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BRYNBERIAN. Lecture.—A lecture on the subject of "self- culture" was delivered at Brynberian Con- gregational Chapel on Wednesday evening, the 27th ult, by the Rev E B Lloyd, Bwlch- newydd, Carmarthenshire. The chair was taken by the Rev T M James, curate of Nevern. The proceedings commenced by the Rev J T Gregory, the energetic pastor, giving out the hymn, 0 sancteiddia f'enaid, Arglwydd.—The chairman in some appro- priate remarks introduced the lecturer. Mr Lloyd, in treating the subject, to use the language of Holy Writ, proved himself to be a veritable scribe instructed into the kingdom of heaven, and like unto a man that is an householder which bringeth forth out of his treasjire things new and old. The lecture was quite an intellectual treat, and was copiously illustrated from many standpoints. It is seldom we have had the pleasure of listening to one where genuine humour, whole- some instruction, and teaching were so deftly combined. Mr Lloyd rivetted the attention of the large audience for over an hour, and the interest never for a moment flagged. As a speaker, he does not indulge in the adage practised by some, "Begin low, aim higher, then strike fire." He is a lucid and incisive form of oratory, reminding one of Mr Joseph Chamberlain, M.P's method of speaking. He has the knack of driving his points home with telling effect. We would like to produce some of the fine sayings which studded the lecture. I and venture to express the hope that Mr Lloyd will deliver it in this locality soon again, especially as the subject is such a timely one. It is important and urgent to instill into the minds of the young a desire for the pure and elevating, now that so much time is spent and wasted in the reading of light and trashy literature. Votes of thanks to the lecturer were proposed and seconded by Mr G T Miles, Cross Roads, and the Rev B Rees, Pontyberem, and to the Chairman by the lecturer and the Rev J T Gregory. Both Mr Lloyd and Mr James suitably res- ponded.—Tea was served in the Vestry in the afternoon, when the tables were presided over by the lady members of the congregation at Brynberian, Velindre, and Pontygynon. Games were indulged in under the supervision of Mr Miles, Mr Morris, Tyllwyd Mr Rees, Pontgynon Mr J Williams Mr Williams, Pencnwcbach Mr Thomas and others.—A vote of thanks to the ladies who provided the tea was proposed by Mr Miles and supported by the chairman.—The proceeds, which realised a substantial sum, will be devoted towards the erection of a vestry at Velindre. ———————————


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