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Up and Down the Coa


Up and Down the Coa Br "THE CRITIC." Nature, parched and dry, receive come sprinkling on Friday last grumbling humanity bad begun to with glorious summer heat. On fc morn I felt ready to sing as Burns sai Now summer blinks on flowery bra And o'er the cystal streamlet plays. It was in this happy mood I starte; cycle up the gentle incline towards, valley, lovliest of groves. And as I' along I could not help wondering wh) few Fishguardians ever take advar this charming sylvan valley to spec leisure hours there in the cool shade trees with a good book as companion of spending, or. rather, wasting life's hours in foibles and follies-gossip scandal-mongering. U ow Dinch moi el ficial, mentally, physically and moraH people were they to devote only portion of their spare time admiri grandeur of the sequestered Gwaun where the rippling rills flow throu woodlands in musical cadences. If so sweet were near the blackened buill a manufacturing town it would form t] dezvous of tbe million, and its glories be proclaimed on every hoarding. little we value these piiceless gifts of teous nature when they are at ou threshold. Though past noon not a trace of ai could 1 see to indicate that pedestrian, or carriage had passed along the valle'i; day. The place might just as well b( where near the north-pole for aught the care but they little know the storeh: pleasurable and interesting knowled queen of sylvia's paradises affords the a of the beauties of nature, and I cannot mend visitors anything more charmir inspiring than that of becoming acq l wiiu the Gwaun. Rarely a week especially at this time of the year, but find time to leave the world, so to spea. a few hours iiiuerary through this, th( If magnificent nook, to my mind, in the of North Pembrokeshire. Those wbc! the energy might do worse than explo whole length of the leafy hollow to thi celly range ot hills then, as night drawt turn to the left down the mountain sl( Nevern in order to catch a glimpse setting sun. As I passed through I g:'air woods it was as though a gi transformation scene was being enacted I sky wirch shone like burning gold, whi river seemed dissolved into a lake o This wondro is picture was alcne wor I journey nothing more beautiful has Itt' J the thousands of tourists who visit its year after year. The name county road is ne gua e3 that the highway is in any better con I than the ordinary country lane if that be Fishguard and Newport is a sample. P t ally, I would rather, at the present travel over anyone of the mountain leading to Maenclochog than the mail to Newport. Pedestrians of the ven order in particular complain loudly < loose stones Od the surface but the < has reason to deplore the destruction of a prir of costly tyres. After numerous plaints in the Press and elsewhere, the orities have put a man to rake off the for which the ratepayers have had < heavily-first, for carting and sprea then for the roller with its complimt men. This is how public money is expe. a better word would be wasted." If I ave my opinion of the two con1 tors last week, by "Fidelis" and Ho respectively, I should be treading where t would feel some compunction in venti Fidelis," so far as mnintaining the Sa as weiiave>afitherto known it, is on the track, and I am with him ail the way there is au old saying which refers t c:> Satanic Majesty quoting Scripture fo j- c purpose. It is easy to intersperse Bi quotations, yet, to my mind, they would greater weight if writers of them atti their own names. However, no man ha right to doubt another's sincerity wi due cause. With regard to Horace," J I should think, rather an extreme Picture our pulpits being made the me of ailing political opiniougs, followed programme ot secular music. A surer w converting the British Sunday into the C nental one of StOI ling is hardly couceiv I should very much like to see someone ta the happy mean course theie is no go< extremes eiiher way. According to the Chief Constable's re for the half year there is an increase in of drunkenuess to the extent of 44 fo: county of Pembroke. This reminds me remark of a county oflioLd when first the amendment to the Licensing Act came force that reducing licenses would D diminish drunkenness," Shebeens invari spring up in the place of licensed ho,, That there is some truth in the offii statement in respect to excessive dtinkin confirmed by the Chief's report.