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ALLSOPP & SONS, BASS & CO., and other. >v^N%c> r of the finest ^vVV^ -S\\ X'Vvf, Sy\ BURTON X £ \'SV V\ ALES Kilderkin Slrkin 21s 103 6d > £ C^ 24a 12a N. ON. And upward* XC30 a1£5 bt? ^urtxon. AUCTION A IjJj()) NtTMKNTS. Messrs ALEXANDER, DANIEL, SELFE, & CO. Engineering Plant. Ac., at Bristol..Bee. 4, 5, and 6 Messrs BEYNON & MEAGER. freehold Public-house, at Swansea Nov. A family Ke.sider.ce. at Swansea • • • WoT- 11 Messrs BOWLING BROTHERS. DSal Wood, at Pembroke Dock Dec. 2 Mr W. BRADLEY. Household Furniture, at Cardiff No*. 25 MeLrs GOTTWALTZ & BO WRING. Horses, &c at Cardiff Sov' oz Dutch Bulbs, at Rooms N°v. 23 Paintings. Ac., at Cardiif Dec^ is & b Fat Stock, at Cardiff _Dec. 17 Messrs W. & S. HERN. roDerties. at Cardiff .Nov. 29 Valuable Properties, at Cardiff .Dec. 2 Messrs HOWARD <fc KING. 800k Debts, at Pontypridd Nov. 28 Messrs JENKINS, CLARKE, and CO. Properties, at Cardiff Dec. 3 Messrs KENNARD & CO. Musical Instruments, &c., at Cardiff Nov. 27 & 28 Mr LATTY. Horses, Cobs, Ponies, &r.. at Cardiff Nov. 23 Bicycles and Tricycles, at Cardiff Nov. 27 Messrs J. M. LEEDER & SON Household Furniture, &c.. at Swansea Nov. 28 Mr HENRY LEWIS. Freehold Land, at Hirwain Nov, 27 Mr ARTHURS. T. LUCAS. Freehold Properties, at Llaniiilo .Dec 4 Messrs J. G. MADDOX and CO. Furniture, Pianos, Ac., at R Nov. 26 and 28 Mr A. NEWLAND. Coppice Woods, at Newport Nov. 23 Messrs PARSONS and ROBJENT. Double-licensed Hotel, &c., at Newport.Dec. 4 Hotel and Premises, at Newport — ..Dec. 4 Mr JOHN SAMUEL. Leasehold Property, at Cardiff — 5 Messrs SHORT and DUNN. Steam Winch, at Cardiff Nov. 25 Oil Paintings, atCard,f( Dec. 11 Messrs STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER Swedes, Mangolds, Hay, &:c., at Llanishen. Nov jo Plant, Materials, &c., at Leckwitb Common ..Nov. £ Colliery and Brickworks, at Cardiff. Nov. id Leaseholds and Goodwill, at Cardiff iNov. „o Mr C. L. SWEETING. Household Furniture, &c., at Cardiff Nov. <LO Mr DAVID THOMAS. Did China, Paintings, &c., at Laugharne.Dec. 2&3 Mr W. THORNE. Freehold & Leasehold Property, at. Bridgend.Nov. 30 Mr THOMAS WEBBER. Sale of Property, at Cardiff Nov. 28 Mr WILLIAM WOODWARD. Leasehold Property, at Penarth Nov. 26 Messrs YORATH and GILL. Hotel, at Cardiff Nov. 25 SALE OF VALUABLE HOUSES IN CARDIFF AND PENARTII. MESSRS W. and s. HERN win SELL by AUCTION, at the Royal Hotel, Cardiff, on FRIDAY, November 29th, ltScS, at Seven o'clock in he Evening, subject to conditions of Sale, the follow- tog valuable PROPERTIES, NAMELY :— Lor 1.—Detached FAMILY RESIDENCE, situate In Newport-road, Cardiff, and known as "The Laurels.' having a frontage or 4 feet, or thereabouts, to the Newport-road. The house is well built, and Contains drawing-room, dining-room, morning-room, large billiaru-roo:n (31ft. 6in. by 16ft. Bin.), eight bed- rooms, and good offices term 9U years, from 25th March. 1880 ground rent, £ 16 10s. LOT 2.-AB that DWELLING-HOUSE on the corner of Cliff-street and Earl's-street, Penarth rent, 12s lease for 9i) years, tr ia 1st May, looi LOT 3.-No. là, Eir's-street, Penarth lease 99 years, from 1st May. 1883 ground rent, £25:>. LOT 4 —No. 112, Craddock-skeet; let at 8 6d per Week; lease 99 years, from 25th March, 1884, a.t a yearly ground rent of B2 ltls. For furth"r particulars, and to view the premises, apply to the Auctioneers, 72. St. Mary-street, Cardiff. Dated November 8th, 1889. 9128 FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES AT WOODV1LLE-ROAD, CATHAYS LOUDOUN- SQUARE AND SEVERN-UO AD, CARDIFF. MESSKS W. & S. HURN have received instructions to SELf. by PUBLIC AUCTION it the Royal Hotel, Cardiff, on MONDAY, 2nd December, 1889, at Seven o'clock p.m., the following Valuable PROPERTIES, subject to Conditions of Sale, viz. :— Lor J. -Ill that well-built and commodious DWELLING-HOUSE. being No. 97. Woodville-roait. Cardiff, producing the yearly rental of and held for a term of 99 years, computing trom 2nd February, 1875, and subject to an apportioned yearly ground Lor 2—4.11 that woll-built and commodious DWELLING HOUS H. being 101, Woodville-road, Cardiff producing the yearly rent of £ 2 and held for same term as Lot 1, at an apportioned yearly grour.d tent of S5 3s lid. 31, LOUDOUN-SQUARE, a well-built bouse, let at £ 36 per year. 11t:ht for the rèl11,inclljr of a term of 99 years at a ground rent of £3 6s. LOT 4.-All that FREEHOLD HOUSE, containing 2 kitchens, 2 pai'li urs, 4 bedrooms, and hot and cold bath, with a capital garden, being No. 157, Severn- road, Cardiff. The Auctioneers would direct special attention of apiralists to the above property. Further information ItS to Lots 1 and 2 of D- Robert Lewis, Esq., 43, Glebeland-street, Merthyr Tydfil; or sis is the whole of the lots of the Auctioneers, 72, St, Mary tardilr. 9145 DUKE-STREET AUCTION ROOMS. CARDIFF. Dn TUESDAY and THURSDAY, November 26tli and 28th, 1889, commencing each day at Two o'clock preciely „ MESSRS. J. G. MADDOX & CO. are .l' instructed to include in the above Sales a 'Ipecially selected consignment of HOUSEHOLD APPOINTMENTS, Jomprising several full-compass pianofortes in walnut ■"iases (by D'Alniaine and Co. and others), massive 'walnut, oak, and mahogany dining-room suites in Wat her walnut drawing-room suites, variously up- iiolstered; rosewood inlaid and other cabinets, with tarved and other sideboards to match; suites, dining And other tables, iron and brass bedateads with fceading, bedroom suites in walnut, duchesse toilets ind wardrobes en suite, and the usual dining, drawing, and bedroom requisites. On view mornings of Sale, All entries for these Sales must be made not later ban day prior to sale at the Auctioneers' Offices aud Salerooms, 25, Duke-street, Cardiff. u_- Ill 1 PORT OF CARDIFF. MESSRS SHORT and DUNN are instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, 011 JUONDAY NEXT, 25th November, ](389, at a Ware- house near Messrs Williams, Thomas and Co. s Office, fioD the west side of the West Bute Dock, Cardiff, 1 POWERFUL FRICTION STEAM WINCH (French make), in good order, lift 4 to 5 tons. 2 bTEAM CRANES. Several Coils of Coir Rope, from 9 to inches. The sale will take place at three p.m. 9191 The goods may be seen on the morning of the day of Bale, and for further particulars apply to the Auc. tioneers, Rute Docks, Cardiff. STATION TERKACE IODD 'Site the Taff Vale Railway station) and WELLING'ION-STR KET, CANTON. MESSRS JKNKINS, CLAUKE, & CO. have been instructed by the beneticiairesnnder the wiil of the late Thos. Williams, deceased, te SELL by AUCTION, at the Royal Hotel Cardiff, 011 TUES- DAY, the 3rd day of December, lb89, at 7 o'clock in tha evening, the following PHCi — STATION-TERRACE. LOT I.-Ail that COltNLlt SHOP, HOUSE, and; PREMISES, with Bake-house atul Yard attached, being; INo. 5, Lower Station-terrace, opposite the la it Vale Railway Stitiou, let at a yearly rental amounting Tins Lot is situated in a rapidly improving position. The Shop could much enlarged and improved if thought desirable. ,T LOT l.