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WIRRAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW. -+- A CLASHING OF DATES. Mr. Arthur H. Edwardson, secretary to the Wirral and Birkenhead Agricultural Society, writes to the "Field" as follows:—Kindly allow me to draw attention to the above, which is of serious importance not only to the council of the Wirral and Birkenhead Society, but the principle. affects fanciers generally, though the present case interests terrier fanciers more particu- larly. In order to prevent the dates of other shows (especially those of im- portance) clashing with the dates of the WTirral and Birkenhead Society's, the council met in September last and selected Tuesday and Wed- nesday, June 14 and 15, as the days for this year's show, and this was duly announced in each of the fanciers' journals during the following week, while in October attention was again drawn to the fact. Early and ample notice was thus publicly given of this society's fixture for 1904. Conse- quently it is with some surprise and much regret I now observe the committee of the terrier show to be held in the Ranelagh Club's grounds have de- cided to hold their show on June 15, thus clash- ing with the second day of the aforenamed society's fixture, notwithstanding the exceptionally early notice given (in the present instance), the good classification provided, and the handsome prizes annually offered at this society's show in the past; also the prompt payment of its liabili- ties (even when the result has proved a heavy financial loss, which, unfortunately, has fre- quently been the case in consequence of the ad- verse atmospheric conditions). Still, in face of the above facts, some fanciers think it both desirable and necessary to arrange for an important show to take place on a date clashing with that already chosen by an old established and recognised lead- ing society. Again, the ,dates of the two shows clashing will, as a matter of course deprive each of some entries, and thus cause disappointment, not only to the executive of the respective shows, but also to many exhibitors and visitors conse- quent on some dogs being absent, which most probably would otherwise have been on exhibition had the shows been held on different. dates. I therefore venture to appeal to the "fancy" as to the unfairness of the present existing and unsatis- factory arrangement, whereby the committee of a specialist or an important show may select any date they choose, as evinced in the present case, irrespective of such date having already been se- lected by an equally important and more repre- sentative society, to the disadvantage, annoyance and probable financial loss of the latter. We are all now fully conversant with the rule relating to "entries closing," and for which show commit- tees, exhibitors, and all concerned are I feel sure, most, grateful to the Kennel Club; still, I am of opinion t.hev would earn the further gratitude of all interested in dog shows if they would formulate some rule- to prevent the clashing of show dates, so far as specialist or Kennel Club rule shows are concerned, and thereby prevent a committee arranging their show to be held on a date which. several months previously, had been selected and publicly announced as in the present instance As the Eanelaerh Terrier Show Committee have decided to hold their show on the same dat." as that previously elected by the Wirral and Bir- kcnhead Society, thus causing the cashing of two important shows, I trust the various specialist clubs and fanciers generally will kindly bear these facts in mind when appealed to for support and entries. In conclusion, I still respectfully sug- gcst to the committee of the terrier show it is not even now too late to make the amenoe roa-orable by changing their date, and trust their sense of fairness is commensurate with the reasonable su^TStion I make, even though it may now cause them some little inconvenience, but for which they are certain to be fully compensated by the good opinion they will thus acquire in the estima- tion of all true fanciers, in conjunction with that ,of the and Birkenhead ,.oc:ctj £ counc:












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