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frtbln: ¡\nmsem2ufs. ) ITIHE ELEVENTH ANNUAL EXHI- 1 J. BITION of Ecclesiastical and Educational AKT, Drill Uall Cardiff Open from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m. LAST DAY CLOSE TO NIGHT. Admission, Sixpence. j RT~EXHIBITION, DRILL HALL, CASDIFF. -CONCERT TO-NIGHT. LAST DAY. RT EXHTBITION, DRILL HALL, j JA. CARDIFlf —LAST DAY. A RT EXHIBITION, DRILL HALL, C.4.KDIFF. The Exhibition will inGiude the Exhibits of itil the principal Church furnishers, DocoritOM. Stained GJaas Artists, Publishers, Embroiderers, Art Metal Workers, Ac., in the Kingdom. LAST DAY. LAST DAY. ART ExmBiTioN, DRILL HALL, ADMISSION, 6d INCLUDING CONCERT ART EXHIBITION, DRILL HALL. ADMISSION bd, Including Loan Collection, Organ Recitals Including Loan Collection, Organ Recitals and Concerts. The Loan Collection in- cludes a *ery lar;;e and varied collection of old and new Gr>!d and Silver Plate, Em- broidery, Pictures, Jewels, Ac., Ac. broidery, Pictures, Jewels, Ac., Ac. ART EXHIBITION, DRILL HALL. ADMISSION 6d. Which includes Urgan Recitals and Con- cert* by the ST. MARUAKETS CHOIlt [Conducted by Mr W. ;Scott) the Cardiff Coa:iujreat of the GLOUCESTER FESTIVAL CHOIR (Conducted by Mr W. Scott. Accompanists: Piano, Miss Cape Organ, Mr H. Brooksbank, M.B.), and the Scott. Accompanists: Piano, Miss Cape; Organ, Mr H. Brooksbank, NI.B.), and the CARDIFF CHORAL UNION. -m_ I ART EXHIBIT I ON. — CONCERT THIS EVENING by CARDIFF CONTIN- GENT of GLOUCESTER FESTIVAL CHOIR. LAST DAY. RT EXHIBITION. — CONCERT THIS EVENING by CARDIFF CONTIN- GENT of GLOUCESTER FESTIVAL CHUIR. LAST DAY. ART EXHIBITION OPEN TILL TO-NIGHT ONLY For fuller par- ticulars see Posters, also the" Illustrated Guide to the Congress and Exhibition," lib pages, full of information of permanent interest price 3d contains illustrations of Cardili, a coloured map, and a specially Wiitteti Guide to the Town. yA RT EXHIBITION, DRILL HALL, AL C ARDI.FF.-LAST DAY. CLOSE TO-IGHT. ART EXHIBITION, DRILL HALL, CARDIFF. —LAST DAY. CLOSE TO-NIGHT. No one should miss this opportunity of seeing the Finest Collection of Works of Ecclesiastical Art ever brought together. The entrance fee of Sixpence includes the General Exhioition. the Loan Collection, the uraan Recitals, and the Concerts. Refreshments will be served by the Park Hotel Company. AKT ^XHlBlTloST — JONES AND WILLIS'S EXHIBIT. ART-EXHIBITION^— JONES AND WILLIS S EX llIBIr. RT EXHIBITION. —^JONES AND A EXHIBIT includes a splendid display of Art Metul Work, Woodwork, Stonework, Stained Glass, Embroidery, Hangings, Tapestry, Church Furniture, Lecterns, &c. A" RT~ EXHIBITION — JONES" AND A WILLIS, Birmingham and London. RT EXHIBITION. — JONES AND WILLIS, Birmingham and London. ^n^L^EXHiBIIT0"N7 — ^\ltE^\ND SPOTTISWOODE, Her Majesty's Printeis. RT EXHIBITIOIN. EYRE AND A SPOTTISWOODE, Her Majesty s Printers. RT~~ EXHIBITION. — EYRE AND SPOTTISWOODE'S EXHIBIT should re- ceive special attention. A large variety of their Teachers'Bibles," in diiferent bindings and sizes, are displayed; also Barry's '"Teachers' Prayer Book." A' RT EXHIBITION. —The TEACHERS' BIBLE._ ART FXHIB-ITION.-The TEACHERS' BIBLE. A RT EXHIBITION.—The TEACHERS' BIBLE. A RT"EXHIBITION. —TiTo TEACHERS' A PRAYER-BOOK. RT EXHIBITIO-N.-The TEACHEP,,S' A PRAYER-BOOK. RT E X HI B IT I < )N —T h eTEA CIIERS' PRAYER-BOOK. Visitors to the Exhibition should not fail to examine the Exhibits of Messrs Eyre and Spottiswjodr, which include amongst other publications these two celebrated Books in a very large variety of sizes and bi IId¡¡¡gs, some of which will hI: found most suitable for presentation. RT EXH IB ITION7"THE"DRILL HALL, CARDIFF.