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CHESTER TECHNICAL SCHOOLS. ¡ 1 PRIZE DISTRIBUTION. TRIBUTES TO GOVERNING BODY. The annual distribution of prizes and the btudents conversazione in connection with the Chester School oi Scienco and Art and Secondary Schools took place on Wednesday evening at the Grosvenor Museum, and was very Largely attended. The evening was very pleasantly passed, and on every hand there were indications of progress. The Mayor (Alderman John Jonüõ) who was accompanied by the Mayoress, presided, and waö supported by the Rev. A. H. Fish Dr. Mann, Mr. E. Sriey-Li Kynnersk-y, Mpi. Keith Douglas, Mr. John Dodd (clerk to the Governing Both), Mr. J. A. McMiehael (headmaster of the Day Schools), Mr. Waiter Schroder (he-ad master of tho Art School), Mr. R. Lloyd (headmaster of the Evening Con- tinuation Classes), and the other masters of the school. Mr. Dodd read letters of apology from the Duke and Duchees of Westminster, Colonel Wilford N. LLoyd. Sir Gilbert Greeriail, tho Archdeacon of Chester, Mr. R. H. Lanoeley, Mr. A. E. Lovell, Prof. McCunn and Mr. G. R. Griffith. Mr. Dodd added that thia was Mr. Griffith's firat time to be absent from the annual prize distribution for 30 yeans. (Applause.) Mr. J. A. McMiohael, B.A., B.Se., the head- master, read the report. which waa published in these column* last week. In addition he stated that the winner of the shooting medal which was given annually was Charles Lanoeley.—Mr. Waiter Schroder A.R.C.A., the headmaster, read the -report of the Art School, which was of a Satisfactory nature, shewing that there were 308 pupils, and the standard of work for tho past year had been well maintained. -The reports of the domestic department and evening continua- tion cla.-ee» were also presented, and also shewed excellent results. Mr. John Dodd submitted the annual accounts for the past year, which (allowed that the year, waa commenced with an overdrawn balance of £ 337. Og. 3d. The total income for the year was £ 3,254. 15s. 8d., and the payments amounted to £ 3,166. 5s., shewing a surplus on the year's working of £88. 10. 8d. Thia was very satisfactory, and the finances of the institution generally had never been in a more prosperous state than at the present time. (Applause.) Tho Mayor moved the adoption of the reports and accounts, remarking that for some years he had been a member of the Governing Body. In all probability that might be the last annual prize distribution in connection with the school under tho present Governing Body, as by that time next year they hoped, if tiling's turned out as they expected, the insti- tution would be under the management and control of the Chester Corporation. When that took place he hoped its future would be brighter and more successful than it had ever been in the past. (Applause.) Referring to gentlemen who Lad been cloaaly identified with the institution and taken a great personal interest in its wel- fare, he paid a tribute to the memory of the late Dr. Stolterfoth, whom he described as a man genial, kind and good-natured to a fault. The late doctor took a very deep interest in the education of the children of the city. being pos- sibly more concerned in the higher education department. They all deplored his death and his great IOLB, and would always remember with very great sympathy and consideration the valuable, help he afforded. His Worship also mentioned the splendid services of Mrs. Keith Douglas in the domestic and coolzery. claq-oet;, men- tioning that in theee days it was often said that a working-man could not possibly maintain a wife and family of three or four children on lees than 24a. or 25s. a week, but if the wife had been educated in cookery and domestic matters it went a long way tov/arda solving tho difficulty. (Hear, hear.) He also eulogised the work of the Rev. A. H. Fish (chairman of the Governing Body), Mr.. G. R. Griffith, Mr Thomas Shopheard, Mr. Shone and Mr. J. D. Siddall. The Rev. A. H. Fish, in seconding, said it was very largely due to the Mayor's and tho other members of the Technical Instruction Committee of the Corporation initiative and energy that the day school at that in6titu- tion was established. In the first year the scholars included both boys and girls. He also referred to the services of Dr. Stolter- foth, Mr. G. R. Griffith, Mrs. Keith Douglas, etc., and also to the headmaster and his staff, who were, so to speak, the mainspring of the watch, and their clerk (Mr. John Dodd), who had displayed enthusiasm, zeal and discretion in the discharge of his duties, devoting an enormous amount of time for which he was never paid. Mentioning Dr. Stolterfoth, the rev. gentleman said there was no public man who had left them for a good many years whose loss they could eo ill endure in connection with the educational work of the city. It was a matter of very great regret that he did not live long enough to see the completion of those labours for which he and 80 many others had worked eo hard. The main enthusiasm of Mr. G. R. Griffith's life had been the success and prosperity •of those schools, and in season and out of season lie had always worked quietly and unobtrusively for their welfare and progress. Mr. Schroder proposed a vote of thanks to the Mayor and Mayoress for their servioes, and Mr. McMiohael seconded, tho motion being carried with acclamation. -'rlio Mayor responded. During tho evening some of the boys of the school excellently rendered several carols, Instrumental music waa also supplied by the Mama Brosthere' Band. Mr. J. D. Siddall gave two interesting lantern lectures, which were followed by a large assembly. The different collections of the Museum were all inspected, the stewards being the curator (Mr. A. Newstead) ttid Mr. J. A. Stendall, while the exhibitions of students' work in the different depart- fiients attracted a great deal of attention. There wera also physical and chemical demonstrations. "Die stewards were Messrs. J. A. McMichael, H. Hatch, M.Sc., S. Blake, G. E. Swift, Jones, T. Roberts, B.A., A. E. Goodman, J. W. Marriott. J. R. Davies, Dr. Nowall, the Rev. P. J. Beveridge, M.A., B.Sc., and Mr. W. Sohroder. In connection with the exhibits it is interesting to learn that an old student of the art school, Mr. J. H. Stevenson, is engaged upon a bust of Sir 10 n- Horatio Lloyd in hLg judicial wig. Mr. Steven- son obtained a scholarship from an elementary School to the day school, and then passed into e art school, becoming a pupil teacher, and finally entering the Royal College of Art, South Kensington. London, thus climbing from the lowest to the highest rung of the education ladder.









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