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Fishguard Parish Council,


------------ .-DINAS CROSS.

Successful Career of a Fishguard…

Cancer on the Increase.

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Sketches at Mathry Petty Sessions


Wedding at Mathry.

Family Notices



Pembrokeshire Non-Provided…


Pembrokeshire Non-Provided Schools. A meeting was held on Tuesday at the Shire Hall, Haverfordwest, of the Education Committee of the Pembrokeshire County Council, Mr S B Sketch presiding. The chairman said it was necessary to take steps for the perfect grouping of the provided schools of the county. With the non-provided schools they had nothing to do until some arrangement ha i been eff ected. lie suggest ted that a committee should" be appointed to group the schools and report. On the motion of Dr Griffiths, seconded by Mr Walter L. Williams, the Chairman's suggestion was agreed to. As to the appointed of manager of non-provided schools, the chairman re- marked that the inquiry at Carmarthen had shown that this was necessary, and he sugges- ted that this also should be left to the committee, and that if no managers could be obtained the councillors for the district should act. Dr Griffith said he could not ask any of his friends to ack as managers on a body where they would be in a hopeless minority and would be powerless. Rev James Phillips said they must do it, or they would be behind the other counties of Wales. Tais was agreed to. It was deti ie J, on the motion of Mr W. L. Williams, seconded by Dr Williams (Drim), anl carried by 11 to 9, to re-advertise for a director of elucatioQ. In respect to a letter from the clerk to the Fish- guard British School ( vlr A B Williams) the Ciefk was iustructel to take the necessary steps for the transfer of the school to the county authority.

-----------North Pembrokeshire…