—CLOSE TO NIGHT. RT EXHIBITION, THE DRILL HALL, CARDIFF.—CLOSE TO-NIGHT. rilHE CHURCH QUARTERLY JL REVIEW. OCT., 1889,-No. 57, Contents. Page. I. Roman Infallibility .1 11. Clareudon s History of the Rebellion 50 III. Proposed Changes in the Scottish Liturgy. -J'J IV. VV. G. Ward and the Oxford Movement. Ti V. The American Commonwealth 93 VI. A Roman Proselyte on Ancient Church History 122 VII. Metropolitans and their Jurisdiction 157 7111. The New Education Code 159 IX. Christian Symbolism.. » 174 X. Condition of the Poor at the East End of London 195 In Alemoriam—Lord Addington 225 Short Notices 227 JPrice 6s. Annual Subscriptions (Si) received by the Publishers, SPOTTISWOODE AN D CO., NEW STREET- SQUARE, LONDON, OR AT THE ECCLESIASTICAL ART EXiIIBI. TION. DRILL HALL, CARDIFF. ENGLISH CHURCH UNION. LONDON OFFICES—.5 WELLINGTON-STREET, STRAND, we President, Viscount Halifax. E.C.U. Rooms during the Congress Week at the Royal Hotel, Cardiff, Secretary, Lieut.-Col. John Brathwaite Hardy, Royal Hotel; OralllsiIl Secretary, Rev. T. butrain Marsba.!l, .1:$/ HoyrtlllottJl. 8269 ECCLESIASTICAL ART EXHIBITION, JQJRILL |_J ALL, QARDIFF. fjpRAPNELL AND GANE, 35 A 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, 38, 39, & 40, COLLEGE GREEN, BRISTOL. CENTRE AVENUE. Exhibit during this week some very choice specimens Df Furniture mailt- expressly for UerYI/Jea and others desirous of fitr/ng up their Libraries and studies economically wi: i-eally USEFUL AND ARTISTIC FURNITURE at lowest possible All visiting Caiilitf should not iait to sefi our exhibits and mate a special point of procuring one of-our latest publications, "ABour FURNITURE," Also our now much renowned £ JLERGY J^OOKCASE (with latest improvements). THE ECCLESIASTICAL BOOKCASE, made to lit auy corner. rjpHE ^JLERGY £ <HAIR, 9s lid. OUR SHOW-ROOMS AT 35 AND 33. QUEEN- STREET, form one of the Sights of the Town, and T. find U. respectfully iiii-ite an Inspection of their linineuse Stick. RAPNELL AN -4 AN E, TRAPN FLL-AND GANE, COMPLETE HOTJSF FURNISHERS, CARDIFF. Catalogues Free. Estimates Free. 8323 FURNITURE ESTABLISHED OVER CARPETS FURNITURE CEN. CAKPE1S FURNITliRlS R LK i'. C *L Li p P, I" -i FURNITURE C'AKI! £ -<?5 FURNITURE GOOD, ARTISTIC CARPETS if URNlTUR li NU CARPETS FURNITURE CAR PETa FURNITURE INEXPENSIVE. CARPET'S FURNITURE CARPETS i URN 11' URE pirpfiT?]? Yi~)TT "RfTV CARPELS FURNlT'UJtE BEFORE YOU BUY CARPEIS FURNITURE F U R NIT U H, E CARPETS FURNITURE OR CARPETS FURNITURE C ARPFTS,' CARPETS FURNITURE FAT/ TO FURNITURE DO :s0,rT *~IL TO CARPETS FURNITURE Vlsll CARPE I S FURNITURE "If ATERTOK CARPEI'S FURNITURE 0 J CARPETS FURNIT URE C'AUPETS FURNITURE CARPETS FURNITURE "i O CARPETS FUltNITURE \j CARPETS FURNITURE CARPETS FURNITURE CABINETMAKERS, CARPETS FURNITURE TTPHOL5TERERS CARPETS FURNITURE CARPET'S FURNITURE HOUSE FURNIsIIERS, (.IARPETS FURNITURE MARY-LE-PORT ST CARPE IS FURNITURE AND CARPETS FURNITURE CARPETS FURNITU^K BRIDGES lREET, CA'JtPETS FURNITURE BRISTOL CARPETS FURNITURE CARPETS FUBNITURM THEIR SHOWROOMS CARPETS FURNITURE". SHOWROOMS, CAUpHJS FURNITURE: OVER ONE ACRE CARPETS FURNITURE: INEXLHNT CARPETS EURNTJURK CONTAIN CAHPETS FURNITURE THE LARGEST, BEST, CARPETS FURNITURE asd CARPETS FURNITURE' CHEAPEST STOCK CARPETS FURNITURE L'I THE CARPETS FURNICURF WEST OF ENGLAND. CARPETS 8297 'jVf EF.SRS W. H. SMITH and SOJS JL.TA deiivertha SOUTH WALES DAILY HEW & at an rariy hour each Morning in ail carta of the follow niz wwns CAPcDIFF SWANSEA NEWPORT ROATH MERTHYJ: PORrsKEWErr CATION ABERDARE PONTYPOOL ROAD- BUiK DOCKS HEREFORD PEMBROKE DOCK BRIDGENjj NEW M1LFORD HAVERFORDWEST NEATH BRISTOL VLOUCESI EP. LLANELLY TENBY ABERYSTWYTH LAMPETER CARMARTHEN ABERGAVENNY Tha CARDIFF TIMES also delivered every Fr-da to any address in the abova mentioned Towns. OIWEH- I tobe sent to rtio ot ;be vsrion? kookstaUs public (Kompstius, &c. The SUBSCRIPTION LIST OPENED ON WED. NEsDAY, the 2nd day of OCTOBER, 1SS9, and will CLOSE on FRIDAY, the 4th day of OCTOBER, 1SS9. THE ORIENTAL(TKANSVAAL) LAND JL AND EXPLORATION COMPANY, LIMITED. Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1886, and will be registered in the Transvaal, under the South African Republic Limbed Liability Act. CAPI fAL £ 110,000, in 110,U0J Shares of £1 each, of which one-third, -viz., 36,666 tully-paid Shares, may, at the ootion of the Directors, be issued to the Vandor in part payment for the property. Subscriptions are now invited for 73,334 hares, payab!e as follows 2s per Share on Application 33 per Share on Allot- ment; 2s bù per Shaie in one month Allotment, and the balance in calls not exceeding is 6d per Snare, and at intervals of at least two months. DIRECTORS.. Major J. W. M. COIIUN, Director of the Oceana (Transvaal) Land Company, Limited. CARL VON BUCH, Director of the Transvaal Proa- pecting Company, 11, Queen Victoria-street, E.C. V. W. cHEMERY,of Messrs Hughes,Chemeryjand Co., 33, Graceciiurcii-s .reet, E.C. REGINALD B. B. CLAY lO. of Messrs Clayton and Rawson, SB, Bisuop.-gate-sireefc Within, E.C. ARCHIBALD FAIRL1E, C.E., Director of the Taltal (Chili) Nitrate Company, Limited. JuHN S. SAWREY, Managing Director of the Stan- hope Company, Limited. LOCAL ADVISER.— DAVID DON, late Manager of the Oriental Bank Corporation, Natal. BAN KICKS THE ALLIANCE BANR, LIMITED, Bartholomew- lane, London, E.C. THE BANK OF AFRICA, LIMITED, 113, Cannon- street, London, E.C. SOLICITORS.—Messrs BLAIR and W. B. GIRLING, 3, Guildha 1 Cnambers, E.C. BROKERS. Messrs NICKISSON, & CO., 2, Capel-court, and Stock Exchange, E.C. E. B, UAsELDEN, 27, Throgmorton-street, and Stock Exchange, E.C. SECRETARY AND OFFIDF.S (PRO TEM.).— SAMUEL C. FOX, 5a, Nichoias-iane, E.C. THE ORIENTAL (TRANSVAAL) X LAND AND EXPLORATION COMPANY, LIMITED. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. This Compmy is formed to buy and take over two contracts, to purchase eighteen freehold quit rent, agricultural Farms or Estates, and certain undivided parts or shares in other farms believed to comprise auriferous lands in the Traiuvaal, formerly the pro- perty of the Oriental Bant Corporation (now in liquidation), and of Luuwig Julius Lippert, Esq., of Hamburg, of an estimated area of 90,300 acres or there- abouts, and to work or re-sell the properties. Five of the properties are situate within the well- known pod producing district of Lydei.berg, one of the most important South Africau Goldtieids, and four or such Farms have been surveyed. Twelve other of the Farms are "ituate in Waterberg, three in Middel- bunr, and two in Rusteuburi;. Mr A. Havelock Smith, in a report made to the late owners of the property called Bot..clifonteiii, says, "CoiU discoveries of considerable value are being made in this District." Several of the Farms are reported to be rich in other minerals, and the whole are valuable as agricultural land. The Company also acquire twelve mining claims situate oil the bhebJ. Hill de Kaap Goldtieids, in the Barberton District of South Africa, and known as the Pandora. Block. Mr William Wilcox. M.I.C.E., in speaking of the Pandora property, states It is in a diiect line wHh all the best gold properties on the Sheba ran¡:;e, having nIl the east the noted 'Golden Quarry,' 'Oriental,' Nil Desperanaum,' Annies Fortune,' and The Hercules'; to the west the lqufa: Butterfly,' Blue Rock,' and the renowned Kimberley Sheba,' one ot the latest discoveries. All these