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REDUCED RATE ten Small Prepaid Advertisements. -0- 20 Words SIXPENCE. Three Times NINEPENCE. Six Times ONE SHILLING. WORDS OWRF THREE SIX wotcui>. ONCE. TIMES, j TIMES. s. d. s. d. » d. 20 Words 0 6 0 9 1 0 30 Words o 9 1 0 1 6 i- 40 Words 1 oil 6 23 50 Words 1 3 2 6 3 0 60 Words 1 6 3 0 | 4 6 Tbe charces apply only to the classes of advertise- ment specified below, and are starictly confined to those which are ordered or CONSECUTIVE insertion, an/1 PAID FOR PREVIOUS to INSERTION if either of th«,e con- ditionf is not ctmpiied with, the advertisement will be charged by the Business scale > An*r*E.vrs W*VRB» | HOC^ TO BRS/JIB. APARSTMEKTS IO LET. I MOSEY ARTICLES LOST. j MONET TO ^END. ARTICLES FOUND. | MISCELLANIES WASTS. BUSINESSES FOR DISPOSAL J MISCELLANEOUS SALES. BUSINESS WANTED. j PARTNERSHIPS WAWICT. BOUSES TO LET. ) SITOATIOF,-s WANTED. HOUSES WANTED SITUATIONS VACANT. AdTwMnataMto of the above cipas inserted in the to SOOTH WALES DAILY SEWS," the. 1 CARDHFTIMES," and "SOUTH WALES ECHO" at tho following rate Six times in «» Daily News, Six times in Once in WORE1? «> -i- v._„ Cardiff Times 3. Sooth Wales! 7?T?v Ne s and ■»* Echo. Echo. a d. j s. d. s. d. 20 Words 1 0 16 2 0 30 Woc& 6 2 3 3 0 40 Words 2 3 3 3 4~~6 50 Words 3 ~9 5 8 7 6 60 Words I 6 i 6 9 9 0 GENERAL ADVERTISING TARIFF. r SATE PER LINE FOR A SERIES } CLASS OP JL to 4 or 6 to l2toi26 ADYUTMUUMTS. I 3 tJ 11 25 upd Inar insr insr iBsrinsr i in —» Business Educational | -/4 ■ -IS -/2 -Ai Publiahers ,MWt> — ) RefcjrtousService* l Entertainments — — ] 'I* jfi Afttion Announcements ./6 1.{3 -1411.3 LOCAL and Public NOUCM Municipal and School Board f Tenders and Contracts ( *'6 Public Appoiataasnts — — ) Prospectuses «. « -/9 -/9 ./9 «/9 >/9 Parliamentary Elections „ ) Parliamentary Notices „„ J 1/. 1/. "1/- !/• 1/. Government Announcements — 7 I PARAGRAPH ADVERTISEMENTS are charged 1 to & insertions, M per line 6 to 11 insertions, 4d per line 12 insertions and upwards, 3d par line Notices of Births, Marriages, and Deaths are charged Is each, if not exceeding 20 words, and 6d for each additional 10 words. The" Notices mast ke antben ticated by the Signature and Address of the sender. ADVERTISERS when sending advertismenta In manu script, may calculate eight words to a line, and 12 lines to an inch In charging advertisements the lines are not counted, but the advertisement, including large lines, dashes, and white spaces, is measured, and the space occupied is charged at the rate of Twelve lines to an inch fJarttwrsljip. A RAKE OPPORTUNITY for a young Mechanic— a moulder or fltter preferred—to join in partner- ship in an old-established Foundry and Agricultural Implement Works, in centre of the County of Glamor- X.,tn.-Address X., "South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 406 JEatrimomaL -P- I aAU DDYN ieuanc vn ewyllysio gohebu a dwy 1 ferch ieuanc o Jtymeriad da. — Cyfeiriad Myrddin and ]ranlyn, "Soutli Wales Daily News," Swansea. 402 THE MATRIMONIAL POS'l'and FASHIONABLE MARRIAGE ADVERTISER.—This Journal, high in public favour, offers to all anxious to marry a medium second to none for rapid and eminently satis- factory results. Price 3d; in envelope, 44d.-Address Mr R. Chas worth, No. 9, Nicholas-street, Bristol. 21o THE Matrimonal Herald and Fashionable Marriage Gazette is the ttriqinal and only recognised medium for high-class introductions, and represents the largest and most successful Matrimonial Agency in the word. N.B.—The public are cautioned against imitations. Price 3d (under cover '4d). All communi- cations should be addressed to EDITOR, 40, LAMB'S CONDUIT STREET, LONDON. W.C. 3071 Mtbicol. rOCUM TEN ENS to visit, prescribe, dispense, and J accouche (forceps); has had 15 years experience b linguist, total abstainer. -Address Wm. John, Berlin House, Llanelly. Carmarthen. 315 TOP THAT COUGH why worry People, when kj °ne dose of Hugh Davies's Cough Mixture would relieve you 1-By chemists everywhere. 18 "ITT H, KEY, Chemist, Stationer, Ac., 89 and 90, v ▼ Tail-street, Pontypridd, has a vacancy for a well educated, quick, and active youth as Apprentice. 266 YOUTH (well educated) wanted as Apprentice.— Apply J. Myrddin Da vies, Chemist, 4, Oxford jL Apply J. Myrddin Davies, Chemist, 4, Oxford street, Swansea. 379 iftqgtca!. FE. WAD 8, Piano and Musical Instrument Factor, Tenby and Pembroke Dock, his taken into partnership Mr S. Meggitt, from the tirm of Messrs iSrindley and Foster, the eminent organ bjilde". ADE & -*fEGGITT.-Organ building from one WADE A MEGGITT.—Organ building from one to five manuals; organ tuning, repairing, and voicing. Special rates to the trade. Pneumatic actions and hydraulic blowing apparatus added. Par- ticulars, specifications, and price lists for stops on application. -Tenby and Pembroke Docic. WADP, & MEGGITT have decided to 3*1109 all VT Pianos in Stock previous to Mr Meggitt joining the firm, at prices that cannot be repeated. -Tenby and Pembroke Dock. W ADE A MEGGITT have 50~PianoiTby Bard, Broadwood, CoDard, Iback, etc.,etc., from £ 10 to E150. Lists of300 testimonials free on application. — Wade and Mezgitt. Tenby and Pembroke Dock. 3b4 JUST PUBLISHED by Daniel Owen and Co., and to be had f all Musicsellers in Cardiff, price Is (liberal allowance to schools), Exercises in Harmony. Besigned for the use of schools, especially those pre- paring for Royal Academy, Trinity College, and other examinations, and dedicated to the Young Ladies of SMimmcrfleld Hall by FJedk. Atkins, Mus. Bac., Oxon. 2154 MISS ASTL8, having bad several years' experience in teaching Pianoforte and Singing, is desirous of increasing her number of pupils. Lessons given at their re-ddebow Terms moderate.—Apply by letter 22, Charietk<<treefc. Concerts attended; arrangeventa made with families and schools Penarth visited. 126/i VIOLIN.—Fine old solo orchestral iustrumeuf, V labelled Antonins Hieronymus fr Amatl Cremonf n Anclrae til, 1^74 sweet mallow tone tine preservation Mtt lady or prnfeniionil with silver-mounted bt .w. resin, pitch pipe, music book, braes mute, r.nd magnificent lock-up case sacrifice lot for 15s 6d carriage paid anywhere. Wonderful bargain, bv.t no use to owner. Money willingly returned if not approved. Inspection invited, or send to Mr Tfionsas iarr, Tricycle tud-lame. Colchester. 284 €5nratignaL A YOUNG LADY, disengaged, wishes m(v,-ninx or _L daily engagement as Joverness to you ng chil- dren six v ears' experience. Qualified to tef ich L, ng- lish, good Music, and Singing, also mal lDeats of French and German if required.—Address t iovemess, ,iouth Walea Daily News Office, Cardiff. 12cl 1 QUENCH, Spanish, Italiau, German, Prit ate Tuition Classes. Special Clasaea for Commei cial Corres- pondence and Conversation. Candidates I prepared for the Medical, Law, and Civil Service V laminations (through the post), Arithmetic, Book-keetf in", English, French, and Spanish, Shorthand. — Mr W. Haines, Public Translator, 2o, Park-street, Cardi/419 "OiTMAN'S SHORTHAND rapidly T» ught by David JbT Harris, F.Sh.S., 9, Mansel str set, Swansea. Terms on aepiication. Aiso Lessons p« rsonally, or by correspondence, given in Anthmetif, Mensantion, Navigation, Electricity, Steam, Ac. 6b6 STUDENTS SUCCESSFULLY ? REPARED for Science examinations, Physiogra phy, Agriculture, Klectricity, Chemistry, Meiallnrjv, 4 MUD, Shorthand -Joseph Harris, 4, New ord-SLret Jt, Swansea. 