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Local M P's and the Licensing…

Pembrokeshire Light Railway.



Marwolaeth Mr James John Dayies,…




Men's Cure Free



Importsnt Announcement. 1 T. Pticliai'ds Son, 1 TAILOB3 cSz LETTERSTON, Beg to inform their numerous customers that they have just received a fresh Consignment of NEW GOODS FOR SPRING AND SUMMER We can always supply the followingCord Trousers, from 4s 6d to 7s 6d Rainproof Coats, from 14s 6d to 21s; Cloth Suits, 20s to 30s, but we can't re- commend them, and no honest tradesman would ever think of doing so. There might be Drapers who have the conscience to push goods of this class as all- wool garments, when they know them to be nothing better than rubbish. We recommend the followingCord Trousers, 9s 6d to 10s 6d; Suits, 35s to 45s and upwards Rainproof, 25s to 40s Ordinary overcoats, 35s to 45s. We now hold the Best and Largest Stock of Cloths in North Pembrokeshire. In soliciting the kind Patronage of the readers of this announcement T. 0 RICHARDS & SON guarantee that every garment will be made up and dealt with under their personal supervision. W. 0. TholIlaS i The Leading" Draper, _1.. I=L I JLa ~W "ST HlOUSE] FISH GUARD. SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS. I A more Dainty and Tasteful Selection never shown. Charming Models from the Leading Designers of Fashions. Dress Goods. Dress Goods in the latest fashions. Beautiful Art Shades. A choice assortment in stock of the newest Materials. I Have Openea A NEW DEPARTMENT IN DRESS MAKING where the best syles can be obtained at moderate prices, being the work of highly qualified hands. Beautiful assortment of pretty Blouses and Dress Skirts. Our fine new Stock will be found correct in every detail, and very Smart and Stylish. y We are now showing the latest creations in London and Parisian Millinery, including all new Trimmings, Infants' Dresses and Millinery of every description. Our Gent's Departments are now well stocked. All Mourning Orders promptly executed. Suits to measure jrom 25s. An early inspection of my new goods is specially invited. We Lead—Others Follow. Mr D. Davies, of Wolfscastle, won First Prize at Tenby Sports on May 23rd, in the One Mile Open Scratch Bicycle Race Riding one of my make Machines. If you wish to leave all Riders behind you must ride Jenner's Special, which runs like a dream. Machines Built of B.S.A. or Eadic Fittings, from £ 10. Plated Rims, //Free Wheel, Two Rim Brakes, in- XXfj? eluding Bowden Back Rim Brake v and a]1 Accessories. Frame built of ..Ml\W.Double Butfced Tubes and Genuine B.S.A. Back Stay Tubes. Accessories of every description Stocked. —MOTORS OF ANY POWER BUILT TO ORDER — Trial Runs can be arranged.—Call and Inspect my Goods before going elsewhere Price and Quality cannot be beaten by other Firms. ° REPAIRS EVERY DESCRIPTION UNDERTAKEN. Note only Address— JESasr3M3ES3E=t, Motor and Cycle Works Tne Square, Lettorston. HEALTH AND STRENGTH. Nature's Best gifts are those that contribute towards health and I- strength. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. The active principle of the best remedial agents (Sarsapar- illa, Burdock, Gentian, Lavender, Saffron, Dandelion, and Quin- ine) constitute Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Gwilytn Evans' Quinine Bitters. Health has many handmaidens, and all depend on strength of nerve and muscle. We exact too much from these in the daily competitive struggle for success in life, and we have to suffer in consequence Indigestion, Weakness, Nervousness, Flatulence, Low Spirits, Sleeplessness, Neuralgia, Loss of Appetite, Chest Affections, Liver Complaints. The Best Remedy is Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Beware of Imitations. See the name Gwilym Evans on Label, Stamo and Bottle. bold everywhere in bottles, 2s 9d and 48 Gd each, or will be forwarded carriage free, on receipt of stamps, direct from the Proprietors, Quinine Bitters Manu- facturing Company, Limited, Llanelly, South Wales. The 4 ECHO 5 has by far a larger circulation than any other local newspaper and this fact should not be overlooked by business people. For General Printing Work the equipment of our Office is not surpassed, if equalled, by any office in the county—everything being up-to-date, and all work under the supervision of the Proprietor. Our work speaks for itself and the unsolicited patronage we receive is a sufficient guarantee we give our customers satisfaction in workmanship and charges.