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DIARY. J «|p| Fair at Holywell I la I Ha warden Board of Guardians 1 s I #\l Chester District Council ■ J Vl Fairs at Groat Budworth and Flint U IJ 31 Moon—fist Quarter, 5h. 23m. a.n. Sixteenth SuntJag after M. OircuB Girl" at the Koyalty Theatre Wirral District Council Hoole District Council Fair at Wrexham and Macclesfield < Messrs. Churton, Elphick & Co.'s Sale at 52, Upper Northgate St.—Household Furniture Messrs. Piekering & Nightingale's Sale at the Cattle Mart, Flint—Stock Mr. J. P. Carter's Sale at Irby Heath, near Birkenbead- Live and Dead Farming Stock Mr. J. Wrigbt s Sale at Beeston Castle Smithfield-Stock Mr. Frank Lloyd's Sale at Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham—Properties in Denbighshire & Flintshire jP* I fn County oourt at Menai Bridge I I ^"r* Cunnah's Sale at the Smithfield, I 1 i I Chester—Fat and Store Stock \J I I Mr* J• J. Cunnah's Sale at the Smithfield, I Chester—Dutch Bulbs, &c. Messrs. Pickering and Nightingale's Sale at the Ermine Cattle Mart-Cattle, &c. Mr. Frank Lloyd's Sale at Wrexham (Four Days)—Horses I Tjl" Chester Society of Natural Science— 1A f Conversazione at the Grosvenor 1 1 lflf Museum \J W W Fairs Congleton and Mold p Tableaux at Saughall Town Hall ounty Court at Carnarvon Churton, Elphick & Co.'s Sale at the Auction Mart, Foregate Street—Winter Furs, Trimmings, Mr r •Two D iys -w • Cunnah's Sale at the Smithfield, Hooton—Fat Stock barter's Sale at Wirral Cattle Mart,Hooton—Stock John A. Lvon's Sale at the Greyhound Inn, Shotwick— -farming Stock, &c. essrs. Macdonald, Fraser & Co.'s Sale at Perth—Cattle, — Sheep, &c. (Three Days) fTl Chester Cattle Fair # 1 I I County Court at Llandudno £ j Cheese Fair at Nantwich 0 Tl st-Mary^ f rienniar Bazaar(Two Days), X ll' atHandbridge Schools 1 S P ?TOU y Court at Rhyl \j X 2o8|fr8;fPic.kfr!n8r & Nightingale's Sale at 28 St Martin's in-Fields, Chester-Household '1 y~. „ furniture, kc. —- e°' auQ^ s at 12, Foregate St—Jewellery, &c. f\ I CI £ arV-n ^istricfc CouHcil u lS A°b^e'' G°ar<iiani' MOON—4h. 42m. p.m. \J Sebenteentfj Suntiau after &rmttg* "I Tl/T mu e iron Maiden" at theTttoyalty ■"A JilA ?lair a Wrexham at Rosp fv>ttSrS' ^ickeriag & Nighingale's Sale Furniture ,^c. Great &ughaU-Ho?se, Trap, Mr. AV ight's §.i.Of Stock, &c at Beeston Smithfield B PI p^ester of Gua-dians 1/ X J- J- Cunnah's Sale at the Smith- Mr. J. j. Cunnah's S«? rf~Fat and Store Stock ,r Annual Sale of Hill lL tbe Sn»ithfield, Chester— Messrs. Churton Pw 68 .i>odsham—l)itn.dale Estate tbe Town Hal1' 1QI TKr lu IW Hotel, Neston—preVhnUU^nah's Sale at the Union Mr. Cunnah's Sale at the ^ouse Mr. Andrew Smith's sale at Deril o,' Hooton—Fat Stock H-l -B. J- I J. Smithfield, Ch^nah'8 Sale afc the Sale of Colts and Foals's er-Annual Show and Mr. J. J. Cunnah's Sale at thP „ Horses, Carriages, &c. Sn«thfield, Chester— Messrs. Pickering & Nightingale's « i S Northgate Street—Furniture 42, Upper Mr. Frank Lloyd's Sa'e at Wrexham n „ Coaching Horses f Hawarden Board of • I 1C 111 City Quarter Sessions ardlans A fM Messrs. Churtoi^hil^hiik"X~n~T—?rr IP il at the Grosvenor PBotef C^-8 | Land at Elton, near Chester ^old 17 | 5 £ nft" I rtntt. Ji •« «P MOON—Last QurrteTT9h~q7^ QM Frr^r1 K-worap'm- i 1UI lu stock, 1 (\ m I vj| I Fair at Macclesfield A tj 1 Mr. J. J. Cunnah's Sale at the Smith- w field, Chester—tat and Store Stock i Miyy Chester Cheese^air Mm ■ 1 A I Chester Town Council f I I Ull riiDtshire Quarter Sessions /II f || Malpas District Conncil hai \J [ 9 ■ Messrs. Churton, Elphick & Co's Sale at the Royal Oak Hotel, Flint—Property in Flint Mr. Cunnah's Sal" at the Smithfield. Hooton—Fat Stock A I m Broughton Petty Sessions Ol ill Chester Cattle Fair Jr II 1 Adjourned Quarter Sessions at Chester f g j j 8 Castle A f\ "1 Flint County Court r22!F 10^0^ i #\l iarvin Board of Guardians IJfJ ^1 Meeting of Cheshire Standing Joint m Committee m Committee J |^J ■a^r Stockport 7/1 ^metEEittij Suntiag c AH >3 after Erinits, v j —Nbit A1ooN—lib. 28m. p.m. J ||| |l|l Petty Sessions at Mold j Ivl Petty Sessions at Oakmere ll I VI County Court at Bangor UU' Fair at Wrexham T Wrwht's Sale of Stock, &o at Beeston Smithfield Mr F Lloyd s Sale «t the Wjn«t,y Arms, Wrexham- Freehold Brickworks ~rz~T~|rriTie8ter Board of Guardians fit" III Petty Sessions at Broxton I Chester Diocesan Conference (First £ Ji W I JL Middlewich, Caerwys and Llan- Mr. Cunnah's Sale^fthe Chester Smithfield-Fat Stock i County Court at Ilangefni f%rr-y XTT ^he8ter ^iuCe6an Conference (,2oa I ml Wirral Board of Guardians I t I VV Petty Sessions at Frodsham LoJI f • ■ Chester Consistory Court County Court at Carnarvon Mr..1. J- Cunnah's Sale at the Smithfield, Hooton—Fat and Store Stock and Store Stock I Pfl Petty bessions at Wortbop 8/( J I I | I Tarporley District Council M ■■ I Chester Cattle Fair f ll 1 I I County Court at Conway W I Fair at Frodsham hawarden Boardot uuaidiaus iJl^l Bjl Cointy Court at St. Asaph J |» Fair at Astbury ]S f | |jf 1 Fair at Frodsham ■—Mr. J. J. CunnabV bale at the I Grosvenor Hotel, Chester—Rich- ^1 1 mond House | 11 Jl j 1^ Mr. J. J. Cunnah's Sale at the Gros- Vr venor Hotel, Chester—Eed Lion Hotel, Park gate Afpssrs Wm Hall, Waterid^e, and Owen's Sale of ) Horses at Shrew8bury_ Qi ^5^ Ebjenttetb Sunlias after 1J L JmiB Crtnitg. —

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