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Cancer on the Increase. An Official and authoritative statement upon the above subject proves without doubt, by comparative statistics, that Cancer and Can- cerous Growth is lately on the ir»crea^ amongst the inhabitants of Great Britain and especially so, Ireland. Unfortunaitely up to now medical men and scientists ha\ been able to account for this alarming state of affairs or provide a remedy. An Ointment called "MANNINA" has established a won- derful reputation in South Africa, and about 18 months ago the preparation was brought to this Country, and has since been carefully tested in a limited area in the County of Pem- broke, Wale3, with most satisfactory results, and has effected several Certified cures of Cancerous Growths, Lupus, Piles, Eczema, Blood poisoning, &c &c. This remarkable pre- paration can be obtained of all Chemists at w ^d, and 4s Gd per pot, for Ulcerated- •) ^°°d-poisouing, Eczema, &c.; and _s Jd, 4s 6d, and 8s Od per pot, for Cancer, lumours, Lupua> &c< or will be sent post free FLSHOUAliD6 Pr°Prietors> MAIN-STREET, The Ointment may be obtained from the » Minnana Ointment Co., Main.street, Fish- guard, or from Air Thos Lewis, chemist, Fish- guard; D Plnlhps, flaverfordwest H A Williams, Letterston Albert David, St David's; Philipps Cu; Mathry j miliams, Newport, Pem. T Meyler, chem^t, Fishguard; and D Llewellyn, chemist, Goodwick, &e. House to let, jsorth End vuia, Treviue nine looms »nd large garden; possession now or hchaelmas.-A pply, J. Jenkins, Mathry School. BRICKS FOR SALE.—Just arrived, a 15 y B large Cargo from Porth-ain.-Appi David Nicholas, contractor, Goodwick. 9- Preliminary Announcement. Goodtuiek Clothing CUanehoase ARTHUR J. ROWLANDS (Of Haverfonlwest), Begs to announce to the inhabitants of Goodwick and District that he WIL OPEN AN Up-to-date Outfitting & Clothing Establishment At the fine New Premises opposite Goedwig Chapel, EARLY IN JULY. • Bespoke Tailoring a Speciality TO FARMERS. MrJ. W. EVANS, of Fishguard, is our Sole Agent for 1901, for the sale of our World known Harvesting Machines, and Farmers, we are confident, will be best served by purchasing their "Wood" Mac- hines and Parts from the above, and we can bespeak for them Mr J. \V. Evans' best at- tention. We would advise Farmers not to purchase from parties who may have secured our Machines, or who may hereafter secure them, in a surreptitious manner, and who use them as decoys to sell Machines that are not so favourably known, Over 1,400 First Prizes have been award- ed to the Walter A. Wood Harvesting Machines since they were first introduced in the United Kingdom. Last year they secured at Bebbington the only Gold Medal awarded to Harvesting Machines in the United Kingdom. On 7th June, 1934, the First Priz was awarded to the Walter A. Wood Harvesting Machines, at Kat Katrine Holm, Sweden. WALTER A. WOOD M. & R.M., Co., 35, Worship-street, London, E.C. Great Bargains IS BOOTS AND SHOES at prices to suit all pockets. Men's Boots from 3s lid. A choice selection of Ladies Shoes from 2d 11J. Also in stock a large assortment of Children's Boots and Shoes from Is 61. Try our 83 lid pair—special for Pier Work- men—they can't be beaten. Call and inspect our wiudow and judge for yourself. Our prices are so low because our terms are strictly cash. Note the Address- JOB HERBERT, Boot Warehouse, West Street, FISHGUARD. It is essential that the Public should know that the O'Connell Cash Stores, DUFFRYN BRIDGE, Goodwick; Have just now a grand display of Fresh New, Iligh-class, Sound GOODS, in all Departments, and which are marked at prices never before seen in Goodwick. See our Boys' Suits at 5s per suit, Men's Suits from 12s 6d up to 408 per suit, odd Coats from 6s upwards, odd Vests, Is 9d, well-cut Serge (plain or ribbed) Trousers at 3s 6d and (is 6d per pair, Serge Working Jackets, 2s 9d, Dungarees, 2s 3d, Working Men's Moles (White or Drab), 6s Gd per pair, Cords 63 6d per pair, and as our stock is large to select from and try on, a perfect fit is guaranteed in each case. In our GrROCER Y and PROVISION DEPARTMENT, Sound Bacon at 6d per Ib and Cheese at the same figure cannot be beaten, so come and sup- port the pioneers of cheap prices in Goodwick. The Working Man's Providers, The Cash Stores, Goodwick REFRESHMENTS r M. H. SYMMONS, High Street, Fishgluard, Begs to announce that she has OPENED Refreshment Rooms, and respectfully solicits a share of public patronage. Not open on Sundays. Houses furnished throughout. Estimates free.—Supply Stores, Fishguard. Printed and Published by the Proprietoi L. EVANS, at his Steam Printing Works High Street, Fishguard, Pembrokeshire


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