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Fishguard Parish Council,


Fishguard Parish Council, Mr B. G. Llewhelin [resided at the usral ->nthly jneetkg cf the Fishguard Parish I-.uncil on Tuesday evening last. Also {'re- cent Capt T Evans and D M Symmon3, M essrs W J Vaughan, E J Radford, L Evans, C E Slocouibe, D llees, D Cornock, J R Richards, E Da-ies, (Lower Town), M B T Maurice and D Morgan (Brodog), and the clerk (Mr A J Hodges). RErOlvT Rf; PATHWAY. Capt T Evans reported that the Main- street pathway had been made and looked very well.-The Chtjiruian asked if there was a rerort in respect of the retaining wall at Penrallt. Capt Evans No, I know nothing of that. [ Capt Symmona We have not. been tbere. Mr Vaughan They were to have called a meeting. Capt T. Evans: No one has been there; what is the use of us claiming property like that is ? F Chairman said that since there was no re- port they should let the matter drop. Mr Radford We have met twice in suc- cession to hear what the special committee had to report, and I think that, irrispective of any personal feeling individual members may have on the matter, it is the iiity of the committee to report to this council if they are unwilling then appoint someone else to carry out the orders of the council. — Capt Evans Right Capt Symmons Probably, many of you present don't understand the matter, but I can give a little of the history of that path- way. Thomas Cornock bas extended his pre- mises about 16 feet on the common land then he built a dry wall which is now com- mencing to fall down. Albert Furlong has built a wall on the rounding where the pig- stye was. Why should we protect Coruock's wall ?-To a question when the General Pur- poses Committee was appointed to meet, the Clerk replied at the last meeting,two month's back, and it was resolved that each committee appoint its own convener. Mr Vaughan moved that the matter be allowed to drop.— Mr Rees seconded and it was carried. STANDING ORDERS. Mr Vaughan observed that the committee had met the previous evening, the members L being Messrs W L Williams, E J Radford, J R Richards and himself, and made several alterations which he now read. Mr Radford seconded and opined that the alterations would facilitate the business of the Council in many i,espects.-Cairied nem con.—Mr L Evans asked why the standing ciders were not enforced at the time tin y were issued, and Mr Vaughan replied that they were never adopted. Chairman That was in 181)4. LOWER TOWN WATER CIBTEKN. Mr Rees drew attention to the state of the water cistern at the bottom of Lower Town hill, and moved that the Parish Council go to the expense of repairing it. Mr Cornock asked what was the nature of the complaint respecting the water supply. Mr Vaughan said that the mover had only heard complaints. The fact was the tap had been pulled out because the people had to wait so long for the filling of their cans. They had no water at all. Capt Symmons How many of the inhabit- ants of Lower Town depend on that supply very few. There used to be a shoot there. Mr Edward Davies explained that a large number of the Lower Town inhabitants were having their water supply from the tank in question, and he urged that it be put right without delay. Mr Vaughan said he had mentioned the matter to the Inspector, and he would second Mr Rees' motion that the tank be repaired.— Mr Radford asked if the tank were private property; if so, he would move that it be handed over to the Council before they would take steps to repair it. The Chairman pointed out there was no committee in connection with the tank and there was no question of handing anything over to the Council which had been provided by public subscriptions. Mr Richards said that the shoot was on parish ground. The cistern was beyond re- pair as it had holes through its bottom. It had been there for the last ten years he suggested a new one to hold treble the water of the old one. The Chairman suggested that no expense be incurred in view of the possibility of the Water Company taking their main down to Lower Town. Eventually Mr Rees withdrew his proposition, and Mr Richards'amendment to supply a new and larger cistern was seconded by Mr Cornock and carried. BILLS. The following bills were passed for pay. ment :—Mr B Thomas for winding of town clock, £ 2 10s; Mr J C Evars for painting seats, two sign boards, and making new pole on Tower Hill, Yl 9*5 election expenses, f8 16s lOd, half of which was paid by the District Council.-Alr J R Richards asked if all the bills were handed in as he understood that two others were to be delivered, one for the cost of a new suit, and another for a lady's costume, both of which, it was said, had been ruined by paint (laughter). Capt Evans moved, and Mr D Morgan seconded, that the bills as read be passed. 