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FISHGUARD. | Due this week, per ketoh Woodcock, a cargo of Freystrop Culm. -Cuthiert Thomas, Fishguard. Cricket.To-morrow (Friday) afternoon, at 2.30, the Married v. Single cricketters play a match as follows, on the new fitdd at Pen- wallis :—Married—Rev W. Evans, W. L. Williams, F. Richardson, F. A. Davies, J. R. Richards, Dr G. J. Williams, O. Gledhill, E. J. Radford, D. P. Lewis, L. Ev.ins, R. Howarth. Single.—J. J. Morris, A. B. Williams Dr O'Donnell, G. C. Howolls, T. H. Narbett, J. L. Lloyd, G. A. Watson, T. Walsh, D. Jones, S. Jones. As this is the first match at the new pitch there should be a large crowd to watch the fun. Drunkenness. At a special session on Monday last, before Dr J. Morgan Owen and Mr W. S. Jenkins, a tramp named John Murphey, was brought up on a charge of being drunk and disorderly on Fishguard Square on Saturday last, and sentenced to twelve days hard labour.-P.C. Rowlands proved the case.—Michael White, another tramp, was sentenced to fourteen days im- prisonment with hard labour for being drunk and disorderly on the highway near Letter- sbon on Sunday last.- P.C. Jeukins proved the case. Property Sale.—Mr W L Williams, auction- eer, conducted a very successful sale of free- hold property at the Commercial Hotel on Thursday last, at which the attendance was very large.—Lot 1, comprising yard, stabling and premises in Kensiiigton-street, let at f2, was sold to Mr J \1 Owen, haulier, for £ 60. Lot 2, a field in Wallis-street, rental £ 5 15 s sold to Mr J R Richards, butcher, for £ 180. Lot 3, storehouse, premises and land, in Wallis-street, rental 9.5; sold for Y,150 to Mr J R Richards. Lots 4 and 5, comprising of a cottage and two gardens, were sold to 9 t, Mr W Ro-ve, Hill Terrace, for f50 and Y,40 respectively, the combined rental being f3. Lot 6, now let as a workshop to Mr T Eynon, yn Wallis street, at a rental of £ 1, was sold to Mr Morris Eynon for £ 25 Lots 7 and 8, thiee cottages and gardens, let at 91 each lot, were sold to Mr S G Jones, Pontypridd, for £,57 10s and X52 10s respectively. Lot 9, cottage and garden, let at f2, sold to Mr David Williams, wheelwright, for £ 52 10s. Lot 10, cottage and garden, £3 10s rental, was sold to the tenant, Miss ElizibethRoberts, for £80. Lot 11, cottage and garden in Wallis-street, let at f5, sold for £100 to Mr T Cornock, Penpistill. Lot 12, cottage and garden in Wallis street, let at C4, sold to Mrs Reynhart, Wallis, for f,140.-Lot 13, cottage and garden, in Wallis-street, let at j64 lOs, sold to Mr W Paterson for il57 10s, —Sold privately before the sale, cottage and premises at bottom of Wallis street, to Mr pr Arthur Rees, Efopewalk, for X 175 this lot is let at f 5 yearly.- Mr A B Williams was solicitor for the vendor. SuccesfI. Locdl readers of the London Daily Chronicle," will evince some satisfac- tion in the knowledge that the night editor of that influential paper is Mr Harry Jones, of Llanelly, a young journalist who won dis- tinction under Mr T. P. O'Connor on the staff of the Sun." Mr Jones has just relin- quished the important position of managing- editor of the Plymouth Daily Mercury." He is one of three very clever boys who com- menced at the lowest rung of the journalistic ladder at Llanelly; one other is Mr Dd Davies, editor of the "Swansea Post." Ply. OT,it'iiat-is of every political and religious journalist and gentlemen, at a brilliant gath- ering held recently at the Royal otel, Ply- rtou-h. His brother, Mr Brinley Jones, is the successful editor of the Llanelly Guardian." Death.—There died on Wednesday mo n- ing at Slade, John John, aged about 25, the son of Mr and Mrs T John, after an illness extending over many months. Deceased was up to lately a labourer on the Pier Works. Paralysis was the cause of death. At Llanelly.