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Ootoixil Dixon, of Astle Hall, Ghelford, has lIven a plot of iaud in the oontre of Chelford for a pariah hall TKAM RETURNS.—The returns for the past week of the Corporation Tramways -how that on e Sattcey section 36,941 passengers have been and have paid £ 151. 2s. i^d. in receipt. pared with the corresponding week last year 18 shews a decrease of 865 passengers, but an ™crease of £1. 4s. BrI. On the Boughton section ^_o60 persona have used the cars aud have paid 3s. 5d. in receipt. There is a decrease of 313 Passengers and V.. 16s. lid. from last year's res. 'iL I INFIRMARY BALL.—The Mayor of Chester bego to acknowledge with thanks the of the following dona; ion« to tlie lafirmary Jia.Il fund:—Mrs. Alfred Mosul, £ 2. the Countess Grosvenor, £ 1. Is. Mrs. r^k-Yates, C.2 Mrs. Nelson, £ 5; Mrs. J. T. ^athani, £ i. le, Mrs. Qucllyn Roberts, £1. Is.; Wis. Oarbtairs JOIKVJ, El. Is. Mrs. Elliott, £ 1. £ Mm Wm. Rogers, £ 1. la.; Miss Topham, *1. Is.; Mrs. George Anderson, £ 1. la Mrs. Jritzflcrald JE1 1& Mrs. Wilford LLoyd, £ 1. Is. Mra. Hamilton, fh. Is.; Mrs. Gibbons Frost, Is. Mrs. Pitc-aim Campbell, £ 1. Is. Mra. W*y. £ 1. Is. Mrs. W. II. Lowe, £ 1. Is.; Mrs. £ 1. Ls. Mi v.. Henry Jolliffc, £ 1; :Mrs. Georgo Dickton, £1. Is.; Mrs. Lyle Smyth, £1. la Mrs. II. Dobic, 10a Gd. Mrs. Tyrer, *jl. ls.; Mm. Ed. Porter, £ 1. Is.; Mrs. I^itham, J*}- la.; Mra. T. Brocklebauk, £ 1; jNXre. T. H. £ 1. Mrs. Oroslarid Taylor, £ 1; Mrs. ^tu. Johnson El. ls. Mra- Adair, £ 1. Is. > Mrs. T. R P. Royle, -61. la; Mrs. Barnston, ;);;1; 6. S. H. Holme, 21. Is.; Miss Wcyman, £ l- la.; Mies Hobday, £ 1. Is.—The Infirmary ia always regarded as an important social feature of the festive season in Chceler and the bounty. The forthocrning ball, which is to be held at the Grosvcnor Hotel on the 7Lh of January, appears to bo already assured of suo. Cet3 We notice the preliminary list of patronesses includes the names of the Mayoress, the Duchess of Westminster, Mrs. Alfred Mond, Lady Harlech, and a large number of ladies in ttie city and county. The stewards are looking forward to a well-attended boil. MESSRS. BAKER S CHRISTMAS SHOW. —Ample opportunity is given for the choice and purchase of Christmas fare suitable for parties and family gatltoriiigs, by Mc\ssr. Baker and Sons, Bridge-etroet, whoso array of novelties, Sweetmeats and cakes is this year more extensive than ever. The Christmas oakes, great and aro designed in numerous ways, and form an artistic section of the pretty showroom. They are all ornamented in iced designs and "uncounted by imitations of many attractive obje-otg, such as flowers, fruits, dolls, birds, yachts and shell-fish. Surprises abound in the fo:-rna of tomatoes, cauliflowers. melons and olLhor fruits and vegetables, realistio in shapa ^^d oo'our. An admirable display is also made cosaques, which, with their pretty objects '■ttarslied. lend a wealth of colour to the room. The youthful mind wil! be gladdened by the tumorous toys and games hidden within the 0rackers. The fancy goods, oyW. CM> lobsters, animals, motors, moor- hil..os, locomo- ^lvos, oraakers, pistols, ehampagno bottles, °°P y h) g presses, cream jugs. all oontaining ".tl;, will delight the hearts of the un; and to the adult tiio display is of great ^terest by their novelty and perfection of ^laJit.v. Added to t,L(-,o aro gateaux. boxes of the best makes in chocolate, fancy dessert cakes kud sweets, souffle catxss for table decoration, 44d hampers of marzipan deJie&oies. Messrs. leaker and Sons will make their famous show of ^vourios this week. An intwo-.ting feature of *3 showroom is an exhibition of a series of old ^graviug-s of "Ancicnt Chester," from the diuwings of Messrs. George and William Baten- and John Musgrove, which adorn the walls. rare prints are alone wosth seeing, as thoy oampriec- representations of almost tibe Iholø of Chester's picturesque streets in by- 8'Ono years. HOLLAND'S CHRISTMAS SHOW.—Those *ho are in the habit of making Christmas p. to their friends in token of their goodv. ;i no reason to discontinue innocent an *udable old custom on this occasion through Lnv far of the Prevention of Corruption Act. every hand there are abundant signs that tihonourcd observances of the festive ^^ason ajo not going the wav of some ancient institutions. Particularly are these signs mani- JSted at Messrs. Bollands' establishment in tastg,i, Row, where the Christmas display is fully in kec-ping with the high traditions of that celebrated firm. Here everything that is Calculated to plea-re tiho varied tastes of the young, and their o'ders, too, is to be seen in a 8tock of bewildering magnitude aiid complete- ness. The most fastidious person who visits "°hands will not bo disappointed. Those who a for the beautiful in art are uSht.fuHy considered in the production of ^rjdsome satin boxes, handpainted in new and £ tic designs, crepe de chine and satin bags, trimmed baskets lined and fitted com- Ptete as work baskets, china, Venetian glass, Eitt and silver bonhonierrcs, all filled with the °!cr^t, bonbons, ohocolatis, marrons, gkices and fruits. Special cave has been given selection of cosaques suitable for tablo **JO°Eat;on, children's parties, etc; and they *Pp' sold in all sizes and at all prices from six- per box upwards. Wonderful value can obtained in monstre tug-cf-war oosaques. other great feature always popn 1 ar with the children is tho imposing menagerie, in which ltriini,,I, of every clime with imitation voioe t'ad other mechanical fittings, arc to be found. There is also a miscellaneous collection of otiher tQys, which cannot fail io gladden the heart of every child. Christmas cakes and shortbread, are a speciality of Messrs Bo Hand, also ~^un attention, while artistic metal boxes with fancy cakes are a dainty production.