0 NO SUNDAY CONCERTS. Mr Hodges read the following letters on the question of holding sacred concerts on Penslade on Sundays The Vicarage, Fishguard. Dear Sir,—I shall be much obliged if you will kindly bring to the notice of your council a case which I have taken the deepest inter- est in for many years, and which I believe the people of Fishguard have much at heart, viz., the sanctity of Sunday as a day of mental and physical rest. May I through you, Sir, express a strong hope that the Parish Council will not allow Penslade to be used on Sundays as a place to hold mectingslipon or concerts of any kind, and that the permission you have rightly giv- en to a party of uiinsticls will be withheld if they attempt to give any kind of entertain- ments on Sunday.. My only excuse for venturing to intrude on the Parish Council is this, that I believe I am resounding and expressing the views and opinions of the vast majority of the parishion- ers of Fishguard. Trusting you will grant me this favour.—I beg to remain, Yours obediently, WM. EVANS, Vicar of Fishguard. Main-st., Fisbguard, Deas Sir,—At a largely attended meeting of worshippers at Mormon Chapel on Sunday evening a resolution was passed urging the Parish Council to pass a bye-law jjrohibiting the holding of any meetings or assemblies on the Lords Day on Penslade, or on any of the common land belonging to the Parish of Fish- guard.—Cn behalf of Hermon Church, WM. JAMES, Secretary. Mr Radford said that as there was no mention of Sunday performances in the Pierrots' application he should move that the letters be allowed to be on the table. He I failed to sec why the question should be brought up at all. Mr Maurice Did they say au) thing at all about sacred concerts in their application ?— Chairman No. Clerk: No mention -in any of their letters to the holding of Sunday con- certs. Mr Richaids uuderstocd the Council had power to put a stop to the performances at aiiv tini, Mr Vaughan: We cannot stop meetings; it is public property. Mr Radford observed that the reason he objected was because one of the resolutions was so sweeping-.—Mr Maurice seconded Mr Radford's resolution. Mr Rees moved «n amendment that the Council refuse to allow Sunday performances. Capt Evans seconded, as he did not believe in anything of the kind on Sundays, especially if they were anything like that given at the Temperance Hall on a recent Sunday. Mr L Evans understood there were similar resolutions passed at the Tabernacle and Pen towr, but did not know why they had not reached the Council and given effect. Per- haps there were representatives from those chapels present ? Mr Edward Davies said that a resolution of protest against Sunday concerts had been passed at the Tabernacle, but he could not understand why it bad not been sent to the council. He appealed to the couccil to op- pose so-called Sunday sacred concerts in the town. Mr David Morgan explained that Capt Howells bad been deputed to convey to the Council the resolution passed at Pentowr, that no Sunday concerts of any kind be per. mitted. The amendment that no Sunday conceits of any kind be permitted was then put to the meeting and carried unanimously. In reply to the Cleik as to whether he should acknowledge the letters, Mr Richards said it would appear in the 41 Echo which would answer the purpose, this was en- dorsed by Mr Vaughan. URBAN POWERS. Mr Radford gave notice of motion as follows That if: view of the desirability of securing urban district powers for Fishguard at the eailiest possible moment, and in conse- quence of the delay caused by the action of the County Council in refusing our first application, a fresh sab-committee be appoint- ed to re-consider and report on the proposed area, and that application be made forthwith to the County Council for a fresh eLquiry," WHERE IS THE BALANCE. Mr Maurice asked for the whereabouts of the balance of the funds collected several years ago for the purpose of erecting a fountain and lamp on the Square.—Capt T. Evans In the bank.—The Chairman ex- plained that the Council had no power in the matter. BRIDGE. Capt Symmons drew attention to the need of a footbridge across a stream in the Slade on a pathway leading to the Mill, and asked if the Council cou!d not get a bridge across. What was the use of pathways, he asked, if they ceuld not cross the stream to which they led ? He moved that the Parish Council provide a bridge,—Mr Rees seconded. Mr Vaughan refuted the Council's right to place a bridge at the spot mentioned. The former bridge bad been put there by the owners of the Mill, though they had allowed the public to uw it. Capt Symmons said there was no gutter there at all before the drainage was carried out. Mr Vaughan said that his father granted permission to put a bridge there