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_H ilees crvr, ._H-I — Auctioneer Estate Agent, Fishguard,— HAS THE FOLLOWING- PROPEHTiES F0f8 SALE by Private Treaty, nEl being situate in goad positions in tSle rapidly growi'isy Town of Fishguard PRIVATE HOUSE: Six bedrooms. two sitting rooms, kitchen, sculiery and usual offices. W;lJr laid on, and good garden, let to y-arlv tenant for EI8 t) PRIVATE HOUSE: Four 2 bitting rooms kitchen and usual offices, with garden, water laid on, 1-t to quarlerly tenant for L12. PRIVATE -10U6E: Fivo bo Irooms, two sitting rooms, kitchen, scullery and usual offices garden, hot an-i c- )id wit T, Jet to o,) i tenant at P. yearly rent of C I C). Also FRESHOuD BUILDING SITES in several ieadiug positions, suitable both for private aad busiues3 purposes, some wit'i gÚttld view of the bay. Portion of c <e am mar of purchase tilo"e v may be allowed to remain as Mortgage.if necessary Further particulars of the abov-j and other Properties for Sale, including Houses ready for immediate possession, may be obtained. Properti s Bought and Sold, Rants Collected, and Probate and other Valuations undertaken. THOMAS SALT & Co., Ltd., 33 JEZ, S "W 3?J "F5, S button UpoH TENT. GOLD MEDALS London, 1881 Edinburgh, 1880 Liverpool, 1886 for Excellence of Quality. LOCAL AGENT— 'c., ) r-"tt, M DW-I 7 .1,J .3- N .J. V 'oJ .L.I Ale & Stout Merchant, The Stores, Dinas Cross IN CASKS OF 4-, 9, and 18 GALLONS.— Always in :3tck at the Stores. Pendre Cycle and Motor Works, LETTERSTON. T. VVILLIAMS Begs to announce that he has now OPENED his NEW and EXTENSIVE PREMISES, which have been specially con- structed to cope with the ever-increasing demand for Ball" The Runaway Cycles. y The excellent quality of these Machines has taught the public to appreciate the superiority of the home-made Cycle in durability and ease of running. Cycles from t-2 10s upwards. Path and Road Racers built with B.S.A. Fittings throughout, R8 .113 tn Motor Cycles built to order from P20 upwards. Every description of Motor and Cycle Repairs skilfully executed on the shortest notice at very moderate charges. Re-enamelling I-) I'm and Re-plating a speciality. Agent for Sparkbrook, Singer, Swift, Osmond, and Riley Cycles. Orders per post receive prompt attention. Note the New Address. FOR HIGH-CLASS Groceries & Provisions TRY THE Castle Stores, FISHGUARD. New season Tin Fruits Best brands Pears, Peaches. Apricots, and Pineapple (chunks and slices). Iluntley aud Palmer's Biscuiis aud Shortbread. Paysandu Ox Tongues. Keiller's Marmalade. Mamroy, a new high-class Golden Shred Marma- lade lloses' Lomon Syrup, Lemon Squash, and Lime Juice. All kinds of Jams, Jellies, Blancmanges, Custard Powder, Pickled Onions (mixed), Piccalilii, Cabbage and Walnuts. Try oar delicious Cooked Hams. Harris' Wiltshire Bacon, Sausages, and Pork Pies. Note the Address— W. D. Griffiths, Castle Stores, Fishgllard "HARRY WILLIAMS, Royal Stores,Fishguard Begs to announce that he has a splendid assortment of BOOTS & SHOES in stock, suitable for Spring and J Summer wear, in Black, Tan and White at Lowest Possible Selling Prices Also a large stock of Men's Nailed Boots, ranging in price from 5s lid to 12s 6d—all of the Hold-Fast make. The 8s lid Hold-Fast Brand Nailed Boot is specially adapted for Quarry Work, Nailed to Heel or Forepart only. BOOT CREAMS. — "K," Nuggett, Caswels, Dale, Hold-fast, Day and Martins, and Masters—the very best on the market. Gents' Black and Brown Canvas Shoes (leather bottoms), 3s Gd and 4s 6d— Ladies do., Is llfU —^ 2s lid,{3s Gd All round honest value. VNCEJT HOUSE, TEMPERANCE HOTEL, -Main Street, FISHGUARD- To now OPENED to Accommodate Visitors, is now ur ;in<1 r;ulles. Refreshments, Vinners; Tca and Coffee Hooms. Moderate charge: u. M. MORGAN. I Preliminary Notice. Temperance Hall, Fishguard, SATURDAY, AUGUST 12th, 1905. 