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Memorial Stone-Laying at Dinas.


Memorial Stone-Laying at Dinas. To conjffieniorufco the laying of u;emorial stones o: a private buildiog is a commendable custom nabufd with not a few pleasantries. It has ionn be-n Letd atuocg the woithy dwel.ers of Dinas,and there is :;o likelihood ef its warning, mainly because it is associated with something- of a religious nature-a sacredncs? with which life in North Pem- brokeshire iMiusepentbiy connected, strength- ened and built up. Any observer will notice even small cottages, in some parts, bearing a slab in their rough s-hown facades inscribed with the date of erection, oitan-ticnes the name Ptid several other particulars. On Monday afternoon last one of these homely customs was celebrated at Cwmbach, w hert1- a fine residence is in course of erection for Capt and ikis James, Ash grove. A limited number of invitations were sent out to relatives and friends who responded cor- dially. The weather proved auspicious enough to enhance the proceedings and at 3 o clock the following gathered at the front entrance of the new building at Cwrubach, Mrs James, the affable hostess, in the unavoid able absence at sea of the genial Captain, being aissistei iu tie by Mr Dewi Harries (nephew i t the Captain). Mrs Meiidus, AJyrlwydd Mrs Edwin Bennett, Afchgrove Mrs J W Maurice Mrs Williams, Poplars Mrs Howells, Roseneath Mrs Harries. Star Aiis Williams, Spring Gardens Miss Harries, Castle Stores Miss Harries, Bay View Rev J W Maurice Rev George Morgan, Tyhen Mr Edwin Bennett Capt Harriet?, Castle Stores Capt Richards, Hill Park Messrs R Uowarth, "County Echo"; Inspector Phillips (clerk of the works), Cardigan J W Evans, Fish- guard and the contractors Messrs Francis George and David Harries. A receptacle had been prepared by the masons, in the founda- tion waii on the right of the main entrance. lulo a bottle were placed copies of the Couuty Echo, together with current coins ot the reaito and a document upon which was .-I, W liuen by Caroline Alice James, daughter of Capt and Mrs Mendup, of Glan- ri fynon, now wife of Cdpt Thomas Evan James, son of Capt Owen and Maria James, Cwmbach, on which land this house is built July 4th, 1904, Caroline Alice James." Then follows the note Capt James is absent on sea as commauder of the s.s. Escholl rook." A stono of a greenish flinty natuae was then prepared and this, Mr James formally well and truly placed in position over the receptacle containing the articles named. The Rev J W Maurice directed the ceremony and spoke a few congratulatory wo di to the effect thit such an auspicious occasion was an event in the history of a good family—one of the best not only in that district, but in aLy other (applause). Capt and Mrs James were providing for themselves an elegant earthly dwelling, but by their apright cbristian lives, were building for tke great hearalter "a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." They all hoped they would yet be blessed with successors to Cwmbach (aunlause^. The Rev George Morgan said there was an n ZD old proverb in Glamorganshire, that no one could wish nothing worse to his neighbour than to see him build a house. He (Mr A1 organ) was not without some experience in that direction for he had built a quarter of a house, yet did not fiud any disadvantage at all, and he would go iurtber and say that if the building of the house at Cwmbach affor- ded Capt and Mrs James the same pleasure as building of a portion afforded him it would be very great indeed, tie was glad they loved the neighbourhood of their birth, because some went away from the place and then spoke indifferently of it, but Capt James regarded Dinas with aflection and he was evidently anxious to pass his well-earned years of retitenient and end this life in close proximity to the spot where he first saw light. He joined with the company present in wishing (Japt and Mrs James joy in their pleasitt home at Uwmba;h (applause) Capt Richards, Hill Park (cousiu), in his natural breezy style gave the historic remin- iscences of the spot on which the building was in course of erection. The