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Temperance Meetings at Fishguard.

The New Jabes in the Gwaun.





CRICKET. FISHGUARD v. HARBOUR C.C. Favoured again with glorious weather Fisbguard met the Harbour C C. at Penrhiw on Saturday afternoon last. Winning the toss Fishguard went in first and negotiated 65 runs for all oat. The most prominent of the Fishguard team were the Vicar, Mr F. Richardson, and Mr J J Morris. Mr A 0 Robins was again swift and sure accounting for six wickets in business-like style. Thus at the outset it was clear that, given ordin- ary luck, the Harbour team would have little difficulty in gaining the victory over el y Fishguard who, like the man who fell out of the balloon, would not be in it. However, the fates were against the Harbour ou this occasion for when the champion wielder's turn come to bat he was run out with only five to his credit. A thumping blow for the Harbour, but a good-send to Fishguard who II breath'd again," confident that they could dispose of the remnants in fairly easy fashion. Rashfori, who hitherto has shown good form, fell an early victim to T. H. Narbett's shots so that the chief burden fell on Pat Roche to pull the chesnuts out of the fire, that player running up a total of 24 before being bowled by the uneiring T H Narbett who gave a very creditable display. Messrs J J Morris and Howard Evans were also much to the fore so that Fishguard had every reasoa to feel confident, and notwithstanding the steady play of the two or three Harbour batsmen the latter all out for 53, leaving the visitor victors by 12 runs, the second substantial win for Fishguard this season. Narbett took no less thin five wickets, Morris and Owen one each. Three of the Harbour meu were run out. a J Howells again shewed his fitness as wicket-keeper on this occasion, only five extras accruing to the Harbour. The popular game is likely, taking the merits of y 11 the respective local teams, to regain some of its former vigour in North Pembrokeshire this season, especially if the splendid facilities offered for practise are taken advantage of, besides the infusion of new blood has stimula- ted the action of many of the older players and the close of the season ought to show a record to be looked upon with pride. Is it necessary to remind gossip-mongers to lestrain their ill-natured criticisms in respect to those who are endeavouring to popularise the pastime ? It is to be hoped not and, if they are not disposed to encourage let them hold their peace. Duties connected wiih such organizitions are in the main gratuitous and the least critics can do is to encourage, remembering that evil is wrought by want of thought as well as want of heart. FISHGUARD. Rev W. Evans, b A. O. Robins 10 Howard Owen, b Robins 3 F. Richardson, b Robins 9 r. H. Narbett, b Robins 0 A. B. Williams, b Robins 6 A. J. Stephens, c Edwaids, b Redmond 4 E. A. Watson, c andb Redmond 3 J. J. Morris, not out 7 C. J. Howells, b Robins 2 T. B.Evans, runout 2 It. NV. Troivsdalc, b Edward. 1 Extras 18 65 HARBOUR C.C. A. O. Robins, run out "5. H. Dellar, b H. Owen U Rashford, b T. H. Narbett 4 Pat Roche, b Narbett 24 A. Edwards, c Rev W Evans, b Narbett U W. Williams, run out 0 It. Tobin, run out 0 Bob Clarke, c Watson, b Narbett 8 Pat Duggan, b Narbett. (j Jack Duggan, c H Owen, b Morris 1 Redmond, not out 0 Extras 5 53

Fishguard Drainage Scheme.



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Family Notices



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