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LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICERS. —T THE CHESHIRE ASSOCIATION. The firet meeting of this association (an exten- Bion of the original Association of Cierks to the District Councils and Guardians of Cheshire) was held at the Queen Hotel, Chester, on Satur- day, the 21st inst. There waa a largo and representative attendance of officials from throughout the county. Mr. Samuel Knight (clerk to Bollington Urban District Council) was in the chair, and in his opening address said that he extended a hearty welcome to the new members of the association present. Ho ex- plained that at the last meeting of the Associa- tion of Clerics to the District Councils and Guardians of Cheshire it was felt that only a limited number of officers in the county had previously an opportunity of becoming associated with each other, and that it was a wise step to alter the name of the association to the Cheshire Association of Local Government Officers" and extend ita membership to all Local Government officers in the county. This had! been done, the membership had very consider- ably increased, and he looked forward to the time when the association would have some Auadreds of members. Having explained that thw National Association of Local Government Officers had as its president, vice-presidents and officers men of great standing in the local government world, it was desirable, he said, that their association should become affiliated, to enable them to get representation on the National Association, in order that the interests of the officials of the many small authorities in the country should not be overlooked. Con- cluding, Mr. Knight pointed out the advan- tages to be obtained by an association such as theirs, and that while they were setting out to assist and protect themselves, they would in the long run, as they had already done, benefit the local authorities they represented. That had been the result of the old association, which had obtained several useful concessions from the County Council in respect of scavenging, estab- lishment charges, snow removal, etc., in con- nection with main roads. The Hon. Secretary (Mr. A. E. Caldecutt, clerk to the Hooie Urban District Council) explained at length the objects of the association, as no v. constituted, and the very satisfactory increase in the number of members. The lion, treasurer's accounts were duly examined and approved. Questions relating to local government audit and the recent Government. Departmental Com- mittee's report on their inquiry into the accounts of local authorities were discussed, as also ques- tions relating to the proposed Superannuation and Security of Tenure of Office Bill. Numerous instances were given of the great difficulties experienced by officials in the performance of their duties whenever these duties brought them into conflict with property belonging to councillors or those connected with them. A resolution was parsed referring the matter to the Executive Committee, with a recommenda- tion to ask the assistance of the local members of Parliament in support of the Bill to be brought, in next session. Dr. Garstang (medical officer, Bucklow Rural District Council) referred to the Notification of Births Act; 1907, and pointed out ihat there were many difficulties which might arise in country districts, no provision being made as to expenses incurred in carrying out the prescribed proce- dure. The Hon. Secretary gave a short summary of the provisions of the Public Health Acts Amend- ment Act, 1907, and opinions were expressed as to the advisability of adopting the various parts and sections of the Act. Mr. Whyatt (Hale Urban District Council) suggested that it would be advisable, in the firt instance, for each authority to appoint a small committee to confer with the clerk, medical officer, surveyor and inspector as to the parts which each particular authority might deem it necessary to adopt, as the Act wanted careful examination. Mr. Whyatt also pointed out that in the opinion of his authority it was doubtful whether lection 66, relating to cleansing and disinfecting of premises, etc., ought to be adopted on the of the serious expense which would be upon the rates, but with this exception 0 K'ns of opinion that the Act generally would advantageous. The provisions of the Act were discussed, and the necessity of having all the Public Health Acts consolidated was agreed to, and a resolution to that effect was passed, a copy to be forwarded to the Local Government Board. The Hon. Secretary referred to the desirability of the association being affiliated with the National Association of Local Government Officers, and a resolution was passed to that Effect, and also that Mr. Caldecutt be appointed •"j*6 representative of this association on National Executive Council of the National Association of Local Government Officers, and that the chairman for the time peing of the association be appointed the stand- IP-9 substitute in case the former was unable to attend any meetings of the National Executive Council. The hon. secretary was requested to examine the various sets of rules relating to similar local associations and to draw a fresh set of rules to meet the requirements of the present association, and submit the same to the Executive Com- mittee. Mr. George Leigh (clerk to the Bucklow TJnion) was unanimously elected president of the association for the current year, a,nd Mr. J. G. Whyatt (clerk to the Hale Urban District Council) and Dr. T. W. H. Garet ang (medical officer, Bucklow Rural District Council) vice-presidents. The following gentlemen were elected members of the Executive Committee, viz.:—Mr. George Leigh (president), clerk to the Bucklow Union; Mr. J. G. Whyatt (vice-president), clerk to the Hale Urban District Council; Dr. T. W. H. Garstang (vice-prcsident), medical officer of Health, Bucklow Rural District Council; Mr. A. E. Caldecutt (hon. secretary and treasurer), clerk Hoole Urban District Council; Mr. J. lI. Cooke, clerk Winsford Urban District Council, Mr. J. Arthur Cowley, clerk Northwich Urban District Council; Mr. A. E. Stringer, clerk Sandbach Urban District Council; Mr. H. Grant Bailey elrk Tarvin Union; Mr. A. E. Whittingham, ckrk Nantwich Urban District Council; Mr. Joseph Howarth, clerk Education Administra- tive Sub-oommittec for AJtrincham and Bowdon Area; Mr. John H. Johnson, assistant clerk Cheadle and Gatley Urban District Council; Mr. Herbert Hulmc, collector Bollington Urban District Council; Mr. John H. Grundy, untant and assistant clerk Hoylake and ^est Kir'ov Urban District Council; Mr. Edward Sykes, surveyor and engineer Cheadle and Gatley Urban District Council; •^tr. Charles Atkin, surveyor, inspector of Nuisances and collector, Hoole Urban District Council. It was decided to hold a meeting of the asso- ciation in June next at Chester, and that the annual meeting be held at Manchester. vTotee of thanks were accorded to the retiring chairman (Mr. Knight), and to the hon. eecre- tary (Mr. Caldecutt) for their past services, the Meeting expressing their obligation to the hon. 6ecretary for his services during the past; twelve ^ars, when he first originated the old associa- tion.—The Chairman replied, thanking the Meeting for their support. The Hon. Secretary said that years ago he ad. foreseen the difficulties attached to the duties of local government officials, which of Necessity in these small corporations brought he officials into conflict with the members, and pointed out the absolute necessity in the "iterests of the public that these officials should ^le eamG protection which Poor Law Jhcials enjoyed, ao that the Public Health Acts could be administered without fear or favour d irrespective of any interests but those of ratepayers.





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