—All that private DWELLING-HOUsE and PREMISES adjoiuing Lot J. known as No. é, Lower Station-terrace, let at a weekiy rental of 10s, the land- lord paying all rates and taxes. Lots are held for 90 years, from the 29th September, 1855, and will be sold subject to the apportioned giouud rents of £ 3 4s ud as to Lot 1 and £2 as to Lot 2. WELLINGTON-STREET, CANTON. LOT ,).-All that coiner SHOP. HOUSE, and PRE- MISES known as No. 88, Wellington-street, with the Yard <.nd Stabies therein, for ma.ny years in the occu- pation of Messrs G. Jefferies and Sou, Oil Merchants, at a rental of £28 per annum. LOT 4.—All that DWELLIhO-IIOUSE, COAL- YARD STABLE, and PREMISES, and known a.s No. 87, Wellington-street, aifjoihmj the last. lot, in the occupation of Mr Thomas Jones, coal merchant, ou an old tenancy, at the very low ot £2:5 per aaauin. Lots 3 and 4 are held for a term of 99 years, from the 1st day of May, 186D, and will be -sold subject to apportioned ground rents of ~>2 15s tor each lot. TO VIEW, npply to the respective tenants, and for further particulars to Frank H. William^, Esq. Solici- tor, 4, «Jhurch-street, Cardiff; or Messrs ltiddell, Vaizey, and Co., Solicitors, 9, John-street, Bedford- row, London; or to the Auctioneers, Philnarmonic- chambers, Cardiff. _Dated Novombsr 18th, 1889. SALE THIS DAY. ON SATURDAY, NOV 23rd, 1889, at Two o'clock. Aud EVERY SATURBAY until further notice. SALE of HORSES, COBS, PONIES, etc., by AUCTION, at LATTY'S, Cardiff. Present Entries .2 Horses from T. Williams, Esq., Pengam 2 powerful Cart Horses, the property of a Farmer, who may bj referred to. Also Entries from Messrs Shaw, Lewis, Morgan, Williams, and others also Ten Sets Pony, Cob, and Full-size Harness, &c. Early entries are respectfully solicited. Entrance Fee, including Borough Toll, 3s 6d. 3V.JJ.—Dogs anil Poultry may also be included. Particulars on Friday. 9125 On WEDNESDAY, NOV. 27TH, 1889. SALE OF BICYCLES & TRICYCLES. -The Last Sale of the Season, of loo BICYCLES AND TRICYCLES, by AUCTION, at LATTY'S, Cardiff. entries should be made by Saturday next. Machines may be sent in at once. Entrance fee, Is 6d. 9026 WHO IS YOUR BILLPOSTER at W Aberdare? MICHAEL PAINE, Billposter, Distributor, and Advertising Agent 25' Cardiff-street, Aberdare, rents the principal posting-stations in Aberdare and district. Contracts made quarterly or yearly. Good accommodation for ttavellers, &c I Also agent tor Guion and Co. Mai) Steamers. 35iO 1352 nlt5 h1! faction. SALE THIS DAY. SECOND AUTUMN HUNTEH SALE SATURDAY, 23Rt) NOVEMBER 18S9 MESSRS GOTT WALTZ & BOWHING iTJL will SKLL by AUCTION, at the Horse Ex. change, Cardiff, on the above <iate HUNTERS, HARNESS HORSES, COBS, AND PONIES, Including ? ™»feHUN the property of T. Wall, Esq, o HIIVTOO^' Pr°Perty of F. L. Phillips, Esq. .i J 1 the property of J. Thomas, Esq. Also, ENTIRES, from j. II Kiain, Esq., Lady Jacksoo.R. Manning, Esq., J. W. A. Stevens, Esq., J. G; f homas, Esq., F. Lane, Esq, E. Jenkins, Esq,, R. Griffiths, Esq., and J. M. Atkin, Esq. 12 HORSES, the property of the Cardiff Tramway Company. Catalogues may be bad of the Auctioneers. 8884 SALE THIS DAV. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 23RD, 1883. CLEARANCE SALE OF FINE DUTCH BULBS, ALL WARRANTED TRUE TO NAME AND COLOUR, Consisting of EXTRA FINE DOUBLE and SINGLE HYACINTHS ior gJass, pots, or bedding choice mixed Narcissus, Crocus, finest named Tulips, S'cilla, Siberica, choice Iris, Ranunculus. IVFESSRS GOTT WALTZ & BO WRING -L*JL will SELL by AUCTION, attheir Sale-rooms. 11, High street, Cardiff, ou the above date, at 3 o'clock. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneers. 9123 ON THURSDAY AND FRIDA Y, 5TU & 6TH DEC. Large Unreserved Sale of FURNITURE and House- hold Appointments. Valuable Ornaments, Real Bronzes, Electro-plate. A COLLECTION of PAINTINGS and DRAWINGS, A FIRST-CLASS BILLIARD-TABLE, by THURSTON (with fittings), Oak Hall Furniture, and other House- hold Requisites. 'JVFESSRS GOTT WALTZ & UOWRING XvJL have received instructions to SELL by AUC- TION, at their Sale Rooms, 11, High-street, Cardiff, on THURSDAY and FRIDAY. December 5th and 6th, 1889, commencing at 11 o'clock each day. the above EXCELLENT APPOINTMENTS, COLLECTION OF MODERN PAINTINGS, «&c.„ removed from a large residence by order of the mortgagee), and from a residence in Plymouth-road, Penarth. The Contents of TEN Bedrooms include SUITES in MAHOGANY. ASH. and WALNUT, with handsome Bedstealls in massive brass, some with bed furniture handsome Wardrobes with plate-glass doors, Toilet Tables on pedestals and leg supports, Brussels Carpets and Hearth Rugs. AGRAND WALNUT BEDCHAMBER SUITE (lined). a MASSIVE BRASS BEDSTEAD, hair stuffed mattresses, feather bedding, bed linen. toilet ware, excellent wardrobes, chests upon chests, carpets shaped to rooms, bath-, Ac,, The DRAWING-ROOM FURNITURE, including suites of expensive curtains, settees and chairs in early English style in cost:y covering, a MOST EXPENSIVE INLAID CABINET, with back to correspond; an AMBOZNA WOOD BONHEUR DH-JOUR. INLAID WITH SEVRES CHINA PLAQUES a PAIR of TULIP WOOD JARDINIERES, a VEKY FINE INLAID SECRETARE with numerowI drawer-s a WALNUT WOOD DAVENPORT, an old inlaid dressing glass, centre writing and other tobies, a find old inlaid fold- ing table, a ROSEWOOD OVERMANTEL, Wilton pile carpats.a NEARLY NEW 7-OOTAVE IRON FRAME COTTAGE PIANOFORTE by Collard and Collard, music cabinets, SEVERAL WALNUT CHAIRS in COSTLY NEEDLEWORK, a Sheraton tire screen and pair of mirrors in ivory frames, two Persian tables inlaid with ivory, A SPLENDIDLY-FURNISHED DINING ROOM in pollard oak, the furniture i¡,¡ of finely figured wood, a óit. 6in. SIDEBOARD, of beautiful design, a MASSIVE DINING TABU;, a SUITE of CHAIRS and COUCH upholsteted in real morocco, a Wellington pedestal nest of drawers, a dinner wagon, a coal vase, a CHIMNEY GLASS in CARVED FRAME, a LARGE TURKEY CARPET, clocks, and ornamental fringe ana china, a pair of fenders and irons, a Chinese han gong on oak stand, a very VALUABLE OLD SPODE DINNER SERVICE of 100 PIECES, &c. THE OIL PAINTINGS AND WATER COLOUR DRAWINGS, include examples by Mtirilln, £ rawer, Onladi, J, Morgan, D. Cox, Arinfield. Davits, Birkct, Fosttr, C. Stantfleld, R.A., T. B. Hardy, Dc Wint, Berghcm, G. Morland, J) Hautel, and others. A SMALL COLLECTION OF OLD CHINA, Embracing a Set of Three Matchless Satsuma Vases, groups in Dresden, a Set of Old Jars, Full Sets of Dessert and Tea Services ill \Vorce:3ter China figures, a Fine Old Dresden Bowl, and several interesting pieces to collectors; Fine Old Japanese Ware Vase and Stand, 2 Burmese Marble Idols. A FIRST-CLASS BILLIARD TABLE, by THURSTON. With thick slate Bed and capital fittings for same, comprising best ivory HalJs, Cues, Rests, &c. Linoleum covering floor, Engravings, Sporting and other prints, efce. The FURNITURE of BREAKFAST-ROOM and LIBRARY in Mahogany and Wainut, Best Brussels Carpets, a Capital Sextant, Curious Old Chinese Lantern, Itc. The Contents of Kitchens, Pantries, Worcester China, Tea and Breakfast Sets, and out-door Effects, a uow garden pump on wheels, Ransome's patent lawn mower, Duplex garden roller, < £ c\, all m first-class order. ON VIEW TWO DAYS PRIOR TO SALE. Catalogues may be had 7 days prior to Sale of the- Auctioneers, Cardit.. ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17TH. 1889. CHRISTMAS FAT STOCK SALE. MESSRS GOTTWALTZ & BOWRING will hold their ANNUAL SALE on the above date (the last day of the Cardiff Fat Cattle Show), at the Roath Market, commencing at 12 o'clock sharp. GRAND FAT CATTLE. FAT SHEEP. FAT PIGS. Entries are respectfully solicited. TO BE HOLD BY AUCTION, IMPORTANT NOnCE TO BREWERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS. AND LICENSED VICTUALLERS GENERALLY. MESSRS T. V. YORATH AND GILL JLrJL have been favoured with instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Queen's Hotel, Cardiff, on MONDAY the 25th November, 1889, in one or two Lots, as may be then auù there decided, all those CODl. modious and handsome full-licensed premises known as tho BOOT HOTEL, and situatell in CardIff. street, Aberdare, witb wine, beer, and 9pirit vaults attached, and fronting Market- &treat. The above i; a large lol11mercial hotel, with commercial-room, dining, and smoke-rooms, large billiard and sitting-moir.s. about 14 bedrooms, with the I usual offices, kitchen, wine amI beer cellars. The wine, beer, anù spirit vaults fronting Market-street have a bar about 34 feet JOIl, aud are new sub-let on a monthly tenancy at B120 per annum. Tnere is also a large amount of stabling accouimo- dation adjoining th.j vaults iu Market-street, a,t;c1 forming part of the above property. The above hotel and promises aiv held on a for 99 years, of which 52 are unexpired, at the remarkably low ground rent of £ 3 per annum. There are also two Cottages fronting Market-street, numbered respectively 1 and 3, I held on lease for the unexpired term of 57 years. Lut at £ 50 per annum ground rent, £ 5 per annum. Sale to commence at 4 p.m. For particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Post- office Chambers, Cowbridge-road, Canton, Cardiff, or 15. R. Paine, Esquire, Solicitor, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 'J he Auctioneers be respectfully to call attention of those whom it may concern to the fact that the Boot is the chief hotel at Aberdare, within two minutes' walk of the railway station, and situated in the principal thoroughfare. 9080 SALE THIS DAY MONMOUTHSHIRE AND GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO TIMBER MERCHANTS, RAILWAY CON- TRACTORS, dc. Mil A. NEWLAND hai the honour to announce that he has received instructions to OFFER for SALE by AUCTION, at the King's Head Hotel, Newport, on SATURDAY, November 23, 1889, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to such con- llitions as shall be tben and there produced), tbe following very valuable COPPICE WOODS, The Property of Lord Tredegar. MONMOUTHSHIRE. LOT 1.—About 13 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, called Coedpwl-Nider, in the parish of Bassaleg, aujoining the parish road. and within one mile of Rhiwderin Station on the Brecon and Merthyr Railway, con- sisting of pit and cordwood, hoop and hurdle stuff, including three beech timber trees, marked with white paint. Sold by lump. LOT 2.—About 23 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, being a part of Coed Mawr Wood, in the parish of Machen, adjoining the paiish roads and within one mile of Risca and Rhiwderin Stations, consisting of excellent pit and cord wood. Sold by lump. Lor ,i-About 7 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, being a part of Fox Hill Wood, in the parish of Bassaleg, ad- joining the parish road and within half a mile of Rhiwderin Station, consisting of strong pit and cord. wood. Sold by lump. LOT 4.—About 20 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, called the Cefn Orles Wood, in the parish of Bassaleg, and within half a. mile of Nettlefoid's Works, Tydu, and Bassaleg Stations, consisting of pit and cordwood, hoop and hurdle stuff. Sold by lump. Lor 5. -About 13 Acres of COPPICE WOOD in two pieces, called the Barracks and Coed-y-Minos Woods, in the Parish of St Woollos, adjoining the parish roads and Monmouthshire Canal, consisting of pit and cord- wood, hoop aud hurdle stuff, including 'three beech timber and six double and treble stores marked with white paint. Sold by lump LOT b,-Abcut 5 Acres of COPPICE WOOD in three pieces, in the Parish of Machen, cilled Coed-y-Brain Woods, and within half-a-mile of Machen Station, con- sisting of pit and corawood, including 303 spruce, 18 Scotch, and 9 larch fir poles, marked with white paint. Sold by lump. LOT 7.—About 20 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, being part of the Thicketts Wood, in the Parish of Llanvi- hangel Roggiet, and within one mile of the Severn Tunnel Junction Station, consisting of pit and cord- wood, hoop and hurdle stuff. Sold by lump. GLAMORGANSHIRE. LOT 8.—About 9 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, being r a part of Ruperra. Graig, in the Hamlet of Llanvedw, and within one mile of Church Road Station on Brecon and Merthyr Railway, consisting of pit and cordwood, hoop and hurdle stutf, including seven beech timber trees, marKed with white paint, Sold by lump. LOT 9.-About 24 Acres of COPPICE WOOD, being a part of the Cefn-pwl-du Wood. in the Hamlet of Rhydgwem, adjoining the parish road, and within one. mile of Machen and Church Road Stations, consisting of pit and cordwood, hoop and hurdla stuff, including., ten beech timber trees, marKed with white paint.' Sold by lump. For a view of the woods apply to Mr Edwin Young, Park House. Bassaleg, who will direct a person to show the sauie on and after the 7th dAY of November, 188[. „ For Further Particulars apply at the Tredegar Estate Office, or to Messrs DAVIS and LLOYD, 9069 Solicitors, Newport. The Model Auction Mart, North-road, Cardiff. MR W. BRADLEY will SELL by AUCTION, on MONDAY, Nov. 25th, a largo quantity of Household Furniture, Clothing, dtc. Sale at 2 IMPORTANT.-One Box of Horton'sI.X.L. JL Pills are guaranteed to cure ail private cases andcom. plications of the urinary organs, whether acquired or otherwise. Also Gravel and Pains in the Back. Free from Mercury. Post iree for 4s ft om G. D. Horton. M.PS. (from the Generai Hosoitai), Aston-road, Birmingham, Agents Cardiff-A. Hagon, Chemist, 39, Bridge-st, Swansea—Lloyd,Chemist, Oxfo.'d-st. Newport—Young, Chemist, High-st. N.B.—Havi never been known to < hil. Letters ^answered free. Please namo paper. 