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FISHGUARD. A Resolution Cart-ied.-At the Board of Guardians last week the resolution brought by Mr W George James, Llysoronen, was carried. It was as follows That this Board draws the attention of the Poor Law Conference to the desirability of promoting a better system of communication between the Relieving Officers of the several Unions in England and Wales, and that they be in- structed, when any q lestion or enquiry is made by a brother ofEcer, to use every endeav- our to give reliable information,"—Mr James said he regarded himself as being fortunate in having the tesolution on the agenda that day when the Inspector (Mr Bircham) was in attendance. He spoke of the benefits that would accrue to the Board from the adoption of the resolution.—Mr George Da vies seconded the resolution, and the Inspector (Mr Bircham), pointed out that all communications from one Board to another should pass between the Clerks to the Unions. A good deal of dis- cussion ensued on the subject in favour of the resolution. Marriage. On Friday last Miss Bessie Phillips, the noted soprano vocalist from Carmarthen who vuited Fishguard and saug at the Hermon Chapel concert during last winter, was married to Mr Giles, managing- editor of the Carmarthen Journal." L The biide looked charming inabimple dress of white silk. Among the present* was one from the staff of the Journal of I- Cham- bers Encyclopedia of English Literature." l We wish Mr and Mrs Giles Lng We of happiness and prosperity. Beauties of North Pembrokeshire.—The novelists of the day are evidently beginning to appreciate the beauties of Pembrokeshire. It will be remembered that a well-known lady novelist lately spent a holiday in Haver- fordwest. M r Guy Boothby two years ago made a long stay at Newgale and now we hear that Mr Fergus Hume is about to stay in the neighbourhood of North Pembroke- shire. Accident to the Circus Man.—Prolonged discussion took place last week at the Guardians' meeting in respect to the cost of treating the circus man who received a com- pound fracture of the thigh whilst descending Letterston hid in charge of a wagon recently. Dr J M Oven attended the unfortunate driver and cliar-ged the rjgulation fee of C5 for setting the litiib, but as the doctor did not attend him to time of recovery, he left the matter in the hands of the Board which resol- ved to allow £2 1 's. Ia the discussion as to the probability of recovering some of the cost of the treatment of the man from his employer, it was stated that the employer had repudiated all responsibility on the ground that the man was drunk at the time.—The Inspector (Mr Bircham), suggested that the amount should be paid, as a loan, and that the Board should endeavour to obtain the money, or part of it, from the man on his recovery. Increase of Salary.—Mrs Hall the matron of the U crkhouse applied for an increase of salary from i20 to £2G per annum as she has to contribute £ 1 4s towards the superanua- tion fund—for her own benefit-and in con- sequence of increased work due to the altera- tion of the dietary table. On the motion of Mr J LI Davies, seconded by Mr W J Vaugh au, it was resolved to refer the matter to the House Committee. Employees Visit.-Oii Thursday last the employees of Mr John A Bland, carriage builder, of Haverfordwest, had their annual outing to Fishguard and Good wick. Thf drive in the morning was very much enjoyed and on arrival the party, by special permissia of the officials, visited the Great Westen Railway Co's harbour works, in which try were much interested, aud afterwards pai a visit to Glyn-y-mel, the residence of Air Jhn Worthington. Wind-up.—At the annual general meang of the Cardigan Commercial Steam Patets Co., Ltd., it, was resolved to wind uthe company and realise the assets. The sterner ran weekly between Bristol and Cardiga, but tradesmen would not take up shares ad pa- tronise the company. Occasional Sessions. -A claim or an annual rental of £ G for the use of theiarket Hall for occasional sessions was put nto the waste paper basket, so to speak, by ti Stand ing Joint Committee last week. Mr J H Griffiths said the place was used cly about once a year, which is a prevaricaou of the truth, to say the least. Tramps ane soakers are too numerous. After some dcussion it was decided not to pay the bill, M J Mathias remarking that he understood thatf they did not do 8) they would not be al!