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Hucttou idiaru. Sales br MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK. ROBERTS & RICHARDSON. Feb. 16-At the Auction Mart, ForegAte-street- Pianoforte. Motor Car, Rustic House &u. Feb. 27-At the Grosvenor Hotel-Freehold Pro- perty in Queen-street. York-street, &c. By MESSRS. CUNNAH & HUBERT Feb. 10-At the Smithfield, Hooton-Store Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Calves Feb. 12-At Dunkirk House, Capenhurst-Farming Stock and Effects Feb. 16—At the Chester Smithfield-Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, and Calves Feb. 19—At "The Hollies," 23, Liv-e rpool- road- Household Furniture and Effects. Feb. 20-At the Blossoms Hotel, Clie;it,r-Resi- dential Property in the City of Chester Mar. 4-At Blacon House, near Chester-Farming Stock, Furniture, &c. By MESSRS. S. ASTON & SON. Feb. 16-At the City Auction Rooms, Watergate- street-Furniture and Effects By MESSRS. PREECE, EVERALL AND WADDINGTON. Feb. 19-At Shrewsbury-Store Cattle .ø.o>t.1O" Sales b1! Suction. On Tuesday Next. Sale of excellent HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Upright Grand and Cottage Pianofortes, small Billiard Table, seven horse-power two cylinder New Orleans Motor Car. to seat three persons light-running Dog Cart, and other Effects, at the AUCTION MART, FOR&GATE STREET, CHESTER. ESSM. Off-LTRTO.N,, ELPHICK & Co. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. f will SELL BY AUCTION on TUESDAY, 16th February, 1904, at 11 a.m., the above-mentioned valuable Effects. Catalogues may be had from Messrs. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBKBIS & RICHARDSON, Auctioneers, Chester. CHESTER. Important Sale of Valuable Freehold Dwelling- Houses, Brush Manufactory, and Cottages, in Queen-street, York-street, Back Queen-atreet, Churton-road, and Wellington-street. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK AND co. will SELL BY AUCTION, at the Gros- venor Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 27 h day of February, 1004, at Three p.m., subject to conditions, and in the following or such other Lots as may be determined on at the time of Sale :— QUEEN STREET. LOT I.-The DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 30, with yard, garden and out-ottices, in the occupation of Mr. Albert Tatler; subject to an annual ground rent of 4;3. LOT 2.—The DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 28, with yard, garden and out-othces, late in the occupation of Miss Wood, and now of Mr. Robotham; subject to an annual ground rent of 4;4 4s Lots 1 and 2 have back entrances from Back Queen-street. LOT 3.-The DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 26, with yard and out-offices, in the occupation of Mr. J. S. Hughes subject to an anmiai ground rent of £1 IGs. LOT 4.—The DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 24, with yard and out-offices, in the occupation of Mr. Leon Veerman. LOT 5.—The DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 22, with yard and out-ottices, in the occupation of Mr. Edward Miller. QUEEN STREET, YORK STREET, AND BACK QUEEN STREET. LOT G.-The DWELLING-HOUSE, at the corner and Nod. 1, York-street, with yard and out- officeii, and the extensive BUSINESS PREM- ISES adjoining, having frontages to York-street and Back Queen-street, used as a brush manufactory, comprising two warehouses, dressing, store and work- rooms, stable, yard, &c., all in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Camm, brush manufacturer. BACK QUEEN STREET. LOT 7.—Six COTTAGES, -Nud. 1, 3, 5. 7, 9 and 11, in the occupation of Mr. James Macgregor and others. LOT 8.—Six COTTAGES, Nod. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, in the occupation of Air. Sanders and others. CHURTON ROAD, OFF TAIWIN ROAD. LOT 9.—Five Newly erected DWELLING- HOUSES, Nod. 13,15, 17, 1v and 2i, in the occu- pation of Mr. Hughes and others. There will be no objection to subdivide Lots 7, 8 and 9, to give purchase., the opportunity of buying a single House, or 2, 3 or more Houses. WELLINGTON STREET, NEWTOWN. LOT 10.