67a Z a!t5 :Auction. FOR SALE BY AUCTION, THE FOLLOWING ELIGIBLE PROPERTY IN THE COUNTY BOROUGH OF CARDIFF MR THOMAS WEBBER has received instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at the Queen's Hotel, Cardiff, on THURSDAY, November 23, 1889, :it 7 o'clock in the evening. in the following or such lots as may be arranged at the time of Sale, and subject to such conditions as shall be then read, and which may be seen at the offices of the Auctioneer five days before the Sule, the following LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. Viz., LOT 1.sHOP and PREMISES, being 67, Tudor- road, now in the occupation of Mr Garn, Pork Butcher, held on lease for i-9 yeai s from 25th March, 1885 annual ground rent of S5 only. LOT 2.-Two DWELLING-HOUSES, 57 and 59, Upper George-street, Cathays, held on lease for 99 years from 2nd February. 1875, at an annual ground rent of 1:7 17s 3d; one has a Shop, occupied by Mr Rollings, General Dealer the other occupied by Mr Bines as a private house, and may be converted into business premises. LOT 3. —Semi-detached VILLA, 47, Upper George- street. in the occupation of Mr Franklin, held on lease for 99 years, from 2nd February, 1875, at an annual ground rent of £4 Is 9d. LOT 4.—Two semi-detached VILLAS, being 38 and 40. Upper George-street, occupied by Mr Watts, jeweller, &c., and Mr G. Andrews; held on lease for 99 years, from 2nd February, 1875, at an annual ground rent of £ 2 17s 0d each house. LOT 5.— Two six-roomed HOUSES, 153 and 155, Cairns-street, Cathays. in the occupation of Messrs Pinnell and Shanon, held on lease for 93 years, from 29th September, 1878, at an annual ground rent of £2 8s each house. LOT 6.—Ail that desirable and convenient DWELL- ING-HOUSE, being 258, Newport-road, now in the occupation of Mr J F. Lewis, held on lease for 99 years, from 25th March, 1882, at an annu-tl groand rent of F.5 10s. LOT 7.—All those convenient PREMISES, being two Shops, with good cellarage, & lon garden, occupied by Mr Griffith, Confectioner, &c., and Mr Stanley, Draper, on the corner of Richmond and Crwys-roads, Catlitys; held on lease for 99 years. from 2nd February, lo85, at an annual ground rent of E6 lis. A considerable portion of the purchase money may remain on mortgage (if desired) at interest, the prin- cipal being repaid by monthly or quarterly instal- ments. For further particulars apply to the. Auctioneer, 25, Queen-street Arcade, Cardiif. Dated October 29th, 1889. 9107 27, CASTLE-STREET, CARDIFF. EXPIRATION OF TENANCY- IMPORTANT SALE OF THE STOCK OF BOUSE. HOLD FURNITURE. TOILET AND DINNER SERVICES. OIL PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS, &c. MR C. L. SWTEETING begs to announce that in consequence of the expiration of tenancy he will SELL by AUCTION, on the Premises as above, onTHURSDAY, November 28th. commencing at 12 o'clock. the whole of the superior !Ud well-made HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. comprising brass and iron bedsteads, bedding and bed. room suites in mahogany, ash, walnut, pitchpine, &c. sets of toilet ware, oy,rman tels in walnut and black and gilt frames; chimney glasses, drawing-room suites in saddle bags and tapestry cliefflonieres, occasional tables and chairs, whatnots, Davenports, dining-room suites in leather and American cloth, hat stands, dining tables, a massive 7tt. bin. Spanish mahogany sideboard, bookcase with secretaire, bft. office desk and couuier, fenders, dinner services, carved oak writing table, several sewing machines, by eminent makers also a valuable collection of oil paintings, engravings, &c. 9235 May be Viewed the day prior to Sale; and further particulars of the Auctioneer, 27, Castle-street, Cardiff. By order of the Mortgagees, and with the consent of the Oflicial Receiver in Bankruptcy. SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY in Talbot-street, Cathedral-road, and Bradford- street, Grangetown, Cardiff. MR JOHN SAMUEL is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, in lots, at the Queen's Hotel, Cardiff,-on THURSDAY, December5th, 1889, at seven o'clock in the evening, subject to conditions which will thenlbe read, four well-built and desirable LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES Nos. 40, 42. 44, and 46, Talbot-street, Cathedral-road, and Nos. 17 and 19, formerly known as Nos. 9 and 10, Bradford-street, Granger.own, Cardiff. Each house in Talboc-street contains 2 sitting-rooms, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, hot and cold water, w.c.. good kitchens, &c., aud small conservatory, and walled-in garden, and is hold under a separate lease for the resi- due of a term of 99 years, from the 29th September, 185b, at a ground rent of £ 4 10s, and is let to a respect- able tenant at 12s bd per week. The two Leasehold Dwelling-houses in Bradford street, Grangetown, are in the occupation of Messrs John R. Harvey and Thomas Podd, at a weekly rent of 7s eich This lot is held under a lease from Lord Windsor for the term of 99 years, from the 1st day of May, 1881 (except the last three days thereof) at the yearly ground rent of £ 3 2s. For further particulars as to the lots in Talbot-street application may be made to Messrs Baker, Son, James, and Read, Solicitors, Weston-super-Mare, and Mr ltobt. W. Griffith, Solicitor, Cardiff; and as to the lot in Bradford-street to Messrs Cory and White, Solici- tors, Wharton-street, Cardiff ami as to the whole of the prooerty to the Auctioneer, Church-street, Cardiff. FREEHOLD PUBLI(,'IIOUSL, AND BREWERY, SWANSEA. MESSRS BEYNON AND MEAGER have been instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Royal Hotel, Higli-street, Swansea, on WL, D. NESDAY, November 27th, 1889, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to conditions which will then be read), all that VALUABLE FREEHOLD PUBLIC-HOUSE known as the Wellington lun, situate in Garden-street and Mysydd-street, Swansea, comprising large bar, smoke, sitting, and club rooms, s-x bedrooms, attic, kitchen, scullery, large cellar, and brewhouse adjoin. ing. The brewing utensils and plant to be taken at a valuation. The premises are substantially built, and in good condition, and are in the occupation of the owner. who has carried on a considerable trad- there, but is obliged to relinquish business on account of ill-health. Forfurther particulars apply to Charles Norton, Esq., Solicitor, Swansea or to the Auctioneers, Oxford-street, Swansea. 9J49 FREEliOi/O FAMILY llESIDENCE, SWANSEA. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSliS BEYNON and MWAGER, at the Royal Hotel, High-street. Swansea, on WEDNESDAY, the 27th November, 1889, at Three o'clock in the afternoon (subject to conditions which will then be road), all that desirable FREEHOLD (DETACHED) FAMILY RESIDENCE known as Picton Villa, situate in Picton-place, Swan- sea, containing entrance hall, drawing, dining, and breakfast-rooms. china pantry, larder, kitchen, scullery, &c., 4 good bedrooms, and 3 rooms in attic. The House is in good repair, and is situate in the best part of the town, standing well back from the road, in its own ground, with flower garden and shrub- bery in front, good yard at back, with coach-house and stable, and back entrance from the lane. Minerals reserved. Water and gas laid on, and orainage complete. For further particulars apply to Chas. Norton, Esq., Solicitor, Swansea; or to the Auctioneers, Oxford- street, Swansea. 