7K ShE OF WORK (in connection with Hermon Baptist Church) Will he held on the above (-Iat-es.-Farther particulars later. Preliminary A llnonnccment. It is proposed to hold a SALE OF WORK AT Tregwynt (In connection with the Women's Home Mission Association), On Friday, August 18, 1905. Further particulars later on. Important to Builders and the Public. A. 2r £ X-.13"WH3, GENERAL MERCHANT, STATION YARD, LETT E R STO N Has in stock the following important lines- Building Materials of all kinds. Timber of every description. Plaster Laths and Battens. Oak and Elm Coffin Boards, Ready-made Step Ladders and Cart Shafts Building Bricks, Flags, and Paving Stones Slates 0 Flooring Tiles, Plain and Caustic. North Wales and Local Slates. Best Portland Cement.—A^ent for Cil- rychen and Aberthaw Lime. Galvanised Corrugated Sheet Iron, Nails Washers, Screws, Bolts. Iron Ridging, &c> 11 Sole Agent for Weaver and Go's (Swansea) Cake and Feeding Meals. -Corn and all kinds of Feeding Stuffs.— Choice selection of Agricultural and Garden Seeds. Sole Agent for Goulding's Manures. Scotia Basic Slag, Trimsarau, Freystrop and Cawdor Culms. Dc st House Coal. Large quantities stocked to prevent dsiap- pointment. Station Yard, Letterston. TEMPERANCE HOTEL, O o E>w I e First-class Accommodation for Visitors at moderate charges. Schools and Ten Parties catered for. Well-equipped CONVEYANCES of all kinds at short notice. Prompt attention to all orders. M. EVANS. ""We" are now Helling some specially cheap lines in overmantel at 24s each. These cannot be repealed at the price.—Fishguard Supply Stores. Main Street, Fishguard. JOSEPH- HEES J3:0gs to iuform the residents of Fishguard and District that he has just opened busi- ness as a Fruiterer and Greengrocer, and respectfully solicits a share of public patronage. ———— A choice supply of fresh ^oods daily. A trial order respectfully solicited. | North Pembrokeshire Farmers' Club. The Anuual CATTLE SHOW (Open to all Comers) will be held at —F ISH G U R D- (in Maesgwynne Field), on THURSDAY, AUGUST 3,1905 Entries Close on Wednesday, July 26th. Upwards of S200 in Prizes, For Hunters, Hacks, Driving and Jumping Competitions, Cart Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Butter, Eggs, &c. A Public Luncheon wiU be held in a Spacious Marquee in Show Field. Judgiug to Commence at 10 a.m. Admission to Show Field, b; Two-wheel Carriages, 28 Four-wheel Carriages, 4s. Cheap Return Railway Tickets will be issued by the Great Western Railway Company. A GRAND CONCERT Will be held in the Evening, for which Re- nowned Artistes are engaged. Fuller particulars will be given in Posters and Advertisements. W. E. CARVER, Auctioneer, Fishguard, Secretary. FISHGUARD. ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 11th, 1905, -THE TREORCHY— Royal Welsh Male Choir (Which has been engaged on five occasions to sing before Royalty, including her Majesty, the hte Queea Victoria, and the King and Queen) will give TWO HIGH-CLASS TT 1D TT CONCERTS. The Afternoon Concert will be held at the TEMPERANCE HALL. Chairman J. C. YORKE, Esq., J.P. Doors open at 2 to commence at 2.30. Admission, Ilteserved Seats, 5s (Family of Five, 20s.) Front Seats and Balcony, Second Seats, 2s. Re served Seats may be booked on application to the Hon. Sec. ————— The livening1 Concert will be held at HERftiON BAPTIST CHAPEL Chairman: Dr O'DONNELL. Fishguard Doors open at 7 to commence at 7-30. Admission: Front Seats, 2,; Gd Second Seats, 2s Back Seats (only a very limited number), Is. Front Seats may