120 THK "BERGER" TBANSLAJ.TNG AGENCY. — Mercantile documents attendi 3d to carefully and pr..mpt>y. French and Italian I aught by a modern and successful metbocl. -Mr ioipbe Berger, 16, Neville-place. Riverside, Cardiff a73 Bomestir ^ecbattts- AS UOOD COOK, thorough lly experienced person from London- Pennan«jcy, job, or dinners. All soups. Ssh, entrees, gam, p istry, Ac. Disengaged. Age 30; totel abstainer; character.—Address E/N., 12. Trinity-street, Abergavenny. 352 ENEBAL SERVANT (2) wanted immediately; Tf une able to wash and iron, and the other to do pliiii cooking.-Apply s Smith, Bailey's Estate Offices, Pentre, Rhondda T'alley. 3m ENERAL SERVANT Wanted, accustomed to -A I children and piain cooking. -AppI, 31, Wonis- wurth-street. Boath, Cav iift. 365 I BNBRAL SERVA'nt (good) wanted, who has VT been acrascomed to children.-Apply Mr W. rlorgan, 41, Stacey-r,4 i, Roath, Cardiff. 375 GEN KRAL SERVy^NT (thoroughlygood) wanted in a suyUl family^ —Apply to Mrs William Kyte, 21, Newport-road, Cardi# 338 VI| ENERAL sEK.' /ANT Wanted must be a good plain eook.—Apply to Mrs Harris, Wheat brook, Georgetown, MertlJ yr. 25b ENERAL t>E?RVANT (good) wanted, who ha X been acca%U)mod to chit ren.—Apply Mr Mum- ford, Chemist, M» for-street, Splotlands, Cardiff. 2bl GENERAL S/ JttVANT~Wanted a good washer.— Apply Magdala House, Wordsworth-straet, Etoatb. Cardiff. 241 GENERAL I iB^VANT wanted who understands JT plain coqI slag; wages, £ 12: good character indis- pensable. Apr ply at once.—Mrs Hicks, Registry Office, Brynmawr. 214 GENE RAJ*, SERVANT (good) wanted, who under- tTT standg plain cooking; no washing,—Apply Si, the Parade, Cardiff. 2993 SOIL (If) wanted, help in house; teach small clan in fan cs; musical; oomferfcable home. State ry. — >6 s Gasken, Portskewect, Chepstow. 404 pi IRL (! trons) wanted as General Servant in a small Ljr fan ily.—Apply, with reference, Mrs Guy, 84, Wibe-str eet, Penarth. 386 ULL waated. as CkneraJ Servant, clean and strong. JT one from the country preferred: age between 18 and 21. with good references. —Apply Thomas Walker, Dresden House, Penarth. 399 IRL (respectable) wanted as Nurse for two JT children.—Apply with references to Springfield House, TafFs Well. 333 GIRL (strong, mean) waiited as KitchenauiJ.— Apply Mrs Hartland, Beresford House, Swansea. 299 HOUSEKEEPER, able to do plain cooking, JLJL washinx. and of good character, wanted for a small family —Apply K.K., Post Otlke, Seel] Sisters, nearjSeath. 309 NURSE wanted for young children age over 20 1* must be healthy and able to sew.—Apply Mrs Chiters, Servants' Registry, Canon-street, Aberdare. SitnaUatis Vacant. PPREN RICE. -Wanted,a respectable boy, 14 to 16 A years of age, as Apprentice to Lithography and Zincography. One with some knowledge of drawing preferrecL-Apply "Sottth ivaks Printing Works," Cardiff. 2916 ASSISTED EMIGRATION to Western Australia, for Farm Labourers and Mechanic?.—Anply George Bird, Cardiff. Rate, £ 7. 57o BOY (respectable) wanted, between 12 and 14, to answer the door and make himself useful in a private house. -Apply 50, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. 295 BUTCHERS.—Wanted, a Youns: Man, age 20, with JL) ober habits, able to "ughter.-Apply Thomas Powell, Butcher, Fprndale. near Pontypridd. 310 CABINET MAKER (good) Wanted for full-columa and quarter-column drawers.—Apply 78, St Mary- Street. Cardiff. 418 COLIJERY MANAGER (a practical) wanted.— Apply, stating age and experience, to S., 84, oonth Wales Daily News Office, Cardiff. 334 I/1 OR EM AN wanted, who thoroughly understands hot water fitting, plambin?, and general electric work, and capable of giving estimates.—Address F. A., Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 253 HAULIER wanted, to assist in shop and make himself generally useful. —Apply to J. Morgan, Manager, Co-operative -Stores, Clydach Vale, near Pontypridd. 407 LAD (strong) Wanted at once, able to mould, deliver, and look after horses.—Apply the Salisbury-road Bakery, Cathays, Cardiff. 420 LAD (smart, steady) wanted to look after Pony, Cow, Garden, Ac.—Mr R. H. Sampson, Pontar- duiaia. Glamorganshire. l\I ILL"ORD DClCK:S. Milford Ha.ven.-=-'lanies MILI'ORD DOCKS, Milford Haven.—Navvies wanted, used to rock getting; also wagon fUlers. Good wages. Lodgings on works. 2924 T>ERSONS of either sex wanted to do artistic work JT at home. No painting. Good pay; 2s a piece. All materials free.—W. East, Southampton. 62 RIVETTER wanted, for the boot trade, one that can put up and finish his own work, and a strong stitchman. Constant work, good wagm-F. Williams, Pontycymmer, Garw Valley. 3}2 SHIRT 1RONER (good) wanted to live in.— Address Ironer, 'Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 394 SLAUGHTERMAN Wanted. One accustomed to Is serve in shop. Must be steady. Good character indispensable. -Apply F. O. Lawrence. Crane-street, PontypooL 367 TAILORING.—Wanted," a~ respectable Yonth tor front shop as Improver.—Apply E. J.Baker, 5, CrockherbtowB, Cardiff. 301 TBOS-E WITH SPARE TThIE. wishing profitable JL Agency, which is always in demand, should apply A. A G. Taylor, Arcade Studio, Newport. 168 "VET ANTED, pushing ymmg man to take charge of a V T coal cart can hire the same on very easy terms everything ready for use.—Apply Rees, 78, Tudor-road, Cardiff. 250 _ppi ,d WRITERand GRAINER Wanted.—Apply Morgan Bros Cadoxton-juxta-Barry, nr. Cardiff. 424 WEEKLY and Upwards may be Easily and 3!,Honestly Realised by persons of Either Sex, without hindrance to present occupation.—For parti. culars, Ac., enclose addressed envelope to Evans, Watts, and Company (P 137), Merchants, Birmingham. —This is genuine 864 :ibøp Assistants, t. ,g-ILOTHIMI,l ASSISTANTS. -SmwtJuniorwanted; used to shipping trade preferred.—Apply, stating references and salary, to Walter James, 205, Bute-road, Cardiff. 395 LOTHIEHS, HOSIERS, and HATTERS^Young C man, age LO, seeks re-engagement; six years' ex- perience good references.—S.J., 128,. Tuwer-street, Ludlow. 405 CONFECTIONBRS' ASMTANTS.-Vfa-nted,young X..j Lady experienced in the trade.-—J. 'Thompson, 48, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 371 DRAPERY.—An assistant wanted, vrith knowledge of outfitting also a smart junior.— Apply E. and J. Lloyd, Pentre, Pontypridd. 321 RAPERY. -Wanted, Young Lady used to pushing JL7 trade Welsh.-Addrws fiib particulars, William Evans, Draper, 129, Commercial-strdet, Newport, Mon. 330 F&APERY.-Wanted, an Young Man D also a Junior, used to pushing trade.—Apply D. S. Thomas, Bazaar, Ystrad, Rhondda. Valley, 226 DRAPERY —Wanted, Pushing Hand knowledge of Outfitting; good window dresser; able to speak Welab.-Apply T. Bees, Clothing Mart, reorky. 227 DRAPERY and MILUKJGR/.—Wanted, appren- tices.—Apply D. Dunning, High-street, Newport, Mon. 342 DRESS AND MANTLI&MAKILNG.- Apprentices and Improvers fwanted! at ouce.-Apply Miss Howell, 40, De Burgh-street. Cardiff. 398 d-I ROCERS.-Wanted, a good Junior Young Man for Grocery and Provisions.—Apply to r. H. Bowen, Burry Port. 287 ROCERY APPItENTICE.-George Davies, 12. G Castle-street, Swansea, requires an active, intel- ligent Youth, not under Ho. 421 if 1ROCERY.