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FISHGUARD. Now due, a cargo of Beat Large 11">1 Coal.-Apply, Cuthbert Thomas, Fishguari FISHGUARD. Now due, a cargo of Beat Large IU„e Coal.—Apply, Cuthbert Thomas, Fishguari To and from Goodwick. —The owners conveyances plying between Fishguard anc Goodwick station desire us tj announce that from and after July 1st the fare will be 4d each way. In Praise of Fishguard.-A writer who has been descanting upon c. Resorts with Re- cords," says Fishguard, on the noith coast of Pembrokeshire, is unique in more ways than one. It is one of the very few places where seals may still be seeu on the coast. I More curious still, on the headland called Pen Diuas are found a few of the almost extinct Welsh wild gotts Fishguard has also many rare wild birds, and her natives declare, not without reason, that no other plnce in the country has a more equable temperature all the year round. St David's, which is near Fishguard, is the smallest city in the kingdom, its population being only 2,000."—A bit of history ready for revising. Bjard of Guardians —The Guardians met on Wednesday of last week at the Board room, Haverfordwest, when Mr W Geo James, Llysoronen, gave notice that at the next meeting of the Board he would move the following resulutioti :That this Board draws the attention of the Poor Law Con- ference to the desirability of instituting a better system of communication between the Relieving Officers of the Unions of England and Wales, and that the officers be instructed when any question or inquiry is made by a brother officer, to use every endeavour to give reliable information." A very useful resolution and worthy of adoption. Cricket Concert —The attendance at the cricket club concert at the Temperance Hall on Friday evening last was not by any means commensurate with the abilities of the artistes nor adequate to the woithy object, that of augmenting the funds for the new cricket pitch on Penwallis. Several opinions are advanced to account for the descrepancy viz., other less deserving attractions and the growing fastidiousness of local concert goers. There is some truth in the saying that a man never becomes a prophet in his own country. The same principle applied to local musical talent goes far to solve the paucity of mem- bers at the cricket club concert. May be the temptation to spend the time out of doors during the splendid spell of glorious weather overcame the desire for hearing the repetition of tuneful songs and excerpts by the many gifted artistes of the place. In face of these circumstances there can be no question that there is a certain hankering alter out- side talent and this factor doubtless sets up lukewarm appreciation. However,those who attended the finer and more elevating perfor- w vuu c.xiriL/ivivtx of brute force, enjoyed a very pleasant even- ing. The Vicar of Fishguard kindly took the chair in the unavoidable absence of Mr E D Jones, J.P., Tower Hill and London. In his opening remarks he referred to the healthy pastime cricket afforded as a means of recreation and its claim to public support, regretting that there were not more present to give encouragement to the pioneers of the improvements as well as to the artistes, all of whom gave their services gratuitously. Miss Davies, Paris House, opened the programme with a neatly executed piano solo which found deserved appreciation. All the artistes gave pleasing evidence of their ability, each receiving hearty recognition. Mr Scowcroft, of the Letterston Cycle Works, provided the comic element in his usual pleasing style arousing calls of I encore.' Mr W L Williams proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the Vicar for presiding, and to all those who had assisted with the concert. The Vicar, in return, thanked all present for their kind attention, and support of the cricket club. To the arti,tes they owed their hearty thanks for they had given an excellent performance under adverse circumstances. They might have had a longer but not a better programme, but this would be enlarged at their next concert in the course of a month or so. They would quite understand how very difficult it was to speak or sing or play to a compara- tively empty hall. It mattered not how small the building might be if it were filled and only required a dozen to do so; but he was sure they would all go away satisfied at having enjoyed a treat, and those gentlemen who clamoured for encores would receive a bigger thrashing at the wickets than they had done that day (laughter). For himself he was only too pleased to do all he co.uld for the success ot the cricket club, and he bad pleasure in proposing a hearty vote of thanks to the captain (Mr W L Williams) for the interest be always evinced in the sport and the club he coupled the name of the vice- captain, Mr J J Morris, and the secretary Mr T B Evans. The vote of thanks to all who bad taken part was then carried and Mr James Owen gave Hen Wlad fy Nhadau,' C3 the audience joining 10 the refrain. The proceedings then concluded. The programme was as follows: Part I: Pianoforte solo. Miss Davies solo, Alone on the Raft,' Miss Bessie Narbett; solo, 'Lads in Navy Blue,: Mr J. U. Richards; solo, 4 Guiding Light, Miss Lottie Phillips recitation, I Breach of Promise, Mr J. Evans; duett, Very Sus- I picious, Miss Narbctt and Mr J. Owen; Scowcroft. Part II: song, The Shades of the Palm,' Mr A. B. Williams song, Darling,' Miss Nellie Symmons; Tke Bugler,' MR A. J. Stevens reci- tation, Grwraig fach bert yw ngwraig fach *• .VaUs; song, 'Angus Macdonald,' Miss Maggie Bevan; comic song, Mr Scow- croft. Cricket Uub.