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HERE AND THERE. e half-yearly report of the ciiiof constable 'embr(,hsh¡l'e is as follows:—The number idictable offences reported was 29, for litting which 19 persons were arrested and iceeded against by summons. The num- if offences reported was the same as in the isponding quarter of last year, but an -ase of one in the number prosecuted. Of 3 arrested were acquitted, o committed rial, and 11 tried summarily. Of those aoned, 4 was acquitted, 1 bound over, uimitted for trial, and tried summarily. number of persons proceeded against for r offences was 430, being an increase of 41 he last year's corresponding quarter. charges against 6 were with-drawn, 21 issed, 30 ordered to pay costs or cautioned ided into military custody, and 372 con- d. Of the latter number 36 were im- med, 1 whipped, 2 school attendance rs made 3 bound over, and 3130 fined. hermore, I have the honour to draw your ition to the inadequate accommodation for jemporary detention of prisoners at the lqtiarters Police Station. The increase iprebension and the necessity of providing for prisoners awaiting trial at Assizes ssitates my approaching you on this sub- without delay. ie G.W.R. general manager, Mr J C is, has consented t j offer a prize of money he best title for the new non-stop, London lymouth Express which covers the distance 1G miles in 4 hours and 25 minutes. t the Haverfordwest July Fair business slow in all departments, and stock realised a head less than at the previous fair. dings sold from J £ ~) loct to t7, two-year- from t7 103 to £ 9 10s, theee-yeir-olds to £ 12 10s. Cows and calfs and heifers calves sold rather better heifers and es realising t9 to £ 13 and cows and calves to £ 14. Good supply of lambs, prices •aging 71(1 per lb. Horses were very few, very little business done. There was a and for good cart colts, and those shown lged hands readily. r Able Thomas, K.C., M.P. Durin- ;ral days at the latter end of list k, Mr Able Thomas. M.P., the .1 brother to the Missis u. ixor, £ i*^gi>arcl, and < ".I" T K Thomas, hale- horned h's fame a lawyer in an luminary srory of a vanished fortune 01 ,00 left to a Mr Nixon Gray, of Cardiff, a sixth share of his father's share of the te of the late Mr Nixon, of Nixon's Navi- on Company. It was a claim by the ntiff Gray of some £ -50,000 in respect to ,ain property transactions with Mr Thomas iiel John, the well-known owner of horses an exhibitor of the various shows, and prietor of the Alexandra and other Hotels Cardiff. Plaintiff also claimed damages a Mr H M liees, a solicitor of Cardiff, in iect to the same transactions. Mr Thomas ed the whole of the innumerable tran- tiona during the nine mouths during which vas stated the plaintiff was somehow rid of whole of his money and left penniless. j hearing occupied two whole days in idon and on Saturday last terms were inged whereby John agreed to concede to iy the sum of t6,000 and to pay costs of action, all imputations to be withdrawn. 3 astute way in which Mr Thomas handled case won general admiration, and is a jute to the skill of a Pembrokeshire man. Jechryd bridge, which connects the coun- i of Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire, is small to allow the fioods to pass beneath, I re-building the same is uader consider- )n by the Public Works Committee of the anty Council. There is another at the bot- i of Windy Hall hill that requires atten- a, but that is only the link which joins odwick and Fishguard, and some mutton- ids would fain see that ugly little pass do < ancient Jericho feat of falling down. The ;valent noises are quite ample, at times, bring down any wall. Ddolwen bridge near the Ddolwen factory 11 holds its place on the agenda at Haver- dwest for regular discussion. Mr J. S. ans pointed out last week at the County uncil in his appeal for a grant that 17 rishes in the Haverfordwest Union would be uelittcd by the new bridge at a very dan- rous point. Of course, the bridge will bo neticial to the North of the county there's 3 rirb. It leadeth not to mansions of mag- tes, but to markets and fairs, Hence the ig discussion, formalities and hope deferred. e local authorities are to hand in an estim- j of the amount of money in hand towards its Action. Decrease in Pauperism.—In his report at 'd Haverfordwest Board of Guardians last |rek Mr Bircham, the Inspector, in giving a ■caparison of the statistics, said that during 'e past ten years there had been a very 'ght increase in the population in the Haver- ,?dwest Union, and that had been chiefly in e Urban Districts, whilst in the agricultur- parishes there had been a decrease. The teable value had increased 21 per cent, the '>pulation 2 per cent, and the pauperism had creased from 4 8 ten years ago to 3*5, equal a decrease of 27 per cent. There bad also en a considerable reduction in the amount expenditure, which he thought was very tisfactory in view of the improvements they d made in the Workhouse, &c., the adoption a more expensive dietary table, &c. The spector quoted a number of statistics show- ;g the Haverfordwest Union occupied a very jrourable position, and said he thought the uardians who had retired had done good )rk. If their successors could do as well- d he did not see why they should not, the penditure would be still further decreased. 3 pointed out that their reduction of expen- 'ture had not been brought about at the ex- mse of putting any hardship upon individuals d especially referred to the advisability of ving adequate relief to widows and children, .pecially in cases were the woman was not le bodied. He thought they would find it their advantage to give children a healthy inging up, and that the public should know at all the money that was raised by the ,>Of Rate was not administered by the Guard- is, for out of nearly X28,000 they bid con- jl over the spending of less than £ 10,000. Increase of Tramps.—Those who have notic- t, the hoards of "Weiry Willies" and "Tired ms in the town and at Goodwick, will not surprised to learn that during the last 'night 37 were relieved out of the common ad. There were 16 relieved during the cor- 'sponding period last year. Paupers and the King's Visit.-Two paupers • the Haverfordwest Union now in the Swan- a Union are to receive an extra shilling on 'e occasion of the Iving > -lait—out of the Ijverfordwesc T 1'1 ;r.-l -t.)urse. Tb. ,iíot' of tile Exer, • in alotter I ret1. organisations. '1- out no hope of ,»,bdrs»v-ai of the increased duty on stripped V P""I!Iztmition of the National Eisteddfod 1905 took place at Mountain Ash on Satur- |vy in glorious weather. The Gorsedd site 1S universally voted ideal, being in the syl- 'tn shades of the great oaks of Duffryn 'oods. There was a large gathering of bards Z" 0 L the occasion, and the ceremony was one of e most successful and picturesque in the ¡,nals of the Gorsedd. The vencrablo Arch- uid, Hwfa Mon, presided over the proceed- .gs. In unveiling the statue of the Right Hon. E. Gladstone at Liverpool on Saturday, irl Spencer referred to the statesman's high ms, and said no public man had shown such urage and tenacity of purpose, or raised so jich opposition and no man when he was t ing, had been given so much veneration d respect.

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