—A native of Fishguard, tVTrs M A Barnes, daughter of Capt and Mrs George, High-street, succumbed on Friday last at Llanelly, at the early age of 36, after a severe illness. At the funeral, which took place on Monday last at the Llanelly Ceme tery, the officiating minister was the Rev T Phillips, son of Mrs Phillips, Main-street, Fishguard, and in his remarks at the grave- side said that he had known the deceased as a play-mate and at school, and ever possessed characteristics that caused woman to shine brightest in the world's esteem. At the last closing scene, said Mr Phillips, deceased felt herself entering the I Fold of the Good Shep- o herd.' That was a beautiful expression, and shewed her undying faith to the end. There were numerous wreaths, and the attendanoe was large Deceased leaves a husband and two children to mourn their sad loss. Capt and Mrs George have taken care of the motherless children. Cricket Concert To-morrow (Friday) evening a concert in aid of the funds for the new cricket pitches at Penwallis will be given at the Temperance Hall, some very able talent will be in evidence, and it is to be hoped that the good folk will rally round and support this local organization for a purely local and worthy object, in preference to out- side entertainments of a private speculative character. In reference to a so-called sacred concert at the Temperance Hall last Sunday evening An Observer expresses surprise to find even a few worshippers who call them- selves Christians patronising such shows on the Sabbath. Both the Vicar and several of the ministers gave timely advice for the guid- ance of their respective flocks, but some erred, notwithstanding. Some of the Ii sacred concerts are more like penny gaffs in a city slum than anything else, and those who patronize such add nothing to their credit. Gas Stoves.—The following might prove of interest to our local readers Replying to a correspondent on the utility of gas stoves in warm weather the Editor of "Our Home" says You will find no difficulty in keeping your kitchen cool if you employ a gas stove during the hot weather, You should apply to the gas company of your district, and if you have the gas laid on in the house you will be able to hire a gas stove for a small quarterly payment. If you have no gas in the house, and feel that you hardly like to go to the expense of buying the fittings and having the gas brought in, take advantage of the com- pany s slot meter stove. With the use of such a stove a higher charge is made for the gas supplied, but the difference in price pays the company for their expence in putting in the gas with its fittings and the stove. You can have a stove which takes a penny in the slot, or a shilling in the slot, and when the gas which either coin purchases has been con- sumed, the meter automatically cuts off the supply, until another coin is added. The light does not cease suddenly, for a gradual lowering of the light gives warning that more money is required. The South Metropolitan Gas Company was the first one to adopt the system, and the popularity of the slot meter can be judged by the fact 'that in 1892, whef they were first installed, they produced £ 17^> in coppers, and six years later the increa^ number produced X183,600, and every f°?r finds an increase in the number of metetS in use." Finest Sowil g Ripe St el.—FisVSuar<^ Supply Stores. The Rev j. T. Evans, rector of Slow, Gloucester, who is on h;s annual holiday visit, preached ably at Grauston Ohuroh, on Sun- day morning last. Accident.—Mr Tom Perkins, Hendrewen, whilst at Newport fair on M mdltY last, re- ceived a tremendous kick from a colt on one of his ler;s, narrowly escaping fatti injury. Dr Havard was at once in attendance on Mr Perkins and, after restoratives had been ap- plied, he was able to return horns, where he is slowly recovering from his somewhat severe injuries. Police Inspection, Yesterday (Wednes- day), the whole of the North Pembrokeshire Division of Constabulary paraded at the Police Station, and drilled by Police-Sergt. Carr, and afterwards inspected by Capt Perry and the Chief Constable, Mr T. Ince Webb-Bowen, the Deputy-Chief, Mr Phillips, being also present. The men presented a smart appearance and favourably impressed their superior officers. Cells, books, &o., were subsequently inspected, and everything found in splendid order. Messrs Stewart and Owen's Pierrott's are expected to visit Fishguard next week and 0 give a series of open-air concerts on Penslade There are two ways of making money nowadis. Get a job in the Royal Mint or buy your food at the O'Connell Cash Stores. Goodwick, near the Duffryn Railway Bridge. —Advt. ?5 Cricket Club.— i he following is a further list of subscriptions to the funds of the Cricket Club: Mr J. W. Evans, ironmonger, 2s 6d Mr A. J. Stevens, West-street, 2s 6d Mr W J Vau-luiu, 4s 6d Mr W T b lunibs, 5s Dr Morgan, 5s Dr O'Donnell, 10s; Mr WR Wiili:t,tis, E.yl)t, 10s 6d Rev W Evans, 5s Mr W i Moi-ris, Letterston, 5s Mr Owen Philipp" Amroth Castle, 10s 6d; Mr Gledhill, is Rev W P Jones 2s 6d Capt 1) M Syininons, 2s.