—Wanted, a Younc Man, for above ( W trade, used to soliciting. Personal application preferred.—J. E. Lloyd, Porth. 388 (^1 ROCERY.—B. Phfllips, Tredegar, Is in want of a JC first-class Hand to manage a branch must be sober and able to produce good references (Welsh). 21j ("~S ROCTKY AND J'ROVISIONS.—Wanted. A Good X Assistant, must have exceptional references.—J. Watkins. 122, Commerrcial-street, Newport. 544 GROCERY Ao."iD !'>ROVISIOS.- Vaca.nq for good Provision Hand indoors.—Apply personally, W. Poole, 208, Bute.stre at, Cardiff. 204 JUNIOR (good) fro the Grocery and Provision Trade, 40 able to speak Welsh.—Apply to T. Thomas, Grocer, Briton Ferry. 385 MILLINERS.-Wanted, an experienced Hand preference given to one with knowledge of dressmaking; Welsh.-Applyr with full particulars, W. Herbert, Bryraamman. 314 MILLINKRS.—Wanted, an experienced Brat hand. —Apoly stating age, experience, Ac., to Wm. Davies, London House, Tredegar. 245 d"'kAUWITTBR'$ A&IMA.NLT wanud immedi1 NVelph.-Apply stating full particulars to D. and J. James, Outfitters, Carmarthen. 236 ^^ITUATION wanted as assistant in the Grocery Trade. Six years' experience. Good references. Out-docjr vreferred. -Apply Jones,Tea Caddy, Bedlinoe, Xroedyrhiw. 356 WILLIAM OWEN, Draper, Newport, requires an experienced Young Man. Apply, giving full parti culars. Also a First Hand Milliner, able to serve mff,mery- 376 YROUNG LADY wanted as indoor apprentice toy I jf and fancy business. Small premium required.— A< /dress with photo, Powlson, Castle-street, Swansea. 292 YOUTH wanted, who has served a short time in the A Grocery. One whose parents reside in Merthyr preferred.—Apply to Alexander Gunn, Thomastown, Meithyr. 558 ilauagns, fcc. A RCHITECTURAL DRAUGHTSMEN.—Wanted temporary assistance in an architect's office.- Apply to ylr Peter Price, 5, Crockherbtown,CardifL 397 ,'Apv JtoPr Price. 3, Crockherbtown.Cardiff. 397 CLERK (28, experienced) desires Situation (Swansea preferred). Accountant, Shorthand. French, and Spanish-a. P,, "DailyNews" Office, Cardiff. 242 LAD (smart offioe) wanted.—Apply in own hand- writing to Z. Z., "'Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 222 LAW.—Wanted, a Junior Clerk, good long and shorthand writer, with some experience of solicitor's otbee.—Apply by letter, with full particulars, to Colborae, Ward, and Colborne, Solicitors, Newport, Mon. 414 SHtnafcans Mantri*. T>AINTERS AND BULLDMS.-ftmtiou wanted IL m April by a married man, age 26 (permanent, abstainer), as Painter, Ac. one aceostomea to writing and^raining. — Address S. P., "Daily News" Office, SITUATION waated as Haulier by a strong, active Young Man, understands horses; good testi- monials abstainer leaving through death.—O.B., 33, Jones-street, Baneswell, Newport, Mon. 345 ITUATION wanted,- by respectable young man, as Baker; age 19; make dough and mould good fe tlreDees.-Apply B.B. "Sonth Wales Daily News" onice, cudity. 313 SITUATION WANTED as Agent, Collector, Ac. used to book-keeping. Total abstainer. Newport preferred.—Address Zero, 7, Auckland-villas, Newport. £ 59 SITUATION as Improver wanted to tbe Fitting and 0 Turning Trade by a respectable young man four years' good reference. Marine shop preferred.— Apply stating wrras to W., Mr Hughes, Stationer, Pontypridd. 231 SODA WATER MA"FACTURI_-iG. WanW by working foreman, thoroughly up in machinery 20 years' experience.—Address H. Rufus. rio. S, Moon. street, Splotlands, Cardiff. 319 WANTED, by shipmaster, a situation as Over- looker, or appointment of trust in convection with shipping. Could overlook loading or discharging of cargoes. Excellent testimonials —Address Mayo, South Wales Daily News" Office, Cardiff. ;201 ANTED, bv respectable young man, situation as Baker (19). Abstainer. Uood reference* B.B., "Daily News Office, Cardiff. 280 YOUNG GENTLEMAN (21), tall, good apnearance, desires eiuployTXiGBfc* in shop preferred, Salary very low live in preferred.—D. 140, Mercury" Office, Liverpool. 328 jXgwtrws, ttratulltrs. &r. AGENTS (additional) wanted by the City of Glas- gow Friendly Society, for the cilstnets of Nea tb and Llanelly.—Apply to the Superintendents, Nelson N. Routioilg*. 76, Montpelier-terrace, N?ath or civan Edwards. 8, Stepney-place, Llanelly. 341 AGENT, for Swansea and district, to Sell Horse and Cattle Condiment, wanted. — Address E.F.C., South Wales Daily Newa" Office. Cardiff. 286 AGENT wanted.— £ 26 per quarter, paid weekly. Splendid opening. Experience unnecessary. Specimens free.—Address Composition Works, r, arn- worth, Bolton. 148 A GENTS to Sal the Mmd,ated Lord's Prayer and Creed. Good profits; ready sale. Samples Is tree.-Harris, Son, and Co., Axtim, Merthyr. 3100 GENTS wanted everywhere. SLI&ry, JZ monthly A and commission. Samples free. Carriage paid. -Fuller, Thorpe le Soken, Essex. 110 ipAN CASSESS Wanted throaabcat Wale&.Tobew Vy of a profitable Agency, adrfrees—The Company, 50, Calthorpe-atreet, London, W.C 271 tCOMMISSION (good) offered to colliery managers, j foremen, timekeepers, farmer*, shopkeepers, inn. k,opme, and others to sell our useful, fancy, and domestic articles on credit, hire, and otherwise. No risk. References required.—Apply Wheeler and fiee, 2, Newport-road, Cardiff. 207 ip ENTliEMAN* having good connection in South VX Staffordshire distrist desiiM commission for the following Foundry coke, tin-plates, bar iron, bandied shearings, and iron and steel rails.—Address Ste-1, Daily News Office, Cardiff. 534 "jYTESSRS BLACKIE and SON require a Traveller ■lvA 111 certain districts in South Wales for the sale of their valuable publications liberal terms and per- mauent employment to puirable -Apply, with references, 11, Fisher-street, Swansea. 349 PROVIDENT ASS-NATION OF LUNDO.- JL Active and influential Agents required on excep tionaliy advantageous terms.—Manager, 19a, Seymour- street, Aberdare. 3^9 SUPERINTENDENT wanted for the bwansea dis- ks trict by the City of Glasgow Friendly Society. Only experienced men nesd app:y. -Applications to be made to the Superintendent for South Wales, T M. Morris, 82, Windsor-road, Neath. 340 THE PROPRIETORS of a registered LuSricating Oil. used by her Majesty's Government, and who hold Gold Medals, require an active Agent, on com- mission, for Cardiff and district a gentleman who can influence orders for steamers. large works, and collieries preferred. -Acidress applications to B.P.C., Daily ewg" Office, Cardiff. 289 TRAVKLLKRS AND AGENTS wanted calling on mills, mines, foundries, steamship owners, Ac., to sell fine durable Compound Machinery Oils, largely and increasingly used. Liberal comoaissiOL-Address J.B., care of Messrs Dewick, 46. Barbican, LonJon. 42? £ )AA.—TOBACCONISTS.—An Illustrated Guide, d&&\J Registered, 136 pages, "How to Open Res pectably from £ 20 to £ 2,000." Three stamps.-t-Myers and Co., 107 to 111. Enston-road. London. 30 6 Homings, ^partnwttts. &c. APARTMENTS (well furnished) for lady and gentleman or wonld suit two ladies engaged during the day.—Address G.A.. "Daily News" Offioe, Cardiff. 225 BOARD AND APABTMENTS (superior) offered to one or two gentlemen, in pleasant country house near railway station, 20 minutes from Newport.— Address Box, "Echo" Office, Newport. 415 FURNISHED Drawing-room and A pare men ta to jf Let, also Lodgings for Single Gentlemen, at 13, Tudor-road, Rive, side. Cardiff. 