also be reserved for this Concert if early ap- plication is made to the Hon. Secretary. HUGH GEOIIGE (chemist) Secretary. *————i^i———mmmmmmmmm, The St. Nicholas and Granston Flower and Vegetable Show. The Seventh Annual EXHIBITION Will be held on Friday, Auqust 11th, 1905, When over 200 Prizes will be offered. Bullock and Hog Weighing Competitions. Best Essay on "Cottage Gardening," lirst prize, 10s; 2nd, 7s 6d; 3rd, 5s. Barrel-Rolling Competition; Donkey and Foot Raecs, aud other Amusements; also a Grand Evening Concert. Schedules can be obtained of the Secretary— WM. REES, St Nicholas, Fishguard Newport (Pem)Regatta AND —Horticultural Show WILL BE HELD On Friday, August 11th, 1905. TOWN BAND will be in attendance.- Grand Concert in the Evening. Programmes can be obtained from the Secretary—Mr REYNOLDS, Council School, Newport, Pem. IDX3XT-A.S SHOW AND SPORTS Will be held at PW LLU W AELOD, on Friday, August 18th, 1905. Bicycles and foot races open class for garden produce; extra class do. coniined to Dinas fur those who have not won a prize at this show. Unvarnished walking sticks—blaek thorn, furs and hazel. Programmes will soon be ready and can be had from HARRIS, Hon. Secretary. Treasurer—Capt. T. JAMES, Glanteg, Dinas. BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS "W. J. DAVIEo & 00. Beg to announce that they have opened a Boot& Shoe Establishment AT GOODWICK (Opposite Goedwig Chapel), When all classes of goods can be obtained at the lowest possible prices. Men's Boots and Shoes from 5s lid. Ladies' „ 2s lid. Children's Is Gel. Repairs neatly executed on the premises at the, shortest notice.—Note the address— Boot & Shoe Stores, Goodwick. There are two ways of making money nowadays. Get a job in the Royal Mint, or buy your clothing and provisions at the O'Uonnell Cash Stores, Goodwick, near the DutiVyn Railway Bridge.—Advt. PEMBROKESHIRE. IMPORTANT POSTING BUSINESS TO BE SOLD AT GOODWICK. WM. REES CARVER has been instructed by Mr James Evans to Sell by Auction at an early date, unless previously disposed of by private treaty, the —POSTING BUSINESS— carried on by him at Goodwick.—The stock con- sists uf three horses, landau, brake (to carry 17), brougham, pheaton, four-wheel dog-cart, twu- wheel do., 2 spring carts, farm cart, 2 sets of double harness, 3 sets of single do., all to be offered for sale in one lot as a going concern. The Auctioneer begs to draw the attention of the public to this excellent chance of purchasing a really first-class business, which is rapidly in- creasing through the development of Goodwick, there being no other posting business in the tùwn. Immediate possession may be obtained. Further particulars of the Auctioneer, Park House, Fishguard. FISHGUARD. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE & OFFICE. WM. REES CARVER has been instructed IV by the Executors of the late Clement James, to offsr for Sale by Public Auction, on On Thursday, Sept. 7th, 2005, at the COMMERCIAL HOTEL, FISHGUARD, At 3 o'clock p.m. sharp, All that Dwelling House and Premises, situate at the corner of lvensingt-on-street and Tower Hill, and now in the occupation of Mr D W Lewis, con- sisting of six living rooms, kitchen, scullery, stable, coach-house, large garden, together with the cottage adjoining, now used as an office by Mr Lewis. These premises have an extensive frontnge, and are well suited for private or business premises, and unquestionably for business facilities it is one of the best and most prominent positions in the town. Further particulars of Messrs EATON EVANS & WILLIAMS, Solicitors, Haverfordwest, Or of the Auctioneer. Pembrokeshire Education Authority. SUPPLEMENTARY TEACHERS are required in the following Schools :—St. Nicholas N.P., Bolton Hill Council, Walwyns Castle N p. The salaries range from £20 to £30 a year.