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| NEWPORT, PEM.------


| NEWPORT, PEM. Picture Post Cards of Cwmyreghvys, show. ing the place and sea, also the old church on the shore and cottages the G waun Valley; Newport (Pern.) bay, Newport Church, Nev- ern church and other local views, on sale at the Echo Offices. St Dogmael's Bill.—For the supply of some of the stone to the main road to Cardigan, the St Dogmell's Council is to receive the amount of the bill sent to the County Council to cover the cost of supplying metal prior to the road being taken over. One con- solation to the ratepayers is that the stone was properly rolled in, and now forms a toler- ably good surface, but in respect to the metal on the length between Newport and Fishguard the stuff is loose oi the surface, and forms a menace to everyone and everything that uses the road. A sheer waste of money. Missions.—On Sunday last, at St Mary's Church, the Rev Canon Camber Williams, Diocesan Missioner of S" David's, preached in Welsh at 10 and in English at 11 15 a.m., taking for his text in Welsh, Deuter- onomy xxii; 8 When thou buildest a new house, then thou shalt make a battlement for thy roof." The Missioner's two very practical sermons were listened to with rapt attention by large congregations. The service was im- pressively read by the Rev James Jones, assistant missioner, and the offertories through- out tbe day were very satisfactory. Miss Alice Hughes ably presided at the harmonium. At Nevern Parish ChurJi at 6 p m., the service was full choral, and was effectively intoned by the Rev J 0 Evans, vicar, the lessons being read by the Rev T M James, Curate. The Rev Canon Camber Williams based elcquent discourses in English and Welsh on the text, llosea x; 1*2 Suw to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy break up your fallow ground." He drew a vivid picture of the analogy between life and a farm, or piece of land, emphasising for a maxim the fact that in both of them future maintenance depeneled upon present diligence. At 10 30 a.m. the Rev T M James ably pleaded the cause of the Church Pastoral Aid Society, toward the funds of which the offertories, morning and evening, which realised a sub- stantial amount, were devoted. There were large and attentive congregations. Mrs Bowen, Llwyngwair, and Mr A Ward ably presided at the harmonium. Rnridecaual Chapter. — A Ruridecaual meeting, under the preidency of the Rev James Williams, rural dean, was held at the Church Chapel, Newport, on Monday at 11 a m., when there were present the Revs J 0 Evans and T M James, vicar and curate of Nevern James Jones, assistant missioner; A Alban, rector of Bridell E P Jones, vicar of Moylgrove I Morgan, vicar of Eglwyswrw, and W ti Davies, formerly curate of New- port. The Rural Dean introduced the Rev Canon Camber Williams, who gave a lucid and detailed outline of a mission proposed to be held in the Rural Deanery of Kernes about the middle of Ojtober next, having for its object the deepening and quickening of the spiritual life of the Churches. The form of mission in the diocese of St David's, he explained, is based on lines similar to those obtaining in the dioceses of Canterbury, Gloucester, and Licbfield. Pamphlets, tracts, and religious literature of various kinds, to- gether with questions for self-examination, will be distributed in the course of the mission, and the clergy are urgently requested to pre- pare the minds ot their paiishioners for it. Nonconformists of all denominations are cor- dially invited. The mission, it is to be hoped, will prove to be a refresher. We talk glibly enough about sending the Gospel to the islands of the sea, the Fiji Islands, the Can- nibal Islands, and of evangelising the Shet- land Ihs. The expression Darkest Africa" is often on our lips, but is it not to be feared that there is such a region as Darkest Pembrokeshire." Crimes, silly jokes and acts, perpetrated under cover of night, have from time to time come to light, proving the perpetrators thereof to bo beyond every vestige and trace of civilization, leave alone the humanising influences of Christianity. These inhuman acts are, perhaps, performed by men who try to appear very sanctimonious 1 on the Sabbath, and who sing, pray, and par- take of Holy Communion in our various places of worship. It would be well for these miscreants to bear in mind that the grip of justice is iron, and that her blow is death. [n the language of Holy Writ, their sins will surely, sooner or later, fiud them out, and they should ponder solemnly over the timely and salutary advice tendered them in last week's issue of the Bcho," name!y, that tbe step frowi comfortable firesides to the felon's cell has been proved to be a short and quick one. Tlc Castle.—On Saturday next Sir Mar- tiene, Lady Lloyd and family, go into resi- dence at the fine old castle over looking the town and river. Sir Martene and his gra* cious Lady are highly esteemed and welcome guests at the ancient borough, Ebenezer.—Last Sunday was a day to be remembered at Ebenezer Chapel where no less than six students from Carmarthen College School officiated throughout the day. Every. one gave evidence of ability, and it is note- worthy that one ot them was Mr McNamara, of Fishguard, up to recently a teacher at the British School. A particular feature of New- port congregations is their generosity towards all deserving causes. No less than close on £5 was handed to the students by a grateful and appreciative people. In the matter of collections, mention might be made of the very large contributions to various societies. The British and Foreign Bible Society receives a sum that would put many a place of worship ten times as large to shame. Brynberian with its handful of worshippers recently collected no less than towards helping students. Events to Come.—There is no denial to a well circulated romour, said to be based on good authority, of the forthcoming marriage of an advanced bachelor clergyman in the neighbourhood of Cardigan. Holidays. Dr and Mrs Havard left on Tuesday last for Folkstone, en route to various places for holidays, Dr Havard also attends the British Medical Association. During the doctor's absence Dr Rees will be assisted by Dr Davies, brother of Mrs Rees. Home Again.—i3 not every town or village that is iu the possession of a letter ° carrier of the fair oider. Newport has that distinction and is proud thereof. Mrs Thomas has just returned from her "departmental or regulation holiday looking as prim and ° 0 as active as ever in her work of delivering the mails and welcome missives. During her absence another fair member Miss Rowlands, took over the duties. By this it docs not appear at present, that the ancient borough is likely to loose its succession of lady letter- carriers." Long may they remain. Sea Notes. — Capt J. Seaborne arrived home on Monday last.—Mr J. Davies, Fern Cottage, sailed last week on a fine full-rigged ship, the Lochgenlas," of Glasgow, 3,000 tons, from Port Talbot, for Iquique, Choir Outing.—Last Thursday St Mary's Church Choiristers had their annual outing to Gwbert, accompanied by a few friends of the church and the Revs J Jones, assistant missioner, and W Davies, formerly curate of the parish. The picnic was much enjoyed. Distinction. A Newportian once at a local drapery establishment, Mr E J Thomas, grandson of Mr Jenkins, Llandyssul, had the distinction of being one of the 500 to sing before the King at Swansea on Wednesday last. Visitors.This year being in every respect favourable to holidays by the sea, the town is rapidly filling, and those having apartments to let have applications for more rooms than they are in a position to provide. This is a testi- to the popularity of the place. Among the visitors are the Rector of Dowlais and family; the Rev H T Jacob and family, of Peniel, Carmarthen Mr and Mis Davies, of Peniel Vlrs Evans, Cardiff; Mr D M Evans and Mrs Tetley, from South Africa. At Ship House are Mrs Gronow and family, Cardiff. Tourist Tickets. One of the progressive members of the community draws attention to the disadvantage, and, in some cases, in- convenience caused by tourist tickets not being issued at Crymmych to any part of the railway system. These tickets are procur- able at any other station on the U. W. R. sys- tem, particularly at the termini.



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