—Two COTTAGES, Nod. 10 and 12, in the occupation of Mr. Boariiman and Mr Hope. All the above are well tenanted, and the tenants have kindly offered to show the Lots to intending purchasers. For further information apply to WAKEFIELD and Co., Accountants CHURTON, ELPHICK and Co., Auctioneers or WALKER, SMITH and WAY, Solicitors; all of Chester. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), Feb. 10th. at One. AT HOOTON SMITHFIELD. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS will hold their next WEEKLY SALE of Fat and Store CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS and CALVES. Entries respectfully solicited. On FRIDAY NEXT, February 12th, 1904. Sale of the whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock, Implements, Tools, Dairy Utensils, and Effects. at DUNKIRK HOUSE, CAPEN- HURST, half-a-wile from Capenhurst Station, 4A miles from Chester, and 10 miles from Birken- head. MESSRS. CUNNAH and ROBERTS are favoured witD instructions from Mr. Robt. Kellett (who is leaving the farm) to SELL BY AUCTION 20 head of Well-bred Young CATTLE, comprising grand young dairy cow, m full milk (barren); ditto, due to calve May 14th ditto, due to calve February 20th roan three-year-old heifer (barren) 8 choiee well-bred two- year-old heifers, due to calve in May, June and August one choice two-year-old heifer (barren) 2 well-bred coloury shorthorn bullocks, two-year-old; 2 coioury yearling heifers and one bullock, and one choice rearing heifer. Pigs Two strong store pigs, lll-plg sow, one neat porket pig. Poultry, Can:, Dairy Utensils, a portion of the Household Furniture, and Miscellaneous Effects. Sale at 1-30 punctually. Auction offices: Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. TUESDAY NEXT, 16th February, 1904. AT THE CHESTER SMITHFIELD. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS wiii hold their usual WEEKLY SALE of FAT CATTLE, Sheep, Pigs, and Calves, com- mencing with Cattle at 11.15. Entries respectfully solicited. Auction Offices, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. CURZON PARK AND LIVERPOOL ROAD, CHESTER. Sale of exceedingly attractive and beautifully situ- ated Freehold Family Residences, known as CURZON HOUSE, lJURZU PARK, together with the extensive Greenhouses, Gardens and Outhouses thereto belonging; and also EGER- TON VILLA, LI VEKPOUL-ROAD, with the Stabling and Gardens attached thereto. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS WIN SELL BY AUCiiON, at the Blossoms Hotel, Chester, on SATURDAY, the 20th day of February, 1904, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon punctually, and subject to conditions to ue then produced— LOT I.-All that valuable Freehold FAMILY RESIDENCE, known as Curzon House, Curzon Park, in the City of Chester, within a short distance of the electric trams and within easy reach of the station and city. and at present in the occupation of the Exors. of the late George Dutton, Esq. The Residence, which is brick built and tiled, and surrounded by ornamental grounds tastefully laid out and perfectly wooded, is approached by a carriage drive and contains on the Ground Floor vestibule and spacious hall laid with Minton tiles, four entertaining looms, lavatory and w.c., good kitchens and the usual out-othces. First Floor, large landing, sewing-room, six bed and dressing-rooms, housemaid's closet, w.c., bath- room and lavatory. Second Floor, large room, convertible into a -billiard-room, and two large bedrooms. Gas, hot and cold water, and electric bells throughout house. The Outbuildings comprise coach-house, saddle- room, with loft over, gig-house, loose-box and two- stall stable. Glass.—There are extensive ranges of green- houses and hothouses, with heating apparatus com- plete. The Gardens are large and extensive, tastefully laid out and well stocked with choice fruit trees. Water is laid on. There is also a back road, and the usual potting and men's sheds and out-offices. Immediate possession can be given. LOT 2.