—The following is a further Ibfc subscriptions to the Cricket Club fund—Mr euhill, 2s (not Is as repoited last week) Dr G. J. Williams, 2" 6d; Mr A. J. Williams, Hong Kong, 10* 6d; J. G. M., 2s; Mr C. J. Radford, 2s; Mr A. B. Williams, 2s 6d; Mr J. M. Guild, 2s (id. Lifeboat.—The following is a list of sub- 15 scriptions received towards the Lifeboat fund Capt W. liewan 5<, Mr J. 15. Howen 10s, Mr J. C. Bowen us, Lord CawdorC2 2s, Miss Clark 10s, Messrs Eaton Evans and Williams 10s 6d, Capt Titus Evans 5s, Rev W. Evans 5a, Mr Owen L. Harries £1 Is, Capt John Howells 5s, Mr O. Jenkins 10s 6d; Mr J. Jenkinson 10s, Rev T Johns 5s, Mr F. Jolly 10s 6d, Mr E. D. Jones XI Is, Lord Kensington f2 2g, Capt A. G. Lewis 5s; Ilev J. A. Owen 10s, Col Porter fl Is, Mr R* P. Reddick £1 Is, Capt D. M. Symmons 5s, Mrs Thomas, Trehale 5s, Mrs M. A. Thomas 5s, Mr W. J. Vaugiian 5s, Mr W. T. Walters 5a, Mr LI. Y. Williams 5s, Mr W. H. Winterbothaill £1 Is, Mr J. C. Yorke £ 1, sums under 5s, £ 3 19: 6d. Half-net proceeds of tho;i! 'ic;il entertainment at the Temperance Hail by Messrs ii ler Stevens' Company, £ 4 half of offertory at the. Cranston Church "harvest festival servic.3, per Mrs Harries, Tregwynt, 10s 8d. Contribution boxes: Com- mercial Hotel 18s lOd, Cornock,hairdresser 21 61d, Glendower Hotel Is, Great Western Hotel 7d, Hope nnd Anchor Is Old, Hotel W yncliffe 3s 3d, No 1 Bott house 5s 7jd, Rose and Crown 3s Id; total, C27 I Is Sd. The annual meeting of subscribers to the Fishguard branch will be held at the Market Hall, Fishguard, on Thursday next, the 7th inst., at 4 o'clock in the afternoon.—The "Secretary of the Parent Institution, in his letter to the honorary Secretary acknowledg- ing the receipt of the balauoe sheet and vouchers of the Fishguard branch, referred to the help of all the local honorary otlicials round the coast who so kindly looked after the branches and stations of the Institution, which he stated was so much valued and appreciated by his committee,and that without the voluntary help which was thus so nni- rormly and zealously given and so thankfully *«ceived it would be quite impossible to mintain aud carry on the great life-saving w0k of the Institution. *«ceived it would ba quite impossible to mintain aud carry on the great life-saving w0k of the Institution. watta Meeting.-A meeting of the Fish- 0 oliaIyRegatta Committee was held on the 0 eveDinof last Thursday at the Commercial Hotel, .1,:1' J. C. Bowen presiding. Capt Symmonsrjroposej and lr T. H. Evans sec- onded that Vegatta be held at Fishguard. I n Lhis created ijve]y discussion and protests froui the Goo^wje]jjan3 present, and who thought it quite unfair that the event should be helk for the third year in succession at Fishguaxd. Mr Roweu explained that the regatta emanated from Good wiek, aud the arrangement was that it should be held alter- nately at Goodwick and Fighguard. An amendment was proposed and seconded that the regatta be held at Goodwick but after prolonged discussion the resolution was car- ried.—It was decided to hold it on Tuesday. August 23rd.-A unanimous vote that Mr Ll. Y. Williams continue as secretary, drew from that very successful official that he would again act conditionally, upon having assistance, thereupon Mr Sausome was elected as assistant-sectetary with Mr Williams—.j^Jr Sansome was also appointed as one of the starters.-It was decided that the first prize in the sailing race be f4, the second f2 and the 3rd Cl. It was also decided on the motion of 'r A. B. Williams to add a swim- ming race for men, distance 100 yards, 1st prize, 7s 61 and 2ud 5s. On the proposition of Mr Vaughan a duck race (with man in punt), was added for a prize of YI.