—Applications (on forms supplied on receipt of a stamped foolscap envelope) should be returned to the undersigned-H. E. H. JAMES, Director of Education, County Education Offices. Haverfordwest. July 25, 11905. To Fishermen, Collectors, and Others WANTED for the BRIGHTON AQUAR. IUM, all sorts of LIVE FISH, large and rare specimens preferred—Dolphin, Porpoise, large Dog Fish, Topers, Pin.Dogs, Sweet Williams, Stiug Ray, Electric Ray, Eagle Ray, rare Sunder Ray, rare Black Skate, Thurnback Skate, Anglers, Sea-Devils, Lump Suckers, Sea Trout, Bass, Mullet (red and grey), Dorys, Whiting, Sturgeon, Horse Mackerel, Garfish, Cod, Ling, Lamprey, Bream, Angel Fish, and every variety of Anemones, as well as all sorts of Shell Fish, King Fish, and Sun Fish, Thrashers, and Hammerheaded Shark. — Best prices paid. Write or wire—SALLMAYER, Brighton Aquarium. Great Western Railway. AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY. rrUE following EXCURSIONS will be run in addition to the USUAL WEEKLY EXCURSIONS Friday, August 4th, Malvern Worcester, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, &c., for G, 7, or 8 days, from Cardigan, Neweastle- Emlyn, Llandyssil, Pencader, Fishguard and Goodwick, &c. Day Trips Monday, August Bank Holiday, to Carmarthen from Newcastle- Emlyn, Llandyssil, Pencader, &c., and to Carmarthen and Tenby from Cardigan, Boncath Rhydowen, Llanfallteg, Goodwick, Letterston, &c. On Monday, August Bank Holiday, EXPRESS AND LOCAL SERVICES will be ALTERED. For details, see Bills or send postcard to stations or offices. JAMES C. INGLIS, General Manager. fTMMBER.—Several Lots of useful Timber JL FOR SALE in Trebover Wood.—For price, &c apply to James Howells, Prospect House, Fishguard. NOTICE. — Miss BLANCHE MILES, L.L.C.M begs to announce that after September next she will DISCONTINUE giving lessons in music in Fishguard, in con- sequence of the very delicate state of her mother's health. FARMS TO LET. The following important Farms to be let, with possession on September 29th, 1905 FARTHING'S HOOK, situate in the parish of Henry's Mote, consisting of 282 acres or thereabouts, and now occupied by. Mr Bowen. C^ILGELYNEN, situate in the parish of J Llanfer, consisting of 346 acres or there- abouts, now occupied by Mr Arnold Evans, rfREFORFOL, situate in the parish of X Llanfer, consisting of 75 acres or there- about, now occupied by Mr Wm Jenkins. T3ENDUBLE FARM, 342 afcres or there- JL abouts, now in the occupation of Mr D. Hughes. Further particulars of F. R. BARHAM, Trecwn, Letterston. FURNISHED HOUSE (CONTAINING six -i' bedrooms) TO LET at Fishguard healthy situation, close to sea.—Apply, Echo,' Fishguard. TO LET, Michaelmas next, TWO FIELDS on Peugroes, callod Llain and Weir- glodd Fawr.—Apply, Rev P. Jones, Llandilo. TO LET, COTTAGE, with an extensive JL Garden, situate at Penllain, Dinas Cros8.-Apply, Walter L. Williams, Agent, Fishguard. WANTED, a CARETAKER for Offices T T in Fishguard.—Apply Echo Offices BUTCHERS.—Wanted, strong lad, about -D 16 willing to make himself generally useful.—Williams, Butcher, Abernant, Aber- dare. MONEY.—Sums of £ 200, £ 300, £ 600 £ 1,000 to be advanced on good security (freehold) at reasonable rate.— Apply W. T. S. Tombs, solicitor, Fishguard JABEZ CHAPEL, FONTFAEN. THE Re-opening Services Will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 22nd and 23rd, 1905, When some of the Leading Divines of the Principality will officiate.



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Funeral at Llanwnda.

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