—All that desirable Semi-detached Freehold RESIDENCE, known as Egerton Villa, Liverpool- road, in the City of Chester, within easy reach of both the Northgate and General Stations and the city, formerly in the occupation of the late Alder- man Leonard Gilbert. The House is brick built and slated, and contains conservatory porch and conservatory adjoining. with vines and heating apparatus complete. The house contains on the ground floor, hall, three entertaining-rooms, kitchen, back kitchen and usual out-offices; and on the first floor, seven bedrooms, bath-room with hot and cold water, lavatory and w.c. The Stabling comprises coach-house, two-still stable with loft a.nd men's room over, saddle-room, and yard. The house is approached by a carriage drive. The ornamental grounds are well laid out with shrubs and flower beds, and there is a tennis lawn at the back. Immediate possession can be given. Orders to view may be had from the AUCTIONEERS. Further particulars on application as to Lot 1 from Messrs. BROWN and DOBIE, Solicitors, North- gate-street or as to both Lots to the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings; or to Messrs. JOLLIFFE fl,nd JOLLIFFE, Solicitors, all of Chester. tLnd JOLLIFFE, Solicitors, all of Chester. Sales frg Auction. On FRIDAY, February 19th, 1904. Important Sale of the excellent modern House- hold Furniture and Effects at "THE HOL- LIES," No. 23, Liverpool-road, Chester. YJ ESSRS CUNNAH & ROBERTS are 1 ¥ I favoured with instructions from the Exors. of the late Thos. Henshaw, Esq., to SELL BY AUCTION, the whole of the Valuable HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, appertain- ing to Dining, Drawing and Breakfast-rooms, Oilpaintings, Water Colours. Pictures, Glass, China, Books, Electro-plate, Wines, Spirits, Cigars, Bedroom Suites, Bedsteads, Bedding, Linen, and Bedroom Furniture, Kitchen and Culinary Uten- sils. Garden Tools and Effects, Greenhouse Plants, and Miscellaneous Effects. Sale at half-past ten punctually. Catalogues will shortly be ready, from the Auc- tioneers, Grosvenor Buildings Chester. On FRIDAY, 4th March, 1904. IMPORTANT SALE of the whole of the FARMING STOCK. FURNITURE and EFFECTS at BLACON HOUSE, near Chester, bv order of the Executors of the late William Williams, Esq. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. Preliminary Notice. MESSRS. S. ASTON and SON will SELL, at the CITY AUCTION ROOMS on TUESDAY, February 16th. 1904. a large quantity of SURPLUS FURNITURE and EFFECTS from H. G. Feilden, Esq., Mollington Hall. Catalogue in preparation. LARGEST STORE CATTLE SALES IN ENGLAND. A T SHREWSBURY, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH. 1.180 STOKtt l/ATTLR, Of various classes, ages and breeds, including :— 195 ANGUS and GALLOWAY CROSSES. 480 Shorthorns and POLLED SHORTHORNS. 195 HEREFORDS. 300 Crossbreds & WELSH. Comprising many grand lots 1 and i fat for early finishing, a large proportion of 2 and 3 year old outliers in good condition for grazing, and about 300 yearlings and calves, consigned from well-known Irish demesnes. North country find home breeders. The Sale will be held in the NEW COVERED MART, with seating accommodation for 500, specially erected for these sales. Sale at 11-30 a.m. prompt. Every convenience and assistance to buyers. List of entries and all information of the Auc- tioneers, PREECE, EVERALL & WADDINGTON, Exchange Buildings, Shrewsbury. .C_ PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS JL OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES HOUSES TO BE LET, APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, LOST OK FOUNB, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, are now inserted in The Chester Courant at the following rates:— NOT EXCEEDING TWENTY WOBDS ONE INSERTION 1/- Two INSERTIONS 1,6 THREE INSERTIONS 2/- NOT EXCEEDING THIRTY-FIVK WORDS- ONE INSERTION 1/6 Two INSERTIONS I. 216 THREE INSERTIONS 3/- Co be let. T 1ST OF RESIDENCES, -LJ ISSUED MONTHLY. SENT POST FREE ON APPLICATION TO W. & F. BROWN & CO., CABINET MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS, EASTGATE ROW, CHESTER. ~| WALPOLE STREET, Chester. Early I O, possession—Apply on the premises. OlUPERIOR APARTMENTS, board if desired central; large, airy rooms. All modern con- veniences I perfect sanitation. Excellent testi- monials.