to cross the water from the ponds. He had no desire to be arbitrary about the matter, but he main- tained the Council had no right, and it was necessary that he should maintain his rights in case he should require to re-build C, the existing structure, and if he allowed the Council to act it would predjudice his interests. The Chairman suggested the General Pur- poses Committee meet Mr Vaugban on the spot and determiue a course. Mr Maurice suggested that Mr Vaughan give his sanction, and Mr Richards said they should first find out whether it be parish property or not,—Ultimately, the lesolution that the Council erect a footbridge was carried. THE DRAINAGE QUESTION. The Clerk read a communication from the Clerk to the District Council which was accompanied by the following resolution passed at the District Council, and which the District Council directed him to forward to the Par- ochial Committee: That the question of the Fishguard drainage be referred to the Fish- guard Parochial Committee asking them to at I once to formulate an ellicient scheme for the drainage of the place as the matter will admit of no further delay, and that unless they do so immediately the District Council will take the matter up." The Chairman said he was under the im- pression that the resolution was the outcome of the Medical Officer's report. He believed there was more filth at the backs of the houses where no drainage existed than on Penslade. One tiling he regretted was that they had no sanitary inspector at the present time. They all, of course, regretted the indisposition of Mr Francis, but they ought certainly to have someone to act until he recovered. Mr Vaughan explained that he moved the resolution referred to because the District Council had thought to take the matter out of the hands of the Parochial Committee entirely. It was not due altogether to the Medical Officer's report, but in consequence of a letter from the Local Government Board in respect to a visit, sometime ago, of Dr Wheaton, Local Government Board Inspector, and the recommendations then made by him, and which they, as a committee, had not yet carried out. He (Mr Vaughan) thought It to the interests of the town to carry out an efficient scheme as quickly as possible. The District Council wished to limit them to one month, but he pleaded that circumstances would not permit them coming to a conclusion in that time. <In reference to Inspector Francis he might say that he was re-appointed for six months only. At the end of that period there would be another appointment, probably two, one for the north and the other for the south. Mr Morgan referred to building sites in West-street, Fishguard, which were too small for cesspools and they could not get the plans passed owing to the absence of a main drain to connect the pipes with.—Replying to the Chairman Mr Morgan said that the sites in question were 74 feet instead of 100 feet. He knew of many sites having been bought for building upon, but the lack of drainage pre- vented the work proceeding, and he would urge on the committee to devise a scheme as soon as possible. The Chairman reiterated that the drainage had been delayed owing to the delay in ob- taillilig urban powers. Mr Vaughan moved that the meeting stand adjourned until Monday next, in order to consider the scheme. Mr Richards seconded and it was agreed that the committee meet at the usual hour. Mr "N aughan added to the resolution that the Clerk ask the Medical Officer of Health to attend. There were various schemes which could be adopted, viz., septic tanks, running out pipes to sea, &c., but they must have an efficient one. The matter touched upon by Mr Morgan they would require advice upon. Mr Morgan suggested a Parish Meeting be z, called, but Mr Vaughan said the powers had ¡ been delegated to the Parochial Committee. Mr Rees said they had been dilly-dallying for five years now, and if they had stuck to the laying of pipes from the filter they would have been alright. The Chairman said it seemed to him a very important matter, and he thought they should meet and go over the ground themselves. Medical officer's had a monopoly, and the members did not express themselves in their presence to the extent they should. For in- stance, the septic tanks were suggested run- "9 ning out to sea with pipes, then joining into Goodwick alternately, and none had been finally selected. He repeated it was a very serious matter for Fishguard, and he thought it would be a very good thing to aproint the whole Council to go over the ground, particu- larly in respect to West-street. Mr Maurice propose:l they meet at six o'clock on Friday evening next by the Tem- perance Hall, for the purpose of going over the ground. This was agreed to.


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