9148 THE BAi\KRUPXC Y~ACT,l8Sl IN THE COUNTY COURT OF GLAMORGANSHIRE HOLDED AT PONTYPRIDD. MSSSRS HOWARD and KING are instructed by the Official Receiver in Bank- ruptcy to SELL by AUC TION, at their Offices. 6, High- street, Pontypridd, on THURSDAY, the 28th day of November, 158:3, subject to such conditions as shall there and then be produced, in 21 lots, the undermen- tioned BOOK DEBTS, viz, Lot. £ s. d. I.-Tbe book debts belonging to the estate of David Morris, of Tylacelyn Shop, Penygraig, Grocer and liookseller. 340 19 1 2.—Thomas Richard Lewis, 37, Bute-street, Treherbert. Grocer 155 18 8 3.—John Morgan, 20, Dunravan-street, Treherben, Grocer 229 11 b 4.—Michael Mierson, 14 and 15, Park-st., Treforest, Furniture Dealer and Watch- luaker 386 2 2 5.-Richard Jenkins, High-street, Gilfach Goch, Boot and Shoe Maker 88 3 2 b.-William Owen, 238, High-street, Tre- orky, Tailor and Draper 515 7 8 7.—John Perrott, Holborn House, High street, Ferndale, Grocer 361 0 1 B.-Evan George, 43, Church-road, Ton, Grocer 258 9 1 9.—Daniel Jones,Tylorstuwn, Pontypridd, Tailor and Draper 418 15 10 10.-Wittiani Phillips, Liverpool House, Penygraig, Grocer 749 10 10 11.—William Lewis, ol, Raglan-street, Treherbert, Tailor and Draper 306 0 2 12.—Charles James Love, 49, Hannah-street, Porth, Builder and Wheelwright 184 5 10 13.—Rees Davies, 12, Hannah-street, Porth, Grocer 135 19 6 14.—Wm. Adolphus Long, Anchor House, Mardy, Grocer and Ironmonger 22b.13 9 15.—Andrew Powell de Wintou, Shop, Tonypaudy, Grocer. 508 14 0 16.-Daniel James, 15, Pencae-terrace, 229, High-street, Treorky, Grocer 619 8 10 17.-Dan Howell Davies, Tea. Caddy, Bute- street, Treherbert, Grocer 695 16 1 18.—Peter Williams and Co., 12, Dunraven- street, Tonypandy, Grocers 99 3 1 19.—John Williams, C'ive Town, Ynysybwl, Grocer 279 8 0 20.—Simon Lewis Miles, Raglan-place, Pen- tre.Groce- 1,318 18 11 21.—John S. B. Lush, 12, Market-street, Pontypridd, Clothier. 186 2 3 Sale to commence at 2 o'clock p.m. The books and schedules of each estate may be in- spected at our offices as above on and after the 21st day of Nov., 1889, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. For further particulars apply to the Brokers, at their Offices, 6, High-street, Pontypridd. 9106 BARLEY FIELDS JRON WORKS, HOMON. TREET, ST. PHILIPS, BRISTOL. MESSRS ALEXANDER, DANIEL, SELFE, and CO. will SELL by AUCTION, on the premises, on WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and FRIDAY, December 4th, 5th, and bth, 1889. the whole ofthe extensive and valuable ENGINEERING PLANT, MACHINERY, TOOP«. AND APPLIANCES of Messrs W. Pope and Co., in consequenco of the premises having been purchased by the Bristol School Board, comprising several horizontal and vertical steam engines, Cornish boilers, cupolas, capital planing machine, screw cutting and other lathes, slotting, shapisg, drilling, punching, shearing, and testing machines; steam hammer, travelling and other cranes, winches, patent fans, pumps, tanks, mortar mills, grinding rolls, saw benches, benJiug r°lls, massive wrougnt iron girder siiatting, Pulleys, beU'ng, dovetailing machine, iron moulding, boies of rings, 4-toii weighbridge, weighing machine, carpenters benches, smiths' bellows, anvils, tools, Rcind-stone, wrought and cast scrap iron, bolts and nuts, castiugs, rail trolleys and rails, large metal tidies. Office Furniture, Ray Mare. Carts. Lorry, Trolleys. ,-Spring Traps. Hp-mess, Wheelbarrows, ana miscel- laneous effects. Catalogues may bu obtained of the Auctioneer. Bank Chambers, Corn-street, Bristol and 311 old Jewry London, E.c.; or of James Milne ^d Co., Albion Chambers, Bris'0'- The whole will be on view Tuesday, 3rd DecembeT. from 10 to 4 o'clock. The Sale will coluoeuce each day punctually at Eleven o'clock. 9227 NU, BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS 0 is warranted to CUre all discharges from the Urinary Organsin either se* (acquired or constitutional), Gravel, and Pains in the Back. Guaranteed free from Mt:rcury. Sold in Boxes. 4s 6d each, by all Cbennsts and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World 5. or sent to any address for sixty stamps by tha Makers, i The jUncoln and-Midland Counties Drug l00' ale5 by faction. SWANSEA AUCTION ROOMS, GOAT-STREET, SWANSEA. TO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN FURNISHING, BROKERS, DEALERS. AND OTHERS. IMPORTANT SALE of NEW FURNITURE con- signed for immediate Sale by a Manufacturing Firm, i and wnich will be sold much below the original cost, ]\/| ESSRS JOHN M. LEEDER and -i-T-JL SON will SELL by AUCTION at the above Salerooms, on THURSDAY, November 23, 1SS9. a large qustotity of valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE of the newest design and best workmanship, and con. sists of 18 drawing and dining-room suites, tour oak mahogany sideboards, two walnut china cabinets, a large quantity of bamboo and tancy tables ot various patterns, 40 walnut, gilt, black and gold, and ether overmantels, 150 bentwood chairs suitable for a public hall, 2a easy chairs, six couches in leather, Persian saddle bags and veivet, two magnificent bedroom suites, 12 Brussels, tapestry, and bordered carpets, five brass and brass-mounted French bedsteads, wool and hair mattresses fitting same. 12 coal vases (brass mounted), six easy chairs in saddle bags, and miscel- laneous assortment of fancy goods. Full detailed catalogues may be had on application three days prior to Sale. Sale to commence at 11.30 a.m. Further particulars may be obtained from the Auc- tioneers at their OfficeQ, Goat-street, Swansea. 9240 HIRWAIN, GLAMORGANSHIRE. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD LAND, GROUND RENTS, AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES. M R HENRY LEWIS has been instructed by the Executors 01 the late Mr William Powell, to SELL by PUBI.IC AUCTION, at the Cardiff Arms Hotel, Hirwain, on WEDNESDAY, November 27th. 1889, at 6 p.m., the following FREEHOLD LANDS, GROUND RENTS. AND LEASEliOLD PROPERTIES, VIZ. FREEHOLDS: LOT I.-All that Piece of FREEHOLD LAND, situate and being a portion of Hirwain Common, in the Parish of Aberdare, and numbered 101 in the Allotment Award Plan, containing bvadmeasurement 25a. Or. 25p. let to Mr Evan Evans for 21 years, from the 25tli March, 1S75, P t; a yearly rental of £ 12 10s and also all that FREEHOLD HOUSE and PREMISES, situate in the Aberdare-road, Hirwain, and now in the occupa. tion of Mr John Evans, subject to a lease to Mr Evan Evans for 99 years, from 25th March, 1875, at an annual ground rent of B5 2s. with the reversion in fee simple and such rental on the determination of the said term. LOT 2.