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CRICKET. Cricketting in a gale applies to the return iriatcli of Fishguard and Haverfordwest on Thursday afternoon last at the Cefn-y-dre ground of the F.C.C. There were many surprises and some disappointments and, on the whole, the match cannot be set down as displaying the abilities of either team, due to the outrageous weather prevailing. To play good cricket in a gale blowing at the rate of twenty-miles an hour, more or less, is outside the range of possibility. The hon sec Mr T H Evans, had experienced no difficulty in mustering players and to spare, it was most unusual to see both the bIlled" eleven aud reserves at the pavillion ready and wi ling but the 2 sharp somehow was hopelessly at variance with the time of starting, close on 4 o'clock. Against the terrifi; south-wester, which the homesters hoped would ease down, the visitors were delegated first to bat to the bowling of W I, Williams and J J Morris, two of the sturdiest on the fidd, the former having the heavier task of facing the hurri- cane while Morris, like his nephew, going to work very quietly, soon disposed of Etton Evans, Dr O'Donnell essaying a smart catch from Melville's bat. After this one of the visitors was heard to say We are done now." As showing the performance in the first half- hour, there were eight runs for the fall of three wickets and when Ilouins smartly caught John Lloyd, the Llaifits had managed to get thirteen for four wickets. With the except- ion of one or-two slight errors the fielding of Fishguard was capital while as wicket- keeper A 0 Robins proved very alert. T H Narbett showed himself well-able 10 bowl, though somewhat harassed against the high wind. For Haverfordwest, Clements and Francis made the longest stand and the highest number of runs, Francis still going fairly strong when his captain declared." This latter was hastened in view of the pros- pect of all out within the subsequent few minutes. Previously, the scoring qualities of the homesters was the chief consideration in delaying declaration." Twice the rain drove the players to cover and, in order to economise time, tea was served in the pavillion by Mrs Williams, Cefn-y-dre, Mrs G J Williams and Mrs D W Lewis. It was about 6.20 when Fishguard commenced their innings and as it was decided to draw stumps at 7 o'clock not much more than half an hour wa., thus available for Fishguard to make up the requisite number of runs. Robins and the Vicar went in to bat the latter being cleveily caught almost immediate- ly by Clements, thus giving way to W L Williams who partnered the popular all- round cricketter from Goodwick. With ordinary luck the (spectators' were confident that the two champions would pull the ches- uuts out of the fire in quick time. Despite the gale everyone's attention was rivetted on the batsmen, who took advantage of every possible chance of scoring. Several times they got in some mighty hits, but Lloyd was adroit., if not swift, in his bowling. llowever, the fates ruled disastrously for the homesters for, in an evil moment, Robins was run out, and the umpire, Mr Radford, ruled him out, contrary to the expectations of the spectators. Even the batsman, when asked, said he con- sidered his bat was iribieie by several inches. Like the true sportsman he is, Robins accepted Lie ruling, but the blank disappointment on the faces of the Fiahguardiaus was very plainly evident. Of course, everyone present looked eagerly forward to witnessing some C) t5 t) interesting play and fast scoring the strength of the team considered. The inevitable had to be accepted willy nilly. Lloyd, assisted for a brief spell only by Eaton Evans, quickly disposed of several of the home batsmen he gave an admirable performance all through on that there was no two opinions. Eventu- ally W L Williams, who had won warm encomiums was caught from a c'shier at eleven, which weakened theprospects consider- ab!y. A B Williams managed to score five runs when Lloyd bowled him. J R Richards however, was not to be so easily accounted for. Again he stuck tenaciously to his work meeting slow and swift bowling with clever- ness, At times his skill drew marked appro- bation and after running up the scorc to a total of over forty Lloyd managed to bring down his wicket. Richards deserved the warm ovation with which he was greeted for indeed, his partnership with the Captain was bordering on brilliancy at times. The slog- ger to within a few yards of the pavillion was a feat in itself. An early start and fine conditions would have enhanced the match cousiderablv. The folio win" are the scores HAVERFORDWEST. G Melvelle, c O'Donnell, b Williams 2 C S Eaton Evans, b J J Morris 2 J L Lloyd, c Kubins, b J J Morris 5 J S Bennett, b J J Morris 0 J W Hammond, b W L Williams 3 J 1 Clement, c W J Mori is, b Narbett 15 A G Phillips, b W L Williams 0 W G Parkinson, b J J Morris. 3 P W Francis, not out 10 J Edwards, b W L Williams 1 A Phillips, not out 1 Extias 23 G5 FISHGUARD. A 0 Robins, run out 4 llev W Evans, c Clement, b Lloyd u W L W illhuns, c Lluyd, b Evans 11 Dr O'Donnell, b Lloyd 2 E Kicliardson, b Lloyd o A B Williams, not out 5 *Dr Morgan I", ltieliat-ds b Lloyd 18 W J Morns :¡'J J Morris T 11 Narbutt Exras 4U 44 -Innings declared,


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