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Fishguard Parish Council,


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DINAS CROSS. Jericho Water Supply. -Plans for the conveyance of water from Capt Harries' field at Vron to Jericho, a distance of fifty yards, were submitted to the District Council, and approved of. Capt Harries has kindly given his consent, so that the long felt want at Jericho will be met at an early date. It has been argued that the good folk would not be happy if water were brought from the river Jordan. Maybe they prefer the sparkling stream from their native mountain, but at the same time, in vulgar parlance, the people have no objection to manufacturers consign- ing their goods-" to Jericho." Visitor.-On Saturday week last Dr James, the director of education to the Glamorgan- shire C unty Council, visited Dinas school, which he attended in his Loyhood days, and has since written a complimentary letter to the beadmaer on the efficiency of the school. The father of Dr James was for some years in the ministry at Dinas. Visitors.- At Believue, Capt and Mrs Harries and daughter, Cardiff Castle Ter- race. Mrs and Miss Miles. Birmingham. Jer- icho, Mr aud Mrs Bouam, Swansea, and Mrs Williams, Treherbert. Poplars, Mrs Griffiths and family, Treharris. Gardening Lectures.—As announced last w'ek Mr Pickard, of the Aberystwyth Uni versity, lectures in the Board School at 6 30 on Friday evening, and will probably visit the garden of Mr David Thomas, Smithfiaid. It is well-known that some of the gardens at Dinas are amoog the best cultivated of any on the coast, and some feeling is evidenced that the lecturer delivers three of the four lectures at Newport where, it is said, there is not a garden anything like equal to the one mentioned. Nevertheless the interest evinced in the lectures at both places is a sur-J sign that they are v^ry popular and, like Oliver Twist, there is a desire for more. Tab'jr.—A student (Mr Griffiths), of Ban- gor College, preached very ably at Tabor, on Monday evening last in aid of the College funds. Mr Griffiths is brother to the Rev R Griffi'hs, Bethabara.

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