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GOODWICK. Carefulness.—Since the fatality and subse- quent less serious accidents en the Pier works, the men have exercised very much more care — caietulness amounting almost to fear. Thi-i is only what might be expected after the salutary lessons of the last few weeks, and it is hoped, in the interests Of emp'oyers as well as employed, that more stiingent look out for possible accidents will be observed. Picnics.—Several excursions have ariived at Goodwick recently with large numbers of juveniles from Beulah, Letteraton, and Ford. On Friday of last week the Manorowen Sun- day Scholars journeyed to Rosebush, where the Rev T Johus, vicar, Mra Johns, and daughters entertained the party, the afternoon being most enjoyable, thanks to the kindness of their entertainers. A Performing Fig.-It is well known that nearly every cottage in the country has its complement of pigs for fattening purposes, running about the waste ground or yards .5 n with the poultry and other live stock. Some- times a neighbour's mochin will visit the homestead of another neighbour just to see how the world wags and so forth. Last Friiay evening, at Cilau, an inquisitive porker paid an informal visit, entering the homestead by the front door. Discovering the uninvited 13 guest prowling about the kitchen the good 6 bouse datne proceeded to dislodge the intru- der by the way it had entered. Piggie grew M!5 alarmed at the vigorous attack made on its bare 11 never miud," and without more ado took a Hyi°g leap through the kitchen window pane, after the mauner of a circus rider negotiating the paper-coverei hoop, landing outside in the twinkling of an eye. It was the good dame's. turn to grow alarmed and the next moment she was bemoaning the damage to her glass. Bang went saxpence" as the Scotsman puts it. Liter on she com- missioned a young man to proceed to Good- wick for the glazier-carpenter, who asked the messenger the size of the broken square, Well," paid he in the vernacular, I don't know the exact measurement, but it's the size of Mrs so and so's pig." Shortly after- wards the carpenter was seen climbing the hill j —:<>«- --v "u sneeu ut glass, a straightedge and a glass-cutter to make good the damage, but it is ten-to-oue if the relative size of the window-pane and pig has yet been solved. This story is founded on fact. Bullock and Buff-rs.—On Tuesday of last week, as the atternoun train from Clynderwen was running between Letterston and Good- wick the butlers of the engine came into con- tact with a bullock from an adjoining field. The train was too close before the animal was sighted to pull up, and the next moment a nasty collision, which shook the carriages, was felt and the unfortunate animal's life ebbed out. The train was brought to a standstill, and after the driver, fireman, and guard had pushed the carcase aside the train proceeded. First G,tsli,rlits.-On Saturday evening last the new shop about to be opened by Mr Rowlands, of Haverfordwest (vide advt), was lit up by gas. This is the first shop to re- ceive the newly-introduced illuminant. Lifeboat.—A meeting of the local Com- mittee of the Fishguard branch of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution was held at the Hope and Anchor Hotel, Goodwick, on Fri- day last, convened for the purpose of meeting the District Inspector, Lieut. Howard F J Rowley, R.N.—There were present Col H E Porter, Captains W Bewan, W Lewis, A G Lewis, and Lewis Williams, Messrs J C Bowen, LI Y Williams, and the hon. secretary, Mr W J Vaughan. The District Inspector reported result of arrangements as to the repeating of the signal at Fishguard.-It was proposed by Mr J C Bowen, and seconded by Capt Bewan, and carried, that the Coastguard tiring the rocket get helper's pay as suggested by the District Inspector.—The subject of new boathouse and slipway arising from the minutes of the last meeting was then referred to when the honorary Secretary reported the result of his interview with Mr Gibson, who could not possibly *be present, and which was to the effect that plans and specifications were now being prepared for a new boathouse and slipway on the present site.—The District Inspector also gave particulars as to what was being done and referred to Section 32 of the Fishguard Bay Railway and Pier Act 1893, and Section 14 of the Fishguard and Rosslare Harbour Railways Act 1899, the provisions of which protected the interests of the Insti- tution so far as the No. 2 life-boat house and slipway were concerned. After some discus- sion the matter was left to stand OVPf for the present.—It was arranged to hold the annual meeting of subscribers next week, and that next quarter the No. 1 lifeboat should be exercised. Arrest.—Patrick Power, a young Irishman, was arrested at Goodwick on Monday last by P.C. Jones, on a warrant, issued across the 4 channel, for larceny. He is detained in the Fishguard Lock-up until the arrival of ar escort from the Irish constabulary. Death.—There died on Sunday last, after a prolonged illness, at Penmyuydd, Sarah Jane Martell, agod 13 years, the daughter of Mr and Mrs John Martell, for whom the deepest sympathy is felt. I There are two ways of making money nowadas. Get a job in the Royal Mint, or buy your food at the O'Connell Cash Stores Goodwick, near the Duffryn Railway Bridge. —Advt.