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Welcome - Home at Sealyham.


Welcome Home at Sealyham. A hearty welcome-home was accorded the generous lady of Sealyham, Mrs Edwardes, by the tenantry of the estate, on Monday evening last, after an abeence abroad of some eight or nine months. If anything demonstrated the sincere esteem and affection in which Mrs Edwardes is held by her tenants, it was the whole-hearted, spontaneous outburst of en- thusiasm that signalised her return to the picturesque Welsh mansion (guarded on every side by some of the rishest woodland in the county) of Sealyham. The simple intimation that their lady bountiful would arrive on a ceitain date embodied the thought the word that set the wheels in motion in the woskof preparation. Messrs W Nicholas. Broadmoor; J Lewis, Musland, and J Francis, St Dog. wells, assisted by most of the tenants and employees on the estate, were the prime movers in the arrangements Of course, nothing of a bright character could have been evolved without the help of the fair section of the tenantry, so that they were indispens- able to the success of the movement. Those assisting were Mrs Francis, Suinbarch Mrs Francs, St Dogwells Mrs Morris, Parkypwll; Misses Lewis, Musland; Thomas (2), New Farm Francis (2), Good Hope Davies, Better Hope Griffiths, St Dogwells Eynon, Brynlyfiyd; and the Misses PerkinH, Post Office. Q ;ite a small army of busy bees set to work on Monday to finish the housing of the hay at Sealyham this completed, a mighty pile of logs, boughs and brushwood was put up on an adjacent field ready for setting ablaze at dusk. At the entrance of the road leading to Sealyham farm an arch was erected, the poles being dexterously en- twined with laurel leaves and flora, topped with flags which floated in the gentle breeze acd shone in the brilliant rays of perfect summer sunshine. To the cross pole were attached mottoes, in English and Welsh Welcome Home to Mrs Edwardes," and Croesaw gartref i Mrs Edwardes." At the bouses en route ensigns were dispLyed, while at the entrance to the grounds of the homely ancient mansion was another arch of exactly similar design to the first named, and bearing like tokens of welcome. The grounds appear. ed under the zenith of Sylvia's charms—an earthly paradise of rural sequestered beauty, on the fluted pillars of the entrarc; hall were words of welcome. At six o'clock everything was in rt adim ss to receive the beloved hostess. The respected agent to the estate, Mr James Thomas, of Rock House, Haverfordwest, proceeded to Letterston in a brougham, and within the space of half an hour MisEdwardes, with a lady companion, drove down the loadway. At the Sealyham farm almost the whole of the tenantry who were able to leave home assembled on each side of the road and respectfully greeted the occupants of the carriage, Mrs Edwardes smilingly bowing in acknowledgement of this unexpected warmth of welcome. The assemblage, at the invitation of the hostess, then followed the carriage to the house but at the entrance to the grounds a halt was made while Mrs Edwardes and her companion inspected the artistic work of the triumphal bower under which she had to pass into the grounds. By taking the short cut down the pathway the tenantry were able to reach the entrance hall and reassemble to again thow their appreciation, and as the carriage drove up three heaity cheers re- sounded through the adjoining woods through which gentle zephers wafted the iragrantc of flowers and the newly cut meadow grass. Her kindly face wreathed in smiles, Mis Edwardes again acknowledged the greetings showered upon her so cordially. It was a true Cymric welcome, the outcome of that fellow.feelirg which true kindness engenders in rustic hearts. Mr James Thomas, in a few but appropriate woids addressed to Mrs Edwardes, said he had been requested by the tenantry of the estate that evening to say how delighted they were to welcome her back to Sealyham after a sojourn in far off lands, and looking in tho best of health. They desired to express their warmest and sincere wishes that the might live long to reside among them as their kind and generous landlady. They were happy to know she had enjoyed the trip to Cuba, and that their ardent prayers for her safe return had been granted (applause). The Rev A Richardson, St Dogwells, also expressed pleasure iD according Mrs Edwardes a right hearty welcome on her return from abroad, and sincerely hoped the long absence at Cuba would prove beneficial to her health. Mr W Nicholas, Broadmoor, said that some eight months ago, when they were told that their good-hearted lady was going on a sea voyage, they were naturally anxious for her safety from accidents at sea and from the contageous fevers so prevalent in hot climates. In spite of the modern &cit rjlifically con- structed sea-going palaces accidents sometimes occurred, whilst the epidemics of foreign climes sometimes attacked even the most healthy. However, the tenantry, their wives, daughters and sons [I joiced to see Mrs Edwardes home once more, and to have her in their midst and live within her geniality and graciousnets Long might she remain with them to carry on the good work which had ever characterised their good landlady (applause). Mrs Edwardes, who was evidently affected at the warmth of the reception, thanked them very much. While abroad the had seen many beautiful sights, but they were as nothing compared with the greeting she had received. The best part of the outing was the return home to Sealyham. Three hearty cheers were then given for Mrs Edwardes, and the singing of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau concluded the reception. Mrs Edwardes then alighted from the car- riage and shook hands with most of the tenantry, who were not slow in expressing their gladness at seeing their lady once more among them. Refreshments were dispensed on the lawn, and at dusk the pile of wood was set ablaze by Mr James Thomas as a token of welcome. It should be mentioned that the proceed- ings were confined to the tenantry. A page might be filled relating the numerous acts of kindness the community and the several religious bodies receive at the hands of the lady of Sealyham.


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