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Fishguard Parish Council,


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Successful Career of a Fishguard…

Cancer on the Increase.

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Sketches at Mathry Petty Sessions


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CRICKET. MARRIED v. SINGLE. This very interesting match was played at Cefuydre on Friday afternoon last in fine weather. It had many features which go I far to popularise the national pastime locally, viz., true sociability, cood humoured repartee and an earnest desire on both sides to gain supremity. For the bachelors Mr A. B. Williams proved himself a stalwart bowler as well as a prime batsman, while the Vicar was the tour de force of the benedicts, with Mr F. A. Davies well to the fore. The game was heartily enjoyed, and the return match to-morrow afternoon (Friday), on the same pitch, is eagerly anticipated. On S it- day afternoon, Goodwick v Fishguard at Cefnydre. MARRIED. Rev W. E vans run out 12 W. L. Williams, b A. B. Williams 8 F. A. Davies, b T. H. Narbett 12 F. Richardson, run out 1 D. P. Lewis, b A, B. Williams 0 J. R. Bichards, b A. B. Williams 0 W. J. Richards, b Narbett 1 Dr G. J. Williams, b A. B. Williams 6 E. J. Radford, not out 3 John Rees, run out 0 A. J. Hodges, c and b, A. B. Williams 1 Extras 7 51 SINGLE. T Evans, c F A Davies, b Rev W Evans 3 F Walsh, c Richardson, b do S T. U Owen, c Richardson, b do 0 E. W. Watson, b Rev W. Evans 2 T. II. Narbett, run out 4 A. B. Williams, not out 13 G. C. llowells, c Richards, b F A Davies S R. W. Trowsdale, b F A Davies 2 Wm. Jones, c and b W. L. Williams. 0 Tom Williams, c Richards, b F A Davies 1 Morgan James, run out 0 Extras 15 51

Wedding at Mathry.

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