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CHESTER UNION EDUCATION COMMITTEE. 4 THE INCE SETTLEMENT. SCHOOL DIFFICULTY AT HOOLE. A meeting of the loministrative Sub-Com- mittee of Education for the Chester Union area was held on Wednesday at the County Education Offices, Alderman It T. Richardson presiding. UPTON SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT. A resolution was laid before the committee from the County Education Committee, in- structing them to inform the managers of the Upton Schoolrj that immediate steps must be taken for tho erection of a partition and for improving the lighting of the sohool. After dis- cussion a small committee was appointed to meet the managers with a view to the im- provements being carried out. THORNTON SCHOOL SATISFACTORY. A comm.ittee apiointed to inspect Thornton- le-Moors Sohool reported that they met the managers on September 30th at the school, and afto- inspecting the pramisos decided that it wns in very fair condition and suitable for educational purposes. Ths Chairmaji, moving the adoption of tho report, said the committee were unanimous, only one member being neutral.—The report was adopted, and the committee decided to delete a resolution passed at a previous meet- ing, including Thornton in the area propoced to be served by a new Council sohool. INOE SCHOOL TO BE LEASED. The Chairman, in introducing a dation that Inco School should bo leased for five or seven years on suitable terms, said row that it was unnecessary to include Thornton within the area, it was undesirable to build a school as the Director of Education suggested. The Chairman proceeded to mention the grounds upon which tho ratepayers protested against the proposed new school. The first was that the Inoe and Thornton schools, as at present, had not been condemned. He sug- gested that the committee should approve of this, subject to the proposed improvements at Inoo Schools.—This was agreed to. The second ground of objection was that "the schools meet the requirements of the population of those parishes." The Chairman thought they would agree with that. Mr. George Cooke said that as long as the local ratepayers said the existing accommoda- tion was all they required, ho supposed the committee must agroe with them. He thought, however, that they had made a mistake which would ultimately prove a great loss to them. They must find that out by experience. The resolution was approved. It was decided to offer no comment on the next statement, that the grants earned by these schools are in excess of those by Council schools in the county. Tlho ratepayers Curther declared that the erection of a new school would place a heavy burden on the ratepayers without any com- pensatory result.—This was agreed to with the deletion of the words "without any compensa- tory result. r: The last objection, "that tho increased dis- tance to be travelled would docreaso attend- ance," was agreed to. The Chairman then moved that Inoe School bo leased for five or seven years on suitable terms. He had reason for supposing they would be able to arrange terms that would be satisfactory to the sub-committee and the County Ediuoation Committee. He suggested it should also be provided that in the event of tho Thorruton Schooil being aondjomned the committee should be entitled to give six months' notice to the owner at any time. He thought he would be able to get that term agreed to. Proceeding, tho Chairman said that the director's report embodied what was practically a restatement of the sub-commit- tee's contention from the first, namely, that the whole question turned on the inclusion of Thornton, and that without or until such in- clusion it would be a waste to erect the pro- posed new school. Accordingly, on 30th Sept- ember, a special sub-committee visited Thorn- ton School, and reported it was in a very fair condition and suitable for eduoatio-nal pur- posed. That neport had now been adopted by this eub-oormnittee. The local education authority had no power to abolish that school, or to charge the ratepayers of an area for a new school when it had already sufficient iwhool accommodation. The sohool was very well situated a<s an intermediate sohool be- tween Inoe ani Mickle Trafford schools. Mr. Richardson proceeded to quote figures with a view to shewing that the Ince and Thornton schools could bo staffed and mana<god more economically under the proposals now agreed to than under Mr. Ward's scheme. Mr. George Cooke said he quite agreed with Mr. Richardson's observations, but he strongly dissented from his figures, and he thought they had better not discuss them. If Mr. Richard- son liked to put forward the figures and try to susta-in them before the County Committee, he would have no objection, but ho would certainly get no support from him. The Chairman: This committee has usually stood for economy, and I want to shew that in my opinion they are still etaaiding for economy. The Chairman's resolution as to the leasing of tho school was agreed to, and the Chairman, in reply to a member, said the agreement, when drafted, would have to bo submitted to tho sub-committee and the County Committee. In regard to the question of staffing the schools, the diairman expressed a doubt as to the desirability of having three teachers in small schools. Mr. J. Minshull asked whether such a. staffing was compulsory. Mr. W. R. Rednmn (inspector) replied that 14he alternative would be a reduced curriculum. The Hon. Cfecil Parker: Lot us havo the alternative. The Chairman: I quite agree with you; it would be an excellent thing. They are trying to teach in the country what- they teach in the towns. Tho Hon. Cecil Parker moved, and Mr. Dob- son seconded, a reml irtion-" That it is very desirable that the curriculum should be simpli- fi,ed.Th,is was agreed to. ACCOMMODATION AT HOOLE. A report was submitted by tho sub-committee appointed to recommend a site for the now Council school for Hoole and Newton. The architect's report was also read. Several members expressed the opinion that all the sites were geographioa.lly unsuitable. The Clerk (Mr. J. H. Hewitt) submitted a resolution passed by the Hoole Urban Council inquiring whether tho largo expenditure in- volved by the building of a new school could not bo obviated by the erect-ion of a new infants' school on a site which might bo obtained free of cost. Mr. Gco. Dobson said this resolution was passed by a full meeting, and ha hoped tho committee would give it every consideration. The Newton Parish Council had unanimously passed a similar resolution. Mr. T. Woo 11am said the rates of Iloole wl-r-a even higher than thoso of Chester at the pro- sent time, and a new school wouJd mean an addition of 14d. in the pound. If there was any chanoo of obtaining the sanction of the Board of Education to an infants' school, he hoped tho committee would try it. Mr. E. Dean said since 1861 the rate oall for the half-year in Newton had increased from 244 to L885, and since 1901 the population had increased from 1.268 to 1,865. Mr. J. Minshull said the Board of Education ha.d insisted upon extra accommodation being found, and the committee had no option but to provide a new school. The Chairman said he thought they were all agreed that additional accommodation was wanted, and the only question was in what form it should be found. 1\,J:¡". Dobson said the Urban Council advised the spending of £3,000 instead of 25,000. Mrs. Goodman said it was not always tho wisest tihing to economise. She did not alto- gether agree with the policy of patching and adapting buildings. Mr. Dobson: You are going to have as many schools as houses just now. Mr. Goorgo Cooke did not. think there was any chance of inducing the County Council to build an infants' sohool. They had everywhere set them^elvee against that principle. The Chairman said if a substantial number of the population wanted a Council school, they were entitled to have it, even if they were in a minority. Mr. T. Woollam pointed out that the West- minster eohool was attended by a number of Boughton children, who would be withdrawn when the new school in Boughton was com- pleted. On the motion of Mr. Woollam, seconded by Mr. Dobson, it was resolved to forward the Hoole Urban Council's resolution as a recom- mendation to the County Committee.



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