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Memorial Stone-Laying at Dinas.



HERE AND THERE. At Cardigan the idea is mooted of asking the King to send his cattle to the local show to compete with Mr Morgan Richardson's fine L exhibits. The latter scored over the Royal exhibit at the lhtb and \Vest Show. Cardigan ratepayers are said to te alarmed at the increase in their rates of an extra eight pence in the £ for the coming year consequent on the heavy expenditure on roads. On the question of covering the dust cart to prevent microbes flocking into the houses through the open windows especially in Grangetown one councillor exclaimed, Look at the rate now,' From 2s 4d to 3s in the £ is the rate. Cardies have a pen- chant for economics. That writer on Celtic customs, Mr Baring Gould, has written a new novel under the tille 44 In Dewisland." It is a story of the limes of the Rebecca riots in South Wales, and the scene is placed in Pembrokeshire. On Wednesday last, Air J. W. Phiiipps, M P., entertained Signor Pellegrino, ex-Presi- dent of Argentina, and his wife to tea on the terrace of the House of Commons, Tbe contract for the restoration of the Bishop's Palace at Abergwili has been let to Messrs Turner and Sons, Cardiff. The wor k is to commence at once and, with the excep- tion of a few minor details, the palace will assume its original form. In his recent address at Haverfordwest Mr J Wynford Philipps, M.P., explained his irregular attendance at the Hcuse of Com- mons as due to his having caught typhoid fever. He proceeded to vigorously denounce the policy of the Government and character- ised the present attitude of Mr Chamberlain as that of the jumping cat," which, if it may be prudent, was neither honest nor bold. —Resolutions supporting the County Council's Education Policy and condemning the Licens- ing Bill and Conscription were passed unani- mously.-A vote of congratulation to the Member on his recovery was also passed,and votes of thanks concluded the meeting. During last week the Licensing Bill in its committee stages made progress. An amendment to give local magistrates power to refuse a renewal to a license for not having provided reasonable refreshments was defeated by 265 votes to 180, and an amend- ment that the renewal or refusal of licenses of houses in remote districts should remaia j in the hands of the local justices was also S defeated. An amendment to enable loeal j magistrates to refuse to renew a license > without compensation on the groundi that undesirable practices or methods of tracta had been carried on or in connection with tb e premises were insanitary, was rejected by 268 to 190.

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H Only One Second between…


The Welsh Ysgol Haf.