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Sketches at Mathry Petty Sessions


Sketches at Mathry Petty Sessions A LIGHT LIST OF SUMMONSES. An unusually light list of summonses was presented for hearing by Deputy-chief Con- stable Mr Phillips, on Friday last at Mathry. The magistrates present were Messrs Charles Mathias (chairman), W. George James, G. D. Harries and H. M. Harries. For once, at least, there were no traction engine owners brought to book for highway transgressions, but the meeting bad its characteristic feat- ures, viz too ardent worshippers of baccbus and pugnacity hid to answer for their indis- cretions, and the unwilling young man, who loves not wisely, was compelled by law to be- come responsible for the finding of the Magis- trates that, on the face of the evidence adduc- ed, he was entitled to the position of parent; in the words of Portia ;—'• The law allows it and the court awards it." The business on Friday would have passed off without a ripple excepting turbulent, hard-swearing on both side, had not the declared father in a moment of rashness, allowed his rougher nature to get the better of him to the extent of com- mitting an assault on the girl to whom he had doubtless many times and oft whispered sweet nothings in the declaration of his undy- ing affection. Needless to say, the defendant was promptly hauled before the Magistrates, aud in addition to the costly item of contri- buting weekly to his child for the next fif- teen years was mulcted in a penalty for the assault, mightily glad to get off so easily. STRUCK OUT. That victim to early amor, poverty, and a good wholesome share of matrimony, James John, farm labourer, of Puncheston, and who Mr R. T. P. Williams described as the "half- starved-looking man," was again called to ans- wer why be had not paid up arrears amount- ing to £6 7s 6d, due on a bastardy order. Three previous adjournments in respect to the same order stood against the defendant, who did not appear.-P.C. Jenkins stepped up to say that the man offered the old tale of poverty as an answer.—The Bench ordered the case to be struck out. DRUNK. There are various methods of passing away tie time. To swallow a watch is said to be an effective one,but in some of the quiet secluded rural spots there is a tendency on the part of here and there an individual to while away the precious moments of life in swallowing barley brew and the more ardent spiirts. John Lewis, of Ambleston, appeared in answer to a summons for a common or garden drunk on June 10th at Letterston. This was the second time before the year had passed, a fact taken note of in the Police Log and Court records.-P.C. Jenkins gave the details, and defendant was fined 5s and 7s 6d costs or seven days in default of payment for the ad- mitted offence. He was given a month to pay the sum. Whether in cathedral cities, large or small, at the village inn ten miles from anywhere, there are individuals unable to control their intake and their animal spirits to the extent required by the Legislature. Peter Cunning- ham, a name not unfamiliar, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly at St David's on June 17th.-P.C. Morris proved the ser- vice of summons, and P.C. Nash, Solva, des- cribed the offence.-Peter must pay 5s and and 7s 6d costs or take a Goverment job for seven days. Coupled with Peter in the foregoing case was James Davies, of Back Lane, St David's, who was not only drunk but executing an assault-at-arms, with Peter; in other words they were wiping the floor with each other as if bent on raising a dust for the sheer fun of developing unquenchable thirst. Davies wrote an epistle to the Bench-net to Peter—ask- ing for an adjournment in order to prove an alibi, but the Magistrates having received similar requests before from repentant sinners, decided to hear the officer's evidence, which they considered quite ample to merit the fine of 5s with 7s 6d as costs, or the usual seven days.— P.C. Morris proved the service of summons, vnd P.C. Nash detailed the unseem- ly, un-christian like exhibition of "barmy prowess and brute strength. WHEN A MAN MAHRIES, &C. Whether James Mathias, of Trevine, be an agent for so and so's patent ventilators, or belongs to the *• fresh air league" is not known, but be is evidently a believer in ven- tilation and plenty of it. Mathias, it seems, took to wile the daughter of Mr Owen Williams, Caerau, Llanrhian, and it was shown that the plunge for the matrimonial stakes had given rise to some little trouble, which necessitated a visit to the paternal domicile by the erring son-in-law, on the 25th of June last. There was a bit of a dust up in the paternal cabin, which proved all too confined and stuffy for the gymnasts, and a pane of glass was hopelessly shattered, ad- mitting of more air to allow of breathing spice. The Magistrates listened patiently to the details of the bout, which the complain- ant valued at 10s—quite a cheap affair all things considered-a sum he considered his son-in-law should pay.—Defendant, however, declared in emphatic terms that his irate pater-in-law committed the damage during the melee.—The Magistrates considered the tarnished honours equally divided and dismiss- ed the case, each to pay his own expenses. Thus, One of the pleasures of having a rout is the pleasure of having it over." COWARDLY. In human affairs there is the tendency to add insult to injury. Wm. Rees, carpenter, of Abereithy, was summoned by Phoebe Roberts, Solva, to shew cause why he should not be adjudged the father of her illigitimate child. Rees was opposed to the more manly course of making a clean admittance and pro- viding the wherewithal for the little one's sustenance, not to mention any consideration for its mother, who said she bad listened to sweet overtures in moments of felicity. He had piped to her and she had danced, now came the reckoning and the rift in the lute. It was his turn to dance he denied point blank that be had ever been unduly familiar with the young woman. He was emphatic on the point, but all this availed him nothing, for the sympathetic justices have often such stories poured into their ears. Of course with unwilling fathers it is the impost they resent most, while beneath their show of indignation there is a sneaking sort of pride at being in the position of irresponsible fathers.—After due corroboration of the girl's story, an order for defendant to pay 2s 6d per week until the child attains the age of 15 years was made, with costs and lying-in fees. After this the parties left the Court and partook of refreshments. It would have been more in accordance with the natural fitness of things had the loving cup been passed round, but it took another form. In one of the rooms below some words ensued between them, and the Llanrhian carpenter became angry, and smote the girl on the head rather severely. In a moment there arose a tumult, the news winging its way from ear to ear, till it reached the ears of the officer of law I and order.—P.C. Nash reported the occu rence, and the defendaut was brought befcr- the bench figuratively, with his hands bearing evidence cf giiill-on a charge of assault on Phoebe Roberts. If he denied the paternity there was no use following the same plan this time, and he submitted to the inevitable of a fine of Cl with 2s cost, in de- fault, one month's imprisonment with hard labour. It seemed as though the only course would be the latter, but his friends took com- passion and made up the shortage in his own pockets and paid the fine. Coward," said the chairman, to strike a woman." The punishment hardly fitted the crime, because on the evidence, the young man had betrayed the girl's confidence in the grossest manner possible, then because she had obtained au order against him, aggravated his guilt by striking the defenceless girl. He could not have shed his spleen in a more accommodating place than in the precints of the Mathry Court. LICENSING. Two occasional licenses were granted to sell at Letterston Fair. One to Mr Samuel Hooper, Swan Inn, Little Newcastle, and an- other to Mr Mark Howells, Drover's Arms, Puncheston.


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