-All that Piece or Parcel of FREEHOLD LAND, situate and being a portion of Hirwain Common, and numbereLilb5 in the Allotment Award Plan, a portion of which land, namely, the piece lying between the railway and Incline, is let to Mr William Jones, at a yearly rent of £5 10s, and the remainder is in band, the whole containing by admeasurement 64a. lr. 2Sp. LOT 3.—All that Piece or Parcel of GROUND, situate and being on Hirwain Common, and numbered 218 in the Allotment Award Plan, together with the Lime Kiln and the ruins of two cottages, and now in the occupation of Mr W P. Powell. LOT 4.—All that Piece or Parcel of FREEHOLD LAND, "ituate and being a portion of Hirwain Com- mon, and numbered 574 in the Allotment Award Plan, and containing by admeasurement 4a. lr. 2p., let to Mr Smale at a yearly rent of E5. LOT b.-All those TWO FREEHOLD HOUSES, situate and being Nos 57 and 38, Brecon-road, Hirwain, numbered 130 in the Allotment Award Plan, and now in the occupation of Gwilym Davies and Margarot Lewis, let at monthly rentals amounting yearly to Ell 14 LOT 6 —Ali those FOUR FREEHOLD HOUSES, situate and being Nos. 84, 85, £ 6, and 87, High-street, Hirwain, numbered 130 in the Allotment Award Plan, in the occupation of Thomas Davies and others, let at monthly rentals amounting yearly to;223 12s. LOT 7.—All that Piece or Parcel of GROUND. situate and being a portion of Hirwain Common. num- bered 419 in the Allotment Award Plan, and containing by admeasurement 3a. 2. 10p.,letto Mi-s Ann Howells, at a yearly rent of £ o. LOT 8.—All that FREEHOLD HOUsE and PRE- MISES, situate in the Brecoo-road. Hirwain, being a portion of Hirwain Common, numbered 421 in the Allotment Award Plan, and now in the occupation of Mr Rees Roberts, at a yearly rent of £6108. LOT g.-All that FREEHOLD HOUSE and PRE- MISES, situate and being oil a portion of the Hirwain Common, numbered 420 in the Allotment Award PJan, in the occupation of Mr Thomas Jones, subject to a lease to Griffith Hughes for 60 years, from 1st January. 1657, at all annual ground rent of £1, with the rever- sion in fee simple and rack rental on the determination of the said term. LOT IO.-All that FREEHOLD HOUSE, GAR- DEN, and PREMISES, situate and being No. 3, Brecon-road, Hirwain, and now in the occupation of Mr Thomas Lewis, at a monthly rental amounting yearly to SS 17s. LOT n.-AII that FREEHOLD HOUSE. GAR- DEN. and PREMISES, situate and being No. 6, Meithyr road. llirwaill, and now in the occupation of Mr Rees Price, at a monthly rental amounting yearly to 17s. » LEASEHOLDS LOT 12.—All that HOUSE aud PREMISES, situate LOT 12.—All that HOUSE and PREMISES, situate and being No. 10, Penyard, Hirwain aforesaid, in the ¡ occupation of Mrs Mary Hart, at a monthly rent amounting yearly to;C& 10s, held for the term of S9 years, from 9th September, 1874, subject to an annual ground rent of £ 1 5s 9d. LOT li—All those WO HOUSES and PREMISES, situate and being Nos. 65 and 66, Station-road, Hir- wain, ill the occupation oi Messrs Thomas John and Samuel Jones, let at monthly reutals amounting yearly to £ 14 Is 9d hel-i for the term of 93 yeais, from 25th March, 1865, subject to a ground rent of £113;; 3d. LOT 14.-All that HOUSE and PREMISES, situate I and oeing No. 28, Station-road, Hirwain, in the occu- pation of Mr Thomas Jones, at a monthly lent amount- ing yearly to S9 2s. LOT 15. -All those Two HOUSES and PREMISES, situate and being Nos. 29 and 30, Station-road, Hit wain, and adjoining the above, in the occupation of Mr David Howells and Mrs Elizabeth Richards, let at monthly rentals amounting yearly to £13 13s. Lots 14 and 15 are held for a term of 99 years, from 29th day oi September. 1855, and subject to a yearly ground rent of E2 15s lid, which will be appor- tioned on the day of Sale. LOT 16. -All that HOUSE and PREMISES, situate and be ng No. 1, Bute-piace, Hirwain, in the occupa- tion of Frederick Jones, at a monthly rental amount- ing yearly to £ 7 3s. LOT 17.—All that-HOUSE and PREMISES, situate and being No. 2, Bute-place aforesaid, in the occupa- tion (If Isaac Jones, at a monthly rental amounting yearly to E7 .5s. Lor 18.-All that HOUSE and PREMISES, situate and being No. 3, Bute-place aforesaid, in the occupa- tion of H. Williams, at a monthly rental amounting yearly to S7 3s. LOT 19.-All that HOUSE and PREMISES, situate and being No. 4, Bute-place aforesaid, in the occupa. tion of David Edmunds, att monthly rsntal amounting yearly to £7 3s. Lots 16, 17, 18, and 19 are held for the term of 99 years, computing from the 2nd day of February, 1869, subject to a yearly ground rent of £4, which will be apportioned equally between the Lots. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, 2, Castle-street, Merthyr Tyatil, or to the Vendors' Solicitors. Messrs FRANK JAMES & SONS. 9192 Merthyr Tydiii and Aberdare. BRIDGENb7~ GLANIORGANSHIltE. SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, Situate at Aberkentig and Bryncoch, near Bridgend. MR W. THORNE has received instruc- tions to SELL by AUCTION, at the York Hotel, Bridgend, on SATURDAY, the 30th day of November, 1889, at balf-pas; Three o'clock p.m. pre- cisely (in such lots as shall then be determined, on and subject to such conditions as shall be then produced), the following VALUABLK FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, commising I.-A FREEHOLD COTTAGE, COWHOUSE, and GARDEN, situate at Bryncoch. near the road from I Bryncethin to Bryncoch, containing by estimation about half-an-acre, and now occupied by Richard Morgan at the yearly lent of £ 5 10s Od. 2.—A LEASEHOLD DOUBLE-LICENSED PUBLIC- HOUSE, with out-offices and appurtenances, situate at Aberkenfig, and known as the Golden Lion, and let to the executors of the late R. H. Stiles, Brewer, Bridgend, for seven years, from the 1st April, 1885, at the rent of £48 a year. This Property is held for the residue of a term of 60 year-, from 2nd February, 1840, at an annual ground rent of 9s. S.-Two LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, with out. houses and appurtenance", situate in Bridgend-road, Aberkenfig, adjoining the Golden Lion on the south, and now in the respective occupations of William Jones and John Jones as owners. This Property is held for the residue of a term of 60 years, from 1st May, 1350, at an annual aggregate ground rent of 21, 4.—A Strip of WASTE LAND, containing about 2 roods, and situate at the bick of the Golden Lion and of the two Cottages. This is held for the residue of a term of 99 years, from 25th March, 1847, at the yearly rent of £1. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer. York Hotel, Bridgend or to 733 s. H. STOCK WOOD, Solicitor. Bridgend. MOIlt HOUSE, IN THE TOWN OF LAUGHARNE, And distant Four Miles from St. Clear's and Twelve Miles from Carmarthen. MR DAVID THOMAS is favoured with instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTflON at the above place, on MONDAY and TUESDAY, thu 2nd and 3rd December, 1889, the whole of the valuable and large collection of RARE OLD CHINA, VALUABLE (PIL PAINT- INGS AND WATER COLOURS, the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BOOK> Sc, comprising upwards of 120 lots of rare old china, 19 valuable oil paintings, eight water colours, 20 Engrav- ings and Prints, books, 'large quantity of glass, china, plated goods and liuen, pianoforte by D'Almaine and Co., London (equal to the whole of the HOlse. hold Furniture, particularized in Catalogues, which m,ty be obt.