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AGRICULTURAL FEDERATION. LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE COMBINE. From a small beginning, the Lancashire Federation of Agricultural Societies has be- come an important body. It embraces 33 agri- cultural societies in Lancashire and the West, of Yorkshire, the latter being Delph, Hebden Bridges, and iSfcuddiawortli. At the annual meeting on Saturday, at the Mo-sley Hotel, Majichestor, Sir Lees Knowles presiding, there were present also the of five important Cheshire societies, including Mr. Lewis Dodd and Mr. T. A. Beckett (Ghesnire), Mr. W. Page (Mid-Cheshire), and Mr. A. H. Edwardeon (Wirral and Birkenhead). The Mayor of Bolton proposed the re elec- tion of Sir Lees Knowles as president, and this was seoonded by Mr. T. Thompson and carried with applause. MT. Edward Bohanx, secretary of the Royal Lancashire Agricultural Society, was re- elected viae-president; Mr. Hodgkinson, of Chorley, chairman; and Mr. Haj-greaves Murphy, of Padiiham, vice-chairman. Mr. Bi-rtwistle was re-elecited secretary, and heartily thanked by the meeting for his de- voted services. Sir Leee Knowles then said that the Rat- cliffe May Day Society, the Cheshire, the WirraJ, and tiie Adlington sought member ship, and he proposed that they, with Altrmo- ham and Mid-Cheshire, be accepted as mem- bers. He said that it was necessary, in order to have a complete federation of the soci^ti^s of Lancashire and Cheshire, that the ruics should be revised. They were at present f rained on the one-day show system, and some of the societies that wished to join h id two- day shows. The Cheshire and the adlington societies had agre-A to the rules, but Altnnc- ham, Wirral, and Mid-Cheshire dcsir&i hat certain amendments (Should bo made He proposed that the rules should be referred to a sub-committee, consisting gf two members of each of the five Cheshire societies and two of the Lancashire Federation The committee would have to consider We question of pro- portionate representation and voting powcis, according to number of me nbers or tb,-valte of the money prizes awarded. It was also sug- geisted that there should be a maximum rcpre sentation on the Federation Council, and the societies' representatives should be nominated by name. Subject to an agreement '.he Cheshire societies were willing to join. Mr. E. G. Parkes confirmed Sir Lees Knowles's statement. MT. Thompson suggested that the name of the Federation should be Lancashire, Ghee hire and Yorkshire. The Yorkshire societies joined without asking for any privileges, and con- formed to the whole of the rules in force at the time. Sir Lees Knowles thought that to add York- shire would be a large order 8It present. He moved the formation of the committee as in- dicated, and Mr. E. G. Pairker seconded, and it was carried On the motion of Mr. Ken- worthy, the Radcliffe Society and the three Cheshire societies were elected members, the latter subjeot to the revision of the rules. The following were appointed the ten mem- bers of the Special Committee on rules: — Messrs. Kon worthy, Hodgkinson, Parkinson, Birtwistle, Rawoliffo, Murphy, Hudson, James Whitehead, Stretch, and Mercer, to represent tho Lancashire Federation and meet the ten Cheshire representatives The name of the Federation was also changed to tie Lancashire and Cheshire Federation of Agricultural Societies. Mr. Birtwistle read a paper on the working of the shows of the Fedora/tioai, which con- tained many valuable hints to secretaries and show committees, and wae much commended, a vote of thanks being accorded to him on the motion of Mr. T. F Egerton, seconded by Mr. A. H. Edwardson. A dimiCT was held subsequently, Sir Lees Knowles presiding. There were over seventy present, and a very pleasant oono&rt was given by the Apollo Glee Singers from Padiham. Thie toast of the "Federation of Lancashire and Cheshire Agricultural Societies" was pro- posed by Mr. T F Egerton, who spoke of the pre-cminenoe of Cheshire and Lancashire in stock-breeding. He referred to the fitness of Sir Lec6 Knowles for the po6t of President of a Lancashire and Cheshire Federation, as he was a Lancashire man and a Cheshire tenant. Sir Lees replied for the Federation, and said that day might prove to have been his- toric for the Union of Cheshire and Lan- cashire. Mr. Egerton might parhaps have de- scribed him better as a Lancashire landlord and a Cheshire tenant. Tho Mayor of Bolton proposed the "City and Trade of Manchester," and Mr. K. A. L. Hutchinson replied. Mr. Kewwortfhy gave the health of the Pre- sident, and Mr. J. K. Newton, as a member of the Yeomanry, expressed the hope that Sir lees, in assisting in the administration of the Territorial Foroes Act, would ertcoarago the purchase of British meat and fodder in- stead of foreign meat, Russian oats, acd im- ported btw.







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