-MR W. L. Williams, C.C., and Mr G. L. Gibson, Harbour Works, were added to the list oi vice presidents, And Drs O'Donnell and Morgan, and Messrs Raymond Carpmael, J. M. Guild, Clarke, A. 0. Robins, A. B. Lewis, W. R. Howells, John McGhan and Capt Acraman were added to the committee. The balance sheet audited and found correct by Mr F. Salmon, was read, shewing a very creditable balance, due to the economical way in which the regatta was managed last year. The credit for this is due to the very able hon sec, Mr LI. Y. Williams, vsho not only provided the public with a capital day's entertainment, but worked it so that the balance in hand exceeds all previous ones by some pounds in fact the statement establish- es a record in every respect, and Mr Williams is deserving of the hearty thanks of all con- cerned. In respect to his able assistants it would be inviduous to mention anyone in particular because everinWiviWu^l official \ narmouiouaiy wittl the prime mover, Mr Williams, with the splendid result above shewn. It only remains for the committee to again pull together to make the regatta ot 1904 equal if not superior to last year's. The crews of the ttawlers now in the bay have intimated their intention of competing for the augmented prizes, which should also attract many others from up and down the coast. The infusion of new members from Goodwick will also materially add to the bright prospects. In short, under the present very bright auspices the regatta day promises to bo one of the red-letter days of 1904 in Fisbguard. Lecture.—Mr W. L. Williams, C.C., was the chairman at a lecture at Ambleston on Tuesday evening last, the lecturer being Dr Gomer Lewis, Swansea, who gave his famous discourse on Ffairy Byd to a fairly numer- ous audience. Cricket.—The following have been selected to represent the Harbour Team on Saturday next in the match with Fish(,,tiarl :-A 0 Robins, A B Edwards, E H Sansom (Capt), Pat Roche, T Ddveraux, J Redmond, W Williams, J Rochford, R Tobin, R Clarke and J Duggan substitute?, G Roche A James, Pat Duggau; R Blake. The match will start at 3.30. Building and Sanication.-It is proposed u' i a<. num^er of workmen's houses at the back of the Brodog, but the project is now at a standstill owing to the difficulty to be faced in the question of proper drainage. I hIS is an important matter to the town and members of the Parochial Committee are requested to meet near the Temperance Hall to-morrow (Friday) afternoon at 6 o'clock to go over the ground, and to decide upon the most .ffecient means of drainage for the pro- posed new houses, so as to enable building Operations being carried out. Coast Defences.—On Tuesday last Col. Waller (commanding Severn Defences), Col Attree, R.N., Major Willan, and Major Welman, from Pembroke Dook, visited Fishguard old fort and the Pier, Mr Clirke, C.E., in the absence of Messrs Gibson and Carpmael, conducting the officers over the wcrks. They afterwards returned to the Commercial Hotel where they stayed until Wednesday morning. Blew down the Spout.- \V riling at a late hour last eveniug a correspondent states that at a recent notable event a party of three were invited to tea after waiting some- time during which they developod a gnawing appetite and a thirst not one of them would sell for half-a-crown. Que chap more famished than his cot"PAuions gyizjd the tea- pot and helped himself lirat, but only mauaged to squeeze out about half a cup of the liquid. As the pot had only just been brought in, he concluded it was full, so he commenced to vigorously blow down the spout of the utensil thinking it might be choked, but his labours were in vain and the pot empty. There was a lottle of ardent spirits close at hand, but only one had the courage to tackle the stuff. Ic was a case of every one for himself that day, &c. Sunday School Treat.-llethel Sunday scholars from Mynachlogddu, paid a visit to Fishguard and Good wick on Weduesday last, arriving early in the day by special train, and spent a very enjoyable time. The Rev W Griffiths, pastor ot Bethel, superin- tended the arrangements. Path-Making.-One wbo frequents Pen- slade for health purposes writes drawing the attention of the Parish Council to the deep grooves cut athwart the paths on Penslade. He says they are nothing but traps set to I injure pedestrians and run the Council into damages for broken limbs, because in tha twilight those w'nos.i chance to trip i!lt,1) one, m'tstaaanrpdiy meet with ac3ideut3 unless extremely c.trefttl. Who is the Parish Council's engineer of public works ? SlIDe retired fe t Captain, I gue ;s, who knows mora of ploughin the main and tramping th" bridge of a steamboat than making pathways on the pimple of earth called Penslade. Any 'prentice liafid aimed with the alphabet road construction ought to know thtt, because a pathway overlooks the sea, it is not nee ess ary to dig trenches in it deep enough to shelter a compauy of rifl-,weu, or hide a pjui- pom. There is no danger of a Japanese invasion just yet. Foresters.—The Newport (Pem) District of Foresters held their half-yearly meeting at the Swan Inn Clubroom on Wednesday, under the presidency of Mr T Lewis, Dolranog. delegates were present from the various courts in the District, and the usual business of a routine character was gone through. At the close of the meeting the officers and dele- gates sat down to a sumptuous dinner, pre- pared by Mrs Evans, who was heartily thanked for the capital spread provided. Our coffee trade is increasing constantly. Only one quality kept-thf1 very best.— Fishguard Supply Stores.