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Fishguard Parish Council,



NEWPORT, PEM Home Again.—The four lady cyclists who r, set off on tour more than a fortnight flgo arrived home on Tuesday of last week in the best-of health and spirits. They have cover- ed no less than 250 milps over all kinds of roads and' mountain parses. Snowdon was touched by them, but the ancient peak tiem- bled rot-it was not expected to. The fair cyclists have had a thriliing, palpitating trip, full of adventure and hair-breadth escapes There was plenty of hard work 'attending the journey, such as carrying their machines, bodily, over a mile of desert lald o'er cra. and torrent, so to speak. They explored the wilds of North Wales and da-ed the Devil's Bridge, near Aberystwyth. Ou the lawn aL Westend on Tuesday last more than half of the inhabitants of the ancient borough at- tended five o'clock soushong at the invitation of Mrs Capt Thomas and Mrs Sholton to celebrate the end of the cycling tour, and a very pleasant afternoon was spent. Holidays.—Miss Lillian Evans, of Foun- tain House, arrived home on Tuesday after a prolonged visit to her uncle's home at Llan- wrtyd Wells, Ministerial.-—The Rev J. G. Morris was officiating at Rhosjcaerau on Sunday I&t.- The Rev D. J, Evans was also from home officiating. V isitatiün.-On Monday the Rev D J and Mrs Griffiths, of Cilrhcdin, visited the town and the rectory which, it is likely, will be their future home. They expressed pleasure with the ancient borough.—The fiev W H Davies, a former cut ate of the parish, was last week on a holiday visit, and took part in the service at the church on Sunday morning last, and conducted the evening service in the absence of the Missioner, the Rev J Jones, who conducted and preached at Dinas Parish Church, for the Rector who we regret was rather indisposed. The Rev W H Davies is better in health. Visitors.—Mr George Bo wen and family, are expected at Rock House this week. —Mrs I Reed and companion have left We!fi Id Grove.—Capt Tom and Mrs James (natives of Newport) are on a visit, from Cartiiff.-A family from Feryside is expected at Parrog this week.—The Rector of Dowlais is also expected. Lectures on Gardening.—The children and teaching staff of the school were es, ecially favoured during this week. Mr Pickard, the lecturer on horticulture, under the County Council, on Tuesday afternoon accompanied the children round the highways and bye- ways, puinting out the vaiious kinds of flora in quite an interesting manner. In the evening Mr Pickard addressed a large audience of the inhabitants,who were very much inter- ested in all the lectuier had to say on the sub- ject of so much interest to the people. Appointment.—Mr J. L Stokes, solicitor, ot Cardigan, was on Wednesday of last week, appointed Magistrate's Clerk, of Dudley, Staffs, out of sixty applicants,for the position. Mr Stokes' father was mayor of Dudley twenty-six years ago. During his stay in Cardigan, Mr Stokes made himself generally useful in many ways, and his departure will be felt by the large number of friends he had gathered round him, one and all of whom congratulate him on his appointment, which is worth X400 a year. Clouds have their silver linings. Scattered Rubbish.—Another visitor writes directing attention to the stream running down from the Mill through the middle of Z5 the town, and asking if visitor or any other of the community have noticed the rubbish- tipping which is pncticei in that part of the ancient borough. ZD Illness. Sympathy is iiie at the illness of Mr J G John, one of Mr George John's (GoldenLion) sons, who has undergone an oper- ation at Calcutfa. He is now on his way home and we trust the bracing air of his native place will hive the desired effect of lestoring him to full and vigorous health. From Sea.—Capt Joe Davies, Temple Terrace, chief mate,of the s.s. Greenjacket arrived on Tuesday evening for a holiday. Sairnon.-Perl)aps the best haul of any this season was made on Tuesday when! eleven very fine salmon were landed. Air Joseph Rees, Fishguard, was the pnrchiser. Regatta.—Mayor Felix presided at a meeting of the regatta committee on Friday Jast, when it was decided to hold the popu- lar annual event on August 10th next There were many 01 the committee present and the proceedings were distinctly favour- able to a Ycjry successful regatta. It should be mentioned that with some of the funds from the last event repairs are being carried out at Parrog by the Town Improvements Committee under the. direction of the Mayor, it is therefore, necessary that the subscribers give generously in order that the prize-list may be brought up to the usual standard. August is a month when most of the visitors are about the place so that the choice of date could scarcely be better. Castguards Remove.—The coastguards on Tuesday removed from Parrog to Mount Terrace, because of the better view obtained from the latter place. Obituary.—The Rev W. Davies, of Soar, Aberdare, who did on Sunday list, was a re- lative of Mrs Evans, Fountain House, and a native of Llanfyrnach, and brother to Mr Solomon Davies, of that place. Deceased was at one time a frequent visitor to New- port.

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