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COUNTY POLICE COURT. SATURDAY.—Before Messrs. H. D. Trelawny (presiding), John Thompson, R. T. Richardson, E. Dean, W. Williams, and Colonel Evans-Lloyd. ANNUAL LICENSING SESSIONS. Superintendent Bowyer, in his report upon the South Wirral Division, stated that there were thir- teen licensed victuallers and one beerseller, giv- ing sun average of 453 of the population to eaoh licenoe. Two licensed victuallers had been pro- ceeded against during the year, one of whom was oonvicfced, being an increase of two proceeded against and one convicted in the preceding year. No beerseller had been proceeded against and none convioted, being the same as in the preced- ing year. Five persons had been proceeded against for drunkenness during the year, all of whom were convicted, as compared with seven persons pro- ceeded against and seven convicted during the preceding year. There were no sanitary de- fects in any of the premises, or back or side en- trances which called for any special remarks. The police did not intend to object to the renewals of any of the licences. Superintendent Hicks, in his report upon the Broxton portion of the division, stated that there were 15 licensed victuallers, five beersellers, and seven others who sold off the premises, making a total of 27, giving an average of 931 of the popu- lation to each licence. No licensed victualler had been proceeded against during the year, being the same as in the preceding year, and no beerseller had been prooeeded against, being the same as ih the preceding year. Thirty-two persons had been proceeded against for drunkenness during the year, thirty of whom were convicted, as oompared with nineteen persons proceeded against and convioted during the preceding year. Superintendent Beeley reported that in the Eddisbury portion of the division there were five licensed victuallers, no beersellers, and no others who sold off the premises, giving an average of 169 of the population to each licence. No lioensed victuallers or beersellers had been proceeded against during the year, being the same as in the preceding year. No persons had been proceeded against for drunkenness during the year, as com- pared with two persons proceeded against but not convicted during the preceding year. The Chairman said the Bench were very glad to observe that there had been no prosecutions against publicans during the year. As there were no objections by the police all the licences would be renewed. BRUTAL ASSAULT AT HAPSFORD.- •James Finn, an Irish farm labourer, was charged in custody with assaulting his employer, Edward Littler, farmer, of Hapsford, on the 12th and 13th January. According to complainant's evidence, it appeared that after being in his employment for a week, defendant was paid his wages on the Saturday, out of which witness kept a day's pay in hand. The same night defendant went to Chester, and instead of returning in. time to milk the cows on Sunday morning, he did not put in an. appearance until the following Tuesday night, when he asked for an increase of wages. Com- plainant refused his request, and while he was putting his horse in the trap, defendant oame be- hind him and struck him several severe blows, knocking him down, and renewing the assault while he lay on the ground. On the following day when witness was proceeding down a private lane from the farm, defendant, who had been apparently lying in wait, came up and struck him on the ear so violently that he lost his hear- ing for a week afterwards. Prisoner, in pleading guilty, said he must have been in drink when he committed the assault. He was sentenced to two calenda.r months' hard labour, the chairman remark- ing that he had committed a most brutal and un- provoked assault. A DESERTER.—Joseph Richard Cooper, who was stated to belong to Ellesmere Port, pleaded guilty to being a deserter from the Army Service Corps at Hulme Barracks, Manchester.—Snpt. Bowyer said prisoner was gazetted a deserter in November, 1902—The Bench ordered prisoner'to be handed over to a military escort.

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