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Fishguard Parish Council,


------------ .-DINAS CROSS.

Successful Career of a Fishguard…

Cancer on the Increase.


Cancer on the Increase. An Official and authoritative statement upon the above subject proves without doubt, by comparative statistics, that Cancer and Can- cerous Growth is lately on the increase amongst the inhabitants of Great Britain and especially so, Ireland. Unfortunately up to now medical men and scientists have not been able to account for this alarming state of affairs or provide a remedy. An Ointment called MANNINA has established a won- derful reputation in South Africa, and about 18 months ago the preparation was brought to this Country, and has since been carefully tested in a limited area in the County of Pem- broke, Wales, with most satisfactory results, and has effected several Certified cures of Cancerous Growths, Lupus, Piles, Eczema, Blood poisoning, &c., &e. This remarkable pre- paration can be obtained of all Chemists at Is l!d, 2s 9d, and 4s Gd per pot, for Ulcerated Wounds, Blood-poisoning, Eczema, &c.; and 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and 8s 6d per pot, for Cancer, Tumours, Lupus, &c. or will be sent post free direct from the Proprietors, MAIN-STREET, FISHGUARD. The Ointment may be obtained from the "Minnaua." Ointment Co., Main-street, Fish- guard, or from Mr Tlios Lewis, chemist, Fish- guard F D Phillips, Haverfordwest H A Williams, Letterston Albert David, St David's; Philipps & Co Mathry J Williams, Newport, Pem. T Meyler, chemist, Fishguard; and D. Llewellyn, chemist, Goodwick, &c.

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Sketches at Mathry Petty Sessions


Wedding at Mathry.

Family Notices



Pembrokeshire Non-Provided…

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