3b9 Jor ^ali.-Djonses. 1Catt&. T"> ARRY DOCK.—For Sale, two small Villas well l» built; good situation. Price, £ 450. -Apply Builder, "South Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 2o BLAENAVON.—For Sale, the Cambrian Inn and JL) seven adjoining Houses, situate in Llanover- road.-kpply T. Lewis, FoundTy, Ammanford, R.S.O., Carmarthenshire. 201 ATH EDRAL-ROAD, CARDIFF.—For Sale, a most desirable Residence, containing 0 reception and 8 oedrooms, bath-room, Ac.; also good stabling, coach- houe, tennis lawn, Ac., with private entrance into the Sophia Gardens.—Full particulars and orden to view of Messrs. W. and S. Hern, Estate Agents, Cardiff. 1151 t^OWBRIDGE-ROAD (87X Cardiff, tor Sale; 3 recap- j tion and 6 bedrooms,hot and cold bath, 2 Kitchen's domestic offices. Large portion of purchase money can remain.-Apply on the premises. 410 t7<OR SALE—A BARGAIN—freeholtfFamily Resi- dence, suburb of Newport, one of the moot con- venient and comfortable in town six large square and lofty bedrooms two large kitchens, reception rooms and large entrance hall on same floor, larders, coal and wine cellar, &c., underneazb quite d y; tanks with sufficient minwater storage for every purpose all year round; lawn and paved verandah in tront; lawn and border of fruit trees at back; coach-house and two- stalled stable on separate piece freehold. Can be sold together or separately.—For particulars, address D.H., at Locke's Advertising Office, Newport, Mon. 262 or H~ ARRIETT-STR EET. Cathays—One, two, or JH three Houses to be sold very cheap.—John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1050 TTOUSE for Sale near Sketty, on quarter of an acre JLJL of ground; seven rooms; long lease.—Apply Daniel Phillips, Auctioneer, Swansea. 381 EFOUSE ANDSHOP-(splendid Corner) for Sale; good business, with side entrance.—For par- ticulars apply Dayman, 1, Bristol-street, Mainaee, Mon. 192 IDENART&-For Sale 0 great bargain), a very COD- 1 venient Corner Residence, containing handsome drawing, dining, and morning rooms: five oedrooms hot and cold bath, Ac. garden; wide side entrance, commanding the finest views obtainable at Penarth. Price on application.- W. andS. Hern, Estate Age-its, Cardiff. 2796 r»-j CASH DOWN, the balance by easy instal- iX"I meats, will purchase Houses in Upper George- street, TyleMCreet, Theodora-street, Wells-street Arthur-street, Rassell-sfeeet, Ac.—See Messrs Bern's January Registar,-OfEces, 72. St. Mary-street. Cardiff. (In be Wti—ftirasw. 1tanb, kt. ALBANY-ROAD (top of Richmond-road). Good A house, containing six bedrooms, two reception- rooms, hot and cold water, and gas fittings through- out. Rent £;S4,-JoIm Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers. Cardiff. 1050 BARRY DOCK.—Building Sites to Let. Stones and lime on the ground. Builders financed.— Apply E. Abie, Commercial-road. Cadoxton. 1127 BRUNSWICK-STREET (No. 9), Swansea, to be Let, furnished, with immediate possession close to trams and sea.—Apply Mr Richard £ Hughes, Auctioneer, Swansea. 223 HOUSES to Let in Trafalgar-terrace, Swansea 10 -t_H. rooms immediate possession. -Apply Daniel Phillips, Auctioneer, Swansea. 382 HOUSE, well fitted out, with hot and cold bath. Jjt. and other conveniences, Crwys-road. Cottages in Norman-street, Cathays rent moderate.—Apply W. J. Irwin, Builder, Crwys-road, Cathays, Cardiff. 260 HOUSE to Let, 23, Davis-street, 8s per week.— Apply at Mr A. Embrey's Office, 21, Davie- street, Cardiff. 210 HOUSES (TWO Six-roomed) in Rolls-street, Can- JH ton, Cardiff, to Let: convenient near tram- way 7» weekly.—Apply B. Emery, Queen's Chambers, Cardiff. 33b LANBL KDDIAN GARDMS,-Good residences, JLj two reception rooms, five bedrooms, bath, Ac. renL;ES&-John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Cham- bers, Cardiff. 1060 LLANDAFF—To Let, an 8-roomed Villa bay windows, with every convenience; close to T. V.R.; good garden; rent moderate.—Apply J. B, "South Wales Daily News Office. Cardiff. 941 TACEY-ROAD (No. 79), Roath, £J6 per annum.- Sessions and Sons, Canal Wharf, Caidiff. 208 3~^ENBY (three-quarter mile out).—Pretty seven- roomed Cottage, garden, vinery, stable; rent, 9 10s; stamp reply.-Address Palestine House, Tenby. 303 mO be LET or SOLD, furnished or unfurnished, I Corrymore, the residence of the late Mr B. R. Heunessy. Immediate possession can be given.—Apply to Mr Martin Hennessy, 5, Wind-street, or Mr David Nicol, 3b, Exchange, Swansea. 348 TO LET, Farm about Twenty Acres, with £ 150 in Stock, Hay, Ac., which Landlord would take payment for in kind, on terms to be arranged, and would also be willing to take a portion of the regular produce. This farm is conveniently situated near the town of Swansea, is well drained, and has easy access to main road and rail.—Apply by letter to Mr John B. Jenkins, 25, Gorse-Iane, Swansea. 346 %eL-Miismtsz$remises, &r. ALMA INN, Bennett-street, Landore, a free double- licensed house near the railway station, to Let. stabling for 14 horses, and everything convenient. Present tenant leaving through death of husband.— Apply bLa S. Jenkins. on premises. 422 BRI DGE-STRffcfTj Cardiff. — Convenient Shop, JLF Hayes end; rent and fixtures moderate.—John Jenkins and Company, Sun Fire office, Cardiff. 1050 CARDIFF.—To be Luc, extensive business premises, on the south side of Crockherbtown, having a frontage of 25ft. and a depth of 180ft. Well adapted for carrying on a large cash or family business in any branch of trade.—Apply to Mr Lewis Hopkins, Estate Agent, 10, Queen street, Cardiff. 267 CZLGERRAN MILL.—To be Let, Leased, or Sold, CZLGERRAN MILL.—To be Let, Leased, or Sold, the above Premises, being a most suitable pre- mises to erect a factory or grinding mill, and situated within five minut.v walk of the railway station.- For particulars.apply to Owner, John Thomas, Cooper, Cilgerran. 212 CROCKHERBTOWN (10). CARDIFF—To be Let, C for conversion into business premises, thin desir- able freehold house, having a frontage of 33 feet and a deuth of 230 feet. Early possession mav be had.- For further particulars apply to T. Waring and Sons, Architects, 1, Charles-street, Cardiff or to R. Y. EVahs. Solicitor, Guildhall Chambers, Cardiff. 2804 t1 ILFACHGOCH.—House and Shop to Let in colliery IT district. Fixtures complete. Rout moderate.— Apply P Evans, 6. Club-row, Gilfachgocb, Bridgend. ^58 Apply P Evans, 6. Club-row, Gilfachgocb, Bridgend. ROCERY.—House and Shop (or only Shop) to Let, t fT doing a ood ready. money trade.—Glasgow House, Vaughan-street, near the Docks, PenaTth. 387 GROCERY and PROVISION STORES to Let. with VT immediate possession, at Roath. in a growing neighbourhood rent low. -Apply at 13, Croft-st; et, Rcath, Cardiff. 274 HOUSE A SHOP to Let, No. 179, Cowbridge- road. Canton. Good business position side and bacic entrance.-For particulars apply to D, O. Davies, Pembroke House, Conway-road, Canton, Cardiff. 372 OUSE AND -HOP to Let in Roath, suitable for JL1 any respectable business. Low rent.—Apply 15, i-piace, Cardiff. 240 HOCSE and SHOP to let in Clifton-street, Roath, Cardiff.—Apply at 7, Woodland-place, Roath, Caraift. 234 HOUSE and SHOP to Let. 97, Upper George-street, JtJL C&thays, in a block of six. Good position. Suitable for any busineas.