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To the Rev W. Reynolds, Hendre


To the Rev W. Reynolds, Hendre Appended lS the successful poem at Croes- goch Eisteddtod on Whit-Monday last, to the Rev \V. Reynolds, iiendre, for his generosity in presenting to the Baptist Church at C'roes- goeh a plot of ground for the purpose of a graveyard. The author of the poem is Mr W. Howell, schoolmaster, Trevine. Bury the dead, the loved ones sweet, Under the sud beneath our feet Let them sleep in their peaceful bed, Heaven's blue alone overhead Digging graves, disturb not their cot, Leave them there, 'tis a sacred spot, Made sacred through the long, long years, With sighs, and sobs, and bitter tears. Croesgoehiaid weep, there is no room To bury corspc or open tomb The graveyard's tilled, bones in its sod, Ha another acre of God Is freely given—now there's room For all to have their chosen tomb; To sleep their last long sleep so near This sacred shrine, to them so dear. Shall we not weave with leaves and llow'r Crowns for the hero of the hour Shall we not praise the bounteous deed "NMiieli gave this graveyard in our need t Love in the heart speii.s gifts in hands, Gifts countless as the seashore sands Precious as rubies ever rare, To love's sweet objects, free as air. Love does not even keep a note, Nor e'er can name its gifts -by rote It asks us ever while we live, What it can do, what it can give Reynolds! thy love is evergreen, Witness this gift as we have seen: Whate'er sympathies warm thy heart The church has still the warmer part. Croesgoeh, where in the Master's name Thy shining gilts were all aflame Burning with love and holy zeal For Christian faith and sinner's weal. Spirit of Truth, the heavenly dove, Gave life, and zeal, and warmth, and love. Thy comrades then are ever near To thy warm heart, and ever dear. The graveyard given in our need To show thy love is poor indeed, Though poor compared with love and trust Sacred to keep our dear ones' dust. We honour thee 'tis our poor part For gen'rous gift and noble heart, This token of thy love so true Kindles our love to thee anew. Age follows age with din and roar As billows on the pebbly shore, And each its changes awful bring; But all acknowledge Death as king. Centuries long will pass away With all their changes and decay, Ere that grave's dug beneath this sod, The last one in this acre of God. As travellers hail with joy the morn, So generations still unborn Will greet thy gift with heart aflame And honour and revere thy name Who saw their last and pressing need As witness this thy noble deed. Generous deeds like good seeds sown Will each produce its like, its own, In many a good and fruitful field, And harvest great to virtue yield. Example is as true and strong In aid of right as 'tis for wrong, And actions good we all must dejm More glorious far than what they seem. Thus Reynolds dear, thy act of grace In giving froe this sacred place, Is as a rill which joins the flood Of human progress just and good, O 1 blest is he who in his day Assists this progress in its sway, Till earth is full of truth and grace, And virtue beams in every face. "AWEYUD Y GLYN."


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