-iine,l of Mr David Thomas, Land Agent, Surveyor, and Valuer, Carmarthen. 92'0 POINT >:I„ vv YIJO~M(JN MOUTIISUIRE: SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD DOUBLE. LICENSED HOTEL AND PREMISES. [V/g ESSliS PARSONS and ROBJENT ITX have received instructions from Mr William JOIIOP, who is retiring, to offer for SALE by AUCTION, a» the King's Head Hotel, Newport, Mon.. at 2.20 for 5 P-ili., oil WEDNESDAY, tho 4th December, 1889, all I that waluiblo FREB, DOUBLE-LICENSED FREEHOLD HOTEL AND PREMISES KNOWN AS THE PONT. NEWYDD HOTEL, Situate ck'f e to Upper Pontnewydd Station, and ad- jacent to the Patent Nut and Bolt and other impor- tant Works and Collieries. tant Works and Collieries. The house is situate on the main road from Cwm- bran to Pontypool, having a frontage of 70 feet and a total depth of bl feet., and has besides the other' ordinary conveniences, club and smoking-rooms, coach-house and stables, with about balf an acre of ground. Clubs, rent, and tithe audits held at the hotel periodically. In addition to the supply of company's water, there is an ample suppiy of splendid well water. The Auctioneers beg to call the attention of intending, 1 Investors and other Gentlemen to the rare opportunity uere' offered of acquiring a valuable property, with a brines capable of being considerably increased. ^lans with particulars and conditions, obtainable ten.days prior to the day of Sale, from the Auctioneers, West^ate Buildings, Newport, Mon., or Mr H. STAFFORD GUSTARD, Solicitor, Mr H. STAFFORD GUSTARD, Solicitor, „ Usk and Newport, Moa. _jjated Nov. 15, 1889, Newport, Mon. 9194 Clf -1 A-L) V EItTI61-N C-. i.. V POSTING, AND CIRCULAR DISTRIBUTING COMPANY (LIMITED;. OFFICES: CASTLE CHAMBERS, 21,. CASTLE-ST CARDIFF. SECRETARY FRANK H SIMPSON. E^t permanuat Posting Stations in Cardiff anu |Nei^°urhoM^ors^ <ar allvtiescr p 1 o ns 01 S ales litr Ruction. '-> PEN A R TH. SALE OF LEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MR WILLIAM WOODWARD hatf received instructions to SELL by AUCTION,\ at the Ship Hotel, Penarth, on TUESDAY. 26th day of November, 1889. at 12 o'clock at noon (subject to suph conditions of sale as shall then and "there be read), the following very Valuable LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, viz. :— A commodious DWELLING-HOUSE and PRE- MISES, known as Loire Villa, situate in John-street, Penarth, opposite the Penarth Hotel, and now in the occiipution of Captain Washington Gillespie. as tenant from year to year, at the low rent of B28 per annum. This House contains ground, first, and attic floors, with a garden, and all the necessary out-offlces. aud is held under a lease for a term of 99 years, from the 1st day of May, 1870. at the annual ground rent of S2 10s. Tlie villa, which is subsantiallv built, well-arranged, and in good tenantable repair, is delightfully situated, and commanding an extensive view of the Penarth Roads aud the Bristol Channel. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, at the Cardigan Auctioneering and Estate Offices, Priory. street. Cardigan: or to Messrs MORGAN & RICHARDSON. Solicitors. Cardigan. To Buyers of Pianos, Org ins, and Harmoniums. Church street Salerooms, Cardiff. IVfESSRS KENNARD & CO. will SELL lyl. bv AUCTION. 011 WEDNESDAY and THURS- DAY N EX 1, the 27tn and 28th of November. The stock comprises 20 pianos. 3 American organs, and 7 harmoniums. The instruments are by the best English and French makers. During the sale the auctioneer will dispose of part of a cabinet-maker s stock, com- prising about 20 superior pearl and brass bedsteads. several sideboards, cheffioniers, and duchesse stands and tables. Goods now on view. Sale each day at 2 o'clock. 847 H.M. DOCKYARD. PEMBROKE DOCK. JTIOR SALE by AUCTION, at Her Majesty's Dockyard (by order of the Lords Com- missioners of the Admiralty), on MONDAY. Dec. 2nd, 1889 at 12 o'clock precisely, OFFaL WOOD, consisting of mahogany pieces, teak slabs,edgings and pieces, oak slabs and pieces, elm, fir slabs, and firewoou. Cata- logues may be had on application to the Auctioneers and at the Dockyard. BOWLING BROTHERS, Auctioneers to the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, Pembroke Dock, The Royal Dockyard Saleu will only take place wheu advertised. public Amusements. CARDIFI". THE A T R ROY A L LESSEE AND MANAGER- Mr EDWARD JLETCHER ACTING MANAGER Mr JOHN SHERidan LAST NIGHT OF Mr Edward Compton's "Jane Shore" Company, and the celebrated Actress MISS ISABEL BATEMAN. TO-NIGHT, SATURDAY, NOV. 23, Tom Taylor's Great Domestic Tragedy, f ARY -WARNER, O It, THE W O R K M AN'S W I FE. 2 Mary Warner Miss ISABEL BATEMAN. Box Plan at Thompson and Shackell's, Limited. ip H E A T R E ROYAL. MONDAY NEXT, NOVEMBER 25th. D'OYLY CARTE'S CELEBRATED OPERA COMPANY, in the "^EOMEN OF THE £ JUARD. Box Plan now Open at Thouipstii & Sliackell's, Ltd. i^RAND THEATRE AND OPERA. G HOUSE, WESTGATE-STREET. CARDIFF. Sole Lessee and Manager Mr JAMES ELPtUKsroNE. TO-NIGHT, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23. The celebrated Farcical Comedy, by MARK MEL- FORD, entitlell- TURNED UP, The World-famed Comedian, RAMSEY DANVERS as CARAWAY BONES and "lDOW TWANKI Y. To conclude with ALADDIN UP TO DATE. THE BELTON BALLET TROUPE. Principal Dancers, Misses Pti(LBF &- NELLIE BELTON. MONDAY, November 25th, William Bourne and Full Company—MAN TO MAN. ARK-HALJ,, CAJTDIFF. THE FOURTH (THIS SEASON) SATURDAY POPULAR CONCERT GIVEN BY THE CARDIFF CHORAL UNION, THE NATIONAL COMPETITIVE CHOIR, will take place TO NIGHT, SATURDAY. NOV. 23uo, 1889. ARTISTES Soprano: MISS NELLIE ASHER, Winner of the Soprano Prize at Brecon Eisteddfod. Mezzo-Soprano: MISS MAGGIE DAVIES. Basso MR EGBERT KOBERTS, London. I Violinist: MR. W. W. El VANS, Leader of the Swansea Orchestral Society. Accompanist, Mrs CLARA NOVKLLO DAVIES. Conductor, Mr JACOB DAVIES. Admission: .)d., bd., and Is. Doors open-at 7.15, Com- mence at 7.45 p.m. 8963 CARDIFF TEMPERANCE AND PRO c HIBITION ASSOCIATION. THE BEST SATURDAY NIGHT MEETING IN WALES Held in connection with the above. Established Nine Y ears. GO TO THE STUART-HALL TO-NIGHT IN THOUSANDS TO HEAR THE CELEBRATED BLUE RIBBON PRIZE CHOIR NEW PIECES i NEW MUSIC i NEW soxes &c. Great Attractions Gospel Temperance Addresses Eloquent Speakers. Be in time to secure a seat., and enjoy the great treat. Doors open at 7 o'clock, Commence 7.30. Down Stairs, Free Galleries, 2d. Everybody Come from Everywhere. 