-Apply M, Glebe-street, Penarth. 839 HOUSE and SHOPS in Cnstom House-street. Rents jLi- very moderate. -Apply to Messrs John Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic Chambers, Cardiff. 1060 BA NEATBL—Large lock up Shop with celiar, hand. N some plate glass front, in leading thoroughfare, to Leb.-Apply J. W. Robinson, Neath. 390 EWPORT.-TO be Let, three Rooms, suitable for offices, on second floor; central post;ion.-Apply It Daily News" Office, Tredegar-place. Newport. OFFICE near St. Mary-street to Let.—Apply '21, Castle-street, Cardiff. 363 OFFICES.-To be Let. two rooms over the"Sonth OFFICES.—To be Let, two rooms over the South Wales Daily News" Offices, St Mary-street. Rent low—Apply "South Wales Daily News" Office, Car di5- 1835 OFFICES to Let. Best position in the town.— Masters A Co., 39 and 40, HigU-street, Newport. 401 OFFICES to Let, No. 2, Charles-street, Crockherb- town eudL-Apply 21, Bazaar Arcade, Qjeen- street, Cardiff. 262 SHoP (firsn:la«s lock-up) to let, Oxford-street, Swansea,—Apply Daniel Phillips, Auctioneer, Swansea. 383 SHOP (excellent comer) and Premises in the middle of High-street, Ferndale, to Let with immediate possesslon.-Apply to J. P. Powell, the Grove, Miskin- street, Cathays, Cardiff. 362 SWANSEA.—First-class Shop and Premises to Let, spacious; good for any business, central.-Apply Daniel Phillips, Auctioneer, Swansea. 384 "VT NY SHIR.—shop to Let, immediate possession; Y suitable for grocer or draper most central posi- tiou—Appiy Mr John Moron, Ynyshir HoteL 3m 11# Stasnttsses for DisarossL ROCERS and OTHERS. -A substantial aud boni ~X fide Ofrocery and Provision Business, in Com- mercial-road, Newport, doing a good and profitable trade. TaVing is worth £ 300. part cash and part secured bills. Owner compelled by illness to relin- quish. and must seU by 10th inst. Bent of shop, house, and cella s, £b6 per aanuui. -Apply J. Young, 7, Tredegivr-place, Newport. 3138 LLANGADOCK, CARMARTHENSHIRE.—To be Disposed of by Private Contract, an old-established Business, where, a drapery, grocery, ironmongery, corn, seed, ana flour trade has been carried on successfully over 40 years by the advertiser, who is about retiring. The premises are large and oonunodious, in good repair.—For particulars apply to James Jenkins, Upper Shor>, Llangadock- 21 ONLY £ 40—Dairy Business, populous neighbour, hood, including goodwill, fixtures, uteosus, two sheds Ietable for stables; Dog Cart, £ 12.—Mr Gisder, In/jujance and General Business Agent, 3b. Victoria- stneet, Bristol. TT>UBLIC-HOUSE (Free, full-licensed); good trading JT position; rent only £ 20; ingoing £ 45. Capital chance —Mr Glover, Hotel Valuer, Swan*#, 28a TO BE LET, in consequence of the death of the proprietor, that old-established business known M the Castle Hotel, Tredegar, Mon.—For further particulars apply to Mr R. B. Spencer, Solicitor, Tredegar. 3186 I Hursts, lita tk. Carnages. BROWN MARE, rising 6 yrs, for sale suit trades- man well price moderate—Apply Mr Coggina, Blackwood, Mon. 366 Blackwood, Mon. 366 FULLERS, Bristol, have for Disposal, at reduced prices, several of their celebrated Rrengfcarn- Wagonettes—perfect summer and winter carriages. 760 FEEDING MEAL, the produce of wheat only. Capital feed for Cattle, Pigs, and Poultry. The best value to be had for the money. Price E3 perton on rail or steamer Liverpool. Terms, cash with orden.- Apply M. J. Heathcote and Co., 10, Drury-lane, Liverpool. 884 TJAULIER'S CART (large) and Harness for Sale JL X nearly new. —Apply C. Coombs, 120, Cliro-street, Lower Grangetown. Cardiff. 277 DONY (black), for Sale, a bargain; 3 years, 12 hands. A Spring Cart and Harness suit milkman or baker. Price of lot, £ 12.—93, Clifton-street, Roath, Cardiff. 412 SPRING CART, new wheels,cross spring and brake, suit com or potato merchant, £ 6; four useful pony traps, suit bakers or grocers. £ 6 each; butcher's cart, suit horse 15 hands, f-4; and five sets of harness, cheap -93, Clifton-street. Roath, Cardiff. 248 TIP CART (new) for SWe.-Apply 26, South Luton. place, Cardiff. 291 &gtrUrgt ffigeons, &t. AYLESBURY DUCK EGGS (pore breed), 4s 6d per sitting of 12 packed.—Address J. Burley, Feiinfach, Tondu, near Bridgend. 355 I (CANARIES.—D. Jenkins, hairdresser, Hafod, j Swansea, has some grand Norwich Cocks, crested I and plain, from 6s Norwich and Yorkshire Hens from 2s also a grand selection of Hartz Mountain Rollers, day and gaslight songsters. Sent carefully JlMked on approval, 10s. Bird seeds, sand, cages, and all other requisites. Stamp leply. 380 D JENKINS. Hafod, Swansea, whose buff Cochins have taken prizes at some of the leading Shows in England and Wales, can spare a. few grand. Cockerels cheap to clear. 293 HEY WILL HAVE IT—Enclosed are postal notes for £ 2 2s for "How they lay 'em f send another lot for a friend. 350 BUY "HOW THEY LAY 'EM" for your poultry nothing equals it; 2s, 2s M, 2s 9d bushel. —Knott, Queen Charlotte-street, Bristol. 351 W SMITH, Merthyr, has 50 splendid Clocks left Belgians, Copeeys, Cinnamons, Lizards, York* shires. Norwich, and Mules; all in song. A great many prize winners, and few odd hem. No time to show. To be sold at half-price. 353 øacl¡itœrt1, Wools, &t. PECK B T T AND s 0 s 8 JL (Late Fox, Walter, and Company), LOCOMOTIVE ENGINE BUILDERS. ATLAS ENGINE WORKS. BRISTOL. NEW TANK LOCOMOTIVES, ready for imnediate delivery. Cylinders 12" diam. 18" stroke, 6 wheels coupled. 10" „ 14" „ 4 „ Several larger in progress. These have been specially designed for Collieries, Ironworks, Contractors, Ac. Photographs, prices, and-specificathms-apon application. SECOND-HAND LOCOMOTIVE, for SALE er. BIBE, in first-class condition. Annie," Cylinders W diam. 28" stroked vddl epid. 1 THE LARGEST STOCK OF PULLIES IN 1HH; WORLD. JF YOU WANT TO ? SELL. BUY, OR HIRE J ANY KIND OF ENGINES OR MACHINERY, Write to CHARLES D. PHILLIPS, NEWPORT, MON. PURCHASE BDLE PAYMENTS, IP DESIHED. ,PHILL]r-PS' MONTHLY MACEUNERY REGISTER, POST FREE FOR SIXPENCE. 1123 '~rr' pHILLIPS" IMPROTJID W ATEBPROOF COVEBS Warranted not to stick or crack. BICK SHEETS! RRCKSHEETSII All sizes and qualities in stock. OAK BARK TANNED ENGLISH LEATHER BELTING. MAli"TUZM- c B A R LE s D. PHILLIPS, NEWPORT, MON. 1169 R SALE. by Private Contract, r 1 Vertical Boiler, 12ft 6in. by 4ft. diameter, with Smoke-stack. 3 Cross Tabes and Steam and Water Ganges, complete. Vertical Engine, beatim.- cylinder, 12in. stroke, with By wheel and pulley. 1 Small Donkey-Pump. 6 Long Wall Brackets ioi Shafting. 40ft.—2|in. Wrought iron Steam Piping. 120ft.—2in. do. do. do. 80 ft—li in. do. do. do. 450 ft.—i in. do. do do. A number of Wheel Valves. 1 Solid Pulley, 22 in. diameter, 8 in. face. 211-la in. bore. 1 Solid Pulley 20 in. diameter. 4i in. face, 2i in. bore. ■ 1 Solid Pulley, 28 in. diameter, li in. face, 2 U-16 in. bore. 1 Split Pullev, 48 in. diameter, 84 in. face, 4* in. bon. 1 Wrought Iron Wheel, 36 in. diameter, 24 in. groove, 2i in. bore. 2 New pieces of Stack Pipe, 14 in. diameter. &tb;-Iong. 1 Damping Machine for Damping Paper. 1 Hand Hoist, with Cage and Balance Weight, tofift half a ton. „ 1 ton Cut Iron Scrap I ton Wrought do 2 Wood Tanks, Zinc lined. 1 Metal Pot. I Tin Water Boiler with Tan. 1 Wide-step Ladder. A quantity of Sheata*. I Split Pullej, 18 in. diameter. 