—Address "Veritas," "Courant" Office. WEST MOUNT, WAVERTON, 4 minutes from Station, containing three sitting, live bedrooms, box room, bath room, &c. Good garden, stabling, six acres of land.—Apply Stephen Walley. nno LET, a DETACHED VILLA, on the JL Chester and Birkenhead road, pleasantly situated six miles from Chester.—For particulars and rent apply to the Agent, Mr. Samuel Davies, Estate Office, Mollington. TO LET, 27, CAMBRIAN VIEW, containing two entertaining-rooms, four bedrooms, bath (hot and cold), kitchen, scullery, and outside wash- house. Nice garden back and front; greenhouse. Rent PM.-Warmciley, Jones & Co., 2V, East-gate Row (North), Chester. CHESHIRE.—A pleasantly situated COTTAGE RESIDENCE with about three acres of land, good garden and small stable, within two miles from Broxton Station (Chester and Wiiltchureli Railway). House contains drawing-room, dining- room, study, seven bedrooms, and good offices- Apply Messrs. Barker, Coppack & Wickham, St. Werburgh Chambers, Chester. YALE OF CLWYD.—One of the prettiest Old Country Houses in this beautiful Valley two miles from Denbigh Station, one mile from Tele- graph-office; four reception and 12 bedrooms, good stabling, gardens, grass land, and three cottages. Water and drainage perfect. A little shooting if required. Rent moderate. -Apply to R. T. Wickham. Land Agent, Chester. EAR CHESTER.—TO BE LET, Furnished or Unfurnished, the very substantially built and well arranged Family Residence, CHRISTLE- TON HALL, situate about two miles from the City of Chester; four reception rooms, billiard room, seventeen bed and dressing-rooms stabling, gardens, and 28 acres of grass land town water, and new sanitary arrangements.—Apply W. and F. Brown and Co., Eastgatc Row, Chester. (4240) mo LET" "GROVE HALL," GREAT 1 SUTTON, situate one half-mile of Capen- hurst Station and five miles from Chester, on the main road from Birkenhead to Chester. The House contains three entertaining rooms, billiard-room, ten bedrooms, two dressing-rooms, bathroom, linen and store closets, &c. The Outside Premises com- prise stables, harness-room and coach-house, shippon, piggeries, wash-house, large yard, and other usual conveniences ornamental grounds and well laid-out kitchen garden, with ten acres of land adjoining, entrance lodge, and drives front and back. The whole of the premises are pleasantly situated, with southern aspect, and overlooking about 40 acres of park land, the property of the owner, but not part of the letting.—For further particulars and rent apply to the Agent. Mr. Samuel Davies, Estate Office, Mollington. 4[0 be Soltu .¡ FOR MANURE AND BEDDING DOWN CATTLE.— SHODDY DIRT FOR SALE, Cheap, at James Lees, Willow-street Mill, Oldham. LADIES' DRESS LENGTHS, 3s. lid. carriage JLj paid Knops, Zibelines, Snowflakes, Voiles, Poplins, Armures, Alpacas. Patterns free.— Bradford Dress Warehouse, Shipley, Bradford. "13 OBT. W. KILLON, Coal Exchange, Chester, l\i Supplies SPAR GRAVEL, Chippings, Macadam, &c., for drives and walks; SLEEPERS and TIMBERS for fencing; Welsh and Buxton Building and Agricultural LIMES. Quotations given to any station. Telephone 70. CHESTER.—TO BE SOLD (leasehold), a par- C ticularly desirable Detached RESIDENCE, standing in about one acre of nicely timbered grounds, on the south side of the city, on line of tramway, commanding views of the Welsh hills; containing entrance hall, lavatory and w.c., 3 reception rooms, 6 bedrooms, 1 dressmg-room, capital bath, separate w.c., housemaid's pantry and boxroom, kitchen, and usual offices and cellars; outside washhouse, etc. Tastefully laid- out garden, tennis lawn and greenhouse. The whole in excellent order.—Apply W. and F. Brown and Co., Eastgate Row, Chester. (5880). 2070 Established 1832. CiART and LURRY TARPAULINS, LONG and LOIN CLOTHS for Horses, COAL and CORN SACKS, equal in price and quality to any in the kingdom. Ladders, Blocks, Pulleys, Rope of all sizes. TENTS suitable for all purposes, Decorations if required. Prompt atten- tion to enquiries either for Sale or Hire of above.