatta.—A committee was held on Tues- day evening last at the Court-room, presided over by the Mayor, when several details were arranged for the popular event on the 11th of August. That it will prove a big success goes without saying. The Castle. — Miss Lioyd, on her arrival at the Castle on Saturday last, received a true Highland welcome. Bethlehem.—Next Wednesday the Suuday scholars and members of Bethlehem proceed to the mountain for their annual tea treat. The rugged upland has been chosen this nln year, in preference to the Warren, by way ot a change, and though, perhaps, the conven- ience for providing for the multitude is not ¡ quite so good as that at the sands, the air is so bracing and the view so grand that any other little advantage of the sands is more than compensated. Given fine weather the treat will be fully enjoyed. The worthy pastor, the Rev D J Evans, who is at the Baptist Association this week, will be in attendance to lend encouragement. Primrose League.—A full report of the annual outing-of tiia Newport, Nevern, and Dinas Habitation of the Primrose League, together with several other paragraphs, will appear in next week's Echo." Musical Success.—Miss Sissy Jame?, the daughter of Capt and Mrs James, Ust week gained the elementary certificate of the Trinity College of Music, London. Trinity College examinations are recognised by the highest in the art, and Miss James deserves congratulation on her success. St. iNlary's.- Last Sunday the curate of St Mary's Church, Swansea, the Rev T Griffiths, preached an eloquent sermon in English. Mr Griffiths is spending a holiday visit at the Rectory. Unique.—It has long been known that hedgehogs will suck the teats of cows when at pasture, but last week at Quarrel Farm, on the mountain, an old and knowing' sow was discovered at the game by a neighbour. } Mr David J Jones had previously noticed that thecow's yield of milk was not anything like so prolific as it should have been and its teats bore marks of injury. He, however, kept a watch and actually saw the sow at her nefarious but unique act. -4_