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Llanwnda Parish Council.


Llanwnda Parish Council. Oll Tuesday evening an ordinary meeting of the above council was held at Henner Schoolroom. The following councillors were present Messrs \V Reynolds (chairman), J C Bowen, J W Llewhelin, David Lewis, Jas. Thomas, John Williams, D H Perkins, David John, W. Williams and H. Howell (clerks- Messrs Vincent Johns and Thomas James at- tended as members of the Parochial Commit- tee.—The minutes having been read and con firmed the Clerk read letters with reference to Goodwick Common from Messrs Radcliffe, Cater & Hood, and the Clerk to the District Council. The proposed agreement between the local authority and the company was approved of and the Clerk was directed to make the fact known to the committee at Haverfordwest. This matter having been disposed of the Clerk distributed a number of ordnance sheets among the members, showing the area of the proposed special drainage district for Good- wick, We boundary indicated by a continu- ous red line. The Llan woda Parish Counc I was asked to furnish the District Council with particulars as to the area and population of Lbe parish, and of the parts of the parish which would be respectively within and with- out the proposed special drainage district After the red line' had been carefully fol. lowed Ly those interested in the area the Chairman inviteJ discussion upon the ques- tion then before the meeting. It soon became evident, however, that there existed consi- derable divergence of opinion with regard to this important matter. Some believed that the area was too large, others thought that it was too small. Some maintained that the proposals of the committee were very unjust, whilst others were of opinion that the work )f the committee was not open to criticism. Ultimately, it was resolved that the Clerk be nstructed to inform the District Council that :he area was accepted but that the Parish Jouucil respectfully suggested to the com- mittee the advisability of including a portion )f Manorowen pirish.-We understand that :he landlord—the Rev T Johns, M.A.-raises 10 objection to the inclusion of the portion in Manoiowen parish. Obstruction.—A letter was read from Mr Win Thomas, shoemaker, Goodwick, in which Je complained of certain obstructions which were placed on tht roadway near his dwell- ing house. The matter not being within the sphere of the Parish Council was referred to Lhe Highway Board. <

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