7 in. face, i in. bore, 1 do. le in. 4 in. „ 211-16 in. bore, new. 1 Split Pulley, 23in. „ lo in. „ 31 in. bore, nevr. 1 Split Faat and Loose PnBey, brass bushed, 48 Ia. diameter, 6 in. face, 2 11-16 in. bore. Can be seen at any time at the Sooth Wales Daily News" Offlee, Cardiff. U72 I ENGINES (New and Second-hand Portable and J Vertical), MORTAR MILLS. SAW BENCHES, ETO, FOR SALE OR HIRE. Special Terms to Cash Purchasers, or Easy Terms on the Purchase Hire System. Before putchasing, write for price and particulars to GEO. KYTE & CO., MILL-LANE ENGINEERING WORKS, CARDIFF. N.B.—Manufacturers of Improved Mortar Mills and Builders, Hoists. Also, Patent Self-Locking Ceal Plate. 8964 BOILERS (second-hand: acquired In supplying new) for Sale—Two 28ft 6in by 7ft; one 30ft by 7it 6in; two 32!t 6in by 7ft; two 33ft by 6ft; one 26ft by 6ft; one 14ft 6in by 4ft 6in.—Apply Wm. and John Yates, Blackburn. 3124 OILER SHELL TANKS on Sale.—FonT30fT9in by 7ft 6in one 24ft by 7ft: ready for uso and tight throughout. Only manholes ana let-offs left open.—Apply Wm. and John Yates, Blackburn. 3125 HEAPEST MACHINERY STORES IN YORKS. Scribblers, Carders, Condensers, Mules, Feeds, Looms, Bobbins, Twisting and Finishing Machinery; 6,000 yards of Broad Fillet, at 6d per yard. — J. Lancaster, Brighouse. 885 ENGINE (Horizontal) for Sale; 10-inch cylinder, 2 feet stroke; with fly »nd pulley complete. Price £ 25.—Apply Mill-Lands Brick and Tile Com- pany, Neath. 400 X~ OCOMOTIVE TANK~"ENGINES ^FOR SALE B J or Hire 10-inch cylinders. For full particulars, apply to makers, Thomas Spittle, Limited, Cambrian Iron and Brass Foundry and Engineering Works, Newport, Mon. 1140 ISLagmts and dDflliterp sit s. GLOUCESTER WAGON COMPANY, G LIMITED, GLOUCESTER. BUILDERS, FINANCIERS, A REPAIRERS of RAILWAY CARRIAGES A WAGONS, With Wood or Iron Frames. MINERAL WAGONS Let on Simple Hire, or Sold for Cash or on Deferred Purchase. Sole Makers of SLA17EWS PATENT BUFFER, with Steel, Patent, or other India-rubber Springs. MAKERS OF ALL KJNDS OF WOODEN STRUCTURES, FARM SHEDS, STATION BUILDINGS, JOINERY, MOULDINGS, Ac. AGENTS for South Wales. EVANS and RAILTON, 2, Bute-crescent, Cardiff. SIXPENNY TELEGRAMS—TELEGRAPHIC CODES: "SLATER,"GLOUCESTER, "RAILTON," CARDIFF. The word "Glevum" has been registered as the Company's Code at the following places for Wagon Repairsonly, and Telegraphic Orders to Repair Wagons will receive prompt attention :— •^Gierom," Aberdare. I h Gievam." London.* Glevnm," Brentford. Glevum," Newport "•Glevum," Birkenhead. Glavum," Penarth. Glevum," Chester. Glenim." PontypooL "Glevum," Cardiff. Glevum," Reading. "Glevnm," Hereford. Glevum," Swindon. "Glevum," Lydney. Glevum," Swansea. (*) For Willesden Junction only The "District Book," giving the Postal Addressee of upwards of M0 repairing places will be forwaided on application. Letters conflnning telegrams to he addreaeod'to the undersigned, 11 an Gloucester. A. SLATER, GeDeral Kananr- X ANCASHIRE and YORKSHIRE WAGON CO. JLt_ LIMITED, HEY WOOD, near MANCHESTER BUILDERS ef all kinds of RAILWAY WAGONS FOR CASH, or on deferred purchase system.-Fer further Jartieulan apply to John Maodanald, 34, West Bute-street, Cardiff. Agent for South Wales. 2088 RAILWAY WAGONS for Dire or sale. Cash or deferred payment*—The MfcDand Railway Car riage and Wagon Company. Limited, Midland worfca Birmingham. 1082 Urtgrles, Encodes, to OK MILE ROAD H AND I C AP (Forvahtable Prises) Will take place early during the coming season. All competitors to ride "CAMBRIAN" CYCLES. For further particulars see future advertisements. Price List of New and Second-hand Machines, Irorca.sh or on easy terms, free one stamp. Cycles of all patterns for Hira. MORRIS BROTHERS, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. WORKa-PQNTYPRIDD 1135 CLUB RACER (58-inch), cost £ 1910s last teason sacrifice for 8 guineas. Owner going abroad. Approval—Hawke, 212, Cardiff-road, Ahenlare. 888 TRICYCLE for sale; nearly new, ball bearings, JL front Ai)ply W. James, clotfaier, 206, Bute-road, Cardiff. 396 WANTED to porehase cheap, for cash, a good 48- inch Bicycle; ball bearings and ben* Address Bicycle, -Da#y News," Cardiff. 3B3 for ^ate^flEsollimtstEs. flOCUMRXR FRAMES for Sale cheap 'Oll y Casks, 40 gallons eseb.-Apply 25, May-street, Cathay. Card'ft. iy v TO BE GIVEN A WA Y. 100 IN MONEY. —.— EAGH READER OF THE CARDIFF TIMES :'1 AKt) SOUTH WALES WEEKLY NEWS For the TWENTY-FOUR WEBD. between February 5hll and July 16th. will receive a COUPON in each wefk'e isaiie, ètiiîUifig the hnldaf to participate in the GRAND QUEEN'S JUBILEE PRIZES. r \t (; 911-00 IN MONEY, ,1 1 TO lie »!8T&tBt7TEi? AS FOLLOWS (. i t. GRAND PRIZE ;£50 J SECOND PRIZE £20 THIRD PRIZE V-10 4th Prize .l- ø 0 0 ¡13th Prize Al 0 0 5th Prize 2 10 0 1 14th Prize 1 0 0 6th Prize 1 10 0 16th Prize. 1 0 0 7th Prize 10 0 1ftt. A A 8th Prize 1 0 0 16th 100 9th Prize 10 0 17th 26 0 10 0 10th Prize 10 0 18th Prize 0 10 0 nth Prize 1 0 0 19th Prize 0 10 0 12th Prize 1 0 0 20th Prize 0 10 0 The Coupons must be cut out of the paper and carefully preserved until twenty different numbers are collected, when they must be sent, with the full name and address of the holder, to the Head Office, Cardiff. The four additional coupons are issued to meet the convenience of readers who may occasionally lose or mislay their paper. The distribution will take place in the presence of His Worship the Mayor of Cardiff. GREENHOUSE (new), complete tenant's fixture, £ 8 15s greenhouse boiler and pipe, £ 4 10s. Pricelistfree.—On view Wood's, Eastville, Bristol 1890 1 HAY.—For Sale, about 40 tons of well-ended Meadow Hay. Easy delivery to Brynmawr or GoriJon Stations. —Apply A. M. Jones, Brynmawr. 181 SEED POTATOES (one ton Myat's Ashleaf), price 8s cwt, small quantities Id lb. likewise Magnum Bonums, 6s cwt. Apply Stephen Phillips, Jews* Cemetery, or 104, Market, Cardiff. 215 t S"~ TATIONERS and PRINTERS—For sale, on long IZ7) terms of credit and at low prices, a large lot of papers. boards, envelopos, Ac., part of extensive stocks recently purchased by us.Ipply Jefferies and Sons, Stattoners, Bristot. 2 SAUSAGEMACHINEand STUFFER(good), ingoocl working order, for sale—Apply J. Edwards, Batcher, 68, Broad-strest, Blaenavon, Mon. 366 ( JExsaiiarafltts Mattts. r ^lAST-OFF CLOTHING, (Ladies' and Gendeumns) wanted. Good opportunity for families going into mourning. Parties attended onpwaonafly. Full value remitted for parcels sent to Mrs Robins, 192, Commercial-road, Newport, him. 423 SELLERS OF SCRAP IRON OR OLD RAILS. Delivery Cardiff, Swansea, or Newport.—Apply Byrne Bros & Co., Docks, Cardiff. 136 MtisallatttDUS. ——————————————— I lilUkRISH on our New Hire System. Houses or JO Apartments completely furnished on a new sys- tem adopted solely by us, whereby all publicty, exposure, and inquiries n so ally made by other com- panies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock ot Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready- money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, and all goods,sen home in a private van free of charge. No etamp or agreement charges made no bill of sale everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, Ac., at 10 per cent. less than any price-hst issued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven snow rooms. Call and inspect our immense stock, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. We will supply £ 5 worth for 2s 6d weekly £ 10 worth, 4e weekly; £ 15 worth for 5s weekly £ 20 worth, 6s weekly, and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address: SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 31 Castle-st. (opposite the Castle), C&Tdiff.12783-2491-6ge EVERYONE their own electro-plater or gilder; simple and inexpensive send stamped addressed envelope and one shilling P.O., and instructions will be forwarded in due course.