genial Salt' had no difficulty in going back some sixty years and describing how many cottages were on the higher plateau that overlooks the new building and where the former house of Cwmbach also stood. He referred to the good folk in respectful terms giving something 0 9 of their habits of life at that time. The old site commanded a lovely view of the bay and suirounding hills. He was glad to notice a worthy representative of the family there that day in the person of Mrs Mendus, sister ot Uapt James, and in wishing them long 0 Z5 life, prosperity and happiness felt convinced that the old traditions for hospitality would be continued at the new Cwmbach (applause) Capt Harries, Castle Stores, read some verses of hh own composition in honour of the occasiou adding his best wishes. Mr Dewi Harries said his first experience of memorial stone-laying was at the ancient village of Cwmyreglwys when the foundation stoue of the quay was placed in position. Since that event there had been similar cele- brations in Dinas and he considered the custom one worthy of the place and its tra- ditions. They were all glad to take part in that event at Cwmbach because 01 the esteem in Which Capt and Mrs James was held by everyone in the parish. He wished Capt d Mrs James their full share of happiness in their retirement blessed with little prattlers that made music in the home- (applause). Inspector Phillips, as Clerk of the works, added pleasing testimony to the popularity of their entertainers but considered the contra- tors should have presented a memento of the occasion in the shape of a mallet and trowel for Mrs James. It afforded him much pleasure to be present that day to take part in thn ceremony and joined in the cordial sentiments and expressed. Mr Ben Thomas then gave in good voice 44 The Anchor's Weigh'd a song very suit- able to the occasion as well as to the pro- fession of Capt James. On behalf of the contractors Mi David Harries thanked Capt James for accepting local men for the work, and they would do their utmost in carrying out the specifications to the letter They had omitted providing the mallet and trowel, but would do so in course of a few days- (applause}. Mr J W Evans gave in fine style the solo of Hen wlad fy nhadau," the company joining heartily in the refrain, and the happy pro- ceedings at the building terminated. Then, at the invitation of Mrs James, the party adjourned to the cosy corner of the site of the old house where a very excellent tea was partaken of. The dainty conlections were varied, and toothsome, and evolved by the hostess, who is an adept, like many other Dinas ministering angels," at the culinary J art. Mrs James and the Misses Harries were assiduous in their attentions on the guests who spent a very pleasant hour in tete a tete over the tea enps. Subsequently, Rev J. %,7. Maurice proposed a vote of thanks to Mrs James for her hospitality.—This was seconded by Mr Edwin Bennett and carried unanimously. The new building, when completed, will form au imposing structure in the Cwm, which will undergo transformation from the rugged to the smooth in the course of another year. Enynwyd snvydd ynof I bletiiu jiwt o gin Wrth osod currig sylfaen 11 Y tyi'w yru'n nila'n. Yr adeiladwyr enwog 11 Yw Fyancis Geoi^e a'i grug, Maent eisioes wedi dechreu Eu gwaith yn Parkyrhug. H.wy'n gwel'd fed David Harris, Bioii, hron a myn'd o'i go', 11 hag ofn daw y guuaf Cyn byddu'r ty dan do. A Francis George a'i drywel Yn llywio'r gwaith i gyd Yn siwi, 'does debyg iddo Fel builder' yn y byd. Mae Cadben James yn meddwl Retiro cyn bo hir, Am hyny rhaid cael palas I Cadben James a'i fun. Hhof gynghor wrth ddiweddu I Francis George and Co., Prysurwchcyn y gauaf I ael y ty dan do. CAPT HARRIES Eu Cwmbach yn lie urddasol Yn neillduol gan hen bobol; Yn ol pob arwydd welir heddy' Mae Cwmbach ar ddod i fyny Pwy na waedda llwyddiant iddo Ddod fel cynt yn enwog etto. DAVID HARRIES. I Cadben a Mrs James. Dymunwn iddynt einioes hir U gyrhaedd saetliau adfyd Dedwyddwch bywyd ar ei hyd Yn llawn o anghenrheidiau'r byd, Ac yn y diwedd wynfyd. llRIALLYDD.


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