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TREY LVE. Presentations-It was rumoured some time ago that two of the members of the Trevine Improvement Committee were to be present ed with testimonials as a token of respect and esteem, viz,, the R.*v T v u:„ iQa^_ —w A I u uucOj uu UJO M ^irCa r an°ther sphere of usefulness, and Mr W H Thomas, on the occasion of his marriage.—The presentation as far as Mr Jones was Concerned took place on the 27th inst. The following members were pre- sent—Messrs Tom Williams, J W Evans, J John, Ralph Davies, J Price, J Phillips, fl John, T V Jones, W Howell (chairman), and Miss Dorothy Thomas, secretary.-The, Chair- man, in opening the proceedings, said that he was sorry the testimonials were not more valuable so as to express more adequately their appreciation of the garvices of their friends. He hoped Mr Jones would accept the present as a smal] tokeu of their good feelings and good wishes." T Williams expressed his sorrow at M' Jone3' departure and wished him happiness In bis new sphere of labour.—Mr J John coupled the name of Mrs Jones in his wlshes for their future wel- fare and prosperity "I their new home.— Mr J. W. Evans siid he was glad to be present when the testimonial was given, but felt that there was an undertone of sadness in the meeting at rdr Jones' leaving.— Mr J i,e Price expressed his Sorrow that Mr Jones was leaving, aod wished him every success in his new spbere;Other members followed in the same otrain.-The presentation was then made bf Miss D Thomas. It consisted of a writing desk with the following inscrip- tion o presented to T V Jones by the -I'r-e- vine Improverueut Coiqunittee." Mr Jones feelin,lf reP led and thanked his friends for the leslmoUlal, and said that he grieved in his bei;"t to part from Trevine.—He valued the gift not so much for its intrinsic value as for tl1 good feelings and good wishes of 0 whi^ 't Was an expression,"—It is but right to that a few friends outside the Com- mjftee, as well as the members, contributed towards the testimonials. If you want a cup of ieally delicious tea uy ours at 2s 6d per lb. It is economical besides, goes twice as far.- Fishguard Supply Stores.