-Blutro, 6, Lovell's-court, Paternoster-row, London, E.C. 392 I-JARDEN SEEDS, FLOWER SEEDS, FARM %,W SEEDS, of best quality agricultural and bor- Mcuftnral requisites of every descripiion; artificial manures, agricultural implements, etc. Catalogues post free.rohn Hibbert, Castle-street, Cardiff. 3014-12837 T^TERVOUS DEBILITY. GRATIS, a medical work, shewing sufferers how they may be cured without the aid of quacks. Free on receipt of postage stamp. — Address Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. 792 to of K AAA USEFUL HANDBILLS for 6s 6d; 1,000 WiyUv Cards, Mem* or Billheads, 4a; all other kinds of printing equally cheap.—Fisher and Co., Bead, Bristol. 16 "1 A AAA HANDBILLS(7i x 5),carrriage paid,for JL v"UU 12s Cards, Billheads, Memorandums, 4s; 1,000 unequalled compare samples.-Fieher and Co.. Machine Printers. Broadmead, Bristol. 217 JEon*!]. H/IONEY LENT PRIVATELY AT A FEW ItJL HOURS' NOTICE. AGentleman having a large amount of Capital is *ilhngto grant advances, upon note of hand, from £ 15 to £ 1,000 at 5 per cent., to Clergymen, Farmers. Hotel Proprietors, Lodging-bouse Keepers, Tradesmen, or to any responsible Person, Male or Female, in Town or Country. (Without loan ofice /•rmaUUa.) Distance no object, and so long as the interest is paid the capital can remain. No genuine application refused. All communications are treated strictly private- Apply to the actual Lender, H. Harrison, Esq., 87, York- road, Westminster Bridge-road, London. 280b ONEY LENT WITHOUT BILL OF SALE—A Private Gentleman ia desirous of making ad- vances upon promissory note alone, at 5 per cent. interest, to male or female, without sureties and strictly private, for any term not exceeding 10 years. iiA4p for prospectus and scale of repayments to G. H. Shove, Esq., 21, John-street, Adelphi, London, W.C. 2767 MONEY Money!! Monevll!—Cash Advances made at a few hours' notice, from £ 5 to £ 560, to iecs, Market Gar doners, Cowkoepers, Tradesmen, and others, on their own security. No sureties re- quired. No inquiry fees. Money lent on deposits, 660 tmdesnmws bills disommted.-Apply oersonally. or by letter, to Mr A. Jordan, Manager, Private Loan Office, Dock-stareefc(cotner of Skinner.stzeet)».Newport, Mon. 1189 MONEY ADVANCED PRIVATELY at ONE DAY'S NOTICE—From £ 20 to £ 2,000, at Five per cent., to responsible persons, in town or country, without loan oiiice formalities. Distance no object, as loans -way be repaid by cheques or postal orders, and so long as the interest is paid the principal can remain. AU communications are strictly private, and no good application is ever refused.—Apply per- sonally or by post to the actual lender, C. Charles, Esq., 4, Waterloo-place, Pall Mall, Loudon—N.B— Established 1867, since which period the money ad- vanced-by Mr Charle»oxceeds £ 4,500,000. Z135 MONEY—IMPERIAL DEPOSIT BANK, 18, jLTLM Adam-street, Strand, London.-Advauces made privately at a day's notice, from £ 20 to £ 2,000, to male or female, in town or country, upon promissory note with •at biR of sale, on the following terms:— Advance VO Twelve monthly repayments of 21 15 0 30. 2 12 6 60.. „ „ 476 100 „ „ 815 0 Larger amounts the same in proportion, And, if de- sired, the capital can remain so long as the interest is paid. Advances also made upon the mortgage of Fnrniture, Stock, Crops, Deeds, and Life Policies. Distance D'I object—Send for prospectus to Cha*. J. Kniehtley, Manager. 2768 A made daily from £ 10 and upwards to XX. householders, fanners, and others, upon their own security. Strictly private. For particulars apply to the Manager, L Blaiberg, 2, Bute-terrace, Cardiff Established 1g& 1575 MONEY LENT by a PRIVATE GENTLEMAN without Loan Office roatine. From £ 10 to £ -,00 upon note of hand. T" Ladies, Gent,emen, Farmers, and Traders goastally. Also upon the seeurity of furniture, plant, farming stock, shares, jewels, and plate in town or country, without removal, and to assist persons into business abo on deeds and life policies at 5 per cent J*m. ysars, without delay or public inquiries Apply personally, or write to lender, ™ „• HENRY MILNER, Esq., 17, Wellington-square, BTiag's-road, Landon, &W. JN.n.—Sstrict secrecy observed. 1260 IVf ONEY ADVANCED by a private Gentleman,upon M approved promissory notes, or on the following terms Advance EM, 12 monthly payments of £ 1 15s Od. £30, 22 12s 6d. im, „ „ 24 7a 6d. Lim „ 28 15s Od. I«rger amounts in same proportion. Advances also made on Mortgage of Furniture, Crops Stock, Deeds for any term not exceeding five years. No sureties require&-S.ate requirements (in conft. donee) to the actual lender, Mr F. Dunbar, Kent Villa, Harlesden, London, N. W. 3175 IMPORTANT NOTICE.—If y»u want money send .J™53?P prospectus, before borrowing elsewhere, to Mr Plks, 43, Salttbqry-road, Cathays, Cardiff. 563 nriHE COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK, 19, JL± QUAY^TEBBBT, (off High-street), CARDIFF— £ 3 to £ 300 immediately advanced to all classes of borrowers on their own security. Also on Deeds, SurPkta gto* Pianos, etc. Trade bills discounted. No enquiry few Distance no object CASH ACCOMMODATION.—The Cardiff and Ooonty Advance Baal; continaos to make ad- vaacooapon any approved asemity repayable by in- stelmeotsor otherwise, ah moderate interest Bills discounted.—Appjy Manser, 9, Carol'ne-street, Cur- diff. Established 50 years, 8l9— 118o ]1/| ONEY—Wanted, £ 2,500 against ample, tangible ifX security, with 10 per cent interest Apply, first instance. Money, "Daily News," Swansea. 2613 MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND Privately by CHARLES EL WHEATLEY, Esq., from £10 to £ 5.000. 34, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury, and 27, Blooms- bury-street. New Oxford-street, London. ADVANCES MADE WITHOUT SURETIES OR DELAY, in town or country, upon note of hand aloue abd-to assist persons into business, upon mortgage of furniture, leases, machinery, farming stock, crops, shares, jewels, plate, plant, and stock, without re- moval; also upon life policies and deeds at b per-oent STRICT SBCRECV ORSMYWL N.D.-No genuine application ever refused. All communications strictly private. Prospectuses, giving every information, showing all the advantages offered, post free. Having a large surplus capital at command, all advances are granted cheaper than any other establishment in London, from one to fifteen years, N.B.-If desired, Mr Wheatley will attend person. aUy at applicant's residence with cash, and carry out the advance. 2918 ONEY MONEY! MONEY ADVANCED at a few hours' notice, on NOTE OF HAND, to responsible persons at moderate interest, as follows, vis. Advance £ 20 12 monthly repayments..91 15 0 £30. 