9234 ABERA VON. DYSON'S DIORAI\IAS AND GIPSY JLJ' CHOIR. TOURING SOUTH WALES ABERAVON THIS WEEK. LLANELLYNEXT. Ill NEWPORT. rilHE LLANGIBBY AND TREDEGAR X HUNT X HUNT gTEEPLECHASES WILL TAKE PLACE OVER THE NEW COURSE, AT OAERLEON, • NEWPORT, MON., ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28TH, 1889, Under G.N. Hunt Rules. STEWARDS Right Hon. LORD J'REDEGAR, M.F.H. Sir GEORGE ELLIOT, Bart., M.P. Sir A. Mackworth, Bart. J. Lawrence, Esq., M.F.H, Liout.-Col. II. G. Lindsay. | vv- H. P. Jenkins, Esq. G. W. Elliot, Esq.. M.P, I J- G. R. Homfray, Esq. M.F.H. I Capt. Sandeman. Iteginald Herbert, Esq., I Edward Curre, Eso. M.F.H. j General Watson. T. Bassett, Esq., M.F.H. Colonel Lyne. C. E. Lewis, Esq., M.F.H. I Arthur Evans, /H- HON. SECS. ;-)J¡lssrs J. ROWE and II. V' *r'-)RATU. STARTER Mr F. R. NEV JUDGE AND CLERK OF THE SCA Mr JOHN PRATT. CLERK OF THE COURSE -MRROWE. STAKE HOLDER LYNE. 9051 iCkILWAY. GREAT RAILWAY. TREPEGAlk^UNT STEEPLECHASES. On THURSDAJ^NCJV- 23TH. CHEAP DAI RETURN TICKETS wilj V lS:iU'tÍ to CAERLEON from SWAN- SEA at 9 4o Carditi 10.20 a..m. and 12.3 p.m., and certain interpellate stations, for particulars of which see bills. 9237 HY. LAMBERT, General Manager. ONDON AND NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY. CATTLE SHOW and EXHIBITION of SPORTING AND OTHER DOGS at BIRMINGHAM, from Nov. 30th to Dec. 5th, 1889. On MONDAY, Dec. 2nd, CHEAP EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued to BIRMINGHAM from SWANSEA, Gowerton. Pontardulais, Llanelly, Bryn- amman, Carmarthen. Llamiilo, Llangadoek, Llanwrda, Llandovery, Llanwrtyd Wells, Garth, Builth-road, Llandrindod Wells, Penybont. Llangunllo, Knighton, Bucknell, Hopton Heath, Broome. For times, fares, oõc., see small Ilills, All information respecting Excursions on the London and North-Western Railway may be obtained from the Offices of Mr F. Smith, Swansea or Mr J. Bishop, Abergavenny. G. FINDLAY, General Manaeer. Euston, Nov., 1889. 9253 fjoieis. MUMBLES. LANGLAND BAY HOTEL, NEAR SWANSEA. THE MENTONE OF WALES. The sheltered position of Langland Bay, with its southern aspect and balmy air, which entitle it to be called the Mentoue of Wales, renders it a most desirable Winter Residence. Strongly recommended by Members of the Medical Profession For tariff, carriages, <&c., address 8845 THE MANAGER. iNNERS, 7D. —BRISTOL.—WOOD'S, 21 ana 22, Broadmead. Plain Tea, 3d; or Breakfast, Meat and Bread, 4a. Good liyd. is ami 1- 6893 EALL'S AMFRICAN MANDRAKE PILLS The great remedy for Bili- MANDRAKE ous and Liver Complaints, PILLS MANDRAKE Indigestion, Piles, & Gravel, PILLS .MANDRAKE. and the greatest Blood Puri. PILLS MANDRAKE fier of the age. PILLS MANDRAKE TESTIMONIAL. PILLS, MANDRAKE Mr Keall, Maindee. PILLS. MANDRAKE Sir,—I consider your Ameri. PILLSS MANDRAKE can Mandrake PiUs to be the PILLS: MANDRAKE greatest success the world has PILLS MANDRAKE ever known.—I am, sir, yours PILLS1 MANDRAKE faithfully. F. H. HEWSON. PILLS. MANDRAKE Munday, Chemist, Cardiif. PILLS MANDRAKE Robb, Chemist, Roath Gar- PILLS MANDRAKE lett Brothers, Newport; J.G. PILLS MANDRAKE Isaac (late Hayman), Che- PILLS:, MANDRAKE mist, Neath; Newberry and PILLS .MANDRAKE Son, London. PILLS- MANDRAKE Proprietor — Mr KEALL, PILLSi {MANDRAKE Chemist & Dentist, 199, High- PILLS5 'MANDfiAKE street,Sw{Ui3$». 8Q76 1012 PILLS- business ^Dresses, THIS D A Y. JJOWELL AND 00 MP ANY ARE SELLING A .BANKRUPT MANUFACTURER'S STOCK OF F URS, ,AT F'ULLY ONE-THIRD OFF RE- GULAR PRICES. I, JgLANKETS, F LANNELS, AND SHEETINGS. m ANTLES, JACKETS, PALETOTS In Sealette, Plush, and Clotb, at Manufacturers' Prices. — DRESS GOODS IN ALL THI Newest Materials, at prices to suit all classes. fJIABLE LINENS, CRETONNES, Art Muslin, Curtains, &c. i ■ JJOWELL AND 0O THE CARDIFF D RAPERS, /CARDIFF. Vy 8520 SEWING MACHINES. JOHN JAMES AND CO. coniinue to offer FRISTERtntl ROSSMANN S HIGH-ARM LOCKSTITCH fcEWlNG MACHINES. HAND MACHINE, with Walnut Cover, and all appliances. £ 2 18s 6d. Usually sold it; jEt 19s. HAND and TREADLE DITTO, £ 4s 4s. Usually sold at So 9s. JOHN JAMES AND CO., 28, 29. and 30, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 90U F — v' :C7H U R C H 0 R G A N S. TjmOMPSON AND gHACKELV (LIMITED), QUEEN'S ORGAN F ACTORI QARDIFF. PRICE L I S T JJO. 1. pRICE ,=g6() 156 JJ"0. 2. pRICE £90. 225 Pipes N 0.,3- pRICE £120. 298 Pipes N 0. 4. pRICE £ 135. 390 Pipea. JJO. 5. pflICE £ 200. 454 PipW ESTIMATES GiVEN FOR LARGER' ORGANS UP TO £ 1,000. Specifications, Designs, and Estimates furnished ioi all descriptions of Church, Hall or Chamber Orgnnt Also for Re-building Additions, and Repairs. THE BEST MATERIALS ONLY USED. orgms,iii-ed and Kept in Order by Contract in aD part of South Wales THOMPSON and SHACKELL (Limited) have had the honour of attending to the Organs at Llandaff Cathedral, the Park-hall, Cardiff, &c., &c., and have a staff of workmen of great experience, capable of atten ing to any Orgait however intricate the mechanism. 1047 A P P I N A ND ^EBE HAVE THE PLEASURE TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY HAVE APPOINTED JYJESSRS (ROSS JgROS., 3, AND 4, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, SOLE AGENTS IN CARDIFF FOR THE SALE OF THEIR CELEBRATED ELECTRO-SILVER PLA.TE, STERLING SILVER PLATE, AND FINE CUTLERY. 7231 ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES FREE. A CHOICE SELECTION OF THE LATEST NOVELTIES NOW ON VIEW: JyJAPPIN AND EBB, 158 TO 162, OXFORD-STREET, LONDON, W. MANUFACTORIES The Royal Cutlery and Plate Works, Sheffield, and Winsley-street Works, Lr>-o< n. FOREST j ARGE QUANTITIES t&iTTT FOREST, FRUIT, AND THORNS IRiifcS. 0f various oizes. ROSES HYBRID AND OTHER A ROSES. SPECIALITY. STANDARDS AND DWARFS WREATHS WREATHS AND CROSSE CROSSES -Made to Order. AND CUT FLOWERS BOUQUETS. FOR CHURCH AND Of HER DECORATION. CABBAGE 200,000 Various PLANTS. CABBAGE PLANTS. Send for Catalogue (anything required in the Garden) to yyiLLlAM rpRESEDER, NURSERYMAN, NURSERYMAN, 8613 CARDIFF. THE GREAT iJLOOl) PURlKiEK THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS over- .1' comethe worst forms of diseases, and ths i,,¡;jf)3G state of thebiooa, stomach liver, and kidneys they go ktot he, core of every disease, where no other rnsaicinos ^bave power to reach. Th» GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER cures the foitowin) "comp!ainF :indie8tion. or wind in the stomachy boweis giddiness in the head.dimness of sight weak ai soroeyes, ioss of memory, paipitation-of itie iiearr,, itvar and bilious obstructions, asthma, or tightness in rhf chest rheumatics, iumbago, piies, gravel, pains in tbc back, scurvy, bad legs bad breast, sore throat, sort heads and sores of all descriptions, burns, wounds, 0: wnite swellings, scrofuia, or king's evil, gathering-; tumours or cancers, pimpies or blotches on the face an body, swelled feet or legs, scabs ana iten, elyspeÍJ" jaundice, and dropsyaad fovers of all kinds In boxes-a,t lid and 2s Sd each, sold by most rChemiste, «)Mtrom -thejJiBrirociC-tfiil -Mitna-Aiitcry. 4 "Oxford-steree^SwaHar^- MOt