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Family Notices



HARNESS.-WANTED, a good secor JH hand Set of TRAP HARESS, suit pony 12 to 13 hands.—Apply, "Eh Otlbe8.. MAC CORMICK REAPER & BIN ER MACUINE used three seasoi to be sold a bargain in good working ordc no use to owner.—Apply, Echo" OMc Fishguard. FOR SALE, SPRING CART; suita for pony or donkey; a bargain.—App J. Jenkins, Mathry School. NOTICE. '^r01ICE is Hereby Given that Perse wi;h or without dog's, found TRI PASSING on Elolmhouse Gano! Farm Lan Newport, Pem., will be prosecuted. (By order), J. IIOWELL July 14, 1904. LOST, on Friday, July 8th, at Fisbgua a GOLD BROOCH (two Amsrir Dollars).-Fint,ler handsomely rewarded returning same to the Echo Office. I03T on Sunday Night last, betwe J High-street and Tower Hill, a SMA GOLD BROOCH the property of Mrs Lewis (chemist).—Finder will be rewardec OTICE.-Fi-otti July 1st to end of S N, ternber, THE COACH will leave Nt port daily at 7.30 a.m., to meet the 10 a train at Ciymmych Arms; at 2 p.m. to m the 4 30 p m. train leaving Crymtnych Newport on arrival of the 3 22 and the 7 p.m. trains. D. O. THOMAS, proprie Cromlech House, Newport, Pem. WO LET, the newly-built DWELLI J_ HOUSE, situated at Pensladc, F gnard, containing parlour, dining room, chen and scullery, with bathroom, six I rooms and out ofhc s. Possession may be March 25th. Apply, Mrs Capt Thoc Stanley House, Goodwick. T0 LET, the DWELLING HOUSE JL Garden known as Craig-y-don, sit-i at W indy Hall, Fishguard, as at presen the occupation of the Misses Thomas.— particlars, apply to W. T. S Tombs, Bout Fishguard. Try our streaky, pea-fed breakfast bac ( always reliable.—Fishguard Supply Sto Kitchen chairs, 3s 31 each; giant chairs, Ss 9d smokers, 103 61. Guarani to stand auy amount ot fair wear and tea Supply Stores, Fishguard. Our coffee trade is increasing constai Oniy one quality kept-the very be Fishguard Supply Stores. —Visitors to Fishsuard.- The CARTREF HIGII-STIZEET, FISHGUA (Opposite the Echo Offices) for K etresli ment Prompt Attention and Moderate Char, L. E- V/ILLiAMS. THE O'Connell Cash Stor GOODWICK, Arc appointed Agents to the ( LIllIA PHONOGRAPH and TA ING MACHINES, at Prices ran from Fifteen Shillings to Fifteen Pot They can be procured at the Good- Agency at the same rate as is clia by their offices at New York, Lon Paris and Berlin. A large collection of Records ( Cylinders and Discs), in various sub. in the Welsh, English, Irish, See American, French, German, and sian Gems of Music, can be inspe and tested in Goodwick before purcl Phonographs can no longer be re ed as toys, for among the inventio the Nineteenth Century, alongside steamer, the locomotive, the teleg) and the telephone, thePHONOGR. boldly stands forth, an en-ei-lasting ument of the scientilic acliieveineu the last century. Intending purchasers will be just ed how to work the Phonograph its Records, and after one lesson will lind it as easy as to wind a v and set it to correct time. Otir prices for the Records are each for the X.P. Cylinder Gold B Records, while the Discs range in according to size. We sell one a alllC rate as if a dozen were takei For correcting one's style of I or acquiring a Foreign Language out a master, the Phonograph is i uable, for by its aid you can he: will the best guides in those accom ments. Let Dcwch i gycl A tlcwch mown pryd be your motto, and be up-to-date b; Z7-1 chasing the Phonograph at The OConnell Cash Sto Near the Duffryn Bridge, GOODWICK.