212 6 „ £ 40. „ „ 3 10 0 Large Amounts in Proportion. To Start in Businese. To Furnish your House. To Pay your Rent. To Pay Out an Execution. Quarterly or Half-yearly repayments can be accepted, or to suit the borrower. No genuine application refused distance no object, as repayments can be sent by cheque or Post-office order. Strictest privacy. Apply to actual lender, A. FISHER, 72, London Wall, _2371 London. E.C. OO AAA Trust Money to bo Invested on good Freehold Securities, in sums not loss than £ 1,000each.—Apply to Messrs Merrils and Son. Solicitors, Church street, Cardiff. 2825 <• A c AAA Heady to be Advanced on good ^rdcO."vfvJ Freehold or Leasehold Property, in sums of £ 100 to £ 10,000; also on good personal security, reversions, annuities, Ac., Ac.—Messrs HLBITI, Financial Agents 72, St. Mary-street. Cardiff. 1049 lost aiib JfounD. POUND, a Yellow Greyhound, strongly built. If not claim«d in throe days, will be Mid to defray expenses—W. Devonald, 6, Ynyswen-terrace, Treorky. 419 FOUND, Donkey. Unless claimed In seven days will be sold to defray expenses—E- Watking, Brynmawr. 403 FOUND, a Bracelet, on the moming ot the 9th, near jf' Howard-terrace, Roath. The owner can receive the same on application to B. P.T., "Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 417 ■ AOUND, a Foreign Bird. Owner can have same by JLI giving description and paying expenses. If not claimed in three days will be sold.—Apply James Phipps, Taff Cottages, Llywnypia. 367 "jf OST, from 50. WoodviUe-road, Cardiff, on night of JLi February 7th, a Young Pug Dog, named Topsy. If brought to the above addres6,a Reward will be given. 3b9 T OsT—Waterproof Horse Rug, marked Biggs and X^i Williams, Ac., Cardiff.—Seward to tinder, South Wales Brewery, Cardiff. 318 LOST, 3rd inst, from Tho Lodge," Llandaff, a Fox Terrier Dog, with black ears and spot at taiL Finder rewarded. 268 JJOUSE FOR oO QUINEAS. NKW LISTS OF SUBSTANTIAL MIDDLE-CLASS FURNITURE. 33, QUEEN-STREET, CROCKHERBTOWN. FJL R A PN ELL "A N D G AN-E Have much pleasnre in submitting their new Furnish- ing Estimates for 1887. The articles quoted are of substantial quality and of the most modern styles, ami will be a Reliable Guide for all who require really good furniture, while the prices are Lower than any other House in Cardiff. ESTIMATE FOR SIX-ROOMED HOUSE. DINING-ROOM. £ s. d. Mahogany Sideboard 3 17 6 Mahogany Table 1 1 0 Six Chairs 110 0 Ope Easy Chair- 0 Its 6 Linoleum, say 1 10 0 Hearthrug q 9 6 Cornice Pole with End Rings complete 0 2 11 One Pair of Curtaius 0 39 6 Chimney Glass 1 10 0 S1211 5 DRAWING-ROOM. Walnut Cabinet 3 19 6 Walnut Occasional Table 0 14 0 Couch, Lady's, Gent's, and Six Small Chairs in stamped velvet 6 17 6 Art Carpet 0 19 6 Cornice Pole complete 0 211 Lace Curtains 0 10 6 Overmantel 2 5 0 £ 16 15 11 BEST BEDROOM. French Bedstead, 4ft. 6in 12 6 Spting Mattress, Overlay Mattress, Bolster, and two Pillows 3 0 0 Bedroom Suite, Wardrobe, Washstand, marble top, Dressing Table and Glass. Chest of Drawers. Towel Horse and two Chairs 7 7 0 Cornice Pole complete 0 2 11 Window Curtains 0 7 6 Art Carpet 0 17 6 EI2175 SPARE BEDROOM. French Bedskrid, 3ft. fcm. 016 6 Palliasse, 3ft. lin., Overlay Mattress, Bolster, and one Feather Pillow 1 15 6 Mahogany Chest of Drawers I. 1 10 0 Mahogany Washstandand Mahogany Dressing Table 1 19 6 Towel Horse and two Chairs 0 12 0 Eight yards of Carpet 0 12 0 E7 5 6 KITCHEX. Table 0 12 6 Clothes Horse 0 7 6 Two Chairs 0 5 10 11 5 10 t SN..VANTS- BEDROOM. 1 5 10 Orient Bedstead and Bedding complete 112 b I Chest of Drawers. 017 b Dressing Glass 1! 046 Washstand 0 7 6 Towel Horse 0 2]1 One Chair 0 3 0 Carpet 0 4 6 Ji 12 5 A SIX-ROOMED HOUSE FURNISHED COMPLETE FOR 50 GUINEAS. The above are now on Sale and ready for Deliv ry. TRAPNELL AND GANE, COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS, 38, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. TheLargest Genuine Manufacturers of Furniture in South Wales. 2952 THE CARDIFF & COUNTY COACH. -I- BUILDING COMPANY (LIMITED), CARDIFF, Beg to statftthat they hava PURCHASED the GOOD. WILL, Ac., of the BUSINESS lately carried on in WORKING-STREET under the designation of the "CARDIFF COACH-BUILDING COMPANY," and BOTH BUSINESSES WILL BE CARRIED ON IN FUTURE AT HOPS-STREET, (Off Custom House-street), and as noue-tmt skilled auetiaaas are employed, and the bast .material used, the Company are in a position to execute orders for New Carnages or Repairs with despatch, aad on moderate terms. G. M. HUNT, 3013 MANAGES. B. EVANS AND COMPANY'S JGPECIAL SALE er REMNANTS AND ODD T 01S 0- T]His DAYI F IRIDAY, pEBRUARY IITX, AND TO-MORROW, SATURDAY, FERRUARY 12TH. rjlEMP L E STREET, SWANSEA. 1046 February Ukht 1887. ESTABLISHED 1832. PATOS CURES PILES—PICKMAN'S Pates' PATOS CURES PILE^— (Registered) is an ab. PATOS CURES PILER- solntely sitfe and cer. I, CURES I'ILg. tain cure for Piles. It "PA I OS" CURES PILKS— never fails to effect a PATOS" CURES PII.ES.— Cure. Is Soothing and PATOS CURES PILES,- Healing. Has been in •' PATOS CURES PILES— use a little over Half- PATOS" CUKES PILES.— a-Century and Cured PATOS" CURES PILES— many thousands oi "PA!OS" CURES PILES— people. Patrons of «PATOS CURES PILES— "Patos" are oonstant. PATOS CURES PILES.— ly writing in praise of PATOS CURES PILES.— its Beneficial and PATOS CURES PILES.— Curative properties. PATOS CURES PILES.- "PATOS" cures Piles PATOS' CURES PILES.— whether of a year or PATOS CURES PILES.— fifty yearij' standing. PATOS CURES PILES— Everybody suffering PATOS CURES PILES.— from Piles should send PATOS CURES PILES.— for" Patos," which is PATOS' CURES PMES.- put up for Home use < P ATOll" CURES PILES— at Is 6d. & 6d and 4s fa PATOS" CURES PILES.— and suitably packed PATOS CURES PILES.— for all climates in un. PATM, CLTRP-S PILES.— breakable and air- fa PATOS CURES PILES— tight BoxeR at 10* 6d "PATOS" CURES PIL S.— and 20s. Post Free PATOS CURES PILES— (with full directions PATOS CUKES PILES— enclosed) of Patentees, PATOS CURES PILES — J. R. PICKMAN < PATOS CURES PILES— SONS, Tburlow-street. PATOS CURES PILES.— Salford, Mwnchester. 12768 ESTABLISHED 1832. 2286 CAVENDISH HOUSE, c CHELTENHAM. The extensive Show Rooms and Galleries devoted to House Furnishing are now replete with Now Goods. The stock of Hich-class Furniture (manufactured at our own Cabinet Works). Carpets, Curtain Materials, &c., is aniorg the largest in the provinces, and at prices that will bear favourable comparison with auy other source whatsoever. 1130 Illustrated Catalogue free on application. CAVENDISrt HOUSE. LIMD., CHELTENHAM. -0 T"lnDOWS' AND FAMILY MOURN. v v ING at FIRST COST— HENRY PEASE and Co.'s SUCCESSORS, Spinners and Manufacturers, Darlington (Established 1752), hold the largest stock of Mourning Dress Materials of every description; execute 0clersthe same day as received, and send patterns post free at a saving to the purchaser of 25 to 50 per cent. All parcels, carriage paid. 1214 rjlHE "QTTO" y^NGINE. TWENTY THOUSAND SOLD. COMBINED "OTTO" GAS ENGINES AND PUMPS COMBINED "OTTO" GAS ENGINBS AND DRY AIR REFRIGERATORS. COMBINED "OTTO" GAS ENGINES A DYNAMOS. VERTICAL OTTO GAS ENGINES. HORIZONTAL "OTTO GAS ENGINES. TWIN-CYLINDER "OTTO" GAS ENGINES SELF-STARTING "OTTO" GAS ENGINES. SECOND-HAND "OTTO" GAS ENGINES. 1159 CROSSLEY BROS. (LD.). MANCHESTER.

Family Notices