(ve i to usp the hall again.—The Chairman sat that the Police-station could be used for 18 purpose when necessary, It is difficult to nderstand why such a vague understanding bout ufeing the place again should crop up r iufllence the matter in any way. If a vrkiug-nian tenant declines to pay his hou; rent. the Magistrates are pretty sure to mce an order for ejecting him lock, stock and arrel. Oddfellows.—The half-yearlymeeting (f the Uarningle (Newport) Distet of Odc- fellows was held at the Oldfilows' Hal, Cardigan, on Friday, July 8. rne Secretly reported that during the last halyear Cledly Lodge, as it had by quinquennia valuation a surplus of £ 48,applied to theG.Mand Boarcof Directors for consent to appreciate £ 2 to- wards management purposes, bt as there. serve required by general rule i 3 per snt on the liabilities of the present alue( £ 2:■•!), viz,, £ G6, the directors could lzt acced to the application. The Secretary 'cnt on tsay that as most of them were aware the tity now had established a Fideliy Guainteo I Society and after the rule paaed at ti labt A.M.C. meeting was registered every dicer having receipt or charge of moiey mu take steps to secure guarantees fron:, this ciety. Bank managers, who accept office trea- surers, are exempt if they gbe satiictorJ' bonds. In the seventh val.iatiou EP°'t, lately published, by comparing their^lsCr'ct with .other districts, they would fitiit vel-Y favourable, viz, "Improvement found generally, and with care, shou.d be ilntam- ed." The way to maintain it ova3 (further increase their numbers, which le now 99J, and see that all claims one lodges were bona fide ones.lt was resol* t'lat a levy of 3d per member be made r Unity and management purposes. Z5 Probate oC the will, dated 181)8, of the late Mr James Sweonr Haver- fordwest, has now be granted to fc^rviving cxecutor, his son, Me James Jost.^owecney. Deceased, who died on the 11th 4,* ,• -fj was a shareholder iu the London ;r rovincial Bank, owner of the Plough andafrow antl other house property. Ho left valued at 6t6,261 16s lid gross, and lt26 los 5d net, in trust for his wife, Mrs. now deceased, and his children, 0 w 10m ls since dead. We understand that Messrs^esc<^ei amr Company's design for the ganfc ^'riouud- ing Truro Cathedral, Cornw^ liaf been accepted,and the committee hai* ori3'-d the firui to commence operations Qce. } I lower Hill C. M. Chapel.—'The RevMa"^3 Griffiths, M.V. (Oxon). minister of the C- Church at Llanelly, will officiate at the ah0*0 chapel next Sunday. As is known: L'f, chapel-of-ease at Lower Town has receC1;) been renovated, and the opening service- be held there next Sunday when Mr GrJtfit will, in the morning, preach in'W' oh. the afternoon a special address to yon: '^f., will be given. In the evening, at Tower Mr Griffiths will preach in English The r. gentleman is well-known as one o cultured preachers of the Corph, aua is his first visit to Fishguard it is hoped M'IIY will make an effort to hear him. Mr is visiting Fishguard before starting OIl a voyage round the world. Marwolaeth.—Ysgrifena Mr W. Penrhiwceibr, fel y caulyn :—" Mae'n genyf gofuodi inarwolaeth yr hen ch\flle, Piioebe Phillips, Penrhiwceibr, yr hoo 9 hunodd yn yr angau prydnawndydd Mercber' Gorphena f 5fed, yn 80 mlwydd oed. y teimla llawer o'i chydnabod yn nas gailent foil yn ei hangladd, yr by0 gymero Id le yn nghhddfa gyhoeddus Mou°' tain Ash. G wasanaethwyd gan y Parch Thomas, gweinidog eghvys Carmel, yn j un r oedd y ch .vaer ymadawedig yn *e hardd er pan y svmudodd i Penrbiwceibr f Tateruacl, Abergwaun. Carwn ddweyd b choo yr hen chwaer yn haenu o deulu Pat' i, Tieeoed, plwyf Trewrdan, ac yn fodryb 1 J at-lo 1 anrhydeddus dros Garnarfon — Mr George. Heddwch i'w llwch." Engines ot War. — Ic must not be couc'lt, ded that bee iuse a large number assetn^ iu M-iiu street on Tuesday last with telescopy and binocular glasses, that there was fe*r# ? another invasion by the French, But out a doubt people are hyper-sensitive munitions and engines of war are concer?.6, whe.l e' they have experienced a French vat ion or not. II. M S torpedo guob<,]J '■ llazird came into the bay like an 0 duck leading her ducklings in the sbap0 Submarines A2, A3, and A4 but before had scarce by loomed into view the Marine Guards "—venerable sea doys- bad their weather eyes upon them and training their lenses to get a full view of tl> strangers. Within the space of a few mio0^, all the town kuew the craft and pretty e nigh all about them. It seems that tbe^ are naval manoeuvres off Holy-heid, Milford being a naval base, the vessels on their way thither. To avoid being h. during the night with the submarines, guard bay was chosen wherein to until Wednesday morning, when, about 7 J r: they wtigh'd anchors and depat ted. Sub[lJbe ines are craft requiring the greatest care, l", Haz'-rd and "Tuamas" being dele?ate mothers," as it were, to tend them. Haz'-rd and "Tuamas" I;eing d,lllol"Lt mothers," as it were, to tend them. have ro sleeping accommodation on the that the crews and stores necessitate 1 services of a warship at all times when It slnuld be mentioned that the Haz*r j was.u the bay last year with the ill-^j subuarine "A 1," ia which the officers *ae crev lost their lives off Portsmouth mciths ago. As shewing the interest takfl^ inthe vessels, they were visited ia the eVe^s in; by scores of people in small boats. u»t every day stately vessels or modern iipiements come so near the town. Wf-f ?fe>v years the scene will change, and I essels will be as common as the BriSu* I smacks are to-dav. 1 I Early-Closing.—Mr W. James (draper) Mr Cuthberfc Thomas (Supply Stores) deSl,jfAif announce that on and after August 5th j establishments will be closed on Fridays a..e o'clock punctually, the object being to Sl the assistants a little extra time for recreate The closing hours on other days will retnab1 at present.. j. The "letter" and annual reports have been printed at the "Echo" Ollicesbe tho Pembrokeshire Baptist Association to the churches are now ready and will be for S310 most of the Baptist chapels in the county Sunday next. The letter contains cellent address, in Welsh and English, doli" ed l>3r the Association president, the Re^ Phillips, Trefasser, at the conference at >> gloffan on the "Religion of Jesus Christ* The letter should have a ready sale. T County C.C.—A meeting was held at Milford on Saturday last of the Pefflhf0 .g County Cricket Club, when Messrs J J ^°.rre9 and E J Radford attended at representatl øet of the Fishguard Club. The balance sb If showed receipts amounting to £ 24, nearly of which sum, it was shewn, had been fcl "Vluncheons. On the voting as to whet'1 the County Association should continue* 0 member (Mr Radford) was neutral, which Po- I tion he explained to the effect that the orga° zation was not worthy the status of a hoy cricket club. After some discussion meeting was adjourned. I Intermediate School.—Mr T Lewis presid^ at a meeting of the County School on Friday last.—Arising out of the minute the Headmaster stated that he had written the Central Welsh Board with reference bad attendance, giving as the cause tba scholars were kept from school to attend meetings, -Accounts were passed for paYOlel1 è I amounting to a total of £ 103 14s 3d—Mr J lorke was nominated as one of two represent tatfves of the County Court of Governors the Aberystwyth University.—It was to advertise for tenders to paint the sobo^ buildings.—Messrs W James, B Thomas and Lewis were appointed to audit the accounts o the Science and Art Evening Classes.11 Goo. Morris (clerk) has received a letter fr001 the Board of Education to the effect that Pembrokeshire Intermediate and Technica1 Education scheme, which has for its object amendment aud equalising of the grants 0 secondary schools, is in operation since 15th inst. Fishguard Intermediate School win' under this scheme, be in receipt annually additional funds amounting to about £ 120. is only fair to add that this earnestly hopetl, and prayed for result is due almost entirely tho persistent and able efforts of Mr J. Yorke. 4 Yorke. 4 To the Editor of the County Echo." f p Sir, May I through your columns ask the Parish Council to petition the G.W.R. COLO. I pauy to grant the issue of tourist tickets at the Fishguard-Goodwick Station in a similar manner to what they do at ilaverfordwest. I A friend of mine was obliged to go to Haver- ford west this week to secure this privilege. Thanking you in anticipation. I Yours faithfully, Castle Terrace, Fishguard. T. LEWIS.