— Apply DAVIES & SONS, Crane-street, Victoria road. and 4, Coal Exchange, Chester. ONE "BENY" MOTOR CAR, TO CARRY FOUR, Also one 6 H.P. DARRACQ," BOTH CARS TO BE SOLD CHEAP. ALSO Steam Engines & Boilers, Saw Benches, General Machinery, AND STEAM USERS' REQUIREMENTS, &C. LANCELEYS, ENGINEERS, CHESTER JEWSBURY & BROWN'S (MANCHESTER) I; MINERAL WATERS. BY APPOINTMENT TO KING EDWARD VII. SEantetL WANTED, BOAT (small), or Canadian Canoe; new or second-hand for narrow, shallow river.—Describe to B., 7, Church-street, Hanley. WANTED, good KITCHEN MAID, as Plain Cook.—Apply Mrs. J. S. Knight, Bridge- water Hotel, Ellesmere, Salop. 2099 YACANCY at the House of Mercy Laundry for large FAMILY WASH.-Apply by letter to Lady Superintendent. 2093 AIRYMAID DESIRES Re-engagement on Private Estate or large Farm Four years experience.-Gordon Jones, Rock terry, Cheshire. OUNG LADY WANTED for Boot and Shoe Trade. Must have had experience.—Apply Cash & Co., 5, Eastgate, Chester 2104 BUSINESS Gent, WANTS LODGINGS; Chester, central, healthy locality; with widow preferred; cleanliness and comfort.-SUte terras, board or otherwise, N 47, Courant Office. AS Temporary BUTLER or WAITER, by day or week; many years' experience m private service. Good references. -Berridge, Park Cottage, Park-street, Chester. 2074 CHESTER. — WANTED, a FURNISHED HOUSE, two reception-rooms, fi ve bedrooms, offices, &c., for term of years; outside city preferred. Rent about ;C60.-Apply B., 1, Culver-terrace, Sandown, Isle of Wight. MALL HOUSE, two sitting and three or four o bedrooms, within 10 or 12 miles of Chester. Modern conveniences and good railway service essential Possession March 2o Rent must be moderate. Particulars to "Innellan, Parkgate- road. Chester. ,f RS SMITH, 5, Hugh-street, Overleigh-road, LV.I Handbridge, Chester, begs to inform the Ladies of Chester and district that she has opened a SERVANTS' REGISTRY, and trusts to be favoured with their kind enquiries. Hours: 10 to 12 a.m., 2 to 4 p.m. Several Servants disengaged. T> EQUIRED, in country situation, NorthWales, JL\j thoioughly respectable, useful MAN and WIFE, strong and willing, not under 45 years of age or over 55; man as indoor servant, butler-valet, single handed wife good plain c(,ok, nearly single handed abstainers Strictly reliable references I required.—Address H 73, office of this paper. 2097 hotels, broS, &c. QRAIGSIDE HYDRO, LLANDUDNO. ) — IDEAL WINTER RESORT. LUXURIOUS BATHS. COVERED TENNIS. ENTERTAINMENTS. Special Winter Tariff from 8/- per day (including ^athS^' R. E. MUNRO, Manager. VMJ^ L VERY OLD LIQUEUR flCOTCH W 11 1SKY. OLDEST. PUREST. BEST. 24/- per Gallon, 48/- per Dozen, 4/- per Bottle. A variety of other choice old Scotch Whiskies At 36/ 39/ 42/- & 44/- per Dozen. CARRIAGE PAID. QUELLYN ROBERTS & Co., FAMILY WINE MERCHANTS, THE OLD CRYPT, CHESTER. C HfisTS R ;I STEAM LAUNDRY, VICTORIA ROAD (CLOSE BY THI NORTHGATE STATION). All the arrangements are on the most approved modern system for Washing, Ironing, Drying, Packing, &c., and the management most efficient. W. H. LIPSHAM, Secretary & General Manager. (Chester Steam Laundry Co., Lid. ) W. Inspection is specially invited on any day excepting Mondays and Saturdays. DR. KING'S LIVER PILLS. Est. 1832. Dauclelioii and Quinitie (without Mercury), For FUERED TONGUE, BILIOUSNESS. HEADACHE, SICKNESS. DK KING'S MVKR PILLS. Dandelion and Quinine (without Mercury), For WIND, INDIGEVrfON. HHARTBURN, Shoulder Pain: ami Coustip&tion. DK. KING'S LIVER PILLS Are purely vegetable, aud still keep ahead of all others as a Liver Reuaedj. Sold everywhere, Is. lid., 2s. 9d. and 4s. dG. per box. DR. SCOTT'S PILLS UNEQUALLED DR. SCOTT'S PILLS FOR LIVER, DR. SCOTT'S PILLS COMPLAINTS, DR. SCOTT'S PILLS HEADACHE, DR. SCOTT'S PILLS INDIGESTION, DR. SCOTT'S PILLS NERVOUS DR. SCOTT'S PILLS DEPRESSION, DR. SCOTT'S PILLS LOSS OF DR. SCOTT'S PILLS APPETITE, DR. SCOTT'S PILLS COSTIVENESS, DR. SCOTT'S PILLS THE MOST DR. SCOTT'S PILLS EFFICACIOUS, DR. SCOTT'S PILLS MEDICINE. DR. SCOTT'S PILLS MILD BUT DR. SCOTT'S PILLS EFFECTUAL. 11) R. SCOTT'S PILLS Are sold by all Chemists, at 1/1 and 2/9. The Genuine are in a Square Green Package. Do not be persuaded by anyone to buy any other medicine instead






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