claims run on the same line of reef. 011 its south it is joined by the 'United,' while to the north lie 'ateyna Block,' 'New Chum,' and the Victory Hill,' claims in close proximity. As a matter of fact, the Pandora property is surrounded by a network of good gold- bearing properties." The price agreed to be paid for the whole of the Estates or Farms, and shares of Farms aforesaid, ill- cluding the minerals and 12 mining claims, is E81,600, which is payable in cash and shares in manner pro- vided by the agreements. After providing payment of the purchase money to the Vendor, ■ £ 28,'i00 of working capital has been allowed for in tixing the capital of the Company. Apart from the mineral value of the Estates, it is considered that the Farms, when sub-let for the culti- vation of articles of Colonial pioduce, such as tobacco, conee, cotton, sugar, etc. (all of which are stated to grow well in the districts where tiie estatei are situatt.), a very handsome income should result to the Company. The revenue of the Transvaal in 1835 was £ 161,600. In 1888 it had increased to the enormous total of The gold exports (as reported in the Cape Argus") from Cape Colony and Natal for tho year ending December, 1888, amounted to and up to August 31st, lcki9, were £ 939,616. It is, therefore, fair to assume there will be a further increase of one- third more by December, making a grand total of 1;1,262,821 for the year 18139. It is scarcely practicable to estimate with any cer- tainty ths profits which may result from an invest- ment in tho Company's shares but judging by the present prices of other Land and Exploration Com- panies in the Transvaal, this undertaking should prove remunerative. Prospectuses and forms of application can be ob- tained from the Bankers, Brokers, Solicitors, and at the Company's Offices. September 28th, 1889. The National Provincial Bank of England. Limited, Bennett's Bill, Birmingham its Head Ottce,Thread- needle-street, London, and all Branches, are authorised to receive Applications for the under- mentioned C,¡pit,,1. The SUBSCRIPTION LIST OPENED on WEDNES- DAY. OCTOBER 2nd, i859, aud will CLOSE on or before MONDAY. OCl'OBf.R 7th, 183S. OYKES' BREWERY COMPANY, O LIMITED, BURiON-ON-TRENT. Incorporated under the Companies' Acts, 1862 to 1887. CAPITAL, Shares £ 110,000 Debentures 55,000 £ lfo,000 The Share Capital is divided into 10,000 Six per Cent. Cumulative Preference Shares of 26 each a- £ 50,000 12,COO Ordinary shares of B5 each 60,000 "r' £ 110,000 Issue of 8,500 Preference Shares and 10,500 Ordinary Shares, the balance being taken as part payment of the purchase money. Both classes of Shares are pay- able— £ 1 on Application, B2 on Allotment, and Ee on 1st December next. Subscriptions will also be received for E55,000 of First Mortgage Debentures, of £ 100 eapb, payable 5 per cent. on Application, 40 per cent. on Allotment, 2u per cent, on 1st Decemoer, lo89, aud 25 per cent. on 1st January, 18:10. The Debentures bear interest at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum, and are redeemable at £ 105, at the option of the Company, at six months' notice after Is; September, b14, The Debentures will form a Erst charge upon the whule of the Freehold and Leasehold Properties, Fixed Plant and Machinery, and Floating Assets of the Company, and will be secured by a Mortgage to the Trustees tor Debenture Holders. TRUSTEES FOR DEBENTURE HOLDERS. H. BYIiON-REED, Esq., M.P., Collinghatn-place, London, S. \V, F. W. LOWE, Esq.. J.P., 109, Colmore-row, Birming. ham. DIRECTORS. A. T. BECKS" Esq., Astiturlong Hall, Sutton Cold- lield, near Birmingham. G. J. JAMES, Esq. (G. James and Son, Maltsters), Br.;dtord-street, Birmingham. :\1. J. SILVER, Esq., Albion Brewery, Pope-street, Birmingham. "B. C. SVKES, Eq (Thos. Sykes and Co., Brewers), Cripplegate-street, JBurton-on-Trent. ("Join the Board after Allotment.) BANKERS—The NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND (Limited), Bennett s-hill, Birming- ham; its Utad Office, Threadneedle street, London; and all Branches. BROKERS. London—Messrs EDMUND CAMPBELL & CO., 12, Coptbaii Court and Stock Exchange, E.C. Manchester—Messrs PlXTON & COPPOCK, 12, Half Moon-street. EÙlnburh-lcssrs STENHOUSK & JOHNSON, 30, St Andrew-square. AUDITOR.—JOSEPH H. PEACE, Esq., Chartered Accountant. 63, Colmore-row, Birmingham. SOLICITORS. WRIGHT & MARSHALL, 86, New-street, Birmingham. SECRETARY AND OFFICiLs (pro. tem.).—Mr WM. JEFF. 8;). High-street, Birmingham. TEMPORAR* LONDON OFFICE.-145, CANNON- STREET, EC. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. This company is formed to acquire and cirry on two well-known Breweries in full working order, situated respectively in Burton-on-Trent, and Birmingham, to- gether with 109 hotels and public-houses and 38 dwelling-houses situated in the City of Birmingham and the important towns oc Stockport and Burton-on- Trent and adjoining districts. The Breweries have been established for many year- and the Brewery of Thos. Sykes & Co. being for sale, on account of the death of the late proprietor (Thomas Syke-, Esq., of Liverpool), a favourable opportunity occurs for their amalgamation and working as one concern, thereby effecting an obvious saving in work. ing expenses. Mr W, Barwell Turner, the well-known Brewery Expert and Valuer, 8. Corn Exchange, Leeds, has examined the breweries, plant, and machinery, also the various freehold and leasehold houses belonging to the Breweries, and reports that the total value of the properties amounts to £ 127,877, exclusive of goodwills, book debts, and stocks, which he estimates at £SI,!N<. Mr Joseph H. Peace, Chartered Accountant, Bir- mingham, has investigated the Books and Accounts of the various businesses, and reports that the present annual net p.arninl" lint'lnriinl7 nniHf rpnt!\J. 'lIn',11n" 1!5s The present average sales exceed &00 barrels weekly. he above Reports may be seen by intending sub- S.CT't^Srs,at "-be Oriice of the Company's Solicitors, and certified copies at the Company s Offices in Birmingham or London. On taking the net proSts, as referred to in the above the result is as follows :— Nett protits S12529 To pay 5 per cent, on £ 5b'c00 Debentures will atisorb £ "'7 )0 To pay ft per cent! on tS6,*6oO pwVe'iinco ° sh&Ttds >viJl uibsorb £ 3 qqq —— £ 5,750 JLefivijic an available balance of £6.779 Sufficient to pay over 11 per cent. on the ordinary shares. The directors confidently anticipate a large increase of revenue from the snpplying of wines, spirits, and iiiiiieral wtters to tbe tIed houses, in addition to the saving which iniiit of "ecessitly be effected in the work- ing expenses by conducting the two breweries under one m;ina £ erm'nt. The Coin pan y, the contracts hereinafter men- tioned, take th^ prohts of the two breweries with the Lr^ort!it r0,-? aiui 'rom August 1st, 13&9, s,> tha- the shareholders at once acouire a divi- dend-earning property. The price to be paid for the entire properties free from all liabilities as described above (A, B, C D E) has been ldx.ed at £ 151,360, payable as follow-' in Ordinary Shares. £ 7.500 in Preference" Shares £ 55,C0J in Mortgages or Cash, at the option of the Directors, and the Balance in Cash. There will b* reserved from the issue a sum of £ 13,650, and this, together with the largo stock acquired by the Company. will provide ample workin" Capital. Prospectuses and Forms of Application may he obtained from the Bankers, Brokers, Solicitors, Audi- tor, and at the Offices of the Company. Birmingham. September 50th, 1089. u SHAVING. EVERYONE WHO SHAVES SHOULD USE THE SHA VING, A L B I U AD IVI IL K AND SHAVING. is ULPIIUP- SOAP, dTTAVTMT' which yields a firm, creamy, and refreshing lather, softening the beard, preventing the irritation CI FTAVT"MP so oiten caused to delicate skins WtiAVllNCr. j„ sbaviwter,; and rendering the passage of a razor rapid and OHAVTTtffJ- easy- Toilet Soap, it is » AXIVT, URequalled. Delicately perfumed. '"r, Sold by all dealers in Perfumery BRAVING. in Shaving Cakei and Toilet Kj Tablets. 6778 public Companies, &r. The NATIONAL BANK OF WALES (LIMITED), Blaenavon, Head Office, Cardiff, and Branches, anli, their London Agents, Messrs MARTIN and CO., 68, their London Agents, Messrs MARTIN and CO., 68, Lombard-street, E C., will Receive Applications for the Capital undermentioned, at par. The SUB- SCRIPTION LIST OPENED at the above. mentioned Banking-houses on TUESDAY, the 1st instant, and may be CLOSE I > at any time thereafter, and will be CLOSED at the latest on or before SATURDAY, the 5th instant, at One o'clock. In case of no Allotment the deposit will be returned in full. "VVTESTL AKE;S B RE W ER Y (LIMITED), BLAENAVON, MON. Incorporated under the Companies Acts, 1862 and 1888. SHARE CAPITAL, DEBENTURE TOCK, £ 10,OOt:—total, £ 50,000 The Debenture Stock will be secured by a Mortgage of the Brewery Premises and a Valuable Freehold Licensed House to Trustees, and a floating charge over' the assets of the Company. Debenture Stock Certifi- caces will be issued in multiples of £ 10, and will bear interest at 5 per cent. per annum. It will be redeem- able at the Company's option on and after the 1st October, 1889, at B110 per £1000n six months' notice. Share Capital as follows ;—4,000 Preference Shares of S5, bearing 6 per cent, dividend. £ 20,000 4,009 Ordinary Shares of £6 1;20,000. Present issue of 5 per cent. Debenture Stock.. £10,000 3,000 Preference Shires £15,000 3,3CO Ordinary Shares £ 10,000 S40,000 The Preference Shares will be entitled to priority over the Ordinary Shares of the Company for Capital and for a cumulative preferential dividend of 6per cent., payable out of profits. Interest and Dividends on the Debenture Stock and Preference Sh res will be payable half-yearly, calcu- lated from dates of payment of Capital, the tirst pay- ment of such Interest and Dividends to be made on the 1st April, 1890, and to be a proportion calculated from the respective dates of the payment of the capital. It is proposed by the Directors to pay dividends on the shares half-yearly. The Ordinary and Preference Shares are payable as follows :—10s on Application, £ 2 on Allotment, aud the balance by Two Instalments at One and Two Months after Allotment. The Debenture Stock is payable 5 per cent. on Application, 45 per cent, on Allotment, and the Balance by Two Instalments of 25 per cent, each at One and Two Mouths thereafter respectively, or the whole may be paid up on Allotment, the Debenture Stock ranking for interest from the dates of payment of the instalments. TRUSTEES FOR THE DEBENTURE STOCKHOLDERS LIEUTE-NANT-COLONEL ANDREW MAIit, J.P., Pontypool, Director of the National Bank of Wales (Limited). EDWARD JONES, Esq., J.P., Snatchwood House, Pontypool. DIRECTORS. MICHAEL CLUNE, Esq. (Messrs Mortimer and Clune, Wine Merchants), Bristol. COLONEL F. McDONNKLL, Plas Newydd, Usk. *C. F. vVESTLAKE, Esq., The Brewery, Blaenavon, Managing Director. Will join the Board after the completion of the purchase. BANKERS. THE NATIONAL BANK OF WALES (LIMITED), Blaenavon, Head Office, Cardiff, and all Branches, and their London Ageius. Messrs MARTIN anj CU, 68, Lombard-street, E.C. SOLICITORS. MEAD-KING and BlliU, Bristol. GREEN WAY and BYTHWAY, Pontypool. AUDITORS.-Messrs TRIBE, CLARKE, and CO., Char- tered Accountants, Bristol, Swansea, and London. SECRETARY (pro ten;.).—ARTHUR HARLOW. OFFICES.—THE BREWERY, Blaenavon temporarily, ALBION CHAMBERS, Bristol. ABRIDGED PROSPECTUS. The objects of this Company are to acquire work, and extend the well-known Brewery Business of Mr C. F, Westlake, the Brewery, Biaenavon, Monmouthshire, which has been established for nearly 40 years, and has for the last 10 years been successfully carried oil by Mr Westlake. The business is yearly increasing, and it is desired to further develope it, for which purpose additional capital is required. The Company will acquire, free from all encum- brances, the valuable and extensive Brewery at Blaenavon (one of the most important in the district), as from the 1st of October instant. It-has an ample supply of excellent water, well adapted for Brewing purposes. The Brewery Premises are held for the residue of a term of 870 years, created by an Indenture of Lease dated the 21st of November, 1826. There is a considerable number of Hotels, Public- houses, and Beerhouses which the Brewery hold an interest in as lessees, wti.eii are included in the pur- chase by the Company, and business is being none with 60 per cent, of the Public-houses in Blaenavon. Mr Westlake has agreed to give his services as managing director gratuitously for the first year, and that no remuneration for his services shall be paid him for the following four years unless a dividend of 10 per cent. shall have been earned and declared on the ordi- nary share capital. Messrs Tribe, Clarke, and Co., Chartered Account- ants, of BrIstol, who have examined the books, state in their reoorl ttiH the net protits for the year ending 30th June. 1,331, were £ 2,152 17s 9d for the year end. ing 3'Jth June, 188a. £ 2,406 15s 4d and for the year ending 30th Juue, 1889, £ 3,245 55 3d. Taking the figures for the last year as a basi, the profits of the business- d. Will pay 5 per cent, on the Debenture Stock ( £ 10,000) 500 0 0 Will pay 6 per cent. on the Preference Shares ( £ 15,000) 900 0 0 And 10 per cent, on the Ordinary Shares 1,500 0 0 £ 2,900 o 0 Leaving a surplus without taking into account the largely increasing revenues, which havd advanced by over bO per cent. in the last three years, and which may be confidently expected to still further increase, and thi; expectation is confirmed by the Sales of July and August, 1889, £2,978 7s 4d, against £ 2,504 lis 9d in the corresponding months of the previous year, as will be seen by the certificate given by the Accountants. Mr C. F. Westlake takes £ 10,COO in Ordinary Shares anl £ 2,b00 in Preference Shares or Debenture Stock, at the option of the Directors. Application for Shares and Debenture Stock should be madt) on the Jacconipanyirg iorm, and should be forwarded to the Company's Bankers, the National Bank of Wales (.Limited), or to Messrs Martin and Co., 63, Lombard-street, E.C., their London Agents, accota- panied by a remittance for the amount of the deposit Cheques for the deposit should be uiade payable to the order of the Bankers, to whom the same may be sent. If the whole amount of Stock or Shares applied for by any applicant be not allotted, the surplus of the deposit will be appropriate i towards the sum due on allotment. When no allotment is made the deposit will be returned in full. Prospectuses and Forms of Application can be obtained at the offices of the Company, or at the offices of the BanKers, Solicitors, or Accountants. Dated 1st October, 1889. 8387 SAMUEL BROTHERS' JURST Q,REAT gHOW FOR A UTUMN AND WINTER QOMMENCES SEPTEMBER 28TH. SAMUEL BROTHERS Have been nnusually successful in their produc- tions for the present season. ALL ARE INVITED, Whether purchasers or not, to inspect their first display for the Autumn and Winter Season. SAMUEL BROTHERS. SPECIALITIES. 219 OVERCOATS. 265 lid CAPE ULSTERS. 30s SUITS. 103 6d TROUSERS. SAMUEL JJ ROTHERS Oall especial attention to their enormous stock of hifjb-class goods in WEST OF ENGLAND BEAVERS. TKEBLE-MILLED MELTONS. BANNOCICBURN CHEVIOTS. LLAMAS VICUNAS. SATiN FINISH WORSTEDS. SAMUEL jg ROTHERS Forward patterns with fashion plates post free. All lettor orders forwarded carriage paid. SAMUEL BROTHERS, MERCHANT TAILORS AND UNIVERSAL CLOTHIERS, jy-ARKET JgUILDIiraS, ST# Jty][AKY-STREET> CARDIFF. Jt, J^EA AND J3ERUINS' 8AUCE. LEA AND "PERKINS' SAUCE. Jt. Purchasers should see that the Label on every bottle of the original Worcestershire Sauce bear* the signature. "B EA AND PERRINS. J!-J -H- LEA AND pERRINS SAUCE. JL Sold wholesale by the Proprietors, Worcester. Crosse & Blackwell, London. Retail everywhere. LEA AND "OERRINS' SAUCE. JL 13751 5834 I npEETH.—Complete Set One Guinea Single Tooth, 2s 6d. Five years' warranty. Re- models, repairs, &c. Painless Dentistry, Gas, &c,—'■ GOODMAN AND CO., 1, Old Dock-street, Newport, and bJ. Queen-s; Cardiff. 130411114 ISusittess ]M&rg5sg5. J.SU c- b> is: a ION jgATTJjRDAV NEXT, OCTOBER brtt, 1g EVANS AND £ j0MPANY WILL MAKE A QRAND JJISPLAY -1 i I pARIS & LONDON JpASHIONS i FOR THE AUTUMN AND WINTER SEASONS. B. E. and Co. have only just returned from both capitals, and they are in a posi- tion togive the most reliable information as regards lea dernierei modes de Paris. Swansea, October, 18- 1046 I QAVENDISH HOUSE, CHELTENHAM NEW AUTUMN JACKETS. COLOURED CLOTH JACKETS, Tailor-rfade, 21s, 25s 6d, 29s 6d, 35s 6ii, 45s 6d, 55s, 63s. BLACK CLOTH JACKETS, Plain and Trimmed, 12s 6d, 21s, 25s 6d, 29s 6d, 35s 6d, 40s 6<1, 58s 6d A STOCK OF 25.0 TO SELECT FROM. A Good Assortment sent for Inspection on Application. (CAVENDISH HOUSE COMPANY, J LIMI1ED, CHELTENHAM. 1279 rj^RAPNELL AND G A N E, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS. 38 & 35, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. BEDSTEADS, BEDSTEADS, JgEDSTEADS, OUR GUINEA BEDSTEADS, OUR GUINEA BEDSTEADS. Full Size. Iron French Bedstead, Heavily Mounted with BRASS, and Extended Foot-rail. T. and G. having some time since placed a Contract for 400 of this particular Bedstead, have now decided, notwithstanding the ENORMOUS ADVANCE IN IRON AND BRASS, to give their Old Customers and the Public generally THE BENEFIT OF THIS PURCHASE, and for Three Weeks T. and G, intend offering this SPECIAL B EDSTEAD, 4ft. 6in. wide, AT 21s EACH, WORTH 295 6D, to be seen in our Windows at 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. 35, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. BEDDING of every description, warranted purified, always ready T RAPNELL AND (GANE, CABINET MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS, 35 AND 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, 5144 j^EAVE'S FOOD. n ~VTEAVE'S FOOD. For Infants and Invalids. .Ll For Growing Children and the Aged. First Established 1825. Best and Cheapest. EAVE'S- FOOD. -For Infants and Invalids. -i-1 A Pure Cereal Preparation. Recommended by the Faculty generally. 3981 Sold Everywhere. c ROSSLEY'S "QTTQ" (^}-AS JfJNGINE 'O™ 28,000 INCSE' From 2 man to 100 h.p. REFERENCES for ALL TRADES and in ALL TOWNS. Second-Hand Engines. Deferred Payment System. QROSSLEY